先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 6

Chapter 5 was supposed to be out last Friday (my time) and Chapter 6 should be out on Tuesday (yesterday) so here is it now. Apologies for the lateness yo~!

Faint candlelight illuminated the youth’s gentle and elegant face, a shallow smile was displayed on his pale face. The youth went into the cell and closed the door. Covering his mouth to cough a few times, he asked “Ah Yuan, are you injured?”

The moment JiYuan saw the youth’s face, he was stunned and he keep staring at the newcomer. Until System dry-coughed to warn him of OOC, then JiYuan came out from the shocked sensation of being struck by lightning. Calming down his horrified mental state, he looked at the youth in front of him again and found out that his expression and attitude was indeed differed from the person in his memory. After he suppressed his churning mood, he poked System, “Who is this?”

System : “The eldest son of your deceased Third uncle, called JiChen. Good character and very good towards the original owner of the body. We can try to use him to escape.”

While System was giving introductions to JiYuan, JiChen has walked closer. Looking at the chains on JiYuan, his face showed hints of worry and he frowned.

“Second uncle is too much. There were just some baseless rumors flying outside but he wanted to immediately send you away to the cultivator sect to die…..”

JiYuan thought for a moment, his gaze paused at the familiar face again before he opened his mouth, “Cousin, where is my father?”

JiChen hesitated, “Just recently, ZhaoYang suddenly died and rumors were flying everywhere. Then, the Zhao family came to our family…. in order to protect everyone, Eldest uncle went with those people to the South Lake.”

JiYuan vaguely felt an ominous premonition. Sure enough, the taskbar suddenly refreshed the next moment.
“Rescue JiXuan (0/1) . Tips: No time limit, mandatory task.”

JiYuan : “…..”

System : “….. condolence.”

Not knowing that JiYuan has just experienced a desperate situation in a moment ago, JiChen tightened his brow and covered his mouth. After a few deep, chesty coughs, there was a hint of blood in the air when he opened his mouth to say something.

“Tomorrow morning, Second uncle will send someone to deliver you to South Lake and people from Zhao family will be waiting there. They will not listen to your explanation…. Ah Yuan, don’t worry. I have asked Ah Shen to steal the key from Second uncle. It shouldn’t be a problem with his skill. You must leave YangNing tonight and seek help from the Jiang family at JinHe.”

After JiYuan has gotten some information from System about the family relationships in Ji family, he whispered, “Cousin, your body….. how is it?”

JiChen’s body was not good and disease-ridden. In another point of view, he could be considered ‘riding in the same boat’ with the original body. He smiled when he heard the question and replied with a simple ‘the same old’. Right after that, he turned his head away to cough again. His pale face was flushed with an abnormal shade.

System observed for a moment and sighed, “This person’s life is worse than the original body, destined to have a short life.”

Originally, System was just casually sighing but it didn’t expect itself to somehow step on JiYuan’s ‘tail’.

JiYuan exploded with anger and coldly scolded System with a ‘Shut up!’, then looked at JiChen. He slowly said, “Second uncle and my father doesn’t get along, almost could be said like fire and water. Isn’t he the temporary family Head now? He wanted me to die, no one could stop it. Cousin, you should go back. If Second uncle knew that you wanted to release me, you and Ah Shen wouldn’t be able to live a good life in the family.”

System was shocked, “You don’t want your life anymore? I have no way to help you ‘to open the golden finger'(cheat/plot armor), to massacre the people and save your dad. All I can do is recite reincarnation prayers when both of you died, to help your soul find peace.”

JiYuan pursed his lips and turned a deaf ear to System. He heard a lot of stories from System. JiWen was someone selfish and cold. When he was fighting for the family Head ‘s position with the owner’s father, he(JW) was badly beaten. In the end, JiWen was defeated (from the fight for family Head). Towards the owner and the owner’s father, JiWen held resentment in his heart for a long time. Even towards the Third uncle too, who was siding with the owner’s father, he held extreme hatred towards him. If JiChen’s little trick was found out by JiWen, his(JC) already precarious life would probably be halved. It was not that JiYuan doesn’t want to use JiChen to escape, there were no time limit anyway and he can always make plans after he escaped. Just that…. this person in front of him, although the character and expressions were different from the person in his memory, they have the exactly same face. JiYuan just couldn’t bear to use JiChen.

JiChen shook his head, his expression looking tenacious yet gentle.

“I’m fine, don’t worry. Eldest uncle treated me and Ah Shen very well, just like our own father. Now that both of you encountered trouble, how can I turn a blind eye to it?”

