Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 89

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Chapter 89 Next level

Leo heard Xiào Mu’s question and his expression instantly changed. Maintaining a kneeling posture, he leaned slightly forward and grabbed Xiào Mu’s hand with his left hand, “You want to go back?”

Xiào Mu felt the strength of Leo’s grip and looked at his nervous expression. He shook his head, “No, I said it before that I might not be able to go back.”

“But I don’t belong to this world, don’t you mind?”

At the moment, Xiào Mu only felt confused in his mind. His origins sounded weird, and yet Leo accepted it easily. Xiào Mu is worried that Leo had other things in mind and didn’t think carefully when he talked about it last time. Xiào Mu’s gaze fell on the small box in Leo’s hand. Before he accept it, he had to eliminate uncertainties, otherwise, he couldn’t feel at ease.

Leo frowned, seemingly puzzled, “What do I mind? I only worry about one thing, that is you will leave me suddenly.” As Leo said that, he added a bit more force on Xiào Mu’s hand. He said solemnly, “I’m serious about you. I’ve already recognized you as my only one and it will never change. I only beg for one thing, please stay with me forever.”

Xiào Mu felt moved in his heart and reached out to take the box in Leo’s hand. After opening it, a silver-white ring is revealed. He nodded and said, “Okay.”

As soon as Xiào Mu said that, Leo hugged him tightly before he could even blink. In his heart, Xiào Mu once again sighed in admiration that a sentinel’s speed is sure fast. Leo hugged him for a while and soon released him. Next, Leo seriously put on the ring on his finger. After that, Leo took his hand and pressed a kiss on his finger. Xiào Mu felt like a rush of heat zapped from his fingers to the bottom of his heart. Just as he is about to say something, his whole body suddenly spun and then left the ground – Leo just carried him. The shift of gravity caused Xiào Mu’s heartbeat to speed up abruptly, and he grabbed Leo’s neck to stabilize himself. The image of his surrounding rapidly changed. In less than a minute, Xiào Mu noticed the soft sensation on his back and he realized that Leo has put him on the bed.

Pressing against Leo’s shoulder, Xiào Mu felt helpless and amused at the same time. From their initial location, the periphery of the apartment to the room upstairs, ain’t Leo being too impatient at this speed?

Leo put his hands on both sides of Xiào Mu and stared at him with scorching eyes, “I am very happy, I have never been happy before.”

Xiào Mu looked at Leo’s well-defined face. Leo’s usually serious face is now exceptionally gentle. He smiled, raised his head, and bit on Leo’s chin. Leo might be impatient but he liked it very much.

Xiào Mu’s action instantly ignited Leo’s fire. Leo held the back of Xiào Mu’s head and smothered him with kisses. The ambiguous sound of water is clearly audible in the quiet room. Even the air seemed to contain sparks.

Xiào Mu went from excitement to powerlessness. He didn’t know how long they did it. He only remembers that Leo is still doing him when he was half asleep and half awake. Then, Xiào Mu didn’t know when he fell asleep. When he woke up again, it is already 10.00 am in the next morning. The moment Xiào Mu saw the time, he sat up abruptly. Only halfway through the action that he noticed that his waist is sore. Xiào Mu’s body fell but a hand reached out and caught him.

“Don’t worry, there’s nothing scheduled for today,” Leo said as he massaged Xiào Mu expertly.

Xiào Mu turned his head to see Leo sitting on the side of the bed in a neat military uniform, looking full of energy. Xiào Mu lowered his head. He didn’t know when he changed into black pajamas. He moved his legs and immediately understood that he actually wore nothing except these pajamas. Judging by the length of this pajama, it is obvious that the owner should be Leo.

Perceiving that Leo’s hand is gradually moving down from his waist, Xiào Mu twitched his mouth and grabbed Leo’s hand. He said helplessly, “No matter what, everything needs to be done moderately. Don’t you know doing things excessively is harmful to the body?”

Leo chuckled, “I won’t feel it’s excessive even if we do it for the whole week.” He lifted Xiào Mu’s chin and kissed his lips. It is a very gentle kiss, and it didn’t take long before he lets go. “Maybe if you do it a lot, you will be more familiar and comfortable with it.”

Xiào Mu turned around and got out of Leo’s arms, decisively changing the subject. He said, “I’m so hungry. I’ll change my clothes now so go see if there’s anything to eat here.”

