Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 98

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List of characters :

帕特里 Patrik (Python) / 林沐 Lin Mu (Female)

科恩 Cohen (White tiger) / 拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
洛克 Locke (Horned lion) / 萨沙 Sasha (Female)
杰森 Jason (Black cobra) / 莱丝 Lais (Female)
罗伊德 Lloyd (???) / 菲尔 Phil (Female)
莱恩 Ryan (Lion) / 黄远 Huang Yuan (Female)
巴奥 Ba-Ao (Brown winged bear) / 霍斯 Howth (Golden winged lion)
雷切尔 Rey (???) / 艾德琳 Adeline (Female)

卡索 Casso (Winged wolf) / 球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)
里亚 Ria (Female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)
米莎 Misha (Female)

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Chapter 98 The End

Lin Mu woke up and found himself in a cave. At first, he thought he would be dead for sure so he is very happy to find that he is still alive. Lin Mu is really worried about Patrik because Bennette’s words obviously meant that he has contacted people from other tribes to come to fight with their tribe together. But he is trapped here at the moment.

Glancing around, Lin Mu cannot find any light sources and the surrounding area is dark, it is apparent that he can’t get out now. Of course, even if he can get out, it wouldn’t help much. Also, Patrik should be quite worried about him.

Waiting for death here is definitely not Lin Mu’s way of doing things. He got a chance to live after all so how could Lin Mu let it go? It is dark and he didn’t know what is in this cave or whether any dangerous creatures are lurking somewhere. The unknown always makes people feel particularly scared. The same is true for Lin Mu at this moment, but his desire to survive made Lin Mu forcefully suppress the fear in his heart. He slowly stepped out, trying to find out what is in the cave and whether there would be an exit somewhere.

Lin Mu really regrets that he didn’t carry his lighter that still has a little oil with him. If he did, at least he knows where to go at the moment. To fall from such a high place without injury, it can be said that Lin Mu’s luck is not bad. And the next thing that happened showed that his luck is really good.

Lin Mu fumbled on the rock wall for nearly an hour. At some point, he touched a raised part on the stone wall and tried to press it. Nothing happened, then the entire surrounding becomes bright at that moment. Of course, Lin Mu hadn’t found an exit yet. It’s just that the door suddenly appeared and the bright lighting inside the door made Lin Mu walk in without hesitation. Who cares, at least staying in a place where he can see makes Lin Mu feel more at ease. Of course, it’s just a comfort he gave to his heart. Lin Mu knows it, no matter what he might encounter next, or there may something dangerous waiting for him, he still would go in.

Entering the door is a long corridor, and the stone walls on both sides of the corridor are painted with lifelike murals but Lin Mu didn’t have the mood to appreciate these artworks. He continued to walk but not sure how many twists and turns he took, he still haven’t found a way out and would weirdly return to this corridor every time. Lin Mu felt that something is a bit strange here. He has to make a plan on how to go on, instead of continuing to consume his energy like this. After all, he has not found anything to eat in this maze so far.

Lin Mu has been walking for more than 10 hours without resting. He didn’t know that the situation outside is chaotic right now and that Patrik is going crazy soon from searching for him. Lin Mu just wanted to sit on the ground and rest for a while before continuing to find a direction to go.

Actually, when Lin Mu first walked along the corridor before this, there is a stone room at the end of the corridor. The stone room is circular and had many doors. Lin Mu counted it and there are 10 arched doors in total. Each arched door is exquisitely carved. Lin Mu didn’t know if there is any danger inside, but he can’t control that so he chose a random door to enter. After that, he walked a series of turns and bends. In that long walkway, Lin Mu didn’t know how many times he turned, how far he walked, but in the end, he would return to the original corridor. Lin Mu recounted the path he took in his head but couldn’t understand how he could come to this corridor again. If he ended up in that circular room with 10 doors, he would understand but it ended up to be the corridor instead. Lin Mu can’t understand it.

Currently, Lin Mu didn’t have the mind to think about why. He only knows that he should be inside a maze. Since he doesn’t know this maze works, he just has to try them one by one. Hence, after Lin Mu tried 3 doors and ended up returning to the corridor, more than 10 hours had passed. Lin Mu is tired and could only sit on the ground and rest against the stone wall. Soon, he fell asleep without knowing it.

While on the outside, after confirming that Lin Mu had not been caught by the beastmen he saw, Patrik began to look for Lin Mu in the valley. At this moment, he stumbled upon the place where Bennette had fallen. He saw Bennette who is poisoned and lying on the ground, then the wound on his hand which was bitten by Da Jin! Patrik pulled Bennette up with red eyes, “Tell me where is Lin Mu! What did you do to him?!”

