先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 20

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JiYuan couldn’t hear the conversation between those three people up in the air, he could only stare blankly at Jiang Miao Miao who was displaying an unfamiliar expression. How come they only parted for a few days and Jiang Miao Miao looked like she has completely changed to another person?
Standing in mid-air, she was no longer the beautiful and moving, though reckless but straightforward girl. But became – an arrogant girl with her eyebrows filled with hostility and jealousy. Was Jiang Miao Miao possessed?
Ye Junchi looked at the mid-air confrontation between three people, his brow slightly raised up, seemed to be surprised then pondered for a moment, and lastly seemed to understand something. At this moment, Jiang Miao Miao suddenly struck out with her sword to stab at the bride. The groom immediately picked up the bride and flipped backwards to avoid the sword. That gentle and warm face gradually turned to anger.
The people down on the ground were watching the scene with relish. Discussion were flying around, then someone laughed and said, “Is it not the infamous Second Miss Jiang? This Second Miss is known to be pampered, disagreeable and shrewd. I heard she like the Eldest Young Master from the Sun family but he doesn’t like her… tsk tsk, I knew she would come and cause trouble today.”
“Look, people from the Jiang and Sun family has gone up!”
“I would like to see more of this liveliness, but the Second Miss was taken away. Pity, he he he. It’s rare for us to see such lively scene between the 4 major families.”
“Wasn’t there a lively scene from the Zhao family not long ago? Not only ZhaoYang was killed, his grave was dug out by the demon. That day when they heard Ye Junchi would be going to the Zhao residence, many practitioners from all sorts of clans and families rushed there. Fortunately they managed to meet that person… I heard that demon slaughtered indiscriminately at the Zhao territory. He was terribly arrogant, and finally the Zhao family has to shamefully let him escape.”
“I say, that ZhaoYang actually deserved to die. The Zhao family has done too much things in recent years. Rubbing their spirits is beneficial for everyone, that demon can be considered has done a good deed. But demon is still a demon, not afraid of being cursed. After killing someone, even went to dig out the grave and destroyed the bones. Really not afraid the Heaven would open up and send thunderbolts to split him to death.”
“… still not a good thing!”
Jiang Miao Miao has being forcefully taken away by the people from Jiang family. JiYuan couldn’t hear the dispute up on the air but the discussion down on the ground didn’t escape him. He didn’t expect that in a few sentences, the whole thing went back to talk about Ye Junchi. When he heard the word ‘slaughter’, he almost doubted that he heard it wrongly, subconsciously turned around to look at the few cultivators who discussed the matter until their spits were flying everywhere.
Ye Junchi calmly directed his(JY) face back to him, “‘Repeated rumor becomes a fact’, I’m used to it.” [T/N : Like squishing his face to face him 😀 ]
Really don’t know if this ‘used to it’ was just sad or ridiculous.
JiYuan pursed his lips, his heart was feeling a little uncomfortable. Even though he really wanted to jump over to the bunch of cultivators there and shake the water off their brains, he couldn’t do that. Changing of character was a slow process, it must be done step by step and the changes mustn’t be too exaggerated. Else, System would really be getting a generous bonus.
The mid-air farce ended and the wedding continued. Ye Junchi became lazy to continue celebrating the festivities, so he pulled JiYuan out from the crowd. He walked away in large steps, disregarding the directions. Upon reaching an empty place without any other people, he then let go of his grip from JiYuan.
“There are only 5 people in the Jiang family who could refine these golden silkworms. The refining process is something like black magic, there will be a mother insect staying in the Jiang residence. The mother and child insects have similar odors so let’s go and check one by one.”
JiYuan became quiet for a moment, “… you remember the smell of that golden silkworm?”
Ye Junchi : “I naturally can’t remember.”
JiYuan hesitated, he was considering if he should tell a small lie then fish out the golden silkworm from between the clothing by his chest. All of a sudden, Ye Junchi bent down and his nose was very close to JiYuan’s chest. He gently inhaled – the cool and light fragrance from the youth’s body could get people drunk. Squinting his eyes, Ye Junchi pressed down his impulse to kiss JiYuan. He stood up straight and poked his(JY) cheek, smiling without any reasons, “Alright, I remembered.”
