Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 87

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Chapter 87 Setback

Upon hearing Xiào Mu’s question, Yóu Mò mocked, “Since you have that much evidence on me, you can just convict me straight away. What’s more to ask?”

Xiào Mu didn’t speak and turned to look at Leo. Leo said coldly, “I want to know all the news about my dad.”

“You mean Wen Xin?” Yóu Mò chuckled. “He is my most successful experiment. I felt a regret every time I think of him but he is already dead.”

Leo clenched his fist and Xiào Mu stared at Yóu Mò, “Impossible. If he really died, we will be sad when we see the information from the base. Isn’t this is just what you want? And you won’t be planning to destroy all the information behind with a trap.”

Yóu Mò raised his eyebrows, and the corners of his mouth curved up, “You sure know me. What I am more curious about is how did you get the information out safe and sound?”

Xiào Mu: “I want to know the news of Leo’s dad.”

Yóu Mò sneered and answered, “When we caught up with them, they have activated the jump point and are about to jump. Then, an explosion happened at the jump point. Everyone was gone. I’m afraid they have been burned to ashes in space.”

Xiào Mu and Leo looked at each other. It’s exactly the same as Yin said.

“Can you tell me now, how did you get the information?”

Xiào Mu: “The natives of the rock planet helped us.”

“They?” Yóu Mò is surprised as he didn’t expect this answer. “How is it possible? They are obviously hostile to humans.”

Xiào Mu curled his mouth, “Isn’t it because your people caused troubles on the rock planet?”

Seeing that Yóu Mò didn’t know further information, Leo took Xiào Mu’s shoulder and prepared to leave.

Yóu Mò: “Wait.”

“Do you still want to quibble?” Leo sneered.

Yóu Mò’s expression changed a few times, “I want to see Merry.”

“What right do you have to see him?” Leo glanced at Yóu Mò, “You are an interstellar felon now, know your place!”

Yóu Mò’s jaw tightened, “This time, I admit it that it’s my slip up. I didn’t expect to get caught because of Merry. I was impatient, you will never find me if I didn’t go and see Merry in person.” He paused, “I want to see him and I can exchange with the research results of the base.”

Leo pondered for a moment, “Can’t justify with empty words, let me see your sincerity.”

Yóu Mò asked for a computer and he wrote down one of his research results on communication technologies. Leo let the minister of the information department see it. The minister is overjoyed to see such research and repeatedly request to see Yóu Mò but Leo refused. Yóu Mò is a dangerous person, and he can use hypnotize. Hence, they have strict requirements for who can visit Yóu Mò.

Yóu Mò said, “You can let me see Merry now, right?” He paused after speaking, “I only want to see Merry, I don’t want to see Hao Mian.”

Leo conveyed Yóu Mò’s words to Merry. Merry thought about it and agreed. Hao Mian wanted to follow but Merry stopped him. In case Yóu Mò makes a move against Merry again, Xiào Mu and Leo stayed at the side in the room when they met. Merry’s face is still a little pale. He sat opposite Yóu Mò, and he stayed silent for a while before speaking, “You said you want to see me, is it because you want to see it with your own eyes that I’m not dead?”

Yóu Mò sneered, “Yeah, your life is sure strong. That attack couldn’t kill you.” As he said that, Yóu Mò’s voice couldn’t help raising, “You are a thief through and through. How could people like you be still alive?”

Yóu Mò said angrily, “Just because you are a guide, you easily took everything that belongs to me. Your life is sure good. If…,” When he said, it sounded like he is in a daze, “If it was me who awakened as a guide in the first place, there would be no place for you.”

Merry’s face is tense and he gritted his teeth, “I’m not a thief, and I never wanted to take your things.”

Yóu Mò rebutted with sarcasm, “No? Did you forget that it was me who was with Hao Mian at the time? And it was me and him who liked each other, not you.”

“It’s because you awakened as a guide that Hao Mian is going to marry you. I am also a blind one, that I can like such person. You two scumbags are a good match together.”

“Don’t talk bad about Hao Mian,” Merry became agitated and his fingers on the table kept trembling. “You don’t know anything, how can you talk nonsense?”

“I’m talking nonsense?” Yóu Mò seemed to have heard some joke. He laughed for a while before stopping and looking at Merry coldly. “Say it then, tell me where I am talking nonsense. Let me hear how you plan to whitewash that scumbag.”

Merry: “At the beginning, several of Hao Mian’s brothers were vying for the seat as the leader. His situation was very bad. He promised to marry me as a stopgap measure. He secretly asked me to help him, saying that we will only be engaged and not really going to marry.”

Merry’s face turned paler and his expression sad, “Do you know how envious I was at that time? Although my match rate with him is only 30%, but we are a sentinel and guide pair that are naturally attracting each other. Still, he only thinks about you alone.”

“I agreed to help him. I just wanted to have a good dream. When the dream ends, I will leave. Moreover, even if I don’t agree to help, his father will still make him choose another guide.”

“But,” Merry’s fingertips turned slightly white, “You didn’t give Hao Mian a chance to explain. When you left, Hao Mian’s father who has been disapproving of your relationship with Hao Mian kept your whereabouts strictly secret. To add to it, you also deliberately concealed yourself. Hence, Hao Mian has been searching for you and couldn’t find you for a long time.”

“Later, his father received a report saying that you were accidentally killed by space pirates. Do you know how sad Hao Mian was during that time?”

Merry’s eyes are slightly wet: “Planet Hao was in a tense situation that time. But he has to manage that while looking for you so he is very busy every day. He didn’t believe it when he heard something happened to you. Hence, he personally went to verify the news of your death. When he returned, he looked like he lost his soul.”

