先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 19

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JiYuan was fuming on their way to the Jiang family’s residence.
“System! Don’t you think Ye Junchi is treating me like he is ‘raising’ a pet?!”
System : “No need to ‘think’, you are a pet.”
JiYuan threw a chilly glare at Ye Junchi.
Inexplicably confused by the cold glare, the innocent Ye Junchi was at a loss. He doesn’t know what he did to have provoked JiYuan. Reaching out his hand and rubbed JiYuan’s head, he said, “Later, follow closely to me.”
JiYuan nodded, then he suddenly remembered that Ye Junchi didn’t say what event was the Jiang family’s happy event. Ye Junchi seemed to know what he wanted to ask, continued speaking, “The marriage between the Jiang family and the family of Sun.”
The head of the Alliance is the family head of the Yun family. They have a close relationship with the Zhao family, be it sworn siblings or marriage ties. If the Jiang and Sun family doesn’t take some measures to gather some allies, sooner or later, they won’t be able to stand on their ‘unsteady feet’. The marriage between the family of Sun and Jiang, naturally the extravagance was great. Plus the soon to be start Immortal Swords Assembly was also going to be held in JinHe, so the amount of cultivators going in and out was numerous.
Today, the eldest young master from Sun family will be marrying the eldest miss of the Jiang family. The Jiang family opened up their main gate, as long as you are a cultivator, you could participate in the reception. Even common folks could join in the festivities by eating and drinking the food and wine that was arranged outside the residence. The long street was bustling with people, they were all people going to join in the fun of the happy event. Even on the sky, shadows were flying past from time to time (implying sword flight).
JiYuan was pushed left and right by the crowds, finally Ye Junchi pulled him into his embrace to protect him. He(JY) looked up and saw the man wearing the naive rabbit mask, asked helplessly, “Can’t we use sword flight?”
Ye Junchi who was circling the youth’s slender waist in his arms solemnly answered, “Can’t, would be easily exposed.”
JiYuan couldn’t refute that, he could only try his best to maintain his icy expression, implying that he is a ‘snow lotus from high mountains’. His head was almost touching Ye Junchi’s neck. If he lifted up his eyes, he would be able to see a beautiful Adam’s apple in close proximity.
If he looked down, he would be able to vaguely see a glorious scene through the slightly opened collar….a few days ago, he touched ‘them’ a few times, even if he can’t see anything, he at least knew the tactile sensation felt good.
JiYuan silently blushed, “System, I’m so shy ah.”
System tsk-ed and asked, “That night you were groping so happily, how come I didn’t see you being shy?”
“It’s not the same….”
System thought for a moment, and coldly said, “Oh, innocent little virgin?”
JiYuan was expressionless, “Scram.”
Quite different from the Zhao family who owned a whole mountain, Jiang family’s residence was a palace built by the previous dynasty. A glance could see pavilions and building surrounded by dreamy scenery and flowing water. At the center of the residence was a very high tower. It was heard to be named as ZhaiXing tower (Star-plucking tower), it was the tallest building in this Jiang family’s immortal residence.
Today, countless cultivators came for the reception. There were casual cultivators, and also people from large and small clans. Jiang family sent a dozen of cultivators at the front reception area, at the same time they could prevent anyone from making trouble.
Ye Junchi was half-hugging JiYuan, quietly mixed into a group of cultivators walking slowly into the main hall which acted as a reception hall for today. The main hall was a space of a wide square. There are cultivators everywhere, some sitting down while some standing up, chatting. This kind of gathering was a very suitable time to chit-chat. At the corner further away, there are some cultivators quarreling until their neck turned red. Their anger hit the point where they started fighting, but then people from the Jiang family came and separated them.
Ye Junchi retrieved his gaze and smiled. He said in a low voice, “Among the four major families, the Sun family is the weakest. Even now tied with a marriage relationship, the reception was done at the female’s family side. The Sun family most probably won’t be that happy today.”
JiYuan’s gaze was wondering around, suddenly he paused.
“What happened?”
JiYuan pursed his lips, “…. Ji family.”
The Ji family brought a dozen of people to the reception, but JiYuan only recognized four of them. The first one was the Second Uncle who would silence anyone he doesn’t like, then there was the mental cousin, JiSan. Other than that, there were the other two cousin, JiChen and JiShen.
Still remembering System’s weird nickname until now, this word ‘orthopedic’ still could strongly cause JiYuan to shiver.
