Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 97

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Chapter 97 The End

After Hao Mian contacted Xiào Mu, Xiào Mu used 3 days to make 6,000 sets of medicines and the military sent them to Planet Hao. With this, Planet Hao managed to drive away the interstellar beasts smoothly, and calm within the planet is restored. However, the rest of the planets fell under greater pressure and frequently asked for help from the surrounding planets. At the same time, they also contacted Xiào Mu. The conditions proposed by Xiào Mu are the same to everyone who called him. Every planet understands that if this continues, the later the problem is solved, the greater the danger of the planet, so they agreed without hesitation.

The medicinal ingredients in the system matured quickly, but Xiào Mu alone had limited spiritual power and couldn’t make so many medicines in a short while. He thought about it and decided not to use the system but used the pharmaceutical equipment to make the enhanced medicine. Finding that the effect is the same, he immediately contacted Gu Miao, Hawke, Xie Bei, and the rest of the guides from his spiritual power class and asked them to help make the medicine together. The people he contacted usually follow the current news and pay special attention to medicine-related matters. Someone previously suggested in the forum that Xiào Mu’s medicine played a role in driving away the beasts so a few of the guides couldn’t help but want to ask Xiào Mu about the specifics. But they were worried about confidentiality so they have been holding back. Hence, the moment they received Xiào Mu’s call, the guides swiftly agreed.

The guides Xiào Mu called are almost the most capable group in the empire. In order to ensure their safety, Leo sent Xiào Mu to the marshal’s mansion. The rest of the guides are also sent to the marshal’s mansion. Then, they purchased a large number of pharmaceutical equipment. Xiào Mu asked the guides to try to make enhanced medicines. The result is although the enhanced medicines they made didn’t double the effect, they are at least 1.5 times more. Also, the medicine Gu Miao, Xie Bei, and Weyner1 made could achieve 1.8 times the effect. Although the effect is not as good as what Xiào Mu did, it is effective enough. Sentinels with 7,000 spiritual power are Level B, temporarily increasing it by 1.5 will let their spiritual power to go above 10,000 points; that already reached Level S. One must know that most of the military soldiers’ spiritual power is above Level B. These medicines can greatly increase their combat effectiveness.

While taking a break from making medicine, Xiào Mu entered the system’s homeland and reclaimed 2 more plots of land, which one will be planted longevity grass and the other concentration grass. With the support of guide-made medicines, most planets gradually heard the good news. On February 25th, the interstellar alliance as a whole returned to calm, and citizen of the entire alliance is full of joy. The inside story of driving away the interstellar beasts also spread out and Xiào Mu’s popularity instantly reached the top. The guides he invited to make medicine with him also became popular, especially the single guides, which received unprecedented attention.

Soon, the capital’s citizens diverted their gaze because Lieutenant General Reacher and his partner Wen Xin, who had disappeared for nearly 2 decades have returned.

Sitting in the living room of the marshal’s mansion, Xiào Mu and Leo is watching Leo’s parents’ press conference on the screen, feeling inexplicably nervous. After the matter with the interstellar beasts calmed down, Xiào Mu has returned to his apartment. Today, he is back at the mansion because he received a call from Wen Xin inviting him for lunch. Right now, Xiào Mu and Leo are waiting for his parents’ press conference to be over. Xiào Mu thought silently in his heart, this should be regarded as an official meeting with the in-law-parents, right?

Leo shook Xiào Mu’s hand and a smile flashed in his eyes, “Don’t be nervous. Father and Dad are easy to get along with.”

Xiào Mu smiled and glanced at Leo, “Aren’t you just as nervous?”

Hearing that, Leo’s face turned slightly stiff. He leaned close to Xiào Mu’s head and asked in a low voice, “It’s that obvious?”

Xiào Mu couldn’t help laughing, and took a bite on Leo’s chin, “It’s not obvious, but I am emotionally connected with you so I can feel it.”

