Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 85

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Chapter 85 Arrest

Xiào Mu stared intently at the message on the terminal. He is not familiar with Zone A, but he knew about the address on the map. It is the Wilderness Forest where he used to make medicine. The location there is rather isolated. At this hour, it is a working day so there are not many people going there. It is not easy to be discovered if something happens there.

Qiao saw Xiào Mu looking stunned and patted him on the shoulder, “What’s the matter? What did Major General Leo say?”

Xiào Mu quickly turned off his terminal and smiled reluctantly, “It’s nothing. I want to go to the bathroom.”

When Xiào Mu reached the door, he stopped. Clenching his fist, he walked out quickly without saying anything. He can’t let Hawke get into an accident. The other party has superb technology so Xiào Mu is not sure whether he is being monitored or not. Xiào Mu doesn’t dare to do anything, worrying about angering the other party and harming Hawke.

It’s not easy to get rid of the guards. People follow him everywhere except in the bathroom. Xiào Mu went to the bathroom and stared at the bathroom window. He didn’t care too much at this moment. He rolled up his sleeves, pushed the window open, climbed onto the window sill, and jumped down. Just as he has taken 2 steps, he met the patrolling soldiers of the marshal’s mansion. The soldiers knew him and greeted him before returning to their patrol. When Xiào Mu arrived at the mansion’s door, he is stopped by the guard again.

Seeing that there is no guard around Xiào Mu, the guard said, “Master Xiào Mu, I will call for the guards for you.”

Xiào Mu waved his hand, “No need, they are helping me with things. I just need to go to the aircraft to get something. I will be back soon.”

The guard didn’t say anything and watched as Xiào Mu gets on the aircraft. After a while, the guard in charge of guarding the aircraft got off the ship. Next, the guard’s complexion changed and he turned to his colleague, “The aircraft is flying.”

The colleague is at a loss as well, “Didn’t he say he just needs to get something and will be back soon?”

“Something’s wrong, Master Xiào Mu doesn’t have a guard by his side!”

Just as dumbfounded as them, the guards who had left behind the aircraft are now standing in the ship parking lot. One of them said, “Master Xiào Mu took the aircraft away?”

“Didn’t he say he just wants to change his clothes in it?”

“Stop thinking about it. He doesn’t have a guard by his side now, it’s too dangerous. I will contact the boss.”

When Ah Da received the news, he kicked open the bathroom door. Looking at the wide-open window, he ground his teeth. As he is arranging for his people to track the aircraft, Ah Da rushed to Merry’s room and glared at Qiao.

“What happened? How could Master Xiào Mu be controlled?” Seeing Xiào Mu’s unusual behavior, the first thing that Ah Da thought of is Xiào Mu being caught under mind control.

“What?” Qiao was shocked. “Didn’t he say he just wants to go to the bathroom?”

“He drove the aircraft and left by himself.” Ah Da gritted his teeth.

Qiao felt puzzled, “After he treated Merry, he looked fine… By the way, he seemed to have received a message before he left, and his face didn’t seem to be good.”

Ah Da’s face turned dark, “It must be an instruction from the person who controls Master Xiào Mu.”

Qiao also felt that it is possible, and urged, “Contact Leo. He should have sent someone to monitor ‘that person’ by now. Tell him to capture the person before Xiào Mu arrives.”

Ah Da was not in the room earlier so he didn’t know about Yóu Mò. He asked with a start, “You know who is the mastermind?”

Qiao nodded, but Ah Da did not ask any further and contacted Leo. When Leo heard that something is wrong with Xiào Mu, his voice almost freeze. He looked at the person he is monitoring on the virtual screen in front of him with cold eyes.

“Continue to track the aircraft, don’t act rashly yet.”

After Leo finished speaking with Ah Da, he gave an order to other people, “Do it.” Then, after a moment of thought, considering that Xiào Mu is very likely to be controlled by someone, but he(XM) himself is the only one who can release the control, Leo added, “Don’t kill him.” The mastermind shouldn’t be harmed for time being.

Sitting in the living room of a luxury hotel suite drinking red wine, Yóu Mò lowered his head to take a sip of the wine. When he looked up, there are 4 sentinels in black military uniforms standing beside him. He raised his eyebrows, glanced at the intact door and the rope hanging down from the window. Putting down the wine glass, Yóu Mò raised his hands and chuckled. “Are you doing training here? Sorry, I didn’t know this suite was expropriated. I will change rooms now.”

At this moment, another person walked in through the door. Yóu Mò’s gaze changed imperceptibly, with a little regret. It’s a pity, this person didn’t die in Planet Lu.

Leo’s expression is icy as he said, “Yóu Mò, the boss of the Forest Interstellar Trading company in name, but actually a member of the Planet Lu’s experimental base, the creator of this interstellar chaos, right?”

“Wrong,” Yóu Mò answered with a smile, “This officer, I am the boss of Forest Interstellar Trading company, but I have never heard of the base you mentioned. This time I sincerely came to Planet Yao is to cooperate with the Zhao family. Also, the content of our cooperation is an important part of helping to solve this chaos too!”

Leo said coldly, “Search.”

The 4 sentinels immediately searched the suite in detail but found nothing.

Yóu Mò smiled innocently, “I am a good citizen. My ID card and business license are all legit.”

Leo’s gaze at Yóu Mò is like icicles. He opened his terminal to ask Ah Da about Xiào Mu’s current location and learned that Xiào Mu is getting farther and farther from the city center. The destination is obviously not this apartment.

“Grab him and seize everything. Let the technicians come to disconnect his terminal and check the space storage on him.” Leo issued orders one after another.

Hearing that, Yóu Mò smiled stiffly. He didn’t expect that Leo would enforce the law so crudely like this. Seeing the sentinels acted, he said coldly, “This is not in compliance with the laws, I want to report you.”

