Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 92

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Chapter 92 Questioning

Lyle is dressed in a white suit, and his appearance is so exquisite that it cannot be described with words. However, the slanted eyebrows and the heroic aura made it impossible for one to mistake his gender. Hawke is wearing the same suit as Lyle, but a size smaller than him. The moment Hawke saw Lyle, Hawke’s gaze immediately stuck to him. There’s only Lyle in his eyes as Hawke stared at him obsessively. Anyone could tell his feelings for Lyle at a glance.

Someone in the group of friends and relatives behind Lyle laughed. Some sighed enviously, and some whistled jokingly. Hawke regained his senses, his face flushed and he looked bewildered. A smile flashed in Lyle’s eyes, and he stepped forward. Holding Hawke by the waist, he carried him horizontally, “I’m here to pick you up.”

Lyle turned and walked away with Hawke in his arms. Xiào Mu hurriedly followed, and Lyle’s group of family and friends noticed him. Their gaze fell on Xiào Mu’s face with scorching heat. Leo’s face turned dark, and those people instantly moved their eyes away. At the same time, they sighed in their hearts that Leo’s luck is too good. Not only his unmarried partner is good-looking, but he is also a god-level guide!

Leo followed behind Lyle for the ceremony while Xiào Mu followed Hawke. Hence, they walked side by side during the procession. When the wedding host finished the wedding speech, the two1 looked at each other tacitly. Xiào Mu felt moved in his heart and smiled. After Hawke said, ‘I do,’ the host announced that the two could exchange rings. Xiào Mu stepped forward and handed Hawke’s ring over. The pair exchanged rings and kissed each other under the witness of all the guests. Warm blessings and applause came from all directions in the church.

The last part of the ceremony is the bouquet tossing. Hawke took the flowers handed by Xiào Mu and whispered, “Hurry up and stand properly. My accuracy is quite good, and I will throw it to you.”

Xiào Mu felt helpless and amused. He and Leo are already preparing for their marriage so it doesn’t mean anything whether he caught the bouquet or not.

Waiting for Xiào Mu to stand still among the unmarried people, Hawke took a look before turning his back. He flung the bouquet backward, and the bouquet flew straight towards Xiào Mu. Hawke quickly turned his head around and is shocked to see Leo caught the bouquet with a displeased expression before handing it to Xiào Mu.

Leo is unhappy about the bouquet. If he didn’t catch it directly, Xiào Mu might be hit by it.

Xiào Mu looked at Leo and said with a smile, “Take it then. How can you give it away after catching it?”

Leo raised an eyebrow and retracted his hand. “It doesn’t matter. We will be getting married on the same day anyway.”

The single people around sighed, “Hey hey hey, can you not throw dog food everywhere? Don’t you know there are many single dogs here?! We all know that you are going to get married, a’ight? So keep a low profile and don’t abuse us single dogs.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

“I still remember that the laws of the empire stipulate that all guides must enter the Golden Tower to be protected and educated after awakening. For an unmarried guide appearing here, wouldn’t it be discordant to law?” Suddenly, a sentinel in a dark red military uniform said.

Leo’s eyes narrowed slightly, and the group of relatives and friends that came with Leo said, “You people from 9th Army don’t watch the news? He is a god-level guide, not a general guide.”

“Isn’t a god-level guide a guide nevertheless? From what I heard just now, Major General Leo has already made a marriage arrangement with him. But the Golden Tower’s graduation party has not arrived yet. So, is this a private engagement?”

Leo stared at the man and sneered, “Do you have any opinions on our engagement?”

The man looked around. There are many sentinels at the wedding, and he revealed a meaningful look, “Don’t you all think it’s wrong?”

“According to the rules, if a sentinel wanted to be a guide’s partner, he must first meet certain conditions to obtain tickets to the Golden Tower prom. The number of guides and sentinels are very different, so private engagement is very unfair to the rest of sentinels, isn’t it?”