Ye Junchi followed his line of sight and looked, then he gently raised his eyebrows, “I can still remember them tying you up, sending you to South Lake without a word, to offer their apology to the Zhao family.”
JiYuan lightly said, “How the Ji family treated me is how I will treat the Ji family.”
It doesn’t matter even if they acted like strangers, since the original body doesn’t have much feelings for family relationships, the only small bit of good feelings he(ancient JY) had was towards his father. As for him(modern JY), he was just an outsider who appeared halfway into this story.
Pausing for a bit, a burst of doubt suddenly appeared in JiYuan’s heart. The original body’s father was held by the people from the Alliance at South Lake. How come in this kind of situation where everyone are shouting for their death, the Alliance didn’t push his father out to threaten him?
Was it because the Alliance has conceited dignity and too high of a sense of justice, doesn’t want to use such low method like threat? Or was it because he(JY) looked too cold-blooded, doesn’t care about familial ties and couldn’t be threatened?
Or they felt that Ye Junchi wouldn’t risk a massacre for his ‘confidante’?
Or …. the people of the Alliance are currently waiting for him and Ye Junchi to look for them at the South Lake?
JiYuan told System about his doubts and System became silent for a while, then said, “You thought too much. You are colluding with demon to kill people, it is very likely you will abandon your father. Using your father to threaten you, it would be very embarrassing if you did not respond. They most probably doesn’t think much of your father but they couldn’t let him go or they wouldn’t be able to explain to the Zhao family. But killing your father is not good either so better lock him away at the moment.”
JiYuan uttered an ‘Oh’ and barely accepted the statement, though in his heart he was still feeling a bit uncomfortable.
The wedding has yet to officially started but the atmosphere was already fiery. Ye Junchi touched his chin and looked around the red silk lanterns hanging on top. The event was bustling with noise and excitement.
Ye Junchi said in deep thought, “So there are so much particular details to be taken into consideration…”
JiYuan was expressionless, this big brother most probably was thinking about the wedding back in the palace. Hope he doesn’t get excited by this Jiang family’s wedding ceremony….
It would be hard to deal with it if he grabbed him back to the palace and redo the ceremony. System was a bit puzzled, “I thought you quite like him?”
JiYuan rolled his eyes.
“Who told you that I liked him? He is just a straight man with some wiring in his brain gone wrong. And me, I would be leaving soon… wait a minute. System, why is it I felt like you have been attempting to get me OOC or let me feel reluctant to leave?”
“Ah ha ha ha, imagination. It is just your imagination….”
System weakly exhaled, then after a moment, it explained in a whisper.
“Actually, we don’t get paid from helping the host to complete the tasks and monitor for OOC. But if the host OOC-ed, we will get bonuses….”
JiYuan : “Oh, then so sorry. You probably won’t be able to get your bonus.”
System humph-ed, too wronged to speak.
Whenever JiYuan exchanged bantering with System, his face on the outside was a look of expressionless contemplation. As he came back to his senses, he realized there was a few cultivators in front of him. Giving them a glance, he knew something was up. It was the group of casual cultivators he encountered in the inn a few days ago… the pervert from the group came to force himself on him. Not sure if Ye Junchi buried him alive or sunk him in a lake, he was not in the group.
He could recognize the other party in a glance, naturally the other party also could recognize him in a glance. A female from the group walked up to JiYuan in two three steps, glaring with her eyes wide opened, “It’s you! Where is my big brother?! What did you do with him?!”
[T/N : I’m surprised she could ask that question in the public like “My big brother went to molest/rxpe you and didn’t come back. Where is he now?!” :v My dear, he has been thrown into the ocean to feed shark :v #ChineseJoke]
JiYuan looked at her with a stunned expression. A middle-aged man immediately stepped forward to hold down the female cultivator and said, “Excuse me, little brother. We have met before, do you remember us?”
JiYuan silently looked at him. The middle-aged man looked at Ye Junchi, against his pair of quiet eyes hidden under the mask, his mind felt cold. Visibly shivering, he clenched his teeth and said, “Little brother, a few days ago one…. of our people saw that you looked familiar, and went to look for you at night. Then he never appear again. We searched the whole city of JinHe but couldn’t find him, do you know where is he?”
Underneath which soil as a fertilizer? Or in which lake feeding fishes? JiYuan thought in his heart, he shook his head, “Didn’t see him.”
