Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 98

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Chapter 98 Mitte & Greene

Greene is watering the flowers in the yard. From time to time, he would glance at Mitte, who is sitting on the stool by the door. Seeing Mitte sitting upright obediently and looking at him without blinking, Greene smiled at him and then turned to continue watering.

Greene took Mitte back to his apartment after Mitte is found to suffer brain damage. To make sure that Mitte is not pretending, the apartment is always under the military’s supervision. Greene didn’t care about that, he is grateful with the current condition. Due to his previous apartment being bought by the military, Greene received a lot of money. Later, he bought this current apartment, and the remaining money is enough for him alone. But adding Mitte into the calculation, especially Mitte’s health is not good, Greene is worried that the money is not enough, so he opened a flower shop online. He is from the Department of Horticulture and this is what he is best at. The money he earns is not too much, but it is enough for daily expenses. It makes Greene feel at ease with this stable flow of money, in and out.

As Greene is deep in his thoughts, someone grabbed his sleeves and he turned his head. Mitte is watching him silently. Greene pointed to the stool at the door, “Sit there for a while, I’ll be done soon.”

Mitte stared at Greene for a few seconds and didn’t speak. He just reached out to grab the watering can and that stunned Greene. Mitte lowered his head and watered the flower meticulously, exactly the same as Greene did before. After Mitte watered a pot of flower, he glanced sideways, as if to be sure Greene is still there before continuing.

Staring at Mitte’s side profile, Greene could smell the faint fragrance of flowers in the yard. His nose felt an inexplicable tingle, and his eyes couldn’t help getting wet. This is Greene’s deepest wish since he was a child, to have an apartment, a lover, and flowers that he likes. Greene has known since he was a child that he is not liked and unpopular so he has never dared to expect too much. Even this wish is just an extravagant hope that he never dared to speak out.

Greene stared at Mitte blankly. Seeing the gentle look on Mitte’s face, Greene’s heart suddenly felt hurt sharply. This is also fake, his wish is still just an extravagant hope. When Mitte recovers, all of this will be in vain.

There is a sudden warm touch on his face and Greene blinked. Then he realized that he shed tears, and Mitte is wiping the tears for him. Mitte’s movements are very light as if he is afraid of hurting him. Seeing him wiping the tears carefully, his expression serious as if he is treating a rare treasure, Greene couldn’t control himself anymore and the tears flowed more fiercely until he choked. Mitte’s expressionless face showed a trace of panic. He hugged Greene awkwardly and patted him on the back. Greene clutched his sleeve and cried loudly. After calming down, he realized that it is long past lunch.

“Sorry.” Greene left Mitte’s embrace, feeling embarrassed.

Mitte didn’t speak, still watching Greene intently.

Greene watered the remaining 3 pots of flowers and brought Mitte into the house. He poured him a glass of juice and went to the kitchen to cook. When he randomly turned around during cooking, Greene found Mitte standing straight at the door looking at him while holding the juice. Greene felt a little helpless. Mitte seemed to be very attached to him since waking up, and he(M) always had to keep him(G) within his sight.

In the evening, Greene prepared the bathwater for Mitte and put aside Mitte’s change of clothes. Then, he carefully explained the bathing process to Mitte. Mitte just stared at him during the whole process, and Greene didn’t know if he heard it or not. Being stared so intently, Greene felt a little shy and hurried out of the bathroom after the explanation. He went to sit on the edge of the bed with hot cheeks.

2 minutes later, a nekid Mitte stood at the bathroom door and peeped out at him. Greene flushed into bright red. Seeing that there is still foam on his body, “You, you, you, what are you doing out?! Go back and wash!”

It seems that Mitte is just trying to confirm that he is there. He went back to the bathroom once he glanced at Greene, but he would come out to check every 2 minutes. This caused Greene to blush all over. When Mitte finished washing and putting on neat pajamas, Greene breathed a sigh of relief. He told Mitte to go sleep first as he went to the bathroom to take a shower.