The sentinels around fell silent. It has to be said that Leo and Lyle obtained a guide partner with unconventional procedures, which makes many people feel a sense of crisis.

Xiào Mu couldn’t help frowning. The guides in the Golden Tower looked like canaries locked in a golden cage. The feeling of them waiting for an owner to choose them made Xiào Mu very uncomfortable. He looked at the sentinel from the 9th Army and asked, “In your eyes, do sentinels like you think guides as their personal trophy?”

“I didn’t mean that.” The sentinel’s expression changed slightly.

Suddenly, there is a commotion on the right side. Xiào Mu looked over and saw someone who seemed to want to see the scene inside. The person stacked 2 chairs together and stood on them to look over the wall, but he somehow fell down. Quickly, a bodyguard forced the person to open his terminal and they found some pictures taken inside the wedding and a video of the wedding ceremony. A bodyguard came to ask Lyle what to do.

Lyle said, “Delete it.” Then he waved his hand, and the bodyguard immediately led the person away.

With a smile, Lyle swept a glance across the guests and said, “Apologies for poor hospitality, please move to the lunch banquet hall now.”

After Lyle said that, he immediately walked out and 2 rows of ceremony staff politely led the guests to the luncheon venue.

Xiào Mu apologized to Lyle and Hawke, “I’m sorry.” Even though he doesn’t like those words from the sentinel, he shouldn’t question him at Hawke’s wedding. If they ended up in a quarrel, it won’t be nice for the wedding.

Hawke: “It’s okay. It’s that person who is being hateful.”

Lyle also said, “It’s okay. There are still things to be arranged next, so we won’t accompany you.” He nodded slightly to Leo and took Hawke away.

Leo stepped forward closer to Xiào Mu and said, “Don’t worry. To the public, Hawke is said to suddenly awaken as a guide. As for you, you are a god-level guide, and I have a 100% match rate with you. There will be no problem.”

Xiào Mu sighed, “I’m not worried about this, I just don’t like the current situation of the guide. You know my purpose. Right now, I just want Qi Sai to speed up the teaching to the guide and advance the plan.”

“The timing is wrong,” Leo said before adding, “Although the guides from Golden Tower have the ability to support themselves now due to your proposal to cooperate with the institute, their ability for self-protection is far from enough. There is still some time before the next Golden Tower prom so there is time for preparation.”

Leo put his hand on Xiào Mu’s shoulder, “Don’t worry, I give my absolute support. I believe your purpose will be achieved.”

Xiào Mu smiled and nodded, “En, it’s really not a good time now, I’m too impulsive.”

Leo shook his head, “You are doing great. Though you are still young, you surprised me by how you dealt with many things.”

Xiào Mu touched his own nose. This body is only 17 years old now, but his actual age is over 20 already.

The wedding went very smoothly. After attending the wedding, Xiào Mu and Leo returned to the apartment together. While Leo is taking a bath, Xiào Mu went to the system to harvest the longevity grass and concentration grass, and then planted them again. At the moment, there are only one each of the medicinal plants, but a plant would produce more than one seed. After the seed grows up, the plant will bear more seeds. Therefore, when the seeds grow up, there will be a lot of mature herbs available to use.

After Xiào Mu planted the two herbs, he harvested the herbs from the rest of the vegetable field and re-seeded them. After finishing it, he exited the system. It didn’t take long for Leo to come out of the bathroom.

Leo only wore a white bathrobe and casually tied a belt around his waist. The V-shaped neckline exposed a large area of his wheat-colored skin. Leo’s strong pectoral muscles and sexy collarbone are unreservedly exposed in front of Xiào Mu’s eyes. Xiào Mu’s heartbeat sped up instantly and felt like the air suddenly warmed up. He quickly looked away and ran to the bathroom holding his change of clothes.

Leo grabbed Xiào Mu halfway, and said solemnly in his ear, “Don’t forget that you promised to wash together with me next time. I will wait for you in bed.”