Xiào Mu can actually understand Leo’s nervousness. After all, he hasn’t seen his parents for so many years. It’s similar to the feeling of ‘being timider as one gets nearer to their hometown’. Their tension disappeared without a trace after seeing the parents in person. As soon as they met, Wen Xin gave Xiào Mu and Leo a big hug each and threw them a bunch of praises. In a blink of an eye, they enthusiastically started the topic about Leo and Xiào Mu’s wedding. As soon as Ren heard it, he immediately joined the topic and both of them chatted a storm. Louis and Reacher looked at their mates, with an expression full of pampering on their faces. At the side, they drank the tea that the robot butler brought up, chatting about their situation over the years.

Leo shook Xiào Mu’s hand, Xiào Mu turned his head and smiled at him. Then, Wen Xin held his other hand in the next moment, “Mu Mu, your opinion is the most important thing. Tell me what ideas you have.”

“Yes, do you think we should organize the ceremony at the marshal’s mansion or the hotel? What color is the main layout of the venue? What kind of flowers do you like? I will book them in advance to be shipped out.” Ren shot out a list of questions.

Xiào Mu doesn’t have these kinds of delicate thoughts. In his opinion, just the ceremony is fine for him. It doesn’t matter whether there are flowers or not, even if they are fake flowers, he can’t recognize the difference with the simulation technology here. However, seeing that the two elders are in high spirits, Xiào Mu doesn’t want to disappoint them so he answered their questions seriously, determining the layout of each place one by one.

After talking for a while, the family ate lunch and then continued the conversation. After talking all afternoon, Wen Xin suddenly looked at Leo and asked, “Is the wedding date set?”

Leo looked at Xiào Mu and replied, “The sooner the better.”

Xiào Mu thought about their current relationship and said with a smile, “I’ll just follow Leo’s decision.”

Ren flipped through the calendar cheerfully and said, “March 30 is a good day. How about it?”

Leo furrowed his brows, “Still 1 month away.”

Wen Xin glared at Leo, “Do you know how much you have to prepare? Don’t take advantage of Xiào Mu being tolerant and randomly throw a simple wedding for him!”

Leo immediately added, “If the preparation time is not enough, we can postpone it a bit. If there is anything you need help with, let me do it.”

Hearing those words, Wen Xin is satisfied and said, “Just leave this to the elders. You just have to take good care of your skin, take wedding photos and choose your wedding suit.”

Xiào Mu is overjoyed when he heard the words, but in the following days, he realized that he was too naive. He spent a whole week busy taking wedding photos and choosing wedding suits. Then Ren or Wen Xin would get worried that he(XM) would be dissatisfied whenever they want to buy something so they ended up pulling him along to buy with them. There are also a lot of things to learn like the wedding process, choosing the wedding venue, making design drawings; all sorts of things to do every day.

Ren and Wen Xin made up their minds to make the grand event as perfect as possible. Sometimes they will decide on a good design the day before, but the next day they felt that something is not good and they had to do it again, striving for the best. Xiào Mu can still keep up with his energy, or maybe it’s because Leo was asked by Ren to temporarily stay at the marshal’s mansion, separating the couple before the marriage date. If the two lived together until the ceremony, Xiào Mu would have been out of strength every day.

All his best friends are married, so the matter of choosing the best man candidate makes Xiào Mu worry. After thinking about it, he invited Xie Bei. When he heard that Xie Bei agreed, he quickly thanked him.

Xie Bei’s reply is, “You are the idol of all guides. I am honored to see you heading for happiness with my own eyes.”

On the wedding day, Xiào Mu who had already attended Hawke’s wedding before knew the process well and didn’t panic. A knock sounded at his bedroom door and the moment he opened the door, Xiào Mu looked at Leo. Leo has a defined chiseled face and is facing him with a soft expression outside the door. A sudden burst of moisture appeared in Xiào Mu’s eyes. He came into this world alone but from now on, he will no longer be alone.

