Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 96

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Chapter 96 Restoring Calm

Xiào Mu looked at ‘Pin Circle’ skill and saw a note under the skill description: To prevent accidentally healing the enemy instead, this skill is only effective for friends.

Friends? This is easy to be done.

Xiào Mu’s eyes scanned the patients in Ward 2 and under the wounded soldier’s expecting gaze, he revealed his communication number. Then he smiled, “Please add my number. I will try my best to answer questions about spiritual power in the future.”

The sentinels are all stunned speechless. Then, followed by joy and they quickly added Xiào Mu as their friends.

Quickly, Xiào Mu received 40 applications and he approved them with one click. Next, he looked at the map panel. Sure enough, all sentinels became small blue dots, which meant that they are friendly parties now. Xiào Mu stood in the middle of the ward and used the Pin Circle skill to restore 1,200 spiritual power to all sentinels at the same time. After that, while waiting for the CD time, he used Pin Hold on the sentinels one by one, from far to near, and cast Pin Hold for 6 more people. At this moment, the Pin Circle skill can be used again. Xiào Mu repeated this set of actions and he left Ward 2 a minute later.

The sentinels in Ward 2 became energetic and looked at each other puzzledly, “What happened? Why did I suddenly recover?”

“Me too. My spiritual state is full of energy, and I felt like I can go to the battlefield right away.”

Someone murmured, “This is incredible, I have never seen such a strong guide before.”

“Wake up. This is the 1st god-level guide found in hundreds of years, how could you have seen one before?!”

When Leo in the southern garrison’s command room received the news, his expression sank. There are so many people who added Xiào Mu’s number!

Some of the subordinate officers became anxious, “How can he suddenly add other people’s numbers like this?! He couldn’t have taken a liking on someone else and only added everyone all at once as a cover-up?!”

Leo glanced at the man coldly, “Xiào Mu is not that kind of person.”

An officer stepped up to ask for forgiveness on behalf of the officer, “Major general, don’t be angry. Old Cao just likes to say nonsense and enjoy relationship gossip!”

Just as Xiào Mu came out of Ward 3, he received a call from Leo. A smile appeared in his eyes, “Leo, I am about to finish the treatment for 3rd and 4th Army’s sentinels. This time, you won’t refuse my request to visit you, right?”

Leo’s voice sounded incredibly gentle and soft, “Sorry that I can’t pick you up in person. I’ll wait for you here.”

Xiào Mu smiled and said, “Don’t apologize, wait for me.”

When Xiào Mu’s spiritual power is down to the last half of his red bar, he finally finished the treatment of the sentinels with severe conditions. He couldn’t help showing joy in his eyes when he saw that the skill ‘Shangyang’s point’ is activated on the system panel.

Shangyang’s point: Continuous damage on the enemy, causing 200 spiritual power damage to the target every 3 seconds for 18 seconds. Instant release, no CD.

This means that if he cast a Shangyang’s point skill at the enemy, it will cause 1,200 spiritual damage to the opponent after 18 seconds. Since there is no cooling time, he can cast the skill on 1 person and immediately cast it on another person, causing a group attack effect.

Due to the large number of sentinels treated, not only Shangyang’s point skill is activated, but the other continuous skill ‘Graceful Spirit’ is also halfway to activation. Xiào Mu calculated that at this speed, the activation of attack skills would be much easier than the previous healing skills. He now has a high total spiritual power value and could make better medicine to restore spiritual power. In the spring beast tide, the number of sentinels he can treat is also large, which is a good time to activate skills.

Major General of the 3rd and 4th Army expressed their deep gratitude to Xiào Mu. Under Xiào Mu’s insistence, the major generals arranged a team of soldiers to escort him to the southern guard army camp. When Xiào Mu stepped off the aircraft, Xiào Mu saw Leo standing straight, waiting for him. He hadn’t seen Leo for half a month and Leo seemed to be thinner, but he still stood firmly and awe-inspiring as ever.

Leo strode towards Xiào Mu and looked down at him carefully, to make sure he was safe and sound. Then, his expression slightly loosened, and he took Xiào Mu by the waist, leading him to his lounge. Leo’s fingers twitched in anticipation. If it weren’t for too many soldiers around, he really wanted to hold Xiào Mu with a princess carry right now.