JiYuan was so frightened by his smile,the fine hairs of his body shrunk down. His heart beating quickly, “Goddamned! System, do you think he knew about me stealing the silkworm? I’m so scared!”
“Don’t be afraid, maybe he will think that you picked it up somewhere.”
“…how high is the percentage of your ‘maybe’?”
“Probably…,” System hesitated for a moment, “50%?”
“What is the probability is your ‘probably’ then?”
System : “Ask again and I’ll punish you as OOC-ed.”
Power-abusing dog! System is really ‘awesome’ ah! JiYuan silently sulked, not asking anymore. System is really ‘awesome’.
Ye Junchi brought JiYuan with him, roaming aimlessly inside the Jiang residence. In case they encountered any patrol guards or barrier enchantments, with Ye Junchi here, all of these could be easily avoided. If not for System explaining stuff to him from time to time, JiYuan would have thought this is that demon’s backyard. He believed that if Ye Junchi doesn’t have him in tow, he(YJC) would be able to move around even easier.
JiYuan swallowed, “I understand it now. In order to be a great demon, first you need super great strength.”
System : “Nonsense.”
JiYuan : “Second, need a lot of ‘black powder’ (anti-fans) and water army (people paid to spam online), to continue exaggerate the influence1.”
System : “You are really a sensible person. Baby, you have a lot of black powder and water army now. So we’ll just have to wait until you have super strength, then you can also become a great demon.”
“….ugh,” JiYuan frowned, “Why can other people transmigrate to become positive figures, being sought over by countless people, and can protect world’s peace? And I get screamed for my death, escape to all over the place? As for my meals and lodging, ‘food not filling the stomach’, ‘be without a fixed residence’, ‘wander about in a desperate plight’…” [T/N : JY is spamming idioms in his complaint.]
System indifferently said, “Oh, your language teacher had taught you well.”
The ‘great’ demon who was carrying JiYuan suddenly frowned, he turned around and leaped into a small courtyard. From his clothes, he fished out a porcelain bottle. Pouring out some blood-red pills, he threw it into his mouth. His action was smooth, executing everything in one breath.
The pills refined by Luo Xiuyi was good, the only downside from eating the pills was he needed probably the time of half a cup of tea (2-3 minutes) for his spiritual power to calm down. JiYuan’s blood has not been causing much trouble recently, but every time it did, it make Ye Junchi felt terribly bad. He silently endured the pain, his eyes coldly looked at well-behaved youth sitting beside him.
If it was other people who caused him such distress, he would have long strangled that person to death. Unfortunately, this person was the person who once let him feel a trace of rare warmth. He doesn’t want to destroy the memories of that slight warmth.
Cold sweat trickled down along his temples, and Ye Junchi clenched his teeth. Just as he was about to tease JiYuan to alleviate the pain that was pulsing inside every single nerve in his body, his sensitive 5 senses played their role.
He picked up JiYuan and hide under a large tree not far away from them.
Suddenly, some footsteps and sound of conversation could be heard from the small courtyard. This courtyard was secluded and quiet, away from the hustle and bustle, plus the Jiang family’s patrol team just passed by. Here was suitable to start a murder, arson, or destroying some important evidence. But it was also suitable to say something that is inconvenient to be said in front of outsiders.
“Jiang Miao Miao, what exactly do you want to do?”
This was a voice of a man which contained fury, seemed to be gnashing teeth and yet, have to endure it.
“Hmph,” the girl’s crisp voice sounded like a wind chime gently swaying in the wind, but the words came out from her mouth was not as nice, “Sun Shiyu, I have told you that JiangXin is not a good thing. But you still want to marry her, it seems that you are not any good thing either.”
JiYuan lightly raised his eyebrows.
A cold reply sounded from the man, “If JiangXin is not a good thing, then you Second Miss Jiang is demon-like degenerate! Since I am not a good thing, then please leave me and Ah Xin as far as possible, the farther the better!”
The moment his words ended, the man looked like he was extremely furious, flapped his sleeves and left.