After a moment of silence, JiYuan whispered, “Many thanks, cousin.”

Such a strange coincidence. Those who was born with this face, whether from his original world or in this world, they were the only one in the family who is willing to give a hand to JiYuan.

JiChen wanted to say something else but someone suddenly struck the back of his neck. The scenery at his eyes turned black and he fainted. As JiYuan was already informed by System, he was not surprised with the sudden appearance of another person. Looking up, he saw a young handsome boy and guessed he is probably JiChen’s younger brother. In a low voice he said, “Be careful, don’t let anyone know both of you have come down here.”

JiShen curled his lips and looked at the elder brother in front of him with despise.

“Do I need you to tell me that? This naive idiot thought that I could steal the key from JiWen with my skills; he seemed to have expected too much from me.”

His tone was bad and yet his action was very cautious when he carried JiChen in his arms. He tried to make sure that JiChen’s position in his arms was comfortable before throwing a glance at JiYuan.

“So sorry, my brother can’t save you and I can’t save you either. Hope you can save yourself.”

System sighed and couldn’t stop repeating its words, “Finished, you’re finished. You are going to die this time. Once you arrived at South Lake, you won’t be able to talk yourself out of it and would be directly X-ed. Then, you’ll be buried along with that person surnamed Zhao.”

JiYuan was lazy to bother with System. He didn’t OOC but System went to OOC itself. Not sure where the originally cold and ruthless System disappeared to.

JiShen turned around to leave but when he reached the edge of the outer gate, his footsteps paused. His toes unconsciously drew a circle on the ground. With an indifferent tone, he said, “As a respect for my elder brother, I’ll warn you this. Tomorrow, the one who would be escorting you to South Lake is JiSan. That person…. you better be careful.”

JiYuan nodded. A moment later, the dead silence was restored in the dungeon.

System comforted, “Don’t be too despaired, maybe halfway down the journey, a ‘Cheng Yaojin’ will appear.”
[T/N : Someone inept who was said to appear suddenly and interrupt a plan. For more info, WIKI]

“System…..” JiYuan was at a loss for a while, then in a small voice he asked, “JiChen…. did he transmigrated too?”

System went silent. With a tone like it was talking with a fool, “Of course he didn’t.”

“Oh.” JiYuan bowed his head.

“I told you about this previously. I was actually working hard before I decided to be a second generation wastrel….. I have a half-brother. At first, I didn’t trust him at all. But he died to save me…… JiChen looked exactly like him.”

“…..” System sighed. Not sure what to say, it could only say, “Condolence.”

Two salted fish talked about random stuff the whole night. As the long night slowly turned bright, people from the Ji family came into the cell. JiYuan almost fell asleep when they dragged him out.
[T/N : Salted fish can be used to describe a corpse or lifeless people. Or you can call yourself a salted fish too when you just lie down and do nothing :v Anyone noticed JiYuan counted System as a salted fish too?] .

It was a bit different from what JiYuan imagined. The Ji family didn’t plan to deliver him directly to the destination using flying swords but prepared a horse carriage and used the mountain road instead. Being locked in a prisoner’s cage, his lungs were about to be shaken out of his mouth by the bumpy journey. His ‘three spirits and seven souls’ has been shook out until one spirit and one soul were left in him. Feeling lifeless, he leaned at the iron bars and managed to spit out a sarcastic remark.
[T/N : 三魂七魄 – Google it if you want more details]

“Good low trick!”

System coldly said, “You still hope for them to use flying sword. One zoom and immediately arrived? If you are so anxious to die, I could just punish you as OOC. It’s faster that way.”

JiYuan gave a dry cough.

“I was only curious. It has been a while since I arrived to this world but I still haven’t get to experience a travel using flying sword.”


System’s nonstop chatter turned into a sound of tut and went silent for a moment. Then, it started to analyze the situation to the stupid deer (JiYuan).

“It seems that everyone assumed Ye Junchi is your lover boss. The Ji family quietly set off because they were afraid of Ye Junchi coming to rescue hostage. Not sure how is Ye Junchi now……”

Suddenly aware that it has accidentally blurted out some information, System immediately shut up and prayed that JiYuan didn’t notice.

JiYuan was not so easily fooled.

“Ye Junchi? What happened to big brother?”

Carefully thinking back about what happened previously, he suddenly reacted.

“Was it my blood? Ye Junchi didn’t come to seek revenge from me after so long, it’s because he was in trouble?”

“Don’t worry. That person is a demon lord, won’t die.”