Xiào Mu followed behind Leo with a smile. Worrying that there are too many outsiders, he did not say much. This is the battlefield and Leo’s soldiers are all around him. Xiào Mu is worried that he might cause something uncontrollable that would damage Leo’s majestic reputation. Reaching the lounge, Xiào Mu is about to speak when Leo pressed him against the door, followed by a torrent of kisses. Closing his eyes, Xiào Mu raised his head and hugged Leo’s neck cooperatively.

The two kissed very passionately until Xiào Mu is almost out of breath. Leo released Xiào Mu and pressed their forehead together, his gaze locked on Xiào Mu deeply.

Xiào Mu panted but the corners of his mouth are curved. His hands touched Leo’s face and he said, “You lost weight.” Xiào Mu’s eyes shifted and he moved his hands up a bit, touching the slightly wet hair on Leo’s temples. Then, he couldn’t help smiling, “Did you purposely go to take a bath?”

An awkward expression flashed quickly on Leo’s face, he grabbed Xiào Mu’s hand and dropped a kiss on it. Then he led Xiào Mu to sit on the sofa in the outer hall, making Xiào Mu sit on his lap, and the two looked at each other face to face.

“It’s not like at home, it’s messy,” Leo explained.

Xiào Mu kissed the side of Leo’s face and looked around. The lounge area is small and the layout is simple, but all the necessary things are there, “It’s okay, it’s good enough.”

Leo embraced Xiào Mu and reminded in a deep voice, “There may be a beast attack at any time. No matter what happens, you should not go out.”

Xiào Mu nodded, “En, I know.” He watched the news every day so he knows the brutality of beasts very well, and he will not take risks.

“Take a rest, and I’ll get someone to bring you food later. I have to go back to the command room now.” Leo’s fingers lingered on Xiào Mu’s fair face.

Xiào Mu rolled over and got off Leo’s lap, “Go ahead, don’t worry about me.”

Leo carried Xiào Mu and put him in the separate bedroom, and kissed his forehead, “Get a good rest.” Seeing Xiào Mu nod, Leo left the lounge.

Xiào Mu does feel a little bit tired mentally. He also wanted to treat the wounded soldiers of the 1st and 2nd Army soon, so he went to sleep to replenish his energy.

Xiào Mu stayed in the south border for less than a day and already treated a lot of sentinels. Hence, his popularity in the army skyrocketed. Many officers in the army who come across Xiào Mu changed their greeting from Master Xiào Mu to Furen (Madam). When Xiào Mu heard it for the first time, he got stunned. Then he couldn’t help but twitched the corner of his mouth. Seeing that Leo seemed to like to hear other people calling him this way, Xiào Mu thought of how other guides are being addressed like this anyway so he didn’t say anything.

Leo watched for Xiào Mu’s reaction and became happier that Xiào Mu didn’t care about the change.

The southeast and southwest regions have returned to the usual peace after the 1st Army went to support them. After the 1st Army returned to the south, they received requests for help from the east and west regions this time.

“These beasts seem to be trying their luck at every entrance of the empire. They sure won’t give up that easily huh?”

“What are you afraid of? We’ll just kick them back to their home!”

Leo: “2nd Army will stay behind, and 1st Army will go out to support as usual. This time, there won’t be medicine provided so you guys try to hold on.”

The two generals saluted, “Yes.”

When Leo returned to the lounge, he did not see Xiào Mu. After asking the guards, he found Xiào Mu treating people in the military ward. The moment Xiào Mu saw him, he smiled at him and they returned to the lounge together after the treatment.

Seeing Leo hesitating like he has something to say, Xiào Mu felt a little strange and asked, “What happened?”

Leo explained about the effect of enhanced medicine and said, “Both treatment and making medicine will consume your spiritual power. I am worried that your spiritual power will be over-consumed.”

Hearing about the effect, Xiào Mu is quite surprised. He didn’t expect that with the enhanced medicine, humans would be able to beat the beast until they dared not attack again. Xiào Mu originally wanted to activate his attack skills as soon as possible but when he heard Leo’s words, he made a decisive decision.

“I will start making the medicine after a break. 2 enhancement pills and 2 advanced pills are considered to be a set, which can be used by a high-level sentinel. I will make as much as possible.”

The pills mentioned are all level 70 medicines. Making a pill will cost him 70 spiritual power. Xiào Mu now has a total spiritual power value of nearly 15,000 points. He can replenish himself to full bar 4 times before he would feel tired, which is equivalent to 60,000 spiritual power available to be used. If he doesn’t do other tasks like giving treatment and just making these medicines every day, he can make more than 8,000 pills. According to the group he created earlier, there are more than 2,000 group members. The combat effectiveness of more than 2,000 Level S sentinels will be very strong.

