Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 95

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Chapter 95 Beaten shietless

The condition of the 1st and 2nd Army generals quickly stabilized, and their subordinate soldiers are more at ease. The rest of the army troops did not have the good luck like the 1st and 2nd Army so they could only adjust their shift time to prevent their condition from deteriorating.

The southern border sirens sounded. Leo’s expression darkened and he quickly rushed out with his mecha Ying. The attack this time is unprecedentedly fierce. It seemed that because the beasts didn’t manage to get any benefits earlier so they are famished and fighting back with all their might. The battle is extremely long. The soldiers had changed 3 batches but Leo is still on the battlefield.

Worried, Wood persuaded, “Major General, please take a rest.”

Leo: “No need.”

Seeing 2 beasts rushing towards Leo, Wood yelled, “Major General, be careful!”

Leo calmed down and quickly took the enhancement pills. In an instant, he keenly felt that his spiritual power and physical stamina surged up and a feeling of having full strength that he had never had before washed all over him. A sharp glint flashed in Leo’s eyes. He did not retreat but advanced and the speed of his moves is extremely fast. Some of the difficult movements he had practiced before could be easily done at this time. The particle cannons that hit the beasts are accurate and ruthless, attacking their weak points with no mistake. When the beasts counterattacked, Leo drove the huge black panther mecha, as light as a cat, easily evading it.

Wood looked at the movements in shock. Lyle, who is staying in the command room, couldn’t help being surprised. The officers who had just changed their shift are even more amazed.

“Major General Leo is too amazing. The battle lasted for such a long time but he is not tired and becomes stronger instead.”

“Say, could it be our Major General just experienced a breakthrough? Even for a Level S sentinel, this kind of reaction speed is too amazing!”

Lyle rested his chin on his fist, and couldn’t help but wonder if Leo broke through unintentionally. He and Leo often practiced and he understood Leo’s abilities. Right now, Leo is much better than usual.

After half an hour, no more beast dared to approach Leo. The panther mecha is stained with a lot of blood, and it was full of killing aura, like a god of battle. All of a sudden, Leo felt the surging power disappear. There is a moment of confusion in his mind, and his body felt weak. He originally doesn’t have much spiritual power left. And now, it suddenly dropped by half, causing his current spiritual power to go below the safe point. Leo swiftly took out a guide pheromone agent to inject himself and ate a boost pill with an efficiency of 7,000 points. In a short moment, Leo recovered to his usual status. At this moment, the battlefield had returned to quiet. Leo activated Ying’s self-cleaning mode and drove Ying back to the command room.

Everyone in the command room stared intently at Leo when they saw him. Some people even rubbed their eyes, suspecting that they saw something wrong. Why does Leo look so calm after such a fierce and prolonged battle? No, he is not just calm, but energetic too. His condition even looked better than their people in the command room.

Lyle couldn’t help asking, “Did you breakthrough?”

Leo shook his head and took out the enhanced pills for spiritual power and physical strength. Then, his gaze swept across the officers as he said, “Next time when the beasts come again, don’t let any of them run away. Just beat them all at once, so that they don’t dare to come again!”

After Leo finished speaking, he informed the officers of the effect of the pills, and at the same time gave them 2 pills each.

Hearing that, shock flashed in the officers’ eyes. And because of Leo’s words, it ignited warfare in them, “Yes!”

Leo gave the remaining pills to Wood and asked him to send them to the captains of the mecha team.

When the siren sounded again, the other soldiers are surprised to find that there are an unprecedented number of high-level officers in this battle, and their combat effectiveness had been inexplicably improved. The wild beasts are beaten badly so they turned around, wanting to run but the soldiers chase after them and blocked their path. The interstellar beasts are all stunned. In the past, whenever they choose to retreat, the humans always cheered. The interstellar beasts never thought that the soldiers would stop them this time.

The attack eventually turned into a reverse slaughter. Wailing from the beasts could be heard all over the battlefield. The beasts who are about to jump to the southern border to support received information from their same kind. Immediately, they turned their heads in fright and dared not land in the south. This battle boosted the morale of the 1st and 2nd Army. They cleared the battle neatly and waited for a wave of attacks in good spirits. However, 2 days later, the southern border returned to its usual calm and is never attacked again.

The officers in the command room are full of joy, and someone said loudly, “Major General, this time our future major general’s wife has done a great job!”

“Yes, that pill is amazing. I instantly feel full of power, and my spiritual power even surpasses Level S!”

Leo glanced at them lightly and snorted, “His contribution to the empire is more than that.”

The soldiers present got taken aback for a moment, and then suddenly came to a realization. That’s right, this time the 1st and 2nd Army had no casualties. Previously they would often fall into mental confusion or manic, but now they are treated in time by the Institute’s guide pheromone agent. And the person who proposed the cooperation between the guide and the research institute is their future major general’s wife! Not to mention that the high-level guide-made pills they used are all made by their major general’s wife.

As they are talking, Leo’s terminal rang. After a short conversation, Leo quickly hung up and said, “The 3rd and 4th Army requested for support. The beasts in the southeast have suddenly increased.”

After saying that, Leo’s terminal rang again. This time, it is a call for help from the 5th and 6th Army. The number of beasts in the southwest has increased as well.

“These beasts dared not come to the south, so they went to the regions at the side.”

“Major General, what should we do?”

Leo thought for a moment and said, “Just in case, the 2nd Army will stay behind. As for the 1st Army, split into 2 parts to support the southeast and southwest region.”

“These damned beasts, let them know that our empire is not easy to ‘chew’. Scare them off completely so they dare not come to Planet Yao again!”