Merry laughed at himself, “Why do you think I would marry him later? He didn’t care about anything at the time. It didn’t matter to him who he married, and his mental condition was very bad. In this case, we skipped the engagement and got married directly.”

Yóu Mò is stunned. Hearing this, he recovered and tried to maintain a sneer, “Even if I don’t leave, the end is still the same. He will choose you who is a guide after all.”

“Says who?” Merry glared at Yóu Mò with wide eyes, tears streaming down silently, “You don’t believe him at all. Do you know, he hasn’t touched at all me after getting married? He can’t forget you.”

“Later,” Merry paused, the corners of his mouth curved up, but he looked more terrible than crying, “I have been taking care of him. I was afraid that something will happen to him, and I worked hard to learn all the knowledge about caring for sentinel. His health improved, but became more and more silent.”

“After 2 years in this kind of relationship, I became depressed and couldn’t take it anymore. I was really uncomfortable. A guide’s emotions are sensitive and I had been controlling myself, but I still slowly getting out of control. Worried about hurting Hao Mian, I left Planet Hao, thinking to relax myself somewhere and recover.”

After Merry said that, he stayed silent for a long time, and his body trembled slightly involuntarily. Everyone present knew what had happened during this period, he was kidnapped to the base.

After a long while, Merry said again, “My spiritual power has risen sharply, and I was very happy. I thought I can give better spiritual treatment to Hao Mian, but I didn’t expect the change to give me much more than this.”

“I always thought it was God who pitied me and caused my spiritual power to suddenly rise. My life has ushered in a major turning point then.” Merry looked at Yóu Mò, “After I returned, my match rate with Hao Mian reached 78%.”

Yóu Mò froze, showing no expression except the sneer on his lips. He has studied the spiritual power of the guide for a long time and is very clear about the match rate with sentinels. With this high matching rate, it is simple to fall into the union heat. But it is way more difficult to resist it.

Merry kept looking at Yóu Mò and continued, “We bonded. And then,” he tilted his head and gave a smile, “My life felt like it ascended from hell to heaven.”

“I thank God more than once, but now I understand that you are the one I really want to thank.”

“Shut up!” Yóu Mò clenched his fist and slammed the table, “Stop talking, I don’t believe it. I don’t believe a word.”

How could this be?! It’s absolutely impossible! Obviously, it was them, one who wanted to find a guide partner to abandon his original lover, while another one want to snatch a friend’s lover with his identity as a guide. This is clearly the case. It’s not that he abandoned his lover, or that he personally sent his lover out so that his rival’s wish would come to fruition. Not at all!

Yóu Mò clutched his head and closed his eyes tightly. His usual grace is gone at the moment, and he shouted, “Get out! I don’t believe it, I never want to see you again, get out!”

Merry stood up and glanced at Yóu Mò, “Actually, I have always envied you.”

Leaving the prison room, Merry leaned against the wall, tears kept streaming down. Yes, after that union, his life was like heaven compared to before. But as time passed, he got more dissatisfied. He has always liked Hao Mian, and he likes him even before he awakened as a guide. Deep down in his heart, Merry has always longed for Hao Mian’s feelings. Hao Mian treats him very well after their union. Merry was very happy, but he understands that these are only because they are bonded. Merry did not express his emotions in front of Yóu Mò, but when he knew that it was all because of Yóu Mò, the panic in his heart almost rose to the extreme. Everything he has now is because of Yóu Mò. Merry is very frightened because he thinks that he will lose it all because of Yóu Mò’s return. Hao Mian thought that Yóu Mò was dead, that’s why he didn’t care who he was marrying. But now, Yóu Mò is still alive. What is Hao Mian going to do? What should he(M) do?

Xiào Mu watched Merry cry until he is out of breath and patted him on the shoulder, not knowing how to comfort him. Guides are sensitive to emotions and have strong empathy. Xiào Mu has no idea how Merry endured during the first 2 years. Seeing that he is crying so sadly now, obviously, he was not without worry after that. Merry cried for a long time before clearing up his emotions. He smiled embarrassedly at Xiào Mu and said with a hoarse voice, “Thank you.”

Xiào Mu shook his head, and the three of them went out together. Hao Mian had been waiting outside. Seeing Merry’s eyes flushed with redness, he embraced him worriedly, “What’s the matter?”

Merry shook his head and said nothing.

Xiào Mu couldn’t help thinking if Yóu Mò and Hao Mian got together back then without being stopped due to their identity, would everything be different now? Maybe Merry would be happier. But there is no ‘if’1 in the world. This example caused Xiào Mu to strengthen his intent to complete his goal even more, to achieve complete freedom in choosing a partner without being hindered by one’s identity.

As they are about to leave, a prison guard ran out and saluted Leo, “Major General Leo, Yóu Mò requested to see Planet Hao’s marshal.”

Hearing that, Xiào Mu looked at Merry. Merry’s face turned pale and he pushed Hao Mian away. Hao Mian furrowed his eyebrows and said, “I will send you back first.”

Merry shook his head, “Go and see him.”

After Hao Mian left, Merry’s feet softened and Xiào Mu swiftly supported him. Merry looked to the room, smiling but looked more like crying, “It’s fine, just give me the verdict earlier so that I don’t worry about it all the time.”

Xiào Mu understood immediately, Yóu Mò has always been the ‘knot’2 in his heart.

Merry took a deep breath. Standing up, he looked at Xiào Mu and Leo, and said sincerely, “You are so lucky.”

Xiào Mu smiled and looked at Leo, who is looking at him with a gentle gaze.

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