Leo: “Don’t force it, you must prioritize your health and safety.”

Xiào Mu smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I know,” he thought for a while before asking, “Why don’t I follow the support army? If we do this, the finished medicine can be given to the soldiers in time.”

“No,” Leo refused. “The battlefield is dangerous. Just stay here. I will send someone to deliver the medicine over. It’s quite fast.”

Xiào Mu thought for a while and didn’t force it. If something happened to him accidentally, it would be troublesome instead.

Xiào Mu started to make medicine, ate some to replenish his bars and rest. His schedule is very fulfilling. Every day on the southern border, they will send 1,000 sets of medicine to the east and west districts. In less than 3 days, calm is restored in the east and west areas. A day later, the northeast and northwest regions issued a request for support. Leo had been prepared. The soldiers of the 1st Army stayed in the east and west regions and did not return, so they went directly to the north to provide support.

On February 13th, the empire returned to calm. The beasts did not attack the empire again, as if they never existed. The entire military, or we could say, the entire empire cheered. But just in case of sudden emergencies, the armies did not withdraw their troops but continued to stay at the border.

Many netizens discussed enthusiastically online. Many people believed that there is a climate change on the planet where the beasts lived so they had enough food this time and they went back. However, on the 14th, the Empire received a request for help from Planet Hao and Planet Yan. Though it’s a request for help, the main purpose is to inquire about their method of repelling the interstellar beasts. Netizens then learned that the beasts did not return to their planet, but got beaten away by imperial soldiers. There is a lot of praise for the military on the Internet.

However, many people have questions too. They have read a lot of frontline news. Although the soldiers are tough, they only guarded the border and did not allow the beast to break through. So how did they suddenly become so powerful and manage to drive the beast away in a blink of an eye? Smart people watched the news replay and found that the recent news has returned to its earliest reporting style. It is logistics-oriented, and the battlefield videos are those captured from afar. It’s even farther than the previous perspective, and one can’t see anything except the flames of war.

“It must be they deliberately trying to hide some secret weapon!”

“I also think the same. But no matter what, the empire is awesome, the military is awesome!”

“I have an insider gossip. It seems that a new medicine has appeared that can improve combat effectiveness without side effects.”

“Really? A new medicine by the research institute?”

“As far as I know, the god-level guide went to the frontline not long ago.”

“Could it be that the medicine is made by a god-level guide?”

Unlike netizens who speculate wildly, Hao Mian directly asked Ren in a call, “Does the medicine made by Xiào Mu work? If yes, just tell me your condition. I’ll buy the medicine.”

Ren didn’t hide it. Interstellar beasts are the common enemy of mankind. They must know that mankind is not their food before they will truly give up.

“Yes, he made this privately. Whether he wanted to sell it to you or the price, you have to ask him yourself.”

Hao Mian: “Alright, can I ask for your help to contact him for me?”

After contacting Xiào Mu, Hao Mian went straight to the point and stated his purpose. Xiào Mu thought for a while and said directly, “I hope Planet Hao can change the education for the guides and the way guides are being treated.”

Xiào Mu rephrased what he had said with Qi Sai previously, and proposed the freedom for the guides. At the same time, he asked to promote the freedom of love and released the concept of a new type of guide-made medicine in which sentinels can survive safely without needing a guide to treat them. The current interstellar environment is that the sentinel needs a guide, and the guide is extremely precious. If only Planet Yao alone realizes the freedom for the guides, there will be security risks, and sentinels from other planets will inevitably have bad thoughts. Xiào Mu wanted to take this opportunity to promote the new idea to the entire interstellar.

After Xiào Mu finished speaking, he added, “I believe of all people, you will understand better about the irrationality of forcing sentinels to pair with guides.”

Hao Mian stayed silent for a moment before saying, “Okay, I promise you.”

If it wasn’t for the idealogy passed down from generation to generation that sentinel would live longer and stronger with a guide partner… Then, his parents would not force him to choose a guide to be engaged and all those things that happened later will not happen. Although Hao Mian is very happy now, the pain he has experienced is real. There are even people who suffered from this forced pairing all his life. Hao Mian hoped that no one would repeat the same mistakes as him in the future.

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