Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 84

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Chapter 84 New finding

Planet Hao’s marshal wife Merry woke up on the 4th day of Xiào Mu’s treatment. The moment he sat up, Hao Mian silently pulled him into a hug. Merry seemed to be stunned, with confusion and bewilderment in his eyes.

Qiao pulled Hao Mian away and said, “Let me check first and make sure he is okay. You can continue after that.”

Hao Mian is concerned about Merry’s physical condition and didn’t mind Qiao’s attitude. He stepped aside to let Qiao check, but his gaze stayed on Merry’s face. Merry’s expression looked dark and he didn’t meet Hao Mian’s eyes, silently letting Qiao check him.

Merry is very cooperative and looked very well-behaved. Qiao couldn’t help but whisper to Xiào Mu after the examination, “The result looked normal, but why do I feel like something is wrong with his behavior?”

Xiào Mu also felt that something is wrong, so he reached out filament to examine Merry’s spiritual state carefully. Sensing his filament, Merry found that he didn’t repel him at all, and looked at Xiào Mu with a little surprise in his eyes. After making sure that Merry’s spiritual state has been repaired, he smiled at him, “Do you feel uncomfortable in any way?”

Merry shook his head. His voice sounded hoarse when he replied, “Are you the god-level guide of Planet Yao? Did you save me?”

Xiào Mu nodded: “It’s me, but the main reason for saving you is because Planet Hao’s marshal came to Planet Yao to ask for help, and he gave me some benefits.”

Hearing that, Merry’s eyebrows moved, seeming a little surprised. He gripped his fist, and turned his head to look at Hao Mian, “You… why did you want to save me? You didn’t see him?”

“Him?” Hao Mian frowned, “Who are you talking about?”

Merry’s eyes dimmed and he forced a smile, “Sure enough, if you saw him, how could you still be so good to me?”

Hao Mian frowned. He stepped forward and took Merry’s hand, “Merry, what are you talking about? We have been together for so many years, are you suspicious of my feelings to you?”

Merry stared at his hand and pursed his lips, “He’s back, he’s not dead.”

Hao Mian finally realized who Merry was talking about, and became silent for a moment, “You mean Yóu Mò?”

Merry retracted his hand and nodded, “Yes, but he has changed. He… hates me. It’s me who took everything from him. You and he liked each other. I’m just a step-in 3rd party.”

“Don’t think about it,” Hao Mian said solemnly, “It has nothing to do with you. Even if he wanted to blame someone, he can only blame me. When did you meet him?”

Merry’s face changed slightly, “After I returned from White Tower, I suffered injuries in my spiritual state and in bad spirits. Then I received his message and he came in person later.”

When Merry thought of this, he tilted his head. It seemed that except for Yóu Mò’s intentional injury to him, he didn’t remember other things clearly. He looked puzzled at Hao Mian, “He came to the marshal’s mansion, how could you not see him?”

Hao Mian: “I was dealing with the matter regarding White Tower at that time, maybe I missed him.”

Merry frowned. He doesn’t know why, but he felt that it is strange. The scene when Yóu Mò appeared in front of him is a bit awkward. Moreover, Merry looked around and wondered how did he get into a coma? He suffer spiritual injuries after returning from White Tower but he had no impression of what he did. However, there were many eyewitnesses, and facts proved that he did launch an attack at White Tower. Merry was very scared and uneasy. Hao Mian did not allow him to go out. In his room, he went online and saw a lot of people cursing him. It makes him feel particularly uncomfortable. Later, he received the message sent from Yóu Mò. At first, Merry was still very excited, but after seeing the content, he only felt pain in his heart. During those 2 days, he was in a bad state of mind, but he is always sober. The scene of meeting Yóu Mò was a bit vague, but Merry remembered Yóu Mò’s face clearly. Then, he couldn’t remember anything afterward. How did he fall into a coma?

Merry couldn’t help but ask, and Hao Mian answered, “Your spiritual state is terrible at the time. When I got home, you had already fallen into a coma. I heard that Planet Yao’s god-level guide is very powerful. After making the necessary arrangement, I brought you over here.”

Merry’s jaw tightened, “White Tower… How about the sentinels of White Tower?”

Hao Mian gripped his fist, “It’s not your fault because you were controlled at that time. Now that you wake up, Xiào Mu can help you release the mind control.”

Merry immediately looked at Xiào Mu, “Is what he said is true?”

“Yes, all those guides who made the attack are under mind control. In fact, according to the information we got at the base, you should have been under their control for a long time,” Xiào Mu soothed, “Don’t worry, it will be lifted now.”

Merry thought of Ren’s previous interstellar meeting and looked ashamed, “If I had listened to Marshal Ren at that time, I wouldn’t have made a big mistake.” Merry said, frowning: “But I don’t know why. At that time, I actually wanted to listen to Marshal Ren’s reminder, but then I went to the White Tower in the end.”

Xiào Mu asked, “Do you remember anything when you were at the base?”

Merry shook his head, “No, in my memory, I haven’t been to any base at all.”

“Then has your spiritual power suddenly increased?” Xiào Mu asked.

Merry’s eyelashes trembled quickly, and he glanced at Hao Mian, “Yes, it was a period of time when I was away from home on a trip to relax myself. After I returned, my spiritual power became much higher.”

Xiào Mu: “The memory of this period of time should have been tampered with. I will release the control for you now. You should be able to wake up later.”

Merry nodded, Xiào Mu used Breeze Dew on Merry. Merry fell unconscious and Xiào Mu entered his spiritual state. After the treatment, Merry did not wake up immediately, but frowned in pain and muttered unintelligible words, seemingly scared.

