Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 83

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Chapter 83 Seeking help

The situation in the empire is improving and Xiào Mu’s life returned to regular. However, the people from the base hadn’t been caught yet. Just in case anything happens, Xiào Mu stayed in his apartment most of the time and didn’t go out. Other than dealing with Delish’s matter in the morning, he spends the rest of his time exercising, making medicine, and reclaiming land for medicinal plants.

Delish’s current situation is what Xiào Mu had previously expected. Almost all the guides chose to cooperate with the research institute instead. Delish has no more new guide collaborators. So far there are only 18 collaborators, including Gu Miao and Hawke. Xiào Mu didn’t mind and left a message to Zhao Meng – if someone wanted to end their cooperation, they will agree unconditionally. Xiào Mu started the company to promote guide-made medicine anyway, and the admin fee they charged from the guide collaborators’ sale did not make much money for the company. Now that guide-made medicines jointly produced by the Research Institute and Golden Tower are known to the entire interstellar, Xiào Mu does not need to continue promoting it anymore.

At present, there are a lot of low-level guide medicines with no side effects on the market. Xiào Mu decided to change the development direction of Delish and take the boutique/premium route. They will still continue to sell their current collaborator’s medicine but he himself will not make low-level medicine in the future, focusing on high-efficiency medicine. The effectiveness of the most advanced guide pheromone agent in the institute is the same as the efficacy of the system-activated latest formula. It could recover 5,000 points and Xiào Mu can make a lot of it at any time. The institute, on the other hand, does not have many finished products so this market (for high recovery medicine) is almost entirely his.

If you can think of it, you should just do it. And so, Xiào Mu went and made 200 intermediate high-grade healing pills right away, pricing at 100,000 star coins each. The efficacy is 5,000 points and strictly regulated. Only sentinels and guides with at least Level B (7,000 points) and above could buy. Not only that, but Xiào Mu also specifically stated that it can only be used when one’s spiritual power is at a low value and the purchase requires real-name authentication.

Xiào Mu set Xiaojin to conduct real-name authentication for customers who purchase intermediate high-grade medicines and make sure that the precautions are clearly stated and will not lead to breakthrough events before putting the medicines on the shelves in Delish’s site. Delish’s goods are small in quantity and there are many similar guide medicines on the market now. Adding to the fact that Xiào Mu hasn’t been selling the medicine he personally made in the store recently, there are a lot fewer people following Delish’s update than before.

A sentinel who has been following Delish’s update heard the reminder of an update. He immediately discovered that Delish had put up a new product on the shelves. He is so shocked when he saw the effect of the medicine. A recovery point of 5,000 is comparable to the strongest pheromone agent in the current research institute’s product! However, the high-quality agents are not sold to the public. The annual output is limited, and all are supplied to the upper ranks of the military. Even during the stable period, the extra medicine will only be stored for future use. Most sentinels who can reach Level B in spiritual power belong in an army. When fighting outside, this highly effective healing medicine is like replenishing half their lives instantly. Therefore, when the sentinel saw that there are only 200 pills in stock, he used the fastest hand speed in his life to place an order and fill in his information to purchase. The sentinel breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the prompt of a successful purchase. Only then did he remember to remind his good brothers to place an order quickly. This is life-saving medicine. He is about to switch the screen to find the address book, and he saw that the number of remaining goods in the quantity column had become zero. At the same time, his good brother sent him a call request. The sentinel swiped to connect, and there is a loud roar of excitement in his ear immediately.

“Delish has released a new medicine with recovery of 5,000 points. Oh my god, that 1 pill alone can restore most of my spiritual power in an instant. I couldn’t grab any, I couldn’t! I am so angry with myself. I only went away to take a sip of water just now. Why is my hand speed so slow? What use is this pair of hands for?”

The sentinel tried to calm his good brother again and again, “Don’t get agitated, there always be tomorrow!”

“…You, why are you so calm? Have you not heard clearly, the effect of the medicine…”

“I heard clearly,” the sentinel interrupted. He couldn’t help but say with joy, “I got one.”

“End of friendship, goodbye!”