Xiào Mu has no confidence in Leo’s self-control. He felt that it would be dangerous to let Leo stay in the room and watch him change clothes.

Leo figured out Xiào Mu’s cautious thinking at a glance. His gaze swept across Xiào Mu’s fair skin under his clothes, and the urge to touch Xiào Mu arose in his heart. Leo immediately shifted his gaze and left the room. He sighed in his heart that the physical fitness of his little guide is still too bad. As he walked downstairs, Leo began to think about whether there is any medicine to quickly relieve Xiào Mu’s fatigue.

After washing up, Xiào Mu ate something and went back to the room to make medicine. On the other hand, Leo received a message to go to the military headquarters. He reminded Xiào Mu not to go out alone before leaving.

Xiào Mu is going to continue making intermediate-level high-grade medicines with an efficiency of 5,000 points. In the past few days, the number of medicine being put on sale is quite low due to Merry’s treatment, and many customers are begging him to add more goods in the message area. Xiào Mu thought for a while, if he suddenly put the medicine on sale right now, the customers will definitely be dissatisfied because they got caught off guard. Hence, Xiào Mu first made an announcement in the store: 100 pcs intermediate high-grade medicines will be released in the shop at 12.00 pm, welcome to buy.

Xiào Mu closed the shop’s interface after that and started making medicine. During the process, a familiar mechanical sound suddenly sounded in his mind.

[Congratulations, host. You have reached Level 70 of medical skill. Activating advanced medical formula]

Hearing that, Xiào Mu’s eyes lit up. When he finished making the current batch of medicine, he quickly looked at the system interface. The medical skill icon is shining slightly, and the light disappeared after he looked at it. 4 new medical formulas have been added, 2 for recovery and 2 for enhancement.

Xiào Mu is stunned, what does enhancement mean? He patiently read from the top down. The recovery type is advance level low-grade healing cream and boost cream which the recovery of spiritual power and physical strength are both 7,000 points. Xiào Mu looked at this value in surprise. The difference between advanced-level medicine and intermediate-level medicine is sure huge. He looked at the ingredients of the formula, and to his surprise, the required ingredients are the same as intermediate-level medicine. Xiào Mu carefully checked the formula and found that it is someone different from the previous formula. There is a note below each new formula, and the notes are the same: Limit of 10 per day.

[Banana – Sorry to break immersion here but I need to stress something. The author wrote 膏/gāo which means ointment/paste/cream. The word gives a vibe that this new med is not edible but I don’t think the author notice it.

For the note above ‘Limit of 10 per day’, the author wrote 10 颗/10 kē which means 10 pills/pieces… == Now the author is confusing me, are the new meds edible or not?! Ehmergerd _(;3/ ]

Moreover, the spiritual power needed to make each medicine is no longer 10% of the efficacy of the medicine, but 20%. That means that one medicine consumes 140 of his spiritual power. No wonder the material is the same, but the efficiency has increased.

After Xiào Mu read the description for the recovery category, he went to the enhancement category. There are 2 enhancement formulas.

[Longevity Pill. Material: 2 grams of Longevity grass, double the spiritual power for 30 minutes with an interval of 2 hours per usage. Note, after 30 minutes, the user’s spiritual power will be reduced to half of the user’s original amount]

[Concentration Pill. Material: 2 grams of Concentration grass, double the physical strength for 30 minutes with an interval of 2 hours per usage. Note, after 30 minutes, the user’s physical strength will be reduced to half of the user’s original amount]

The effects of the medicine stunned Xiào Mu. This effect is too powerful, if it is given to people with Level S spiritual power and physical abilities, wouldn’t their combat power instantly explode? With advanced level recovery medicine, eating1 a pill half an hour later afterward, it almost considered to have no side effects.

Xiào Mu read the effects of the medicine for a while and suddenly thought of something. If he took the spiritual power and boost pills he made2 and accidentally caused a breakthrough, wouldn’t he be all right after taking these 2 enhancement pills?

One needs to know that level breakthrough is caused by strong medicinal effect and causing one to reach the upper limit of their current level, while the longevity pill and the concentrating pill can increase one’s spiritual power and physical strength in a short time, which can just offset the upper limit for the breakthrough.