Thinking of Mitte’s situation, Greene is a little worried so he didn’t lock the bathroom door. He just finished putting the water in and took off his clothes when there is a noise from the door. Greene turned his head to see Mitte watching him intently. Greene quickly sat in the water, his whole body flushed and felt embarrassed, “You, go out!”

Mitte really went out and Greene breathed a sigh of relief. However, while washing, Mitte stood at the door again. Greene becomes stunned for a while. Looking at Mitte’s focused gaze, he finally realized what happened.

“I’m here and I will go out soon. If you are worried, I keep talking to you, so don’t come in.”

After Mitte went out, Greene racked his brains to think for topics to say, picking up interesting things he encountered. But soon, he is out of words. His life is always gray, and nothing is outstanding and worthy to be talked about. He smiled wryly, “The biggest thing in my memory is being kidnapped by you. I was really terrified at the time.”

As Greene washed himself, he recalled the memories and couldn’t help but laugh, “You know what, when I woke up and saw you looking pale and thin, I thought you got kidnapped just like me. At that time, you were pale and seemed to be in terrible condition.”

“On the street that day, Eileen wanted to eat candy so Roa bought her a big bag. She gave me one. The candy wrapping paper is red and very beautiful. I couldn’t even bear to eat it myself.”

“But when I saw you looking like your blood sugar is low at the time, I took it out and gave it to you.” Greene paused before adding, “Did you think I was funny then?”

Greene smiled, “Later, I learned that you were their person in charge. I was stunned. I don’t understand why they are afraid of you. Although you always keep your expression icy, I knew you are a good person.”

Greene pursed his lips, “If it weren’t for you when they found out that I was not a guide, they would have thrown me out of the aircraft right away. You saved me.”

After finishing taking a shower, Greene dressed up and walked to the bedroom. He saw Mitte sitting upright on the edge of the bed near the bathroom, staring at the bathroom door unmovingly. He walked up to Mitte and said, “So, even if you always do bad things, I still want to believe you. Say, do you think I’m stupid?”

Mitte didn’t reply but Greene didn’t expect to receive a reply anyway. He spread out the 2 quilts and pointed to the inner one, “Go to sleep.”

Upon waking up in the morning, Greene opened his eyes and become stunned. Looking down, he saw a pair of hands circled around his waist, and their 2 quilts are stacked haphazardly. It is unknown when that he and Mitte went to sleep together. Greene flushed and pushed Mitte’s hand away. Then, he hurriedly changed his clothes and wash his face.

Days went by like this, and Greene woke up in Mitte’s arms every day. He always felt a trance. It seemed that they are a pair of ordinary lovers who could grow old together just like this. But every time Greene thought about it, before the sweetness appear in his heart, there will be a huge taste of bitterness and even panic. This kind of intangible thing will disappear one day, sooner or later.

When spring arrived, the flower shop’s business is getting better and better. In early April, Greene bought a new batch of flowers. Due to the limited space in the yard, the flowers are placed on the flower racks in rows. They are beautiful and easy to look after. Mitte helped him move the flowers to the racks. Greene sent the courier to the door and closed the door. Then just as he locked the door, Greene heard a loud noise behind him. He turned his head abruptly and saw that a flower rack has collapsed, and Mitte is crushed underneath, already in a coma. Greene’s hands and feet instantly turned cold, and he hurried over to move the flower rack. His hands are trembling constantly. Then, as if he thought of something, Greene quickly yelled loudly to the outside, and the military personnel who is monitoring them showed up. They helped him to take Mitte to the hospital.

The waiting process is very uncomfortable. After hearing the doctor say that the patient woke up, Greene rushed into the ward as quickly as possible. When he met Mitte’s eyes, his body stiffened. A sentence appeared in his mind – It’s finally here.

Mitte’s gaze is still locked on him, but Greene can perceive that Mitte is different. His previous temperament has returned, looking cold and difficult to approach.

Greene stood stiffly for a long time. His voice sounded dry when he opened his mouth, “You, you have recovered.” Not a question, but affirmation.

Mitte nodded, “Yes.”

Greene pinched his fingers and smiled, “That’s good.”

Mitte got out of bed and stared at Greene for a while before saying, “I’ll surrender myself. Can you go with me, please?”

