Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 91

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Chapter 91 Wedding

As soon as the other side finished talking, Xiào Mu noticed that Leo’s hand that is holding him froze.

Leo took a deep breath and kept calm and asked, “Where are they?”

“In a planet that has never been discovered before. We intercepted the signal sent by Lieutenant Admiral Reacher’s mecha and are currently trying to get in touch. We will arrange a spaceship to that planet as soon as possible.”

Leo said immediately, “Notify me as soon as there is news.”


News soon came from rock planet. Leo and Xiào Mu had just finished their exercises and are about to go back to their room to take a bath and rest. The other party sent a video call request. Leo is a little surprised by that but didn’t think much about it, so he connected the call. The next moment, he is stunned speechless.

Xiào Mu is at the side and is wiping his sweat with a towel. Seeing Leo like this, Xiào Mu quickly took a closer look at the call and saw 2 men who are no strangers to him across the screen. One of them looked a lot like Leo, very tall and handsome. The other man is handsome too, the kind of sunny handsomeness. The two wore green uniforms that seemed to be military uniforms, but the design looked very different from the military uniforms of the empire. Xiào Mu grabbed Leo’s hand subconsciously, with surprise in his eyes. These men are obviously Leo’s parents.

Leo returned to his senses, his voice sounded slightly hoarse, “Father, Dad.”

The handsome sunny man is Wen Xin, he called out with wet eyes, “Leo…” Wen Xin couldn’t help but choke up. He couldn’t say anything for a while, and Reacher held him in his arms.

Reacher’s gaze fell on Leo’s face. His complexion is soft with a faint smile, and his voice carried a natural hoarse tone as he gently said, “Leo, you are doing great. Father is proud of you.”

Wen Xin wiped the tears off his face with the back of his hand. Then with a bright smile, he added to Reacher’s words, “En, Leo is the best.” Wen Xin looked at Leo almost greedily, “All these years without us, you have suffered.” He said sternly, “Don’t be sad. When Dad returned, I will make up for you!”

Leo: “It’s fine if you are all right, I will inform grandfather and grandpa.”

Soon, Ren and Louis joined the video call from another screen. Ren’s eyes turned red when he saw the men, and he kept saying, “It’s great that you are okay.”

Louis only looked at the men in silence, his eyes staring intently.

Reacher: “Father, Dad, it must have been hard for you two these years.”

Ren uttered an En and then suddenly furrowed his brows. He angrily scolded, “Useless boy, since you are well, why don’t you come back? There is no news from you at all in all these years! If you wait a little longer, you will miss your son’s wedding.”

Reacher calmly explained, “When we first arrived at this blue planet1, our mecha was seriously damaged. Xin Xin and I were both injured. Later, during the recovery period, we discovered that this blue planet was very backward in technology and had a primitive life. It had no connection with the interstellar at all and hasn’t even begun to study traveling in space. For so many years, we have been researching equipment that can communicate with interstellar.”

“I worried you, I’m sorry.”

Ren probably understood that it had not been easy for both children over the years, and he looked distressed, “It’s also my negligence. If I find out that there is a problem with the transition point earlier, maybe I will find you sooner.”

“Father, don’t blame yourself,” Wen Xin said sincerely. Then he turned his gaze to Xiào Mu and decisively changed the subject, “Just now you said Leo’s wedding. Is this is my daughter-in-law?”

Xiào Mu’s smile froze, daughter-in-law? It is really awkward for an adult male like him to be called that.

Leo embraced Xiào Mu and introduced him, “This is my father and dad.” Then, he looked at Reacher and Wen Xin again, “Father, dad, this is my unmarried partner Xiào Mu.”

Xiào Mu breathed a sigh of relief. He is really afraid that Leo would say he is his fiancée2. It might take some time for him to get used to these titles. He looked at the two elders and didn’t know how to greet them for a while. Finally, he called out with a smile, “Hello, two uncles.”

Reacher nodded and said, “Hello.”

Wen Xin looked at Xiào Mu with a smile on his face, “Leo has good eyes. You are so good-looking, and your hair is beautiful.”