Xiào Mu thought for a while and came to the conclusion that he still has to sell his medicines according to the user’s grade. Otherwise, people with only 1,000 spiritual power will try to take medicines with an efficiency of 7,000 points. Even if their spiritual power is doubled with the advanced level medicine, the max they could go is only 2,000 so they will still be forced to break through. These 2 medicines are more effective for people who have high spiritual power and accidentally fall into a breakthrough.

Xiào Mu couldn’t help smiling. The advanced medicines are explosive medicines, and they will be very useful in actual combat. They are likely to turn a losing situation into a winning situation. As for the role of calming a breakthrough, it can be regarded as a bonus.

On the other hand, the materials of these 2 medicines are unfamiliar for Xiào Mu. He had gone through the encyclopedia of medicinal plants many times and did not remember seeing herbs with these 2 names. However, in case the name is different, he opened the encyclopedia again.

After sitting for a long time, Xiào Mu’s body felt sore. He changed to lay down on the bed and compared the appearance of the longevity grass and the concentrating grass in the system with the herbs in the encyclopedia. After reading the whole book from start to finish, Xiào Mu flipped over and put a soft pillow behind him. He rubbed the bridge of his nose. He actually found nothing.

At this moment, Xiào Mu’s terminal vibrated. It is his timer, which means the herbs from the vegetable field are ready to be harvested. Xiào Mu closed the encyclopedia and entered the system’s homeland to harvest the plants and plant more seeds. As Xiào Mu walked past the 4th plot of land, he stopped and squatted down to take a closer look at one of the herbs with purple flowers. This is exactly the same as the picture of longevity grass displayed by the system! After careful comparison, Xiào Mu couldn’t help smiling. He didn’t expect to find one of the ingredients so easily.

The 4th piece of land is planted with all herbs Xiào Mu didn’t know. These plants are from the 2nd time Suixin mercenary team helped him to find herbs. As per his requirement, Suixin dug out all the plants they saw along the way. Xiào Mu walked slowly along the plot, taking a serious look as he walked. Finally, he found Concentration grass in the northwest corner, a kind of medicinal plant with bulging fruits.

Xiào Mu looked at the 2 herbs, and then at the vegetable plot panel. As expected, the harvest icons on the panel are all lit up. The herbs in this plot have been planted for a long time, and all of them should be harvestable. It’s just that Xiào Mu didn’t know how to use them, so he didn’t harvest them. The plants in the system vegetable field will not change after they are mature. They will always be harvestable, and will not rot like plants in reality.

After Xiào Mu clicked the harvest icon, 2 of his system storage is immediately occupied, which are the seeds of Longevity grass and Concentration grass. He planted the seeds on the 5th and 6th plots respectively. After planting and ensuring that everything is correct, Xiào Mu left the system homeland. Xiào Mu glanced at the time, it is almost 12.00 pm. He quickly packed the high-grade healing pill he made before. Next, he updated the number of stocks on the shop’s page to 100 pcs and set the time for release.

After Xiào Mu is done with his task, he started to browse the web and read the news on the internet. The military announced that the person behind the interstellar chaos had been caught, and the internet is full of joy. While browsing the internet, Hawke contacted him. As soon as the call is connected, Hawke thanked him again.

Xiào Mu said helplessly, “You have thanked me many times. Are we not good friends? If you say that again, won’t that be too polite and unfamiliar?”

Hawke chuckled and smiled, “Then I won’t say anything. I’m just calling you to ask what kind of formal clothing you like. I will buy you groomsman clothes.”

Xiào Mu: “Except for suits, there is nothing else to pick from?”

“Says who? As long as you want, you can wear a skirt!”

The corner of Xiào Mu’s mouth twitched, “I’m not interested in skirts, just suits please.” Then, thinking of the pile of clothes Hawke bought for himself and Lyle, Xiào Mu quickly added, “Just 1 suit is fine. Please avoid red and white color… just pick blue then. ”

“Just one? That’s too little,” Hawke said, raising his voice, unable to conceal his excitement. “I have been browsing a lot of stores at home these days and I have seen many that suit you. I’ll buy them all for you.”

“No, I don’t want it,” Xiào Mu had a headache, he knew something like this would happen, “I’d better buy it myself.”

“No,” Hawke rejected immediately. Then he muttered, “One is one then, I want to be the one to buy it.”

Hawke confirmed once more that Xiào Mu didn’t have any requirements for styles as long as the color is blue. They chatted for a while, then Hawke said he couldn’t wait to choose the clothes and hung up the call.

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