Xiào Mu didn’t know that his medicine had caused a tragic comedy of a friendship. After putting the medicine on the shelves, he turned off his terminal and leaned on the sofa. He proceeds to go into the system’s vegetable plot to reclaim the 7th piece of land. The hardest part of this for Xiào Mu is reclaiming the land. He can’t ask for help, so he can only do it himself. However, considering the convenience of systematic harvesting, planting, and the speed at which the herbs mature, Xiào Mu feels that the hard work is worth it. If the farmer grandpas had this system, they would have to wake up with a smile in their dreams. So, Xiào Mu felt that he should be content.

After working in the system for almost 5 hours, Xiào Mu finally completed the cultivation of the 7th piece of land. He planted Jinchuang grass in all of the available lands and then exited the system. When Xiào Mu is out, he is sweating profusely. His face is red, and his body is full of fatigue. His clothes stuck tightly against his back with sweat, which made him feel particularly uncomfortable. Xiào Mu frowned and unbuttoned his collar. The heat dissipated a bit and he felt better.

Leo entered the bedroom at this moment and is surprised to see Xiào Mu looking like this. He quickly placed his hand against Xiào Mu’s forehead, “Do you feel sick?”

Xiào Mu shook his head, “It’s okay, I just did some exercise.”

Leo glanced at the clean and tidy room, and asked in doubt, “What exercise?” Then, suddenly realized something, Leo’s eyes darkened instantly and stayed locked on Xiào Mu tightly.

Xiào Mu only felt that Leo’s eyes on him seemed to be on fire. He pressed his palm at Leo’s face and pushed his face to the side. Feeling angry and amused at the same time, Xiào Mu said, “I’m very tired, don’t even think about it.”

Leo grabbed his hand and started nibbling along his fingertips. Xiào Mu’s body trembled. Leo stared at Xiào Mu aggressively while biting him, and did not speak until he bit at Xiào Mu’s wrist.

“This kind of exercise is not allowed to be done by yourself in the future. Wait for me to come back.” After Leo said that, he increased the strength of biting Xiào Mu’s wrist. Xiào Mu noticed a slight pain and moved his wrist. Leo licked the spot to appease Xiào Mu and released his finger. Then, his eyes narrowed dangerously when he asked, “Since you are doing ‘it’ alone, are you telling me that I didn’t fully satisfy you?”

Xiào Mu felt inexplicable at first. He needed to enter the system to reclaim the land, so why would he wait for Leo to come back first? It’s not like Leo can go into the system anyway. But after hearing the latter part of the sentence, Xiào Mu suddenly realized what Leo meant. Leo thought the ‘exercise’ he said is those unspeakable actions. Xiào Mu blushed even more. With embarrassment in his tone this time, he kicked Leo, “What are you thinking about, I, I didn’t…” Xiào Mu couldn’t continue and reached out to push Leo, “Get up, I’m sweating all over my body. It’s so uncomfortable.”

Leo raised his eyebrows. Knowing that Xiào Mu is thin-skinned, he did not say anything. He carried Xiào Mu and went directly to the bathroom. While waiting for the hot water to be filled, he undressed Xiào Mu. When Leo grasped Xiào Mu’s belt, he paused. Half-kneeling on the ground, Leo glanced at the pants then raised his head, wondering out loud, “What did you do exactly in the room?”

Seeing that Xiào Mu’s pants looked normal and doesn’t smell like what he thought would be, Leo understood that he misunderstood Xiào Mu just now.

Xiào Mu is so embarrassed by Leo’s posture that he kicked at his waist with his foot, “Can’t I do push-ups? Go out.”

Unfortunately, Xiào Mu underestimated the intensity of digging the ground for 5 consecutive hours. One of his standing feet felt sore and his knees bent, causing him to fall forward. Leo hugged him with his arms and didn’t go out. Instead, he continued his previous action and strip-ped him nekid. Next, Leo carried Xiào Mu into the hot tub and sat on the edge to massage his sore arms. Surrounding by warm water, Xiào Mu’s tiredness dissipated a lot. Leo’s massage felt particularly comfortable to his sore arms, and he couldn’t help sighing.

Hearing that, a fire lit up in Leo’s eyes. He lifted Xiào Mu’s chin, leaned over, and kissed Xiào Mu fiercely. After a long while when Leo finally let go, there is a silver thread between their mouths, and the temperature in the bathroom rose instantly.

“You looking like this, don’t seduce me.” Leo reminded in a dark voice.