As a man, Xiào Mu is really not used to hearing this kind of praise. So he smiled and said, “Thank you.”

Reacher: “Currently, the blue planet is in a tense situation. It is in a period of a power struggle between the two regimes and one of them is our friend. We can’t go back for the time being and it will probably take a while to go back.”

Wen Xin also solemnly said, “Our communication time cannot be too long at a time because the energy is not enough.”

Ren: “I will ask someone to pick you up at the blue planet as soon as possible. If you want to deal with the matter over there, you must get it done first. Also, you must pay attention to your safety.”

Reacher and Wen Xin nodded and asked about them at Planet Yao. Soon, the energy supply at Reacher’s side could no longer hold on, and the communication is cut off.

Ren looked at Xiào Mu with a smile on his face, “Mu Mu, let’s discuss your wedding with Leo when we have time. What are your requirements for the betrothal gift? No need to be polite, our Arnold family will not treat you badly.”

The corner of Xiào Mu’s mouth twitched, “Marshal, I don’t have any requirements. I’m fine with how we are now,” he said before testing the water with a sentence, “It would be nice if everything could be simplified for the wedding.”

“How can it be simplified?!” Ren rejected sternly. “This is definitely not possible, it must be a grand, unprecedented grand!”

Xiào Mu helplessly accepted it, “I’ll put everything on your hands then.”

Ren is satisfied to hear that and he grabbed Louis’s hand. He couldn’t restrain his excitement, “Come, come and drink with me. I’m so happy today. Reacher and Xin Xin are fine and that brat Leo is going to get married. It’s a great thing.”

Louis’s complexion looked so gentle and he let Ren pull him. He said to Xiào Mu and Leo, “Good night.” Then, Louis hung up the call.

As soon as the call ended, Leo hugged Xiào Mu tightly. He buried his head on the side of Xiào Mu’s neck and said, “Xiào Mu, I am so happy too.”

Xiào Mu hugged Leo back and patted his back, “Me too.” When there are no news before, Xiào Mu was worried that it would be a bad result. He didn’t expect things to go so smoothly.

In a blink of an eye, Hawke’s wedding day has arrived. Xiào Mu put on the peacock blue suit and met Hawke in the dressing room early in the morning. By the time he arrived, Hawke had already begun to put on makeup.

“Come on, your makeup artist has arrived.” The makeup artist is in the middle of applying the foundation on his face when Hawke heard that Xiào Mu has arrived. Hawke didn’t turn around so his voice sounded muffled.

Xiào Mu got taken aback for a moment before he said, “No need. Why do I need to make up?”

“It looks good,” Hawke said, motioning to the waiting makeup artist.

Seeing the makeup artist walking towards him, Xiào Mu keeps waving his hands, “I am not doing it.”

Seeing Xiào Mu looking nervous, the makeup artist laughed. Then he stared at Xiào Mu’s face for a while and sighed at Hawke, “Young master Hawke, he has good skin and delicate features, I don’t think he needs the makeup.”

Hawke patted the person who is applying makeup to him and the makeup artist stopped. Hawke turned his head to look at Xiào Mu and fell in a daze, “Wow! You looked so good. This clothing suits you so well. I have good eyes indeed.”

Xiào Mu pulled out the stool next to Hawke and sat down, “Yes, you really have a good vision.”

Hawke turned his head back happily and let the makeup artist continue to put on makeup, while Xiào Mu watched. Hawke looked handsome and energetic. The make-up is mainly for retouching and deepening the contours so that he will look more photogenic. The most difficult thing for the makeup artist is to achieve the effect while also making the makeup feel natural. Gu Miao arrived soon and gave Xiào Mu all the necessary items like rings, bouquets, and stuff. Then he watched Hawke getting his make-up enthusiastically at the side.

At about 10.00 am, everything is ready. Lyle brought a group of relatives and friends to Huo’s residence to pick up his bride. Hearing shouts and cheering outside, Gu Miao reacted quickly like a rabbit and went to the window. He opened the corner of the curtain to look down.

