[Random] A funny manhwa XD

Hiya, I was looking around for BL manhwa :v online but ended up finding a funny (normal) manhwa XD

The MC is just like WuXin, but even better. Because she got a dimension/space from her previous world XD Oh, did I mention she transmigrated?


That moment when modern equipment met ancient Chinese people

And then there’s this part here.

This is one of the few times I get to see a transmigrated story where the MC and the Male Lead are happy with each other and the Male Lead is supportive towards the MC XD

Top box : Girls must look like my [MC name] to be called pretty, don't y'all think so? (dissing the evil big sister)

Bottom box : MC says 'You have good eyes' thumbs up
I'm in love with the story <3 <3 <3 <3

So cute~ And the plots + framing tactics really looked like Princess Weiyang's one to the point I started to have doubts. But it's definitely not the same one as our MC here have medical supplies via dimensional space XD

The title of this manhwa is 神医嫡女 which loosely translated as Miracle Doctor, the Di daughter. 'Di' means the daughter of the main wife :3 And oh, after googling the title, it seems that it have novel too~ Yay~

[12th Nov 2017 – Edit : Apparently someone just started to translate this novel (0w0)/ Rejoice for those who wanted to read it 😀  Psst, google the title (Divine Doctor: Daughter of the First Wife) and you will find the translation]