Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 99

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Chapter 99 Lyle & Hawke

At the empire celebration banquet1, high-ranked officials of the empire and famous people from all walks of life are all present, and the banquet hall is very lively. Lyle noticed gazes looking at him and casually put the wine glass in his hand on the tray of the passing waiter. After that, he turned his head to look at the friend next to him, Leo, and said, “I’ll run away first. You keep showing a cold face so those people don’t dare to toast with you, I almost drank all the wine. Any more and I would be drunk.”

After Lyle finished speaking, he rubbed his forehead and walked towards a place where there are fewer people. He drank a lot of wine so his beautiful fox’s eyes are flushed with blush. That image is so exquisite that it’s charming people’s hearts. Lyle glanced around and saw that his parents are still drinking and chatting with people in the hall. If he left by himself, he would definitely get scolded at home. Shrugging, Lyle walked to the corner sofa.

Hawke is staying in the corner, happily eating various desserts. His bulging cheeks looked very cute. While he is eating a dessert, his hand is already stretching out to another flower-shaped cake on the table. However, before his hand touched the cake, a slender and beautiful hand suddenly stretched out and took the cake away. Taken aback, Hawke looked up and saw Lyle who is slightly drunk. He got stunned for a moment and there’s only one thought in his mind: This man is really good-looking. Then, there is joy in Hawke’s heart. Rather than eating silently by himself, he prefers to chat and eat with people. This person came just right in time!

Due to the fact that Hawke is an unregistered guide outside the Golden Tower, he seldom went out since he was a child, afraid of getting his identity exposed. This time, Hawke managed to persuade his parents to bring him to the empire celebration banquet after throwing tantrums for several days. Also, he had to promise not to run around and only stay in the corner.

As Hawke watched Lyle eat the cake, he saw Lyle’s frown and immediately realized that he didn’t like it. So, Hawke quickly gets busy introducing the flavors of the various snacks on the table.

“This kind of crisp candy is salty. Since you don’t like cakes, maybe you will like this!” Hawke pointed to the crisp candy and looked at Lyle with bright eyes.

Lyle chuckled lightly. This young boy in front of him had clear eyes, and his round eyes staring at him are like a pet inviting the owner to pet it.

Hawke got stunned for a moment and wondered why his heartbeat suddenly skipped a beat when he heard Lyle’s chuckle. Then, his face started to get hot.

Lyle sat across from Hawke and ate a piece of crisp candy. The pair of bewitching fox eyes narrowed and Lyle said with his chin rested on his hand, “It tastes good, thank you for your recommendation.”

“It, it’s okay.” Hawke started to feel helpless inexplicably. This person in front of him clearly did nothing but it made him nervous.

Zhao Meng has been paying attention to Hawke at the corner. When he saw Lyle walking to the area, he quickly tugged at his partner’s clothes. Huo Tian and Zhao Meng immediately walked to the corner to take Hawke away.

Lyle raised his eyebrows as he looked at the back of the family of three. He stretched out his hand to touch his face thinking, does he look like a bad guy? Why does President Huo look so alert? Then, Hawke turned his head around reluctantly. Lyle waved at Hawke lazily and Hawke’s eyes lit up instantly, waving back.

Zhao Meng pulled Hawke closer and whispered a warning in his ear, “He is Level AA+ sentinel, keep your distance from him.”

Hawke knows that the higher the spiritual power, the stronger the sentinel’s ability to sense the presence of a guide. He also knows that the stronger the sentinel, the higher the requirements they have for their partner. Thinking of this, his bright eyes dimmed.

After returning home, life is going on as usual, but Hawke didn’t know what’s wrong with him. He is always thinking of that beautiful sentinel, uncontrollably searching online for everything about him. Hawke knows that he is the grandson of the Brooke family, his name is Lyle, and that he is currently a colonel. Hawke also knows all of Lyle’s school experience and military history. The more he knew, the more he is fascinated by Lyle. Lyle is powerful and elegant but it doesn’t make people feel contradictory.

