Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 90

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Chapter 90 Progress

Xiào Mu received the suit that Hawke bought for him the next day. Hawke reminded him twice to try it out. If it doesn’t fit, he will have enough time to change the measurement. Xiào Mu then tried the suit before his afternoon nap. Standing in front of the full-length mirror, Xiào Mu looked at the elegant and charming person in the mirror. Xiào Mu adjusted his collar and secretly praised that Hawke had good eyes. The peacock blue suit with black lining makes his fair skin even fairer. The suit makes his waist look narrow and his legs longer, just like a noble young man.

A soft noise sounded from the door. Xiào Mu turned his head and saw Leo standing at the door, looking at him intently. Xiào Mu asked in surprise, “Why did you come back at this hour? Have you eaten yet?”

Leo walked over to Xiào Mu and embraced him. He looked at their intimate pose in the mirror and said, “Yes, I had lunch already. I changed my afternoon class with another teacher in the morning. Then, I went to the military department and came back after that.”

Leo has resumed his teaching at the Military Academy this morning, and he still had a class in the afternoon. That’s why Leo originally said that he would not come back at noon.

Xiào Mu suddenly asked, “Going to the military headquarter? Is it related to Yóu Mò and Mitte?”

Leo nodded, “Mitte’s situation is special. He will be staying in Zone A for observation for a while before proceeding with his punishment. While for Yóu Mò, there’s still a lot of matter to investigate. As the owner of the Forest Interstellar Trading company, he has many companies under his control and we are investigating his company’s internal personnel.”

“Yes, he definitely needs resources to do those researches, and he can’t do it by himself.”

“En,” Leo said, “it is impossible for a base to have only one researcher. The military department is worried that he still has accomplices hiding in his company. You have to be careful when I am away.”

Xiào Mu frowned. He really didn’t like someone following him all the time. Leo raised his hand and stroked his eyebrows, “I don’t want to see you in an accident.”

Xiào Mu pursed his mouth, “Even if there are accomplices, I will definitely not be the only person they want to deal with. You are only worried because I am too weak.”

Leo: “You are the only person I care about. Even if you have Level S strength, I will still be worried.”

Xiào Mu sighed, “Before I have enough self-protection ability, I will accept to be protected as you said. But when I have the self-protection ability, I will refuse the guard.” Without waiting for Leo to speak, Xiào Mu added, “You also don’t have a guard around you all the time, right?”

Leo looked at Xiào Mu’s face filled with insistence. Thinking about his current stamina, Leo felt that it would be a long time before he reached the level of self-protection. Leo didn’t want Xiào Mu to be unhappy, so he nodded, “Okay.”

Xiào Mu patted Leo’s hand away, “I take an afternoon nap later. Then I will exercise after I wake up. From now on, except morning and evening, I will also exercise once every day at noon.”

Leo carried Xiào Mu and put him on the bed, “I’ll accompany you.”

“Don’t,” Xiào Mu pushed against Leo’s shoulder to prevent him from pressing down on him. “This is the suit for Hawke’s wedding. Don’t crush it. Get up quickly and let me change it.”

Leo looked at Xiào Mu with deep eyes and he slid his hand to the edge of Xiào Mu’s neckline, “You want to take it off? Let me do it.”

Hearing Leo’s slightly hoarse voice, Xiào Mu knew what is going on in Leo’s mind and kicked him, “Don’t mess around, my waist is still sore!”

Leo flipped over and lay down next to Xiào Mu. Xiào Mu quickly got up and carefully changed his suit before hanging them in the closet. After a moment of thought when changing his shirt, Xiào Mu took his change of clothes and went to the bathroom.

Leo stared at the bathroom door and sighed, what a pity. After Xiào Mu came out, Leo didn’t mess around. He just took Xiào Mu into his arms and let Xiào Mu take a nap in his embrace.

In the following days, Xiào Mu could hear about Yóu Mò’s investigation from Leo every day. The conclusion drawn is everything is normal. Yóu Mò’s company is a trading company, and it also has a logistics company attached. This makes it reasonable for his employees to visit various planets. They have complete documentation every time they ship the goods, and there is nothing wrong with it. But it’s precisely because everything is too normal that it makes people feel abnormal. Leo suspected that the logistics company had a problem, and got his people to monitor the company closely. Because there is no definite evidence, those people could not be arrested.

Those people are not like Yóu Mò. Yóu Mò personally showed up in front of Merry, thinking that Merry is going to die, and accidentally revealed clues. Since Yóu Mò is arrested, the planets have returned to calm and peace. Almost everyone is relieved, thinking that the matter has been resolved, and the atmosphere of the planets is relaxed. Leo’s subordinates monitored the logistics company for several days and found nothing wrong so Leo decided to interrogate Yóu Mò.

Xiào Mu is worried that Yóu Mò would mind-controlling Leo and insists on going with Leo. His reason is simple, only he could release the control so Leo agreed.

Yóu Mò’s expression is not very good. The truth of what happened that year that Merry told him is a huge blow to him. The usual elegant smile is no longer showing his face, and he looked a little gloomy.

“What is it now? Do you want me to provide you with some technical support or something?” Yóu Mò looked at the pair coldly.

Leo asked directly, “Where did your accomplices go after they evacuated Planet Lu?”

“Do you think I will tell you?” Yóu Mò raised an eyebrow.

Leo sneered, “Sure enough, there are other accomplices. I’m not asking you, I’m just confirming this from you.”

Hearing that, Yóu Mò ground his teeth and glared at Leo coldly, “So what if I have accomplices? If you can find them, you won’t be standing here now.” Yóu Mò laughed and looked at the two, “You sentinels and guides shouldn’t exist at all!”