Greene looked at Mitte in surprise. After a long moment of daze, his eyes lit up and he said, “Okay.”

Mitte’s sentence came down very quickly, it’s 10 years of detention. When Greene can see Mitte again, he is already locked in the prison room. The two looked at each other for a long time, and Mitte said, “I’m very selfish but I want you to wait for me.”

Hearing that, Greene’s eyes widened in surprise. His eyes glistened and he said firmly, “I’ll wait.”

Mitte’s complexion softened, “I won’t let you wait that long.”

Later, Greene learned that Mitte offered to exchange for meritorious service in order to reduce his sentence. He will provide all the research on the base without reservation, including spiritual power research, information technology, and space transition. Every study provided made the staff of the Imperial Research Department ecstatic, especially the space transition technology. After in-depth research, the research staff found a way to completely avoid the attack of the interstellar beasts. It is through using the space transition point to change their route so that the beasts can no longer step into Planet Yao’s space. The results of this research shocked the entire empire’s higher-level management.

After a psychological expert’s assessment, it is confirmed that Mitte had changed his attitude seriously and the court reduced his sentence by half. Greene is very happy when he got the news. Since the day Mitte asked him to wait for him, Greene is full of energy every day. His brows are always curved with smiles whenever he visited Mitte.

“5 years will pass very quickly. I’m currently preparing for the exam, preparing for next year’s college exam. I should have graduated for 2 years when you come out. I might even have a store selling flowers by then.”

Greene whispered, “Don’t worry, I will visit you every month and bring you some courseware on information technology. This way when you come out, you won’t be out of touch with society.”

Information technology is what Mitte does best after all.

Mitte: “No need.”

Greene looked at Mitte helplessly, and Mitte said, “I prefer to work for you.”

This fool, if he comes into contact with information technology again, the military will not be assured of him. Mitte also does not want to be monitored in real-time in the future. Moreover, he retained the memories when he suffered brain damage. Mitte likes this period of the quietest days in his life, and he will never get bored even if he lives like this in his entire life.

Greene’s eyes lit up and he said seriously, “I will try to open a shop.”

Mitte snorted coldly, “I have very high expectations of my boss. I will disdain it if he is too skinny.”

The corners of Greene’s mouth curved up slightly, “Don’t worry. I will take care of myself and I won’t be too tired.”

Mitte turned his head to ignore Greene but Greene saw Mitte’s almost pale side flushed red. His smile turned deeper.

One evening 4 years later, in a flower shop not far from the Greene apartment complex, Greene is sorting the flowers in the shop. Suddenly, someone hugged him from behind, and his body shook with fear. Greene waved his fist, trying to fight back.

“It’s me.” A unique cold voice came from behind his ears, and Greene paused. Then he turned his head back in shock.

Mitte narrowed his eyes. He lifted Greene’s chin and kissed the corner of his mouth, “Can’t recognize me anymore?”

“It hasn’t been 5 years yet,” Greene said stupidly. He counted down every day.

“I performed well and came out early. I wanted to surprise you so I didn’t tell you.”

Greene becomes upset, “I want to pick you up myself!”

“I want to see you in person.”

Greene blinked and felt a burst of sweetness in his heart. Then Mitte continued, “I have the memories during the period of my brain damage.”

“When you gave me the candy, I didn’t think you were ridiculous. What I thought was how could there be such a lovely person? His aura so clean that people want to approach but afraid of polluting him.”

“When you always believe that I am a good person, I don’t think you are stupid. I know that you are my salvation.”

Mitte took Greene’s hand and kissed him at his fingertips. Then he knelt down, “Marry me? I want to spend my whole life taking care of you and loving you well.”

Greene’s tears kept streaming down and his eyes are amazingly bright. Choking with emotions, he nodded, “Yes.”

Mitte got up and hugged Greene, “You are so silly. I didn’t even have a ring but you agreed to my proposal. But I can’t afford a ring. Can I work for you for a lifetime as repayment?”

Greene hugged Mitte back firmly, “Okay.”

It turns out that his wish is not an extravagant hope after all.

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