Xiào Mu panted lightly and glared at Leo. Considering that his current voice is not suitable, he didn’t say anything. He is too tired, in case Leo can’t help it, it is himself who suffers. Leo assisted Xiào Mu to finish his shower. He dried Xiào Mu’s hair, wrapped him in a large bath towel, and put him on the bed to let him rest. Then he turned back and took a long cold shower.

When Leo returned from the bedroom, Xiào Mu is already asleep. He stared at Xiào Mu’s sleeping face, his blue eyes are particularly gentle.

When Xiào Mu woke up, the sky has already turned dim. He quickly got up but his waist is wrapped by a big hand, “Slow down, what’s the hurry? I’ve already been waiting for some time anyway.”

Xiào Mu is taken aback, then turned to face Leo, “Why are you waiting for a long time?”

Leo: “I didn’t tell you? I came back in the afternoon to pick you up. The marshal from Planet Hao took his comatose partner to Planet Yao secretly, asking your help to treat him.”

Xiào Mu glared at Leo, “You didn’t say! Why only now are you talking about such an important thing?!”

As Xiào Mu said that, he pushed Leo away, and Leo handed him his clothes, “You were so tired before, and if you give someone treatment, can you stand it? Qiao has seen the patient. He said the person is in a similar situation to my grandfather before. It’s okay. When you treat my grandpa, you always go in with energetically, but come out exhausted.”

Xiào Mu’s hands that are buttoning clothes paused and Xiào Mu smiled at Leo, “I’m fine now. I was just physically tired earlier, and it has nothing to do with spiritual power.”

Leo reached out and fastened the remaining buttons for Xiào Mu, “You are the most important person to me. I don’t care about them.”

Xiào Mu embraced Xiào Mu’s neck and kissed him on his lips, “Then how about we go to see the marshal’s wife after dinner?”

The two met Planet Hao’s people at 7.30 pm. To Xiào Mu’s surprise, Dean He from the research institute is also present. The marshal from Planet Hao, Hao Mian looked very young. He has dark skin but is very handsome, with a deep appearance. Hao Mian’s eyes are bloodshot, and he obviously hadn’t rested for a long time. He looked at Xiào Mu, “As long as you can save him, the medicinal materials that Planet Hao sells to Planet Yao every year will be doubled.”

Xiào Mu is puzzled to hear that but Dean He looked at Xiào Mu with bright eyes, “The main medicinal materials of the research institute’s advanced pheromone agent are produced by Planet Hao. The research institute will take all the medicinal materials if there are extras.”

Xiào Mu finally understood. No wonder Dean He is here. But Ren said at this moment, “The patient is treated by Xiào Mu, so the extra medicinal materials will be handed to Xiào Mu.”

Xiào Mu smiled, “I will try my best.”

Hao Mian led Xiào Mu to a bedroom. On the bed, there is a man with a medium build and still some fat baby on his face. Qiao stood at the end of the bed. On each side of the bed stood a Planet Hao’s high-level sentinel soldier. When Qiao saw Xiào Mu, he sighed, “His spiritual state was extensively damaged. If it weren’t for the case of Lieutenant General Louis, I would have declared death directly.”

Xiào Mu glanced at the spiritual state displayed by the quantum examination device. The entire spiritual state is black, with only a filament left shimmering.

Hao Mian looked at the person on the bed. Holding a fist, he pleaded, “Please heal Merry.”

Xiào Mu acknowledged with an ‘En’ and checked Merry’s situation. His situation is the same as Louis’s. His red bar representing spiritual power is black in color, and the remaining value is only 1. At that time, Louis had a strong desire to survive, and he went directly into fake death. Since Merry is still alive in this situation, he obviously also has a strong desire to survive. Xiào Mu’s spiritual power is now higher than before, and his endurance is stronger. He estimated a date and said to Hao Mian, “The treatment will take about 4 days.”

Hao Mian abruptly turned to Xiào Mu, “He can really be saved?”

Xiào Mu nodded, “I will start treatment now, please don’t disturb me in the process.”

For the next few days, Xiào Mu treated Merry every day. The output of new medicine is affected, and only 50 pills are available for sale every day. Many people expressed in the message area that there are too few stocks but Xiào Mu could only express helplessness. He discussed with Dean He and sold all the excess materials to the research institute, which they will give him a quarter of the produced pheromone agents in return. Thinking of the Level S guide pheromone agent that will be put on store shelves in the future, Xiào Mu feels that it is not a loss to sell a little less medicine these days.

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