The middle-aged man gave a smile, inexplicably doesn’t dare to provoke these two person. He could only pull back the female cultivator but he didn’t expect the girl would break free from him. Pointing at JiYuan, she loudly accused in a loud, wronged voice, “Big brother Hu! My brother went disappear because he went to look for him. Who knows this ‘little white face’ (pretty young man) is actually a fox spirit1, and ate my big brother?! You need to avenge my big brother!”
Her voice was sharp, causing the cultivators nearby to look over. Even the people from Ji family not far away turned to look at them. Goosebumps raised up, afraid to be recognized by the Ji people, JiYuan leaned a bit onto Ye Junchi.
Ye Junchi reached out to raise JiYuan’s chin. His lips curved to a smile, “Fox spirit?”
JiYuan coldly looked at him. The latter casually pinched his cheek, “How can there be such an indifferent fox?”
He didn’t raise his head, only slightly narrowed his eyes, his tone indifferent, “Don’t provoke him.”
A few of the casual cultivators felt a chill at the same time. The man in front of them was gentle and calm, his lips carrying a smile and he looked good-natured. Yet, it let them felt like they were being eyed by something terrifying. Even the female cultivator who was making a ruckus earlier, involuntarily trembled, unable to say anything.
This trouble came quickly, and left quickly too. JiYuan was relieved, he shifted to the side but then, his shoulders were being pressed. A low magnetic voice seemed to sound beside his ear, “Even ‘killing the donkey after unloading’ is not that fast2.”
JiYuan was feeling a bit guilty, silently ‘putting a lid on his(YJC) head’3, “If you didn’t kill that person, I wouldn’t have this trouble to start with.”
Ye Junchi’s smile unchanged, “What person?”
JiYuan : “…. nothing”
Almost slipped out, cannot let Ye Junchi remember what happened that night….
“You ah….” Ye Junchi shook his head, inadvertently turned around and met JiSan’s confused line of sight. Remembering JiSan’s mad obsessive eyes when he looked at JiYuan, his(YJC) heart suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. So Ye Junchi reached out to pull JiYuan into his arms. Towards the youth’s frown and puzzled expression, he calmly explained, “Too many people here, afraid you will get lost. It’s safer to stay near to me.”
JiYuan coldly slapped away Ye Junchi’s hand at his waist. Not long after, the wedding begins.
A huge beast swiftly flown over from the sky, stably pulling a wedding sedan chair. An uproar burst out from the crowd. Then, from the other side of the sky, a flash of sword light beamed, and someone came over in sword flight. The man stopped in front of the sedan chair is youth, looking warm like jade. His gaze was gentle and affectionate. He reached out and knocked gently on the sedan chair. Holding the outstretched hand of the bride, he supported her out from the sedan chair. The bride was dazzling with longing, her lips were full of happiness smiles. A match made in Heaven, a happily married couple.
JiYuan unintentionally blurted out, “To be able to get married to the person you like, the marriage between Sun and Jiang could be considered the best of both worlds.”
Ye Junchi looked down and gave him a look, not saying anything.
System gave a ‘tsk’ and said, “Hint of OOC, you really want to give me that bonus?”
JiYuan calmly said, “I am JiYuan. After getting to know Ye Junchi, my character slowly changed. I would say stuff I never said before, would do thing I never did before. This is a normal behavior.”
System : “…”
JiYuan was trying hard to change System’s fixed thinking of the original body’s character, suddenly he heard a burst of exclamation cries. Even Ye Junchi was surprised and uttered a ‘Hmmm?’. JiYuan quickly looked up, the corner of his eyes couldn’t help twitching.
Not sure when there was an extra person up in the air, holding a sword and pointing it at the groom.
Jiang Miao Miao?
The author has something to say:
YJC os : Ah, that damm freak is staring at my wifey again ‘pressed into embrace don’t get taken by other people. Wifey doesn’t want to marry me , was it because the wedding is not grand enough?
#WhatDoYouThinkHappened ?
Alright, here’s the 4 major families again :
Zhao – Zhao BuChen
Yun – Yun WuXiu
Jiang – ???
Sun – ???

  1. Don’t think anyone of you would not know what is a fox spirit but here’s a WIKI. ↩
  2. Idiom – 卸磨杀驴, tossing people away after using them ↩
  3. Idiom – 乱扣帽子, poisoning the well, WIKI. Basically means YJC is the one who started the whole thing, so anything he do afterwards is considered wrong. ↩

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