System : “It seems that your Biaojie and the pair of newly-wed has a touching love-hate relationship ah…”
Not sure if Jiang Miao Miao has left the area or not, JiYuan squatted beside Ye Junchi, not saying anything. He turned a bit to the side, then heard the girl’s suppressed cries. She cursed while crying, “Ungrateful bastard! This Great aunt cured your leg’s disease, you don’t show any gratitude, fine! But to even recognize the wrong person, shameful! Ungrateful bastard….”
After listening to that for a while, JiYuan turned his head to Ye Junchi to ask what they should do now. Upon turning to the side, he realized that they were actually very near to each other.
If he moved an inch forward, his lips will touch Ye Junchi’s lips. Ye Junchi put his arms around him(JY) without a word, his quiet eyes were deep and bottomless; preventing JiYuan from deciphering any emotions from his eyes.
…. this distance is too dangerous.
JiYuan silently retreated, but accidentally hit his head against a dried up branch beside him, making a tiny noise. Though Jiang Miao Miao was crying, she was very alert. Immediately throwing out her sword, “Who?!”
Ye Junchi winked at JiYuan. JiYuan thought Ye Junchi was going to carry him and immediately flee from the small courtyard. Who knew he(YJC) simply mussed his(JY) hair then swayed around to the front of the tree. Lightly smiling, “Miss Jiang, long time no see.”
Jiang Miao Miao’s eyes were red like a rabbit’s. Seeing the person in front of her, she quickly wiped her tears and asked in surprise, “It’s you … why are you here?”
“To come uninvited, I have troubled you.” Ye Junchi then pulled the youth to stand in front of him and uttered an ‘oh’, “Outside there is too boring, so I brought my little servant to ‘play’ a bit here.”
JiYuan’s hair was messy, his robe was a bit disordered and his face was half-leaning into Ye Junchi’s embrace. This looked ambiguous no matter how she see it.
The number of practitioners who liked men was too many to count, they came from various clans and families too. Jiang Miao Miao was just too stunned to react, she never expect that this man who looked modest and with etiquette would be so …. impatient.
Ye Junchi doesn’t care how Jiang Miao Miao thought of him, he simply smiled then slowly fixed JiYuan’s soft messy black hair.
“Those words just now, we will pretend we didn’t hear that. Miss Jiang, we will leave first.”
“Wait!” Jiang Miao Miao coldly said, “Although I can be easily cheated, but I am not stupid. This place is already the inner section of the Jiang residence which prohibits outsiders from entering. You infiltrated the Jiang residence, what do you want to do actually?”
Nervous, JiYuan tightly gripped Ye Junchi’s sleeves.
Little girl, we can act a bit stupid, can you not ask further? If you messed with the demon lord, you might not have good ending. The casual cultivator a few days ago, I still don’t know where he had become an ‘offering’.
Ye Junchi was silent for a moment before asking, “Do you want to rescue your Biaomei?”
Inexplicably mentioning something out of topic, Jiang Miao Miao blanked out for a moment then nodded without hesitation.
Ye Junchi smiled like not smiling, squinted at JiYuan. Then he reached into his(JY) clothes and took out the golden silkworm. He opened his hand at Jiang Miao Miao, “Can you find the owner of this silkworm?”
As a member of the Jiang family, Jiang Miao Miao could tell in a glance that it was a genuine golden silkworm. The silkworm from the Jiang family never leak to the outside world, and they would disappear upon death. This silkworm was obviously forced to retain its body by some spiritual power. It goes without saying who is this person.
“Where did you get it?”
Jiang Miao Miao became even more vigilant, her hand silently grabbed a signal bomb behind her back.
“Inside ZhaoYang’s grave.”
“I heard about it, there were around 200 people at the Zhao family’s ancestral site. All they saw was an empty coffin, it’s impossible for them not to find this inside, unless….”
Jiang Miao Miao’s expression suddenly changed, her hand shook and nearly released the signal bomb, but she regained control. Unbelievably staring at the man in front of her who seemed gentle and elegant for a while, she turned to look at the cold-looking youth standing beside him.
Ye Junchi’s eyes were deep, his tone was calm, “En, I am Ye Junchi.”
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YJC : … I remained silent today

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