Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 94

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Chapter 94 Medicine

News about the frontlines spread frequently. The 1st Army and the 2nd Army are extremely powerful, under the leadership of Leo and Lyle, they successfully repelled the 1st wave of attacks. The news reported to the public are all positive, but in the front-line command room, Leo and Lyle, who had just returned from the battlefield, looked very ugly. Not only them, but all the people in the room had an ugly expressions.

Leo’s eyes scanned everyone before saying, “Everyone can see that while we humans are improving, the interstellar beasts are also improving. The beasts in this attack are flying beasts. This means that our defense this year will be even more difficult.” He continued with an awe-inspiring expression, “However, they are not unbeatable. We can defeat them. There are people behind us who we want to protect. We will never back down!”

“Never back down!” A deafening voice came from the mouths of the other officers in the conference room, their faces stern in every posture.

Leo: “Strengthen the defenses everywhere, increase the patrol flying squads to check the situation in the air, and maintain the smooth communication of the various departments. If they need support, they can ask for help in time. No matter what, we can’t give up on any soldier.”

“Yes.” The officers saluted and left the conference room to return to their respective posts.

Only Leo and Lyle are left in the conference room. Lyle’s straight standing posture instantly relaxed and he leaned against the wall. Looking into the distance through the door seam, the corner of Lyle’s mouth twitched, “Leo, I have no patience to wait until the end of February. Let’s quickly drive them away!”

A moment of tenderness flashed in Leo’s eyes, “I have no patience either.” He stepped outside, with a fierce momentum in his steps.

All the soldiers of the 1st Army discovered that their boss, Major General Leo, is braver than ever this time. He seemed to be even more desperate, staying on the battlefield longer than ever. Many subordinate officers secretly worried about their superior in case he fell into mental confusion or madness, but every time they saw Leo, Leo is in high spirits. No one would ever think that he actually had been on the battlefield for a long duration.

On the 2nd day after the wild beasts attacked Area A, news of wild beast attacks also spread from the rest of the areas. All armies are prepared and defended in time so there is no loss of personnel for the time being. However, there is an accident in another area. There is a large cargo terminal at the junction between Area D and F and there are many manufacturing companies nearby. The employees of the terminal and the manufacturing company took advantage of the chaos to occupy the junction area and set up the Fair Army. While occupying the junction, they set up mental attack equipment at the junction between Area D and F.

The 8th Army and the 9th Army in charge of these two districts immediately sent soldiers to suppress them. The soldiers who went there got injured by mental assault equipment, and 2 sentinels died as a result. The news caused a violent uproar in the entire empire. At the same time, on the empire live channel, the head of the Fair Army gave a live speech, preaching about the unfair treatment of ordinary people. He raised the topic of the irrational existence of sentinels and guides in the live broadcast. Also, he publicly recruited all ordinary people who have aspirations to build a new era, and create a fair society together.

The preaching ended after the military’s technical department hacked into the opponent’s network. However, the content of the talk has been circulated online. Many people called the man stupid, but there are also many people who felt the same as the man. The atmosphere of the entire empire is stagnant. It looked calm on the surface, but stormy underneath.

Leo’s expression sank when he got the news. He is busy with the spring beast tide, and he didn’t have time to take care of Yóu Mò’s company. He didn’t expect something like this to happen. Or it should be said that the other party has already made arrangements to deliberately take action when the military is busy with the spring beast tide. It didn’t take long for Ren to contact Leo, “I will solve this. Don’t be distracted on the frontline, pay attention to safety.”

Soon, the reports on the frontline suddenly changed their reporting styles. It is no longer text reports with logistical pictures, nor camera view of the battlefield from a distance, but zoomed-in focus on the battles. All kinds of ferocious beasts appeared in front of the imperial audience, and soon someone discovered that the sentinel mecha team is always in front. They are like iron walls, blocking the attacking beasts and guarding the safety of the citizens of the empire. This kind of live stream is played for 2 consecutive days. It can be seen that the front-line sentinels’ faces have become tighter, their spirits are no longer energetic as before. Their eyebrows are heavy with fatigue, but even so, they still went forward and never backed away.

Ren gave a live broadcast speech at this moment. He looked serious as he said, “As a sentinel, I have never felt that my identity is extraordinary. After my awakening, I began to receive my education in the White Tower. There is only one goal in my heart, which is to become stronger. The most important thing in my heart is my sense of responsibility.”

“Every sentinel receives the same education. All sentinels know that we are born with talents, and we must master them and be able to use them flexibly.”

Ren continued solemnly, “Sentinel’s instinct is to become stronger. We are well taken care of by the empire, and our talent is not for enjoyment, but to take on the responsibility.”

“All citizens are given the same treatment. It is true that sentinels and guides are given preferential treatment by the empire because of their power, but in contrast, they contribute more to the empire.”

“For those of you who have seen the real situation on the battlefield, you can imagine that if all the people resisting the interstellar beasts are ordinary people, what will happen?”

After Ren finished his speech, the video is switched to show an industrial zone where the interstellar beasts broke through the gate of the zone. The heavily armed personnel in the zone are shocked and keep attacking with various thermal weapons. However, the beast is huge and has strong strength. After being injured, instead of retreating, the beast became mad and rushed towards the man. When the other companions saw this, they all screamed and ran around in a panic. Other wild beasts chased them around, like a violent wind crossing the border, messing up the equipment and the venue.

