Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 88

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Chapter 88 Punishment

Hao Mian quickly came out of the imprisonment room and stood in front of Merry in silence. Then, he held Merry’s shoulders. Merry’s body trembled slightly as he waited in despair for Hao Mian to speak. Hao Mian realized that Merry is scared and looked down at him. Suddenly, he said, “I’m sorry.”

Earlier in the room, when Yóu Mò saw him(HM), he did nothing but scolded him.

“We are a couple. Why didn’t you tell me if you are in trouble? You can tell Merry and ask him to help, but you don’t want to tell me. Have you ever wondered how sad I was when I heard the news of your engagement?”

“If you don’t say anything, how would I know what you are thinking?! Merry said that I don’t trust you, but do you trust me too? If you trust me and don’t hide things from me, I will never leave.”

“I have suffered so many years and done so many things because of you. You have cost me my entire life!”

The scene where Yóu Mò berated him with red eyes is still in sight. Hao Mian still remembers Yóu Mò’s dazed look after he finished speaking. Finally, he smiled and said, “I wish you and Merry will never be happy forever.”

This sentence is like a curse, and it kept playing back in Hao Mian’s mind on his way out. He is inexplicably frightened and worried that Yóu Mò’s words would become the truth. He and Merry are a combined pair of sentinel and guide so they are emotionally connected. He can feel that Merry is often unhappy, but he doesn’t understand why. But Hao Mian knew that it must be because of him. He knew very well that it is him that Merry cared most, and Merry’s fluctuating emotions are almost due to him.

Hearing Yóu Mò’s accusations, Hao Mian couldn’t help wondering whether Merry is unhappy because he usually talks less, which makes Merry feel uneasy. Thinking about it carefully, he and Merry have been together for so many years but most of the time they spent together is in silence, and there is almost no deep conversation. Hao Mian always thought that this is their way of getting along, but now he couldn’t help but doubt that maybe he is making the same mistake of the past. He didn’t say the things that should be said to Merry, which caused him to misunderstand.

Hearing Hao Mian’s words, Merry is stunned. Then, droplets of tear fell down, and he staggered back. “Sure enough, you still haven’t forgotten him for so many years. Even if we have been together for so long, I am still inferior to him.”

“I know, the moment you saw him, you won’t want me anymore, I know.”

Merry tried not to cry, but couldn’t help it. The tears kept streaming down, but a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth: “You don’t have to apologize. Whatever doesn’t belong to me will never belong to me. I knew you liked him at the beginning, and I did agree to play pretend. The times we are together are the time I have stolen.”

Merry took a deep breath, his steps unsteady as he wanted to walk out, “You can just mail the documents to me when the divorce procedures are completed, I’ll agree to everything. I will stay at Planet Yao temporarily, not going back with you…”

Merry didn’t finish speaking as a tight hug interrupted him.

“I won’t divorce you.” Hao Mian said solemnly. He felt as if his heart is thrown into a hot frying pan, and it is particularly painful. It turned out that Merry was unhappy because Merry thought he still liked Yóu Mò. Hao Mian never knew how much of a failure he is until now. The two people he ever loved suffered because of him.

“I’m sorry,” Hao Mian hugged Merry tightly and buried his head on the side of his neck. “I’m sorry, I don’t know you have been so upset. I know very well that I love you. I have already disappointed Yóu Mò, I can’t let you down as well.”

Merry was stunned, and it took him a long time to find his voice back, “You said, you love… me?”

“Yes,” Hao Mian said affirmatively, “I discovered my love for you when you left the planet to relax. I don’t know when I started to care about you, but when you suddenly left, I am not used to it and miss you very much.”

“After you come back, I am very happy. If I don’t like you, no matter how high our match rate, I would not get with you and would only keep a distance from you.”

Merry pushed Hao Mian away hard, “You lied to me, it’s obviously not like this.” He took two steps back. A wave of dizziness surged and he fell back.

Hao Mian hurriedly caught Merry, he had fallen into a coma.

Xiào Mu sighed, “He has just recovered from a serious illness, then experienced this kind of emotional ups and downs. Just take him back to get a good rest first.”

Hao Mian thanked Xiào Mu and carried Merry away. They returned to the high-end hotel for foreign guests, and Hao Mian went to look for a doctor to examine Merry.

Xiào Mu and Leo did not return to the apartment but went to see Mitte. Mitte is supposed to be in the confinement area, but is now in the military hospital due to his physical condition and is currently in a coma. When the two arrived in the ward, they found that Mitte is awake, but something seemed wrong with him.

The 2 soldiers guarding Mitte are standing at the door, confronting Greene and Mitte. Greene looked back anxiously to see what Mitte is saying while pulling his sleeves. Seeing that Xiào Mu and Leo are here, the soldier hurriedly saluted Leo and explained the current situation, “Major General Leo, the criminal wants to leave with Mister Greene.”

Greene hurriedly stepped forward and Mitte followed him closely. Greene glanced at him, unable to hide his worry, and said to Xiào Mu, “Mitte is not in the right condition. I have been calling for the doctor for a while but the doctor has yet to come. I want to go out to check but Mitte wants to follow me.”

Xiào Mu looked at Mitte but Mitte didn’t notice, his eyes are locked on Greene. When Greene moved, he immediately moved. His expression is not like the usual gloominess, and he looked a little childish.