Leo stepped forward and embraced Xiào Mu. He said softly, “Don’t be afraid.” Then he carried Xiào Mu up and walked out.

As they are going through the ceremony, Xiào Mu saw a lot of familiar faces that weren’t Planet Yao’s citizens. They are all high-ranked people from the planets of the alliance.

Standing before the oath platform, when Xiào Mu heard Leo solemnly say ‘I do’, Xiào Mu’s heart moved, and couldn’t help turning his head to look at Leo. His gaze met with Leo’s affectionate blue eyes, where he is the only person reflected inside.

The marriage officiant repeated the oath and asked Xiào Mu, “Are you willing?”

Xiào Mu nodded, “I do.”

Leo couldn’t help it and raised his hand, and the marriage officiant quickly said, “Please exchange the ring.”

Leo regained his senses and put a ring on Xiào Mu calmly.

Many people in the audience gave out friendly smiles. Seeing Major General Leo’s eager action, it seems like he would have gone in for a kiss if he hadn’t been reminded in time by the officiant.

“Now, the groom can kiss your partner.”

Leo embraced Xiào Mu, bowed his head, and pressed a solemn kiss on Xiào Mu’s lips. It’s not heavy but clearly carries Leo’s silent promise to him.

When toasting the guests at the luncheon, the two came to toast in front of the Planet Yan’s group. After drinking the wine, Novi cordially said, “Thank you, I wish you a hundred years of harmony.”

Xiào Mu smiled, “Thank you.”

“See, I didn’t even look at him. Please believe me. Back then, I just wanted a strong offsp…”

Xiào Mu heard an urgent voice just 2 steps away. When he turned his head, he saw Thornton hugging Novi’s shoulder and hurriedly explaining but Novi only peel off his hand with a cold face. Xiào Mu couldn’t help but laugh. Thinking of the text Thornton had sent him, he secretly thinks that Thornton deserves it.

At the table with Planet Hao’s group, Hao Mian and Merry also expressed their gratitude and blessings. Xiào Mu watched with curved eyes at the two getting along naturally and sweetly. However, thinking of Yóu Mò, who is about to be executed in April, he sighed. It’s just a0 wrong thought on the spur of the moment and everything is ruined. All 3 of them have their wrong but no one can judge who is the most wrong. If Yóu Mò is willing to ask the question, he would not leave so decisively. If he didn’t harbor hatred, everything might be different.

Going through the wedding for a whole day, Xiào Mu almost stood until his kneecaps became stiff and fell asleep on the aircraft back to the new house. When he woke up, he had arrived in a strange room. The room is full of bright red colors, which felt especially festive. Leo is currently undressing him. Xiào Mu circled Leo’s shoulders and then stretched out his hands and feet to let Leo take the clothing off. Leo stripped Xiào Mu and carried him to the bathroom. When his whole body is soaked in warm water, the tiredness disappeared instantly. He asked, “Where is this?”

“My apartment, it is very close to Grandpa’s apartment,” Leo said as he quickly took off his own clothes. Then he went into the water and embraced Xiào Mu, giving him a massage all over.

Leo’s hands gradually moved lower and Xiào Mu couldn’t help groaning. The temperature in the bathroom rose suddenly. Leo embraced Xiào Mu and bit his earlobe. His voice is low and hoarse, “I miss you so much.”

When Leo thinks of the fact that Xiào Mu is now officially his married partner, his heart felt hot causing his body to react even more. Leo couldn’t control himself at all and took Xiào Mu once in the bathroom.

Xiào Mu panted lightly. His long black hair is wet and stuck to the back of his neck, making him feel uncomfortable, “Go to the bed and dry my hair first.”

