先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 5

The cultivation in this world was very different from what JiYuan occasionally read in some novels.

There was no division of levels or cultivation ranks. In order to judge who is weak and who is strong, then one could only get into a fight to determine it themselves.

System said while sighing, “Very barbaric, very arrogant, don’t stir up trouble, you are as weak as a chicken.”

JiYuan sneered and patted the sword ‘Gui Chi’, “Precious sword in my hand, I…..”

In a tone not salty but not mild either, System said, “Ye Junchi’s sword can only suppress demons and ghosts. You better hide and conceal it. Otherwise, if people see that famous sword in your hand, you won’t be able to clear your name, even if you jump into the Yellow River.”

JiYuan swallowed the words he was going to say, then skillfully nodded, “Many thanks for the reminder.”

At this moment, JiYuan had left the palace using Gui Chi’s power. He lighted a small campfire when he stopped to rest. It has been 3 days since he left the palace but he didn’t see any demon soldiers pursuing him nor Ye Junchi chasing him for his sword. JiYuan looked up at the night sky, and the more him thought of it, the more it didn’t seem right.

“System, why do you think Ye Junchi still hasn’t come to retrieve his sword?”

System easily diverted the topic.

“You should worry about the task on how to get back to Ji House. The owner of the body grew up in Ji House. If you get little inattentive you might cause yourself your demise. You should know the consequence for OOC, right?”

JiYuan immediately withered. These few days while JiYuan was running away, he learned about overall information about this world. At first he only knew that the person who forced a marriage on him was Young Master Zhao from the Zhao family, one of the four major families in the cultivation world. Now he also knew that the Zhao Family was very proficient in covering up their shortcomings. Plus they were also good brothers with the alliance of martial practitioners. He heard that when Ye Junchi kidnapped the original body, he gave that little bastard Zhao a kick. Since the Zhao family couldn’t retaliate against Ye Junchi, then they would definitely release their anger on Ji family instead.

System comforted him, “Don’t fret. Your mother comes from one of the four major families, the Jiang family.”

JiYuan’s heart gave a cheer.

System : “Although after she died from a difficult birth, Jiang family didn’t bother with Ji family anymore….”

JiYuan : “…..”

System softly whispered, “Although Jiang family and Ji family are archenemies…..”


The days for Ji family were most probably not very good. JiYuan poked the fire heap with a dark expression. He poked out something charred, looking like the surface of Mars. The flame was reflected in that pair of pale-colored eyes, and the frozen cold face looked livelier. He is not an idiot, he knew that returning back to Ji family was not a good choice – being taken away by the demon lord for more than 10 days, wouldn’t returning back makes him a fallen woman (not virgin)? The direction that the situation was heading to was not good, plus the little bastard Zhao probably will come and stir trouble….
No wonder Ye Junchi said staying inside the palace was the safest option.


JiYuan rushed back to the small town which the Ji House was located.The sky had turned dark, the glow from the sunset was scattered on the ground, being cut off by the shadows of the uneven heights from the houses and trees. Painting the scenery in a desolate tone. Getting a friendly tips from System, JiYuan wore a large bamboo hat before walking into the city. He found the town atmosphere was quite cold and empty. People on the street were walking in hurried steps, looking like they were afraid that the moment they stopped moving, they would get into trouble.

JiYuan couldn’t help but shook a bit, “Why am I getting the feeling of an ominous premonition…”

System : “Don’t think too much, what we do is all for the sake of the mission.”

JiYuan followed the instructions from System to walk to the end of this long street and turned right. Then he saw a mansion house.

The gleaming green tiles were like floating dreams; bright red paint covered the big front gate. A huge Chinese scholar tree was planted in front of the gate. Accompanying the wind was the faint scent of flowers as it quietly permeated the air. The ground was covered in heaps of white flowers. JiYuan’s eyes were roaming everywhere and finally rested on top of the word ‘Ji House’. Hesitating for a moment, JiYuan then went to knock on the door. A moment later, the door opened with a ‘creak’. Appearing behind the door was not some gray clothed doorkeeper as JiYuan imagined but a youth with quite a handsome appearance. Only, in this person’s eyes, there were layers of gloominess which could cause a person to feel out of sorts.
[T/N : JY’s stereotype image of a doorkeeper is someone wearing gray clothing and a small hat. Just like we imagine hotel bellhop to wear bring red uniform :3 … or is it just me?].