All Hawke could think about is Lyle. When he is aware of his liking, he felt quite uncomfortable. There is a big gap between his spiritual power level and Lyle’s. Hawke couldn’t be with Lyle. His spiritual power is too low, he won’t be able to help him with his mental confusion. However, the more restrained the feeling, the stronger it becomes. With a glimmer of hope, Hawke tried to find a solution. Knowing that the guide pheromone agent could solve the mental confusion for sentinel, Hawke made a decision to study medicine. If he learns to make a guide medicine and find a way to improve the current guide pheromone agent’s defect, even if he is just a guide with very low spiritual power, he is qualified to be with Lyle!

There’s no improvement in his studies but because of hope, Hawke had the courage to like Lyle.

Hawke began to appear on all occasions where he might encounter Lyle, but he did not appear directly in front of Lyle. He is worried that Lyle would kick him out of the suitor’s list because of his identity. He left footprints in all forum posts that are talking about Lyle, anonymously expressing his liking for Lyle, and also learned a lot about Lyle.

Lyle’s spirit animal is a nine-tailed fox, as beautiful and powerful as himself. Lyle’s mecha is made according to his spirit animal. Like Major General Leo, it is a top-tier animal mecha. Lyle’s favorite thing to do is to collect mecha models. His best friend is Major General Leo. He likes sports and doesn’t like someone to talk about his appearance. Even when he is ruthless, he is still elegant.

Hawke took note of all of them, thinking that he could not do things Lyle didn’t like in the future, and then he shifted his attention to the empire’s top mecha model company. Since then, as long as the model company releases new products, Hawke will be there on time to grab the goods without hesitation. After grabbing the goods, he often feels overjoyed and proceeds to pack them nicely with his own hands. Then, he’ll send it to Lyle anonymously. Hawke couldn’t help being happy when he thought of how happy Lyle would be upon receiving the model.

Sending a model once in half a year, he has already delivered 6 in a blink of an eye.

Looking at the 6 mecha models on the shelf in the bedroom, Hawke turned to look at Lyle. The current time is at some time not long after he confessed to Lyle and Lyle promised to marry him. Hawke has been in a dreaming state since then, always feeling that everything is so unreal. Today, Lyle invited him to the house for dinner, and he said will tell him why he agreed to marry him in the first place.

Hawke’s eyes lit up, “Do you know it was from me?”

Lyle chuckled and wrapped his arms around Hawke’s waist, “Of course, I don’t take things from strangers.”

Hawke blinked, “But we didn’t know each other until I gave you the model.”

“Who said I didn’t know you?” Lyle lightly scratched the tip of Hawke’s nose. “Didn’t you recommend a lot of delicious things to me when we first met?”

Hawke felt a little incredulous, “But you shouldn’t be able to remember me much at that time, right?”

Lyle tilted his head, “Indeed, I didn’t have a deep impression at that time. But eventually, the impression deepened,” a smile flashed in his eyes. “The number of times we met in 3 months is simply innumerable.”

“I thought it was accidental at first, but then I found out that you did it on purpose and didn’t want me to find you.”

Hawke got stunned, “You saw me?”

Lyle laughed and said, “My boss’s wedding ceremony, you peeked at me in the corner and got photographed by the aerial camera. Then at the 2nd Army high-ranked gathering, you peeked at me from the corner of the hotel. The hotel manager thought I was being followed and reminded me to be careful. Only when they saw your face, they said it should be a misunderstanding because who doesn’t know Mr. Huo?”

“Also when you went to the restaurant to have dinner, you peeked at me next door. You thought I didn’t know but you forgot that your seat is located against the floor-to-ceiling glass. Your actions are reflected on the glass.”

Thinking of Hawke’s cautious actions at the time, Lyle couldn’t help laughing.

The reveal caused Hawke to be stunned. His face flushed, and he looked at Lyle nervously, “Do, do I look silly? I’m not like that usually. Maybe I got too nervous. If I think about something seriously, I will definitely not reveal such mistakes.”

Lyle rubbed the top of Hawke’s hair soothingly, “Not silly, very cute. My first thought when receiving the model is to return it, but when I knew that it was you, I didn’t want to return it for some reason.”

Hawke immediately raised a bright smile, “You are so kind. If you returned it, I will definitely be sad.”

Lyle looked at Hawke and sighed, “You don’t blame me?”