Leo looked at Xiào Mu’s gleaming fair skin, which is set off by his black hair. Lowering his head, Leo bit on Xiào Mu’s collarbone and then licked it lightly. After he helped Xiào Mu to clean up, he dried his hair and carried him to the bed. The bright red bed sheets make Xiào Mu’s fair skin look extraordinarily beautiful and Leo looked at him, fascinated.

Xiào Mu couldn’t help bending his foot and kicked Leo on the shoulder. With a blushing face, he said, “What are you looking at? Go to sleep if you don’t want to do it.”

Hearing that, Leo’s eyes turned deep. He fell on Xiào Mu and kissed him like a gust of wind and rain.

3 days later, Xiào Mu finally took a complete tour of his new home. It is a two-story single-family apartment with a large courtyard in the front and a pool in the back. He liked it very much. Rubbing his sore waist, Xiào Mu sat on the sofa drinking juice and secretly rejoiced that Leo suddenly received a call from the military. Otherwise, he would have to stay longer on the bed.

Leo didn’t come back until it’s time for lunch. He grabbed Xiào Mu and helped him to massage his body while saying, “Yóu Mò was executed yesterday and Mitte has recovered.”

Xiào Mu is taken aback: “Where is Mitte now?”

“In the military prison, he took the initiative to plead guilty. According to the investigation, he had no death under his hand so he is sentenced to 10 years. However, it is hard to say for the time being. He has a very good attitude and even proposed to provide free research results on all aspects of the base in order to reduce his sentence.”

Xiào Mu quickly thought of one thing, “Is it because of Greene?”

Leo said, “Perhaps, it’s the same military department where Greene accompanied him.” He pulled up Xiào Mu, “Let’s not care about this for now. I have already started my wedding leave. Let’s go on our honeymoon.”

During their honeymoon, the two traveled through 5 planets, including Planet Yan and Planet Hao, and also visited a few acquaintances. Though it is said to be a trip, the two spent most of their time in bed. Xiào Mu would sternly warn Leo every morning to behave and not to make trouble at night. But in the evening, everything will go out of control and everything planned for the next morning became useless.

After the honeymoon ended, their lives gradually calmed down. Xiào Mu prepared for the university exam in September, while Leo handled military affairs plus substitute lessons.

A large number of new guide-made medicines are produced on the market. Sentinel’s mental confusion can be solved by medicine and the concept of freedom of love is gradually circulating on the Internet. There are also many pairs of sentinel couples who openly showed their love and expressed their gratitude to Xiào Mu on the Internet.

“Thanks to Xiào Mu. I wish Xiào Mu and Major General Leo happiness!”

“If not for these new medicines, I am not sure if I dare to get together with him. We have been in love for a long time but we worried about each other and dare not take a step further. With the new medicine, I don’t have to worry anymore. Although I’m not a guide, I can make money to buy medicine for him and I can treat his symptoms of mental confusion for him!”

“My partner and I are both sentinels. We have been together for many years and are used to each other. We also consider each other’s condition and dare not confess. That fool even tried to get me a ticket to the Golden Tower prom. I could not imagine how sad he should be when he thinks this way.”

“What are you smiling at?” When Leo came back, Xiào Mu is looking at his terminal with a happy face.

Xiào Mu showed Leo the post he is reading, saying, “This is a good sign. Over time, everyone will become accustomed to the freedom of love, and they will no longer be obsessed with guides. The guides will then receive lesser attention.”

Leo lowered his head and kissed Xiào Mu’s sparkling eyes, “You are amazing.”

Xiào Mu tilted his head and muttered, “It’s like you are coaxing a child.”

A smile flashed in Leo’s eyes, “I’m just telling the truth, not coaxing you.”

Xiào Mu laughed and raised his head. He pressed a kiss on Leo’s lips and said, “I’m very happy.”

Not only Xiào Mu is joyful, but he also feels the happiness. He is still very young now, and everything is developing in a good direction. He has a long time to enjoy with Leo. Even if there will be twists and turns in the future, as long as they are together, there is nothing to fear.

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