System uttered a sound of acknowledgement, then reminded JiYuan, “This is the son of your Second uncle, your cousin called JiSan. Not someone to be trifled with, be careful.”

With the veil from his bamboo hat acting as a separator between their view, JiYuan gave JiSan a glance. Pondering what kind of expression the original owner of this body would give, JiSan had already stepped forward. He raised his eyebrow with a look of surprise and joy, and said, “Ah Yuan? You escaped from the demon’s palace? This is worthy of celebration, we have been worried to death in this half month.”

Quietly dodging JiSan’s hand stretched towards him, JiYuan nodded his head and softly said, “I have worried the family. Cousin, where’s my father?”

“The Head of the house is waiting for you in the main hall.”

JiYuan’s intuition told him that something was not right but he couldn’t pinpoint what it was. By coincidence, as soon as he finished the current task, the taskbar refreshed and a new task appeared. The next task is to go into Ji House’s main hall so he could only ‘watch his steps as he proceeds’.

Upon entering the residence, JiYuan took off his bamboo hat and turned to pass it to the doorkeeper. Hence, he missed the stunned and infatuated look that flashed through JiSan’s eyes the moment he took off his hat.

System clicked its ‘tongue’, “German orthopedic.” [T/N : Please refer to the bottom note for detailed info. For shorter version, it’s incest.]

JiYuan didn’t pay attention to his surrounding so he puzzledly asked, “What did you say just now?”

With a straight and serious tone, System replied, “Nothing. Take note to keep your face expressionless.”

Replying with a sound of agreement, JiYuan adjusted his expression properly then followed JiSan to go to the main hall. It was unexpectedly lively in the main hall, as if everyone in the Ji family has come to gather at the same spot. Around ten people were seated at both sides, and a lot of people stood beside them. Like they were watching a criminal trial, those people stared at JiYuan as he walked into the hall, step by step. Various type of feelings flashed through their eyes; there was bewilderment, surprise, aversion, and hatred.

JiYuan trembled, “They are not thinking that I’m not ‘pure’ and want to drown me in a pig’s cage…right?”
[T/N : Picture of scandalous couple in pig’s cage HERE].

System comforted him saying, “Don’t be afraid. They don’t do drowning in pig’s cages, they use live burial.”


JiYuan took a deep breath and told himself not to get angry. His eyes swept over the people sitting on the designated seats, asking, “Which one is the owner’s father?”

“None of them.”


“The one sitting at the top seat is your Second uncle. He always wanted to be the Head of the family, it seems that he has achieved his wish.”

JiYuan looked at the middle-aged man sitting at the top seat with a stiff face; he finally found out what felt wrong. The moment he knocked on the door, the one who opened the door was JiSan. He was eighty percent sure that this pair of father and son had discovered him the moment he entered the city. They were afraid of him running away so they brought him directly to the main hall. Then, there was the problem, where was the owner’s father? Feeling helpless, JiYuan closed his eyes for a second and ignored the piercing gaze poking him into a sieve from both sides. Then he took a few steps forward, cupped his hands and said, “Second uncle.”

JiWen who was sitting at the top seat, lifted his cup and took a sip of tea. With his eyes shrouded in gloominess, he nodded slightly and said in his hoarse voice, “It is Ji family’s great fortune to see that Yuan-er is able to return safely. Presumably your father will be very happy to hear about it.”

JiYuan’s hand involuntarily clenched, “Second uncle, where is my father?”

The other Ji family members were displaying strange expressions as JiWen looked indifferently at JiYuan.

JiWen avoided answering the question and asked, “What are you carrying at your back?”

JiYuan definitely couldn’t say that he restrained Ye Junchi and stole his sword. This kind of statement, he won’t even believe that himself moreover this group of people. So he could only say, “I picked it up for self-defense during my escape from the demon palace. Second uncle, where is my father?”

System suddenly shouted, “Be careful!”

Not waiting for JiYuan to ask what he needed to be careful of, his back felt empty all of a sudden. JiSan who was standing beside him had taken ‘Gui Chi’ from him, a faint smile on his face.

“Ah Yuan doesn’t have any cultivation; this cousin is very curious of what kind of self-defensive weapon you can use to escape from that ruthless demonic palace.”