Xiào Mu looked stunned, “What is happening?”

Hawke flushed. “Testing the groom.”

[Banana: Pardon the interference. For those who doesn’t about Chinese wedding ceremony, there’s one section called wedding gatecrashing where the groom and his group of friends/family overcome challenges before they could pick up the bride]

Xiào Mu curiously went to another window and opened the curtains. He saw 2 people fighting in the middle of Huo’s residence living room downstairs, and there is a group of people applauding at the side.

In the hall, there are groups of people standing around and they looked very conspicuous; a group of people is standing at the entrance while the other is in the inner hall. The group at the entrance wore military uniforms, they are relatives and friends brought by Lyle. The people in the group inside the living room all wore suits. They are sentinel relatives and friends of the Huo family.

The people who are fighting right now are Lyle and Zhao Sheng. The spiritual power and physical level of the two are equal, but Lyle has rich practical experience and successfully won. He smiled gently at Zhao Sheng and said, “Thank you, cousin, for your mercy.”

“Ah Sheng, let me fight next.” A sentinel from the Huo family stepped forward.

One of the soldiers in the military uniform said with a grin, “Lyle will have to go through the ceremony later. If his hair is messed up, it will affect his handsomeness. Hence, let our brothers accept the test on his behalf.”

As soon as the soldier finished his words, one person took a step forward from the military group and all onlookers are stunned speechless for a moment. Who can win over him ah?! No one is afraid of losing at the wedding gatecrashing. After all, it is necessary to give the groom some face. But if one loses in an ugly manner, it would be too embarrassing.

The sentinel from the Huo family shivered and said, “Major General Leo, let’s start.”

Leo said politely, “Let’s start.”

Xiào Mu looked at Leo. He is used to Leo’s appearance in military uniform, but he didn’t see much when Leo fought against other people. Leo’s action is neat and cool. The more Xiào Mu watched, the faster his heart beats. There is only one thought in his mind, this man is so handsome!

Leo gave the other party some face, calmly leaving room for the person to start the attack, and deliberately prolonging the fighting time. This way, it won’t be unsightly for the Huo family when they lose the fight. And so, Lyle passed the test easily with his bunch of military friends and arrived at Hawke’s room. In this world, they do not have the custom of bridesmaids guarding the door here. There is only a very simple ceremony where the groom knocks on the door, and the bride opens it. It means that the groom is allowed to enter the bride’s world and they will spend the rest of their life together.

After Lyle passed the entrance test, Hawke stood nervously behind the door and Xiào Mu stood behind Hawke to accompany him. Hawke’s hands trembled and he turned to grab Xiào Mu’s arm, “What, what should I do? I’m so nervous. What if I started to walk like a robot later? Won’t it be embarrassing if I fall?”

Hawke turned back to the door, “Aargh, I felt like I don’t know how to open the door anymore. Wouldn’t it be catastrophic if I ended up locking the door instead of opening it? If that happened, Lyle would definitely be angry!”

“Or how about I open the door now so I don’t have to worry about making a mistake.”

Xiào Mu doesn’t know if he should laugh or cry as he held Hawke back when he wanted to open the door. If Father Huo knew about this, he would be furious. Which family’s bride would be so impatient that they open the door before the groom arrives? Zhao Meng has reminded him more than once to take care of Hawke and not let Hawke do wrong things.

“It’s okay. Just take a deep breath to stay calm. Don’t worry, Lyle will accompany you in the next step of the ceremony, and I will follow behind you.” Xiào Mu soothed.

Hawke took a few deep breaths as Xiào Mu said, and he really calmed down.

knock knock knock

Someone knocked at the door.

Hawke clenched his fist. He froze for an instant and looked at the door in a daze. Xiào Mu whispered, “Open the door, what’s wrong?”

Hawke tilted his head and blinked, letting the moisture that started to come up in his eyes to clear up. His voice sounded slightly muted as he answered, “I’m fine. It’s just the thought of Lyle standing behind the door makes me feel like I’m dreaming.”

After Hawke finished speaking, he reached out and opened the door.

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