Some people worried said, “I’m out of the recovery pills. I don’t think I can perform with the same effect like just now when I go over to support.”

It is important to know that the combat power of Level S sentinel is several times more than ordinary sentinels. Because their soldiers have the medicine, a large number of people instantly improved their abilities. Their spiritual power and physical stamina are even higher than Level S, and their combat power surges.

As the officer is talking, a guard came in to report that there is a courier for Leo. Suddenly, every officer in the room stared intently at the box in the guard’s hand with fiery eyes. The guard got taken aback and wondered if he had done something wrong.

Leo took the box and let the guard go. Opening the box, he saw that the medicine provided is still the same as before, and there are more pills for spiritual power recovery. Leo immediately ordered 2 of his generals to lead the team to support the southeast and southwest army, and divide the medicine equally between them.

“We must beat that group of beasts until they run away with their tails tucked between their legs!” The 2 generals had a battle aura in their eyes. After they saluted Leo, they left the command room to arrange manpower.

At dinner time, the southern border received news that the southeast and southwest region is secured. One of the generals couldn’t help feeling proud when reporting the situation to Leo.

“The major generals of the 3rd and 4th Army kept asking us about our training regime, thinking we had some good ways to improve our strength! Our 1st Army people are extremely brave on the battlefield. Soldiers of the 3rd and 4th Army looked at us with lights in their eyes and worshipped us.”

“One of their colonels almost died. It was the 2nd captain of my mech team that saved the man! The speed of the attack stunned everyone in the 3rd and 4th Army. They all thought the man cannot be saved. Also, they thought my 2nd captain is a Level S sentinel.”

Leo: “Thanks for your support. Stay there temporarily for 1 more day. You can come back if there are no more attacks on that day.”

“Roger!” said the general with a smile, “The total casualties in the 3rd and 4th Army are 2 generals, 1 lieutenant, and 1 captain. The 4th Army Major General Bach heard that we had no casualties and asked about our defense strategy.”

Leo: “I will contact him.”

No need for Leo to do so, Bach has already contacted him, “Major General Leo, thank you for your urgent support.”

“All for the empire,” Leo said.

Bach said, “Yes,” he paused, his voice a little tired, “The new guide pheromone agents from the institute has added protection to the safety of the soldiers, but it is far from enough for high-level sentinels. In the battle just now, many sentinels of the 3rd and 4th Armies are nearing mental confusion. After taking the medicine, their state is still not good. ”

After all, the medicine has a usage interval time.

“I hope the god-level guide can come to the military base of the 3rd and 4th Army. I know he is your unmarried partner, so I’m calling you to ask for your opinion in advance.”

Hearing that, Leo’s gaze changed slightly, and he stayed silent for a while, “I only have 1 thing to say, that is to ensure his safety. As for whether he wants to come or not, it is his freedom, and I don’t want to interfere.”

In Leo’s heart, Xiào Mu has fair skin and a slender body, just like a delectable dessert. Leo is worried that the ugly and violent appearance of the interstellar beast will scare him. Actually, Xiào Mu brought forward the suggestion to go to the frontline several times, but he did not agree. Leo is worried that Xiào Mu could not adapt. Regarding the safety of sentinel soldiers this time, he actually hoped that Xiào Mu would stay at home safely, but on the other hand, he wanted to give Xiào Mu the right to choose. Leo knew very well that Xiào Mu did not like others to make decisions for him.

2 hours later, Leo received the news that Xiào Mu had safely arrived at the Southeast Defence Army. Pride shone in Leo’s eyes. His little guide is not a canary locked in a golden cage. Though he looked weak, his ability is very strong.

Xiào Mu used Pin Hold and Pin Lift skills to treat the sentinels. His actions are quick and effective, and his attitude is gentle, unlike the guides who came to the border before crying or full of disgust. The eyes of the border guards brightened when they saw Xiào Mu.

“Sigh, what a pity. If he is single, I will pursue him fiercely.”

“Forget it, even if he is single, it won’t be your turn. I’m afraid that you have never been online before. Don’t you know that many people are chasing him at the beginning? And all of them have high status!”

A 1st Army soldier walked by and threw his arms on the gossiping soldiers, “Say, you really don’t look at yourself properly. If Xiào Mu is single, wouldn’t my major general chase after him? With my major general there, the rest of the suitors can only dream about it!”

Xiào Mu was walking from Ward No.1 to Ward No.2 to treat the sentinels when the system’s mechanical voice suddenly sounded in his mind.

[Congratulations, host. You have activated the skill Pin Circle: Chant for 1.5 seconds to restore 1,200 points to teammates within 10 feet. CD: 8 seconds.]

[Congratulations, host. You have activated a recovery buff for both single-user and group. Activating the attack cultivation panel]

Xiào Mu looked at the system and saw a line of gray skills added to the skill panel, and the leftmost one was: Flower Space.

Flower Space is the attack-type cultivation of the Wanhua Sect. However, one only has one kind of cultivation in the game which corresponds to a set of skills while both cultivations co-exist in his system. After thinking about it again, Xiào Mu thinks it is reasonable. He is not a real game character so how could he switch his cultivation? He is not an ancient Chinese cultivator.

Looking at the first skill ‘Shangyang’s point’ on the left side of Flower Space, Xiào Mu read the activation conditions, heal 100 individuals that have mental confusion, or attack 100 hostile creatures.

Happiness flashed in Xiào Mu’s eyes. The skills under Flower Space cultivation did not extend from the activation conditions of his healing cultivation but started over. In this case, his attack skills will be activated much faster.

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