As he said that, JiSan tore the cloth wrapped around the sword, revealing a pitch-black scabbard. Unsheathing a few inches of the sword would reveal two simple character, ‘Gui Chi’. As for the identity of Gui Chi’s owner, there was no one out there who don’t know who is that.

System sighed, “Finished, you’re finished. Not even jumping into the Yellow River can clear your name.”

JiYuan still sporting a stupidly stiff face while JiWen has already recovered from his surprise. A trace of greed flashed through his eyes, JiWen turned to JiYuan and said in a stern voice, “JiYuan! You colluded with the demon race and killed the young master from Zhao family, what else do you want to say?!”

JiYuan frowned.

“….. killed the young master from Zhao family?” That little bastard is dead? Who murdered him?

JiWen sneered, “Gui Chi is the demon lord Ye Junchi’s sword. Where did you picked it up? Now we have an iron-strong proof here. You almost cause Ji family to degrade, like a street mouse. Almost destroyed the family and yet you dared to come back to ask for your father? Want to save your father? Use your life to exchange it then!”

Not waiting for JiYuan to react, the ground under his feet suddenly disappeared. As he was feeling the sensation of falling down, at the same time a thick smoke was sprayed at him. JiYuan struggled for a moment before his consciousness fell into the darkness. When he woke up again, it was in Ji family’s dungeon. Both his hands and feet were tightly bound, not a muscle can be moved. The only thing he can be glad of was the things at his chest were not taken away, it seemed that his gender was not exposed. JiYuan stared at the faintly burning candle by the edge of the iron gate, and fell into a contemplation.
“System, tell me. Why did you gave me a body of a trash but issued tasks that pushes me into the fire pit? Such deep hatred…. in fact, you are actually not System, but my family from my original world ……. right?”

System gave a ‘tsk’ and said, “If I am your family member, I would have punished you with OOC from earlier on. By the way, just to inform you that the tasks are not issued by me, it was randomly refreshed in the taskbar.”

Expressionless, JiYuan asked, “Am I going to be buried alive?”

“Most probably it’s even worse than being buried alive. Didn’t you hear that young master Zhao is dead? From your second uncle’s tone, everyone assumed that you colluded with Ye Junchi to kill him and you also carried Gui Chi at your back…..”

“…. I wanted to throw away the sword long time ago, wasn’t you the one who prohibited me from doing that?”

“Quest item, cannot just simply discard it anywhere.”

Both of them went speechless and there was a lifeless look on JiYuan’s face.

System thought for a while, then continued to explain the situation to the clueless JiYuan.

“That day Ye Junchi came to kidnap the bride, he kicked away ZhaoYang but ZhaoYang was visibly fine. He even climbed up to his feet and shouted a round of insults at Ye Junchi. No matter how you look at it, ZhaoYang doesn’t seem like he will be kicked to death….. Couldn’t be Ye Junchi went back some other day to X ZhaoYang or someone killed ZhaoYang then deliberately pushed it on you and Ye Junchi?”

JiYuan recovered to his usual expressionless face, “Wasn’t I a waste and a vase? What’s the point in setting me up, too much free time on hand?”
[T/N : Vase means someone who have no other redeeming value than their own beauty.].

System went silent for a moment, “Too much self-consciousness is not good. Our conversation have to stop for a while, I need to put my thoughts in order….”

“Can we think about how to escape?”

Just as he discussed with System on how to escape, and also rejected a few visibly illegal suggestions, JiYuan suddenly heard a faint sound of footsteps. It can be heard that the footsteps started from the dungeon outer gate then continued to get nearer until it stopped right in front of his cell door.
The door opened after a slight pause. A slender figure appeared in front of JiYuan and gave him a smile.
Then in a hoarse voice, “Ah Yuan.”

JiYuan shivered out of the blue.

The author has something to say:
TUT being tortured in pain by aunty/monthly period the whole afternoon, fortunately caught up… lying down playing dead _(:з」∠)

[T/N for German orthopedic]
For those who understand chinese, you can read this.
For those who can’t, you can read this.
I couldn’t find any other english explanation for this term, do comment better source to us if you know any. In short, German orthopedic will be treated as a incest-related word in this novel from now on.


Translator : Never knew something trivial could get viral like this. The moment something get meme-fied/viral-ed, it will be forever in the internet. Really appreciate someone went through the trouble to explain it in English :3

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