Bennette looked at the crazy-looking Patrik and said, “I won’t tell you where he is. You will never find him, hahaha…”

Patrik punched Bennette hard in the stomach, causing Bennette to curl up in pain. He asked again, “Where is Lin Mu?! Tell me, or I will kill you!”

Bennette raised his head to look at Patrik, “I won’t tell you. If you kill me, you will never see him again, haha…. Having him to accompany me to my death, it’s not bad.”

“I am jealous. I am very jealous of you. How am I not as good as you? You are just lucky to get Lin Mu. Without him, you would not have your current tribe! You are just a drifter beastman, a lowly drifter beastman, but he chose you! You are the beastman abandoned by beast god, why can you still get him?! You are not worthy, I am the best beastman for him!”

Patrik kicked out hard and watched as Bennette laid on the ground in a sorry state, “Don’t insult Mumu. You don’t deserve to even ‘hold his shoes for him’1! You are incompetent and can’t lead your tribe to live a good life. Then you want to lead your tribe to plunder other tribes. You said I am a lowly drifter beastman, but you are even more inferior than me. Have you forgotten that we already established our own tribe? To bring your tribe to attack us, what’s the difference between you and those drifter beastmen robbing other tribes? No, you are even more despicable!”

“It’s not like that! You people don’t deserve to have these privileges. I only take it back, it’s my duty!”

Patrik glared at the person on the ground. With how powerful is Da Jin’s snake venom, he knew that this person won’t be able to survive much longer, but where is his Mumu? Thinking about Lin Mu, who is probably suffering somewhere, Patrik’s eyes turned bloodshot. He asked, “Bennette, you are a loser in the end.” He raised his bone knife, beastman would not use weapons when fighting because of inconvenience, but Patrik would always carry a bone knife with him.

“I will ask you one last time, where is Mumu?”

Bennette laughed crazily, “He is dead. He is dead, so what if you win over me? He is dead, hahahaha…”

Patrik swung down the stone knife fiercely, and Bennette’s life ended at this moment. Staring at the blood-stained ground and the separated corpse, Patrik dropped the stone knife. He wanted to find Lin Mu as soon as possible. He wanted to find him back. He didn’t believe Bennette’s words. His Mumu must be alive and well. Patrik absolutely didn’t believe Bennette’s words.

Damon has severely wounded Archie so the leopard tribe retreated. As for Bennette’s tribe, there are actually a large number of people who are unwilling to plunder other tribes. If It’s not that Bennette ordered them in the name of the tribe leader, they wouldn’t do it. Even if they disliked the beastman of the drifter beastman tribe, they owed the people favor for their help during rain season. Moreover, the drifter beastmen has established a tribe already. They really don’t want to plunder the tribe in their hearts.

Then, Rey, who went to look for Patrik returned with Bennette’s head and said, “This is the end of anyone who wants to invade us.”

The outsider beastmen are angry when they saw that their tribe leader is killed, but they are the invaders right now. They have never thought that one day they would be labeled with this name. The outsiders finally had to leave sadly, carrying the body of their tribe leader, and the injured beastmen.

The invaders have left, but their drifter beastman tribe is left devastated. Many of their tribe members have also been injured, and their tribe leader has yet to find his missing partner… Even though they are victorious in the end, the beastmen did not feel the slightest joy.

Jason saw that Rey did not bring Patrik back with him. He then went to get people to help give the injured beastman a simple treatment. Knowing that there would be a tough battle to be fought, the beastmen asked Huang Yuan to give them a lot of hemostatic medicine when they returned to the tribe.

The houses in the tribe are badly destroyed. When the beastmen fought, their huge beast form slammed into the houses and collapsed most of the house. Only Lin Mu’s house is still intact, but the courtyard wall has collapsed. Jason let the injured beastman into the rooms to rest, and then sent people to find Lin Mu together.

Patrik searched almost the entire valley, but Lin Mu still couldn’t be found even when it got dark. The other beastmen who came to help with the search also couldn’t find anything. The longer the time, the more irritable Patrik became. In his mind, he kept thinking ‘hasn’t found him yet, hasn’t found him yet’…

Jason sensed that Patrik’s condition is not right. His dark green eyes had turned blood red as if he has gone mad. It’s easy for an unstable beastman to turn feral. After all, beastman evolved from beasts. Even though they can turn into a beastman, there is still some beasts sense in them. The difference between beastman and beast is the ability to think. If the beastman loses his reason and becomes a beast, the worst outcome is one may become an irrational beast and cannot return to their beastman’s appearance.

“I lost Mumu! I didn’t protect him!”

“Mumu will be fine, Mumu will not die!”

Patrik’s state is too unstable so Jason hurried over to pull him, but got flung away by Patrik! A beastman’s strength is very big2, but he can easily send Jason flying!

“Not good!”

Jason immediately turned into his beast form and tackled Patrik, knocking him out.

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