Hao Mian embraced Merry worriedly, stroking his face and calling his name. After a while, Merry recovered to his senses. His face looked pale as if he had a nightmare.

“Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?” Hao Mian asked anxiously upon seeing Merry’s dazed appearance.

Merry’s eyes moved, and then suddenly turned red. Tears fell in big drops, “It was him, it was him! He didn’t come to laugh at me, he came to take revenge on me.” Merry lifted his hand to wipe away the tears, and grabbed Hao Mian’s collar, “I remember it now. I didn’t go anywhere during that time. I was caught to an experimental base. My spiritual power was constantly stimulated, and then I broke through. After that, I was sent back to Planet Hao.”

“He was the one who caught me, Yóu Mò! He hates me, he must hate me to death. He actually harmed so many people in order to retaliate against me.”

Merry’s face looked pale, and the hand holding Hao Mian’s collar loosened slightly, “No, his purpose is to deal with all sentinels and guides. We must stop him.”

“The person you are talking about is called Yóu Mò?” Qiao asked while listening to the gossip.

Merry nodded, “Do you know him?”

Qiao opened his terminal and called up a stack of materials, “Mr. Zhao contacted me yesterday and said that he will be going to open a branch factory and he would give the design drawing of the quantum examination device to the person in charge of the new factory. If I remember correctly, that person is called Yóu Mò. We made an appointment to meet at noon today.”

“Opening the factory?” Merry sounded unsure. “Maybe it’s just someone with the same name. The Yóu Mò I know studies spiritual power at the base.”

Qiao also felt that it would not be the same person, “It should be just a coincidence. If he dares came to Planet Yao so boldly, won’t he be too courageous?!”

Xiào Mu thought for a while and disagreed, “Not necessarily. Leo has been in contact with the military personnel from various planets responsible for arresting the people related to the base recently. However, there is no trace of them at all anywhere. Since they are so good at hiding themselves, it is very likely that they have a legit identity on the surface as a cover.”

Qiao pondered for a moment before saying, “It makes sense. Wait, I’ll ask for more information.” As he said that, Qiao sent a message to Zhao Sheng to ask about Yóu Mò’s information. It didn’t take long before Zhao Sheng sent it over, with a two-inch photo in the upper left corner of the information.

Qiao gave the photo to Merry, “Is that him?”

Merry’s face changed instantly, his face tensed as he said, “It’s him.”

Hearing that, Qiao looked surprised and met Xiào Mu’s eyes. No one expected to find out something about people from the base so easily. The other party is so bold and obviously confident in themselves, so even if they knew about the identity, they still didn’t dare to take it lightly.

Xiào Mu couldn’t help asking Merry, “When he last saw you, did he give you the fatal blow?”

Merry nodded, “Yes, I even thought I was dead.”

Xiào Mu: “For you to be still alive, it’s probably because you have a strong desire to live.”

Merry glanced at Hao Mian, then quickly looked down, “All thanks to you.”

Xiào Mu smiled and didn’t say anything. Opening his terminal, he contacted Leo and told him about Yóu Mò. Leo asked him about the situation and reminded him to pay attention to safety. Then he arranged for his subordinates to make an arrest.

On the other side, Hawke is walking around the mall, accompanied by Gu Miao. There are 2 bodyguards behind each of them, with a lot of things held in their hands. Hawke held Gu Miao’s hand in dissatisfaction and said, “Cousin is too careful. I don’t like anyone following us around at all.”

Gu Miao whispered, “It’s for our own good.”

As they passed by a clothing shop, Hawke didn’t bother to complain anymore. His eyes are glued to the white suit display with beaming eyes, “Look, doesn’t this look handsome on Lyle?”

Gu Miao pondered for a while and nodded, “It should suit him well.”

Hawke hurried in and chose 3 sets of suits for him and Lyle each in the shop. After paying for it, he gave the bags to the bodyguards to carry. Gu Miao saw that the bodyguards’ hands are full of things and persuaded, “Let’s go back first.”

Hawke said, “What’s there to do after we return home? Didn’t cousin say that he would be free after a business meeting at noon today? We can have our lunch outside, and then cousin could come to pick us up after his meeting.” He added, “I still have a lot of things to buy!”

After that, Hawke glanced around and pointed to the opposite corner. “There is a fruit juice seller. I’m so thirsty. You just stand here and wait for me to buy it.”

“Young master, let me buy it!” A bodyguard said.

Hawke glanced at the things in the bodyguard’s hand. Then he smiled and waved, “No need, I’ll be back soon.” Hawke swiftly rushed to the drink shop.

Hawke bought the juice he and Gu Miao liked to drink. When he is about to leave, from the corner of his eyes, he saw Xiào Mu being walked out from the other door with a hand on his shoulders. The posture seemed like he is being forced. Hawke got taken aback and turned around. As he chased behind Xiào Mu, he called out, “Xiào Mu!”

Gu Miao and the bodyguards waited for a while. Then, one of the bodyguards noticed that something is wrong. The person who entered the shop behind Hawke had already come out, but he had not seen Hawke.

“Madam, I’ll go take a look.”

At the same time, Xiào Mu just finished contacting Leo, and he suddenly received an unfamiliar message.

“If you want your friend to live, just do what I said.”

Attached in the message is a photo of an unconscious Hawke. Xiào Mu’s expression changed in an instant, and another message arrived right away, accompanied by a map, “Don’t tell anyone. Get rid of the guards, and come to the location of the map.”

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