Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 93

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Chapter 93 Frontline

Xiào Mu is about to ask in detail when Leo’s terminal rang. After hanging up the call, Leo quickly put on his military cap and hugged Xiào Mu tightly. After that, Leo let go and kissed Xiào Mu’s forehead, “I have to go to the frontline, wait for me to come back.”

Hearing that, Xiào Mu’s heart tightened. Watching Leo strode out and knowing that the matter is urgent, Xiào Mu quickly pulled Leo back, “Wait.” He quickly took out the advanced-level medicine that he had been saving these days and handed it to Leo.

“The pills in the white bottle are to restore spiritual power, the ones in the blue bottle are to restore physical power. The bottle with black and white stripes is to enhance spiritual power while the bottle with blue and white stripes is to enhance spiritual power.”

After Leo took the bottles, Xiào Mu took out 5 pheromone agents, “I made these from the high-level agents from the research institute. The recovery rate is 10,000 points. Use it when your spiritual power is insufficient.”

Leo stored the medicines that Xiào Mu handed to him one by one, and he didn’t ask further about the enhancement medicine because of time constraints. He believed Xiào Mu. Taking a deep look at Xiào Mu, Leo couldn’t hold back and stepped forward. He held Xiào Mu’s head in the palm of his right hand and kissed him fervently. He kissed so deeply and hard that Xiào Mu couldn’t react to the intense emotions. However, due to the urgency of the situation, Leo let go of Xiào Mu. Kissing the corner of Xiào Mu’s mouth lightly, he said with a deep voice, “I’m leaving, pay attention to safety.”

Xiào Mu uttered an En and took out a red porcelain bottle from the system backpack, “This is the antidote for various poison.” Xiào Mu didn’t know whether the interstellar beasts are poisonous, he just wanted to give Leo all the medicines he might use so that he would feel more at ease.

Leo watched Xiào Mu keep digging out things from the storage for him and felt warm and moved in his heart. A smile flashed in his eyes, “Is there anything else? I have to go.”

Xiào Mu stepped on tiptoes and bit Leo’s chin, “Be safe and remember to contact me when you are free.”

Leo acknowledged in a deep voice and glanced at Xiào Mu deeply. Then, he turned and strode away.

Wood waited on the aircraft and saw Leo, who came out nearly 2 minutes later than usual. He saw the soft expression that Leo hasn’t put away and sighed inwardly. This iron man’s tender appearance is really abusive to single dogs. Love makes people slow in their work and acts sticky too!

Xiào Mu stood at the door and watched Leo’s black aircraft leave. Then, he walked upstairs to inquire about the spring beast tide. The exact time of the spring beast tide is about one and a half months in total from mid-January to the end of February each year. During this period, all planets inhabited by humans will be attacked by interstellar beasts.

Humans are much more fragile than wild beasts, and their living environment is much better than wild beasts. Most beasts hibernate in winter. In spring, they wake up when their appetite is at its peak. Planets inhabited by humans are the first place they went hunting. However, with the gradual advancement of science and technology, even though human beings are inferior to beasts in physical fitness, they have various weapons and equipment, giving them the ability to resist the beasts. It’s just that the number of beasts is large and they have strong physical strength. Furthermore, they are powered by their desire for food. The interstellar beasts have explosive combat power while human energy is limited. During the confrontation, the humans’ side might change guards several times but the beasts probably won’t change at all.

Xiào Mu searched for the image data of the previous spring beast tide. Looking at the images of those tall, fierce-faced, thick-skinned interstellar beasts, he couldn’t help sweating from his back. Xiào Mu looked closely and could even feel the power of the beasts from it. The sharp-looking teeth exposed in their mouths seemed like blades as if they could easily pierce human chests. Xiào Mu swiped the screen and opened a video, which shows a scene at the frontline during the invasion of wild beasts on the edge of the empire. In the video, it is very noisy, people’s screams and roars of wild beasts are mixed together. The camera suddenly shook and zoomed closer. Someone got thrown down under a wild beast. One of the beast’s claws slapped at that person’s brain. Instantly, the mist of blood dyed the eyes of the beast red. The beast raised its head and roared before lowering down to enjoy its prey. The whole process did not exceed 10 seconds. Xiào Mu’s fingers trembled and closed the video.

Xiào Mu tried to calm down for a while, and then he searched about the armies’ defense against the spring beast tide.

The military has a total of 9 armies and the governance areas are divided into regions. The entire empire is like a big cake divided into 8 parts. The south region is the largest area and has the best resource and environment, it is Area A. Area A is the political, economic, and cultural center of the entire empire. It is jointly governed by the 1st and 2nd Army. All armies have their reception room in Area A.

The north region is Zone F, which is an area with a harsh environment but sufficient energy and is governed by the 9th Army. Because of the geographic location and environmental factors of Area A, it is the area where the interstellar beasts invade most ferociously in spring every year. This is also one of the reasons why Area A is jointly governed by 2 armies. Apart from that, the danger has also affected the recruitment of the 1st and 2nd Army. The 1st and the 2nd Army have the best treatment but the highest degree of danger as well. Hence, when it’s time to apply for the Army, the cadets always felt complicated in their hearts. This also results in the 1st and 2nd Army’s soldiers’ top-notch combat power in all armies, especially the 1st Army. During the spring beast tide, Leo, as the frontline commander of the 1st Army, seemed like a combat lunatic. For his men to keep up with his rhythm, they must be strong.

Xiào Mu opened the empire map and tapped his finger in the southernmost area. Leo should be there.

“Master Xiào Mu, Young master Hawke is here.” Ah Da informed Xiào Mu.

Xiào Mu closed his terminal and hurriedly went downstairs to the living room. Hawke is holding the juice delivered by the robot butler, but his expression is a little wilted.