Leo sneered, “Report as you like.”

The corner of Yóu Mò’s mouth is still slightly raised, and there is irony in his eyes, “What shitty laws? It is just to restrain us ordinary people, and it really doesn’t matter for you sentinels!”

Leo snorted coldly, “Stop pretending, no matter how good your acting is, it’s useless. We have witnesses, and the evidence will be supplemented one by one. Denying is useless.”

“Witness?” Yóu Mò sneered, “I think you simply found random people as witnesses, you want to place false accusation on me?”

“The wife of Planet Hao’s marshal is not someone we can casually find.” After Leo finished speaking, seeing Yóu Mò’s expression changed suddenly, he let out a cold sneer. Gesturing with his chin, his men immediately grabbed Yóu Mò.

A crack appeared in Yóu Mò’s smile, “The wife of Planet Hao’s marshal? Are you telling me you got a dead person to accuse me?”

“Who said he is dead?” Leo ignored Yóu Mò and asked his subordinates to take the man to the military prison for a stricter guard.

During this moment, Yóu Mò didn’t say anything, but incredulous was shown on his face. Leo frowned. Yóu Mò didn’t threaten him with Xiào Mu, which is a bit abnormal. Or is it that he didn’t want to admit his identity so he deliberately hide it? Leo didn’t have time to think about the real reason for Yóu Mò. After arranging for his subordinates to contact Ah Da, he drove the aircraft and chased after Xiào Mu in the direction given by Ah Da.

After Xiào Mu set up the route, he sat in the driver’s seat full of worry. He will ask the other party to send a picture of Hawke from time to time to show that Hawke is still safe. Then, Xiào Mu realized that something is wrong after looking at a few photos. The angles of the photos were all the same as if they weren’t taken on the spot but by a fixed machine.

Sending a photo again, the man with quiff hairstyle1 looked unhappy as he complained, “So annoying, it’s really annoying. Hope Mitte can get to him sooner.”

The person sitting next to the man looks almost exactly the same as Xiào Mu, even his hair is long and straight, but his face is pale and unconscious. Hearing the man’s voice, the young man’s eyes moved and he half opened his eyes. The memory of not long ago flooded into his mind, and Greene’s eyelashes trembled, face full of guilt. He was taken to a private hospital by Yóu Mò’s people a few days ago. When he woke up, his appearance became almost like Xiào Mu. At that moment, Greene knew they must want to use him as bait. He wanted to escape but couldn’t and he couldn’t get into contact with Mitte either.

At the moment, the quiff hair man asked in annoyance, “Do you want to get Mitte killed? The boss hated his subordinates being affectionate with other people. If you two really got together, nothing good will come out of it for both parties. Mitte already deliberately ignored you before this. You didn’t feel it?”

“Mitte owed a favor from the boss and he has been active enough to help the boss. Now that you are here, he will only be more dedicated in carrying orders.”

After that, Greene didn’t dare to try to contact Mitte anymore, just getting panicked by himself. He didn’t want to harm people or let Mitte harm others, but he couldn’t stop it. This morning, the quiff hair man pulled him out and they stayed in the aircraft for a long time. At that time, Greene didn’t understand what they are going to do. Then, he is led to a shop selling drinks. As he is still feeling confused, he heard someone calling out ‘Xiào Mu’ behind him. Greene realized what happened at the time and is about to struggle but was made unconscious by the quiff hair guy. Greene looked out of the aircraft. This is a large parking lot but he didn’t know where it is. He turned to ask, “Where is Mitte? How is the person who misrecognized me as Xiào Mu?”

The guy glanced at Greene and showed him the picture of Hawke that he had just sent to Xiào Mu. “He’s fine. Don’t be so long-winded. If it wasn’t for Mitte to come over soon, I would like to make you unconscious again.”

“Where is Xiào Mu?” Greene had seen Hawke before in Xiào Mu photos posted by netizens after Xiào Mu’s identity as the god-level guide was exposed. The two are obviously friends. Greene probably understood in his heart that they used him to capture Xiào Mu’s friend, and the ultimate goal must be Xiào Mu.

The man with quiff hair laughed, “Coming soon and Mitte is there waiting for him.” Pointing to the innermost white aircraft, the man continued, “Mitte has the latest creation from the boss. This time, we will definitely finish him once and for all.” Then, the man complained, “It’s all because Planet Yao’s inspection is too strict. Otherwise, we can just bring some weapons and can casually settle the matter. That way, we don’t need to use the good things from boss at all.”

Greene stared at the white aircraft and turned to open the door. He must stop Mitte.

The man grabbed Greene’s shoulder and pulled him back to keep him away from the door, “What are you doing?! Be obedient!”

Greene struggled regardless. The man became angry, he didn’t care whether Mitte will be upset when he saw it and took out an injection device. Next, he stabbed towards Greene.

Greene’s eyes widened suddenly, and he looked at the window behind the man, “Mitte!”

At the moment the man turned his head, Greene gritted his teeth and gathered all his strength to hold the man’s hand. Then, he plunged the syringe into the man’s wrist and pressed down the device.

The man turned back his head angrily, “You…”

But the man fell unconscious before he finished speaking. Greene looked at the man tremblingly for 2 seconds before hurriedly getting out of the aircraft. He breathed the air outside and looked at his reflection on the window glass. His confused expression gradually became firmer. But there is a wry smile at the corner of his mouth. Maybe he really is not loved by heaven. He had nothing but himself, but now, he has a person who he wanted to save. Maybe it’s useless, but he has to try it. Then Greene looked at the white aircraft. Mitte, since you are so good to me, does that means you actually care about me, even a little bit?

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