After a while, the doctor arrived and wanted to perform an examination on Mitte. However, Mitte pulled Greene’s sleeve and didn’t let go. Greene looked at the doctor helplessly so the doctor asked him to follow along to complete the examination smoothly. Looking at the result, the doctor stood in front of Mitte and asked, “Do you remember your name?”

Mitte simply stared at Greene without glancing at the doctor.

Greene quickly repeated the doctor’s question to Mitte. Mitte’s eyes looked blank, and he shook his head. The doctor asked a few more questions next, and Mitte would only respond after each question is repeated by Greene. But the response is not very good as he shook his head to all questions.

“Doctor, what’s wrong with him?” Greene asked anxiously.

The doctor said, “His brain suffered injuries and it caused amnesia. It seems that his behavior is also affected and he looked like he only remembers you.” He sighed, “The brain is the most complicated part of the human body, and the human body is far from thoroughly researched. It’s hard to treat.”

Greene become stunned, and he glanced over Leo. Thinking of Mitte’s current identity, he bit his lip, “What punishment will Mitte receive?”

Leo stared at Mitte, then looked away after a while. Mitte doesn’t look like he is pretending.

“Exiled for at least 100 years,” Leo said coldly.

Hearing that, Greene is startled and he turned to look at Mitte. Mitte looked at him back intently, and when their eyes met, a very faint smile appeared on Mitte’s lips. A thought appear in his heart, and Greene plucked up the courage to look back at Leo and pleaded, “With his current condition, he is completely unable to live alone. Can you let me go with him? You can monitor me by any means, and I promise you I will not do bad things.”

“You want to accompany him in exile?” Leo asked.

Greene bit his lip and nodded, “Yes, I want to be with him.”

“That…” Before Leo could finish his words, Xiào Mu took his hand and Leo looked at him.

Xiào Mu: “Greene is my lifesaver. If he didn’t pretend to be me, I would probably get injured. Mitte still needs to be punished according to the law. But his current situation is special so shouldn’t he be dealt with leniently?”

Leo replied, dissatisfied, “He tried to hurt you several times.”

Xiào Mu said, “Fortunately, he never succeed.” He helplessly added, “He is getting his karma now. In fact, even if he is given other punishments, he would not feel anything. It will only make Greene suffer together.”

“Thank you,” Greene said sincerely.

Xiào Mu smiled. He and Greene are quite fated. Xiào Mu is very grateful to Greene. Although he was dissatisfied with being misidentified at the beginning, Xiào Mu has to say that he spent a peaceful buffer period of transmigrating to this world in Greene’s apartment. Greene is also very popular. Though Greene’s childhood experience is very bad, he has always maintained a kind heart. He used to think he was cowardly, but he did very brave things. Now think about it, if Greene didn’t choose to impersonate him, Xiào Mu felt that he would at least be seriously injured. Then, when Leo arrived, Mitte would never escape. Facing the furious Leo, what’s waiting for Mitte would definitely not be better than now.

Xiào Mu looked at Leo, “We’ll follow the laws, but is it okay to deal with it lightly?”

Leo rubbed the top of Xiào Mu’s hair. Although he is still dissatisfied, Leo said, “As you wish.”

Xiào Mu smiled, his eyes curved into crescents.

Since they couldn’t ask for any useful information from Mitte, Leo and Xiào Mu did not stay any longer and went straight back to the apartment. After returning to the apartment, they had a short break before eating dinner. After eating, the two walked along the periphery of the apartment to digest the meal. When Xiào Mu thought of Hao Mian and Merry, he stopped in his tracks. Then he grabbed Leo’s hand, and looked up at him seriously.

“If something ever happens, don’t hide it from me. Even if it’s we are combined sentinel and guide, we can’t really fully understand what the other party is thinking. If we don’t communicate, it is easy to create conflicts.”

Turning their hands, Leo squeezed Xiào Mu’s hand, and lightly pinched his finger bones to play with, “En, I won’t hide anything from you.” He said coldly, “I am not as terrible as Hao Mian. No matter what the situation, I will not be engaged to anyone other than you, even if it is just pretending.”

Xiào Mu smiled and said, “Me too. If something like that really happens, I won’t leave without a word. I will make sure to ask and get a clear answer so that I can cut the feelings clearly.”

Leo hugged Xiào Mu, “Don’t break up with me.”

Xiào Mu gave Leo a sideways glance, “It’s just hypothetical.”

“Not allowed as well,” Leo stubbornly said, “you are mine.”

Xiào Mu embraced Leo’s waist and chuckled, “En, let’s not talk about this anymore. Looking at them, I think we are very lucky.”

Leo made a sound at Xiào Mu’s ear, then suddenly released him and took a step back. Xiào Mu is about to stand on guard when he saw Leo kneeling on the ground. Leo’s right hand is stretched out in front of him, with a small square box on his palm.

“Xiào Mu, marry me.” Leo looked at Xiào Mu intently, his voice low and steady.

Xiào Mu looked at the box, and for a moment there is an unreal feeling. When Leo proposed to marry him last time, he didn’t feel that way. This feeling of wanting to marry a man and spending a lifetime together. Xiào Mu shifted his gaze to meet Leo’s deep blue eyes. He asked himself, is he sure Leo is the one?

After a while, when Leo’s fingers turned slightly white while holding the box, Xiào Mu finally asked, “Leo, are you serious?”

Leo said solemnly, “Of course.”

Xiào Mu gripped his fist, his voice dry from tension, “Do you still remember about my identity?”

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