Xiào Mu: “What’s wrong, are you unhappy?”

Hawke put down the juice and pulled Xiào Mu’s hand to sit down together, “Lyle has gone to the frontline. I’m so worried. I think Leo must have gone too. You might be scared if you stay alone.”

Xiào Mu felt moved when he heard the words and smiled. Thinking of the video he watched earlier, his smile became smaller, “I’m not afraid, just a little worried.”

Hawke shook Xiào Mu’s hand, “Did you persuade Major General Leo?”

“For?” Xiào Mu is taken aback.

“Of course persuading him not to work too hard, and to rest more! Every year during the spring beast tide, Major General Leo works very hard. You know, I have liked Lyle for a long time, and I have been following Lyle’s news. So, I also know a lot about Major General Leo.”

“As far as I know, Major General Leo is a fighting madman. He doesn’t want to return after he went to the battlefield. Every year, after the spring beast tide is over, he has to recuperate for a period of time.” Hawke whispered, “I heard that this is because his father and dad suddenly disappeared during the spring beast wave. That’s why he has a deep hatred for interstellar beasts.”

“But he has you now, so he can’t not value his life!” Hawke murmured.

Xiào Mu didn’t know that Leo had these pasts and couldn’t help feeling a little distressed. He patted Hawke’s shoulder, “Don’t worry, he has a sense of measure.”

Reacher and Wen Xin are still on the blue planet, and their news has been kept secret. But Xiào Mu knows the inside story, and he believes Leo will not mess around this time.

Hawke glanced at Xiào Mu and hehe-ed. He give an ambiguous wink and said, “So confident? It seems that Major General Leo is very good to you. You are already bonded with him so how do you feel?”

Xiào Mu let out a dry cough. How did the topic change to talk about ‘those stuff’?

Hawke clasped Xiào Mu’s shoulders and rested his chin on it. He whispered, “Lyle is too enthusiastic. I want him to enjoy himself, but my stamina is too bad. Is there any way to help?”

Hearing that makes Xiào Mu’s ears feel hot. He looked up at the ceiling speechlessly before saying, “You are the strongest person among the guides I know.”

“But it’s still not enough.” Hawke murmured, “Your 1st union with Major General Leo took 3 days. Lyle and I also took 3 days, but my stamina is obviously better than you.” Hawke looked at Xiào Mu with bright eyes, “You must have a way, right?”

The corner of Xiào Mu’s mouth twitched. He really didn’t want to continue this topic. But now that they are talking about it, Xiào Mu became curious and couldn’t help asking, “Even if your stamina can last, isn’t your body sore?”

Hawke blinked. “It’s okay… and,” he flushed, “Lyle likes my soft appearance, and I like it too.”

Xiào Mu raised his head and saw Hawke move closer, wanting to continue to ask. Hence, Xiào Mu took out a bottle of boost pills with the efficiency of 4,000 points from his backpack, “You can use it when you are left half of your stamina. It can be lower but not higher.”

Hawke’s eyes lit up. He took the porcelain bottle and placed it in his space storage. Then he said with joy, “I knew you had a way, otherwise, how could you last for 3 days?”

Xiào Mu tried to explain, “This medicine is for restoring physical strength. It is used for combat, not for this.”

“What does it matter? It’s fine as long as I can use it.” Hawke is very happy. “Lyle must be very tired when he comes back. I can use this to make him relax!”

Xiào Mu couldn’t help smiling when he saw that Hawke is not feeling shy at all for thinking about Lyle.

Just as Hawke is feeling happy, he thought about Lyle and began to feel sad again. Sitting upright beside Xiào Mu, Hawke turned on his terminal and projected the enlarged screen onto the wall facing them.

“Let’s watch the real-time news on the border together. Else, not knowing anything will cause me to start thinking about bad things.”

Xiào Mu nodded. He was thinking to watch the news too. He requested the robot butler to deliver some snacks and drinks, and the two watched the news together.

“This year, the first batch of interstellar beasts have begun to attack the southern border. Major General Leo from the 1st Army and Major General Lyle from the 2nd Army has arrived at the scene quickly. The 1st Army and 2nd Army sentinel mecha teams are quickly in place. Both major generals are personally leading the soldiers to resist the insterstellar beasts.”

Almost all the comment barrage in the news wrote, ‘Finish the beast! Let them know how good we are! ’

After the reporter finished speaking, the video is switched to the frontier battlefield. It is only a long-range shot, and one can only see the flames keep blasting from a distance and the battleship flying around in the air. Suddenly, a bird-shaped beast flew into the air with its huge wings and rushed toward one of the battleships aggressively.

At the moment when the battleship is about to be hit, a black panther with wings pounced on the bird-shaped beast from the side. The panther’s tail fiercely whipped at the bird-shaped beast’s wings. A painful shriek from the bird sounded from a distance, and the bird-shaped beast fell straight down. Halfway down, the beast is whipped again by the black panther’s tail, and the speed of its descent is even faster. The black panther jumped down from the air like a black phantom, disappearing from the video.

“Ahhhh, kneeling and licking the screen!! That is so cool!”

“When I saw Major General Leo, I just stopped panicking. One day these beasts will definitely be completely beaten by us, and they won’t dare to come again!”

“Major General Leo is awesome!”

“Major General Leo is awesome! So handsome!”

Xiào Mu stared at the point where the black panther disappeared. He couldn’t hold back and opened his terminal. He carefully typed the same comment and sent it, burying his comment in the one-push duplication stream of comments.

Hawke glanced at Xiào Mu enviously, “I wonder if Lyle will be on the screen later. Even if it only has a tuft of his hair, I want to see it.”

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