Hawke wondered, “What’s there to blame you? Of course I won’t blame you, you don’t know how happy I am now!” He hugged Lyle back, rubbing his head against his shoulder.

Lyle whispered, “I know who you are but never said anything. Making you sad and disappointed, you should blame me.”

“I never confess to you before, and you also agreed as soon as I did. You are so good, how could I blame you?”

Lyle looked down and saw Hawke’s eyes seemed to be full of light, clear and bright. Moreover, his eyes are full of liking for him. Lyle felt moved in his heart and kissed Hawke’s lips. Hawke’s eyes brightened instantly, and even the corners of his mouth could not be restrained. Lyle chuckled slightly, deepening the original kiss that was meant to be a light one.

After Hawke learned of Lyle’s feelings, he is full of spirits. He didn’t feel tired at all from the complicated wedding preparations and is full of expectations every day. Lyle sat on the sofa, looking at each of the pictures of the suits Hawke sent. His mouth is filled with a pampering smile. On the other side, his father Brooke had an ugly expression.

“You really decided? He is just a paramecium guide. Even if he is the only child of the Huo family, he is not worthy of you.”

Lyle raised his eyes to look at Brooke, smiling with a touch of sarcasm, “Father, you have been warning me not to marry ordinary people. What now? Even a guide is unsatisfying for you?”

“Other guides don’t matter, it’s just him…”

“Enough,” Lyle’s face turned slightly cold, “Other guides have nothing to do with me.” He stood up and started to head back to his room. Just as he took two steps, he asked, “Father, do you know why I have been working so desperately in the past few years to obtain the title of a major general?”

Not waiting for Brooke to answer, Lyle answered, “Because I always thought he was an ordinary person. Based on what I know about you, unless I have the right to speak in front of you, you will never allow me to marry him.”

Before he can be sure, Lyle didn’t even dare to make any promises to Hawke, let alone meet him, afraid of losing control. He paused, “You should be happy that he turned out to be a guide now, rather than minding what kind of guide he is.”

Staring at Lyle’s back, Brook sat there, stunned. This son has always looked easy to talk with but he actually had been fighting him silently all the time? A surge of anger hit Brooke but he took a few deep breaths to calm down. Thinking of Lyle’s power in the military, he finally sighed. Let it be then, the Brooke family will be under Lyle’s charge in the future anyway.

After Hawke and Lyle got married, it is time for the Chinese New Year, and it didn’t take long for the spring beast tide to arrive. Hawke watched Lyle leave in despair, and went to Xiào Mu, who is in a similar situation to him. When he left, he is in a better mood and even faintly excited. When Lyle finally returned home from the border, Hawke jumped into his arms the moment he got off the aircraft. Lyle quickly caught Hawke and patted the back of his head, “Slow down, be careful of falling.”

“I won’t fall,” Hawke tilted his head back and looked straight at Lyle. He held onto him without letting go. “I miss you so much.”

Hearing that, Lyle’s gaze changed slightly and he carried Hawke upright from under his arms. Hawke quickly raised his feet and wrap them around Lyle’s waist. The two embraced face to face and walked from the parking lot to the living room, their breathing has increased rapidly. There is a faint scent in the air, it is Hawke’s guide pheromone.

Lyle’s voice sounded hoarse as he asked, “You want it?”

Hawke shifted his body. His face is reddish, and his eyes are hot and straightforward, “Want you.”

Lyle pushed Hawke against the wall next to the door. He raised his hand to press the door switch, and the moment the door closed, he bent to kiss Hawke. Unlike his appearance, his kiss is hot and fierce.

The ambiguous sound of liquid sounded in the empty living room, and the temperature of the two bodies rose instantly. Hawke firmly fixed himself on Lyle with his legs while unbuttoning Lyle with one hand. Lyle slid his hand in from the hem of Hawke’s clothes, igniting fire all the way. Kneading in two different places, it caused Hawke’s body to tremble and the scent in the air has become more intense. Their spiritual filaments appeared and entangled with each other. A beautiful nine-tailed fox lay down quietly not far from the two, and a tuft of white hair on its forehead is gleaming with golden light.