Even if he knew the truth of the year, Yóu Mò didn’t think his behavior was wrong. He thought about it and determined that the real fault is his identity. If it wasn’t for Merry’s identity as a guide and he is just an ordinary person, how could Hao Mian think of asking Merry for help? He and Hao Mian’s relationship is a matter of course and there won’t be so many problems between them.

Yóu Mò couldn’t restrain his sneer. Since a sentinel needed a guide and is eager for a guide partner, they should just be locked in together. Sentinel has the freedom to go anywhere so it is inevitable that sentinel will have feelings when getting along with ordinary people. But it is always the ordinary people who get hurt after the sentinel encounters a compatible guide and leaves. Yóu Mò couldn’t get all sentinels and guides to stay together, but he felt that his previous plan is correct. As long as all those sentinels and guides die, they couldn’t hurt ordinary people anymore. If there are only ordinary people in this world, those ridiculous injuries (regarding one’s identity) will not happen, and there will be no unequal treatment.

Leo glanced at Yóu Mò, “It’s people like you who shouldn’t exist, you are simply a waste of food.”

Leo didn’t say much to Yóu Mò and took Xiào Mu out of the prison room. He only came to confirm that his guess is correct. After leaving, he ordered his subordinates to continue to keep an eye on the logistics company while closely guarding Yóu Mò.

Sitting on the aircraft home, Xiào Mu said, “Yóu Mò’s comrades will definitely consider the military rigorous investigation. I am afraid that they will not act rashly for the time being.”

Leo snorted coldly, not caring much. His hard face is displaying a confident look, “Either they stay honest for a lifetime because the moment they dare to commit a crime, they will be caught.”

Xiào Mu looked at Leo and smiled. Leo is always so confident and assertive. It seems that the only time Leo will be nervous and uncertain is when facing him or encountering matters regarding his parents.

Just as Xiào Mu is thinking about it, a call came for Leo. He connected the call and his expression changed instantly. There’s surprise and also nervousness. When Leo hung up, Xiào Mu immediately asked, “What’s the matter?”

Leo replied in a deep voice, “There is news from the rock planet that a new transition point has been successfully established. From today onwards, the experts will investigate all the planets that can be reached from the rock planet.”

Xiào Mu’s eyes lit up when he heard the words, “So there will be results soon?”

Leo nodded: “Yes.” His hands resting on his knees clenched into fists, looking a little dazed.

Xiào Mu sensed Leo’s emotional ups and downs and grabbed his hand. He spread his fingers open, and linked hands with Leo, smilingly said, “I will wait for the news with you.”

Leo held Xiào Mu in his arms. The height difference between them is quite big so Xiào Mu is almost completely covered by him. Leo put his chin on Xiào Mu’s shoulder, “It’s nice to have you with me… I,” Leo said, paused, his voice rarely hesitated, “I’m afraid to hear bad news. I have always believed that they are alive, but when I am about to get the news, I started to worry.”

Xiào Mu raised his hand and touched the side of Leo’s face. With a gentle voice, he said, “No matter what, I am here. The Marshal and Lieutenant General Louis are also here.”

Leo lowered his head and buried his face on the side of Xiào Mu’s neck. After a while, he raised his head. His emotions have recovered, and his tone is firm, “They must be alive.”

In the next few days, there isn’t any news from rock planet. Leo had been very calm since that day he revealed a fragile emotion. On the contrary, Xiào Mu became worried and didn’t want to affect Leo so he didn’t show it.

Hawke’s wedding will be coming in another week. The Huo family and Lyle’s Brooke family are both well-known families in the empire. The former is rich while the latter has power so this wedding got the attention of the entire empire. Although the preparation time for the wedding is not long, all the processes are done without any perfunctory. Because of this, Xiào Mu, the best man, also got busy. He had to follow Hawke around to understand the wedding process and when and what to do. The two walked back and forth several times in the wedding venue.

Back in the apartment, Xiào Mu plopped down on the sofa and felt relieved after drinking a glass of juice. Leo frowned when he entered the room and saw Xiào Mu’s state, “So tired?”

Xiào Mu nodded and pursed his mouth, “How is this called preparation for the wedding? I think it should be called persuading people not to get married.”

Xiào Mu really admired Hawke’s energetic look, knowing that Hawke is more tired than him, but he didn’t seem to look like it at all. But thinking of the level of Hawke’s physical strength, Xiào Mu couldn’t help but sigh.

Leo’s expression changed slightly, and he said solemnly, “Don’t go tomorrow.”

Xiào Mu: “No, the final process has not been confirmed yet.”

Leo held Xiào Mu’s hand and looked down at him, “Alright, you can go. But you are not allowed to think about not getting married. You agreed to my marriage proposal.”

Feeling amused, Xiào Mu said, “Don’t worry, I just said it casually. But…” He said sternly, “I hope everything at our wedding will be simple and not too troublesome.”

Leo: “I’m afraid we can’t decide on that. Because grandfather and grandpa won’t agree.”

Xiào Mu thought of the scene where he had just met with Ren. At that time, Ren looked very anxious for his grandson to get a daughter-in-law. He might not agree to Leo’s request for a simple marriage ceremony. Xiào Mu fell discouragedly onto Leo, “Fortunately, it is just once in a lifetime. Whatever!”

A smile flashed in Leo’s eyes. Just once in a lifetime? He liked it. He lowered his head and is about to kiss Xiào Mu when his terminal vibrated. Leo frowned and connected to the call. The voice on the other side is very excited, and even Xiào Mu could hear the words clearly.

“Major General Leo, there is news regarding Lieutenant Reacher1!”

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