JiYuan could only bow down and draw circles in the cage. It was the month of July and the weather was sweltering hot. The skin shone by the sunlight felt like being burned by oil. Led by JiSan, there was a dozen of people from Ji family guarding this secret delivery (JiYuan). Although they were practitioners but after half a day of journey, everyone started to wheeze in their breath, looking listless.

JiYuan shrunk himself inside of the iron cage covered by a cowhide, then quietly opened a small gap to observe outside. He happened to see the back of JiSan. The moment System saw the sword JiSan carried at his back, it gave a tut.

“I thought JiWen won’t be able to resist the lure of this great quality precious sword, and will secretly stash it away. Never know his IQ was not bad and understood that the sword cannot stay.”

JiYuan was about to answer that when JiSan suddenly turned around, as if he sensed something. Quickly pulling back the cover, JiYuan retracted back to a corner.

“I’m not sure why but I think this JiSan is very dangerous.”

System went silent for a while, then sighed again, “German orthopedic.”

JiYuan : “What does that mean?”

With a serious and straightforward tone, System said, “Come, let us continue discussing about how to escape.”

JiYuan : “……”

Not sure if it was because JiSan caught JiYuan peeking him, it didn’t take long before the escort team stopped at an open area in the forest to rest. The team departed from early in the morning and now was approaching nightfall. Everyone felt relieved and prepared to stay the night after getting tasks assigned to them.

‘xx this bunch of rough men and let them kill each other. Then, reap the benefit like the fisherman and escape.’ JiYuan just rejected this retarded escape suggestion from System.
[T/N : Not sure what is this XX censor word. This banana guessed it’s ‘insult/incite argument‘. As for the fisherman, it’s an idiom – sandpiper and clam fought against each other and the fisherman catches both].

Then, the covered cage suddenly brightened and JiYuan raised his head to see a gloomy handsome face. He almost lose control of himself and shuddered.

JiSan stared at the expressionless JiYuan. A hint of fire flashed in his eyes, he said in a low voice, “Ah Yuan, you always has been noble and cold as an alpine snow lotus in my heart.”

….. the Hell is that kind of comparisons?

JiYuan’s goosebumps were about to rise up.

“System, is he sick?!”

System: “En, need to see German orthopedics.”

JiSan stared at JiYuan, the gaze in his eyes changed from obsession to gloomy prejudice.

“You are just like snow…. I have been reluctant to stop. Every time I see you, I will feel inferior…. but you actually got yourself stained by a dirty demon race. Ah Yuan, you really let me down.”

“…..” JiYuan still looked like this, a confused black man.

JiSan suddenly moved his hands and the lock of the cage was opened. The people nearby has yet to express their doubt but JiSan was already coldly glaring at them.

“I’ll take him* to relieve himself*. No one is allowed to come over without my order.”
[T/N : I wrote ‘him’ instead of ‘her’ because the word was in masculine form. Not sure if it’s a typo or the author just don’t care :v] .

Being pulled by JiSan deeper into the forest, JiYuan started to shiver.

“…. couldn’t be ‘it’ ba? These two wasn’t brother-sister cousins, ah, brother-brother cousins?”

System’s tone was full of sympathy, “That half-brother who died for you, do you really think the other person was just having a purely brotherly love towards you?”

JiYuan : “….”

Already guessed what JiSan wanted to do, JiYuan started struggling all of a sudden.

JiSan’s face turned strict and he raised his hand; wanted to make JiYuan faint with a hit at the back of his neck.

JiYuan struggled even more intensely. He was about to cry for help from ‘an organization to protect his integrity’ (policemen?), when he heard a low sneering laugh. If he heard it, JiSan naturally heard it too. JiSan immediately blocked in front of JiYuan with his body and snapped at the person under a tree not far from them.


Cheng Yaojin? That was JiYuan’s first thought but he found the sound somewhat familiar and immediately shuddered.

The sun has set and the lights in the forest were dim. Walking slowly away from the tree, the man looked like he was strolling in the night. His stature was slender and there was a three-point smile on his lips but it was a plane of frost in his eyes. He pointed his chin towards JiYuan, and with a lazy voice he replied, “His man.”

JiYuan : “…..” God his mother who’s my man?!

The author has something to say:
It’s your man alright, humphed.
Elephant trunk clam, let’s go _(:з」∠)


Translator : That was very cool, male lead! #BadAssYo
Short info on Ji family members:
JiXuan (Father) – JiYuan (son, MC)
JiWen (Second Uncle) – JiSan (cousin) ,
??? (Third uncle) – JiChen (cousin) , JiShen (cousin)

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