This is what Xiào Mu had agreed to casually in order to make time to harvest the herbs. The main reason is if he didn’t agree, Leo will make them wash together tonight. Xiào Mu’s ears turned red instantly. He casually nodded, ran into the bathroom, and closed the door.

It is another night of en en ah ah that couldn’t be described.

In the morning, watching Leo head out to class feeling refreshed, Xiào Mu rubbed his waist and ground his teeth secretly. The gap between their physical strength is too great. He couldn’t help wondering if there is any medicine to relieve the soreness and lack of energy. Then his face started to blush after thinking about it. The medicine for restoring stamina has already lengthened their ‘activity’ time. If there is really a medicine that could relieve soreness, with Leo’s stamina, maybe he really won’t be able to get out of bed for a week.

En, let’s just proceed step by step like how they are doing now!

Life calmed down once again, and no spiritual power attack occurred on any planets. Merry’s body has fully recovered, and together with Hao Mian, they bid farewell to Xiào Mu. Seeing that Merry’s smile is relaxed and sweet, not as gloomy as before, Xiào Mu also smiled. It seems that after that day Merry opened up about what’s bothering him, and Hao Mian untangled the knot.

Planet Hao’s White Tower has suffered a lot of injuries, and some sentinels even died. Hao Mian still had a lot of things to deal with, so the two did not stay long. They returned at noon that day. Before leaving, Hao Mian bought a lot of guide agents from Planet Yao.

Hawke went on their honeymoon with Lyle after they got married. Before Hawke left, he listed to Xiào Mu where they are going to go in a month and the food they wanted to eat. The arrangements are fully packed, barely just in time for them to return before New Year.

Throughout December, Xiào Mu spent the whole month in a particularly relaxed atmosphere. Xiào Mu will make medicine every morning, and then put them up for sale in the sale. He will occasionally answer the questions from the Golden Tower students. For the rest of the time, it is either spent for exercise or self-study of medical studies. Every day is fulfilling for Xiào Mu.

The only thing that bothered Xiào Mu is his wedding with Leo. Ren will pull him over to discuss it whenever he is free, asking him for his opinions on everything from guest name list to suits as if Ren is worried that Xiào Mu will feel dissatisfied. Xiào Mu said many times that he will be satisfied no matter what, but Ren is still worried that Xiào Mu is just being polite so Ren is very careful when considering all aspects.

One fortunate thing is the experts at the rock planet are very skilled and a starship has successfully arrived at the blue planet so it is more convenient to communicate now. When Wen Xin learned that they are preparing for the wedding, he enthusiastically stated that he must participate in the preparations. However, the battle on the blue planet won’t be ending in a short while so Wen Xin would not be able to return to Zone A in about a year. Therefore, in order to wait for Wen Xin, the wedding discussion finally stopped and Xiào Mu is greatly relieved.

During the New Year, Xiào Mu and Leo moved to the marshal’s mansion and spent time with Ren and Louis. Ren is very busy during the New Year and he recorded a lot of New Year greetings to the people of the Empire. On the same day, he also went to the military department and some grassroots units to deliver his greeting.

The New Year is spent in a relaxed and festive atmosphere, ushering in the new year’s spring. However, Xiào Mu noticed that Leo suddenly became busy, and the guards around him have tighter expressions than usual as if they are always ready to fight. Xiào Mu’s first thought is the logistics company that they had been monitoring for a long time has started to make a move. So Xiào Mu quickly asked Leo, “Has the rest of the researchers of the base been found?”

Leo’s expression looked serious and wary. He knew Xiào Mu’s identity 2 so it is not surprising that Xiào Mu didn’t understand the situation. Leo shook his head and said, “No, the spring beast tide is coming.”

Xiào Mu sighed in his heart. Although he didn’t know the specific meaning of spring beast tide, he had a general guess from the name itself.

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