From the living room to the bedroom and then back and forth, the loving session lasted for 5 days. In the middle of the period, Lyle took into account of Hawke’s body and prepared to restrain the desire. However, Hawke is unwilling and ensured Lyle that he is in good condition. Lyle hugged the weak Hawke in his arms, playing with his hair with one hand, and massaging his body with the other, “What’s the matter? Your physical strength has leveled up?”

Hawke rolled over and lay on Lyle’s chest, taking out boost pills and presenting it like a treasure. He had already taken 2 pills when he went to the bathroom halfway. Lyle has taken the boost pills many times on the battlefield, and naturally understands the effect of the medicine. He felt a little amused. Holding Hawke higher from his current position, Lyle pressed their forehead together, “You like me touching you so much?”

Hawke embraced Lyle’s neck affectionately, answering honestly, “En.”

Lyle chuckled slightly, and the two exchanged a lingering, tender kiss.

On August 20th, Hawke stared nervously at the information page on his terminal. At 10.00 am, a message came. After he opened it, he immediately jumped up from the sofa and dialed Xiào Mu’s number. Hawke couldn’t hide his excitement, “Xiào Mu, I have received an admission letter from the Imperial Military Academy.”

Xiào Mu said with a smile, “I also received it. Let’s apply for the dormitory together. It’s best to stay closer.”

“Okay, I’ll see which building is better, and I will contact you later.”

After hanging up the call, Xiào Mu cut the terminal screen to the floor plan of the Imperial Military Academy’s dormitory. He tilted his head and asked Leo who is sitting next to him, “Which one do you want?”

Leo answered, “As long as you like it.” Xiào Mu’s eyes curved up when he heard this.

Originally, Xiào Mu planned to apply for a medical university, but Hawke tried his best to persuade him that starting this year, Lyle would serve as the PE teacher at the military’s university faction. Hence, Hawke resolutely enrolled in the military university. Xiào Mu thought that the military university’s medical department is also very strong, so he agreed. It’s just that the military university’s school rules are very strict and students must live on campus. Fortunately, the dormitory conditions of the school are good. Now that he is not short of money, he can choose the best dormitory.

When Leo heard about it, he made the decision right away to live with Xiào Mu in the school. It is not in line with the school’s rules that he stay in the school but did not have any substitute classes this year. So, the principal took the opportunity to ask Leo to substitute mecha classes occasionally. He agreed and is allowed to live on campus.

Xiào Mu is still looking at the map when he received a photo from Wen Xin. He smiled to Leo, “Father and Dad have arrived at rock planet.”

Leo embraced Xiào Mu and looked down at his terminal, “I will accompany you wherever you want to go.”

Xiào Mu glanced at Leo with a smile. This time, Reacher accompanied Wen Xin to see his good friend Yin. Xiào Mu only told Leo their itinerary for his peace of mind, not for suggesting anything. Xiào Mu looked at the map again. He and Hawke considered that Leo and Lyle would often need to report at the military department, so they chose the dormitory building closest to the campus’s boundary, and they occupied the two bedrooms on the top floor.

Living right across from a friend makes Hawke extremely excited. He is looking forward to his college life. In the first half of the semester, the two received a lot of attention because of their identity as a guide. But in the next semester, the number of guides in each school gradually increased, and their presence became less conspicuous.

One year later, the output of guide-made medicines on the market becomes stable and the quality continued to improve. The number of sentinels pair and sentinel ordinary people pair in the empire has increased. On the other hand, more and more guides are willing to go out and successfully pass the Golden Tower’s assessment. The concept of freedom of love became popular.

When Xiào Mu and Hawke graduated, it is common to see a guide on the street. Also, Xiào Mu officially terminated Delish’s cooperation relationship with all guides and changed to sell Level A and above medicine. At the same time, he started a spiritual treatment project. From time to time, the store will announce the opening of an appointment a day in advance, and limit the registration to 10 people.

Apart from that, Xiào Mu and the research institute have a studio to jointly develop new products. He cooperated with the research institute and Zhao’s company to produce the Level S guide pheromone agent, which will then be auctioned by the whole alliance.

The pheromone agent is more effective under their continuous research, and sentinels no longer need to worry about mental confusion. The entire alliance has truly realized the freedom of love, and the guides have ushered in a new life.

T H E . E N D

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