Someone managed to get into an aircraft at a fast speed. However, he only manage to fly mid-air when a bird-shaped beast flapped its wings and tilted the aircraft. The aircraft spun down and landed on the ground with a loud bang. Just as the beast dived in to take advantage of the victory, and its sharp beak is about to peck the window of the driver seat, a shiny silver mecha zoomed over from a distance like lightning. The mecha kicked the bird-shaped beast away with one kick, and the mecha’s wings opened up to shoot particles laser. The cannon hit both wings of the bird quickly and accurately. The silver mecha didn’t stop moving but quickly turned to the other side to rescue the other ordinary people who almost fell into the mouth of the beast.

“AHH! I want to get out, I don’t want to stay here! I want to go to the city! Or you can also put me in jail!”

“I don’t want to stay here! I don’t want any fairness anymore, I just want my life.”

“Me too! I’m so stupid, my life is actually pretty good. It’s only because the person I like fell in love with sentinel that I got persuaded to do this. I never dare to come here again, wuwuwu…”

Cold sweat rose from the back of the ordinary people watching the news. They imagined that if they switched positions with the people in the video, they would not be better than them. Ordinary people are really vulnerable in front of interstellar beasts. Without sentinels to protect them, they would have been killed in the past spring beast tides.

No one doubted Ren’s speech. They could clearly see the hard work of the sentinels on the frontline. If their preferential treatment is just for their enjoyment, they don’t need to go to the frontline in person. The comments on the Internet immediately became one-sided. They are all scolding the head of the Fair Army. The person in charge was frightened when the beasts attacked, and now he is sent to the prison to accompany Yóu Mò.

After reading the news, Xiào Mu silently gave Ren a thumbs-up. Ren usually looks gentle but handles things swiftly and cleanly. The internal turmoil in the empire is easily resolved by Ren. Xiào Mu developed the habit of watching the news every day. On this day, he closed the terminal and packed up all the medicines he made in the past few days according to their efficiency. Then, he sent them out by express delivery.

The state of the generals and soldiers on the frontline gradually began to deteriorate. Most of them are sentinels. The high-intensity fighting made them disordered spiritually, which is very unbearable for them. Especially for high-level sentinels, they have stronger abilities and 5 senses, and the battlefield environment is particularly unfriendly to them. Hence, they are more likely to fall into mental confusion. This is also the reason why the empire loses a lot of sentinels to the spring beast tide every year. One and a half months is not long, but it is an extremely severe test for sentinels.

At the daily routine meetings, many officers’ expressions looked ugly. One of them asked, “Major General Leo, do you still have the medicine you gave us the day before? The medicines’ quality that the logistics department purchased is too poor, it’s not effective.”

“Yeah, Major General. Can you give me 2 more of those useful pills that recover 5,000 points? I can kill at least 10 interstellar beasts with a pill!”

Leo: “No more.”

Xiào Mu gave Leo a lot of medicine. Except for the enhanced medicine that he has not used, he received almost a thousand pills for spiritual power recovery. However, there are hundreds of thousands of soldiers on the battlefield. There are also generals at various levels, but almost all are high-level sentinels. The pills are really not enough.

While they are talking, a guard trots to Leo with a box in one hand and saluted him, “Reporting to Major General, there is a courier for you.”

“A courier?” Leo wondered.

The guard handed Leo a palm-sized note, “This is attached.”

Leo took a look and his expression softened in the surprised eyes of all his subordinates. A smile even appeared at the corner of his mouth.

One of the subordinate officers nudged the other with an elbow, “Is there something wrong with my eyes?”

“It shouldn’t. After all, the chance of our eyes having problems together is unlikely.”

“As expected of a man who is about to get married, his expression is different. If it is the past I don’t even dream that the Major General would show this expression.”

“It’s just a note right now. If he sees the real person, what will happen?”

Leo swept his gaze lightly, and the officers instantly sat upright with their backs straightened. Leo put the box on the table and unpacked it lightly. Not surprisingly, it is full of porcelain bottles of various colors. Among them, there are 2 bottles for spiritual power pills and boost pills with an efficiency of 5,000 and 7,000 points. According to Xiào Mu’s habit, each bottle should have 200 pills inside. There are also 5 guide pheromone agents with an efficiency of 10,000 points. Other than that, there is a bottle of enhanced medicine each for spiritual power and physical strength, and a small piece of paper is attached to the bottles.

Leo took the paper in his hand. It says, “I forgot to ask you the last time I contacted you. How is the effect of the enhanced medicine? I am worried that you can’t use it well so I didn’t make more. You didn’t say that the antidote is needed, so I think it is probably not needed this time and did not make it.”

Leo moved his fingers slightly, he really wanted to contact Xiào Mu immediately but he quickly pressed down on this thought.

“Whoa! Major General, this is the medicine that recovers 5,000 points, right? I saw it when you took the bottle out last time. It’s in this kind of bottle.”

“Major General, please give me 2 pills.”

“Me too.”

“What kind of medicine is the rest?” Someone curiously asked, “Is it all made by the god-level guide? It must be good medicine.”

Leo put the enhanced medicine into his space storage, he will decide how to divide them to his subordinates after he tried it. Next, he threw the bottle of pills that recover 5,000 points to Wood for him to distribute. After that, Leo handed a guide pheromone agent to Lyle. Lyle had used this agent a day ago and knew that it is the legendary Level S guide pheromone agent. After receiving it, he hurriedly placed it in his space storage carefully.

Leo swept his eyes across the room and pointed out the generals with the highest spiritual power. Each of them is issued 3 pills with an efficiency of 7,000 points. After that, he said, “The spiritual power recovery pills can only be used when your spiritual power dropped close to the safe point.”

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