I’m not back, please read :v

Hi, sorry for the weird title. Couldn’t think of anything nice at the moment.

I’m not actually back. Let me explain why. After I have decided to stop translating, things happened and I started NEET-ing.

[Definition of NEET – Not in Education, Employment, or Training]

Then I thought, ‘Hey, maybe I should translate some BL to add to the limited list of BL in NU’ when I finished reading all my yaoi translations. (Gawd, we need moar) And while I’m at it, I decided to put my translation at other site to earn some ad money (because NEET-ing, and thanks to those who sent me coffee money before because it totally paid some my lunches ;D) but things happened again.

I was ‘let go’ from one site, and then another site refused my application to shift over because of JiDian (typo intended) . Tsk. A fellow translator offered to take me but her site is an ad-free site so that means no ad money ;3 [Edit : Another site just rejected me because they don’t do BL… sad]

Thought of stopping the TL but that would be a shame because you guys still haven’t read about JY and YJC ‘s cute interactions XD (and we really do need more danmei stories). So here I am now, back to the old site here just for ‘Let me tease you’.

I’m not going to translate PYASC or anything else, the negative feeling from previous problem still leave a bad taste in my mouth. Hence the title saying I’m not really back. I will be looking for a new job, so LMTY will be the only thing I’m translating. And for the readers of previously published LMTY, I will be posting my own edited chapters instead because I have difficulties working with other people. So there will be mistakes and I’ll try my best to prevent them.

That should be it, thanks for reading such a long post ;D
.– (Unstable) Banana

PS : I got a random ko-fi from Whitney today, for my BL translation but I’m not sure which novel she was referring to ;D

(The payment got stuck somewhere due to it being sent to my old paypal email. I’ll try to solve it somehow but thanks for the ko-fi yo~!)