Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 80

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Chapter 80 Revenge

Being stepped on by Mitte, Miller only felt extremely shameful. Hatred burned in his eyes as he said, “Bah, you sure live tough. Still not dead yet, huh?!”

Mitte looked colder and he pressed down with his feet. Miller gro-a-ned and blood spilled from his mouth. Then, a short exclamation sound sounded from the sofa. Hearing that, Mitte’s face changed slightly. He gripped his fist, and blue veins popped on the back of his hand.

Greene covered his mouth and shrank in the corner of the sofa. His eyes are red, and he doesn’t dare to look at Mitte. Closing his eyes, his eyelashes kept trembling.

“It’s a shame to avoid your eyes in such an interesting scene,” However, Yóu Mò didn’t want to let Greene off. He persuasively said, “Open your eyes and take a good look. Don’t miss the scene.”

Greene shrank his neck. Biting his lip, he reopened his eyes. After a few days of interaction, he is particularly afraid of Yóu Mò. Although Yóu Mò has a refined face and even smiles when he speaks, it always makes him feel cold. Even when Yóu Mò is facing an exceptionally cruel situation, he is still smiling. Greene turned to Mitte who is standing in the living room, looking cruel and cold. It makes him feel unfamiliar and distressed. His heart seemed to be gripped by an invisible hand, and the pain made him almost breathless.

Yóu Mò smiled contentedly when he saw Greene opening his eyes again, “What a good obedient boy.” Then, he turned his gaze to Mitte.

Mitte noticed 2 pairs of eyes on him and restrained himself from turning his head. He leaned over and stared at Miller’s sorry face and sneered, “I’m not dead, are you disappointed? But you live so well, how can I be reconciled if I die like this?”

“Back then, you and your father gathered the rest of the people to force my father to surrender the seat of the house because he had no sentinel offspring. After taking away the seat of the house, you worried that my father would come out with another son. Afraid that my father will threaten your father and son’s position, you planned to kill my parents.” As Mitte said that, he pulled up Miller’s left hand and pierced the needle into Miller’s thumb.


The howl of pain instantly exploded in the living room, but the soundproofing system of the room had been turned on long ago. Even if Miller screamed loudly, he still would not be heard by anyone outside the living room. Yóu Mò stared at Mitte with a happy expression. He glanced at Greene, who is trembling, and the corners of his lips twitched slightly. See? They are not the same people as you, we are.

Mitte turned a deaf ear to Miller’s howl. With a disgusted expression, he quickly pulled out the needle, bringing out a string of blood drops, “To be precise, I was included in the list of people you wanted to harm, but I got lucky and escaped.”

Mitte’s pale face is cold and frosty, “Don’t worry, I will not let go of any of the people who participated in the plan. What’s so great about you except being a sentinel? My father has worked so hard for the family for half his life, while your father is nobody! It’s ridiculous that those people choose to betray him easily just because you are a sentinel!”

“Could it be a waste like you want to be the master of the family?” Miller gasped and sarcastically said, “Only I am the hope of the family. They choose my father because they are wise.”

Miller: “My only regret now is that I didn’t kill you in the first place.”

Mitte snorted coldly, “Then you will regret it for the rest of your life. As for the Mi family1, I am afraid that there is no reputation worse than them on the planet now. If I throw you out on the street now, guess how many people will spit at you?”

Miller scratched the floor with his fingers, and his fingertips turned white from the strength, “This is all because of you. Did you feel proud of this? You dared to attack sentinels and guides, you will definitely be caught by the interstellar police. Someone will understand that the Mi family is innocent.”

“You still have the face to say anything about innocence?” Mitte couldn’t restrain the coldness in his voice. Holding the needle, he stabbed at Miller’s fingers one by one.

Sentinel’s 5 senses are powerful. Due to the actions of his bonded guide, Miller was burnt out and fatigued. Now after being caught by Mitte, he was tortured so his spiritual power and physical stamina dropped rapidly. Hence, Miller can’t control his 5 senses at this moment. All the pain that came from the body is infinitely expanded in Miller’s senses. Miller’s cry of pain became smaller and smaller. Soon, his voice turned hoarse and his whole body is soaked in a cold sweat as if he just got fished out of the water.

When Miller passed out from the pain, Mitte stopped. He casually threw the needle at Miller’s body, got up, and gave him a kick. After that, Mitte put a timer device in Miller’s jacket pocket. Next, Mitte ordered his subordinates to throw Miller onto the road where the Mi family’s residence is located. After doing all this, Mitte said to Yóu Mò expressionlessly, “Rest early.” After speaking, he walked upstairs without even giving Greene a look.

Yóu Mò stared at Mitte’s back for 2 seconds. Because of Mitte’s deliberate avoiding action, his smile turned deeper, but his eyes remained cold. He gently said to Greene, “You also should rest earlier.”

Greene’s gaze stayed on Mitte until Mitte disappeared in the corner. His gaze turned dimly and then startled by the sudden appearance of a shadow behind him.

“What, what do you want to do?” Greene stayed guarded, looking at Yóu Mò alertly.

Yóu Mò: “Do you like Mitte?”

“Wh, what?” Greene’s eyes widened in shock, then his face flushed uncontrollably. A hint of panic flashed in his eyes, “Don’t, don’t talk nonsense.”

Yóu Mò: “You really like him. Since you like him, you should be willing to do anything for him? Do you know what his wish is?”

Greene gripped his hands together. He remembered Mitte saying that their plan was to make all sentinels and guides disappear, leaving only ordinary people in this world. Greene felt scared in his heart, but still summoned the courage to say, “I won’t help you to harm people, they are all good people.”

Yóu Mò repeated, “Good people?” He smiled lightly, “Did you just hear that? Do you know how Mitte looked like when he was a child? When I rescued him, he only left the last breath in his body. He suffered extensive burns and almost his whole body is skin grafted.”

“Just because Miller is a sentinel, which is more likely to bring benefits to the family, Mitte’s father was forced to give up his position. Mitte was looked down upon because of this, and no one even bother to investigate the truth for them after an accident befell his whole family.”

“Now, tell me. If they are all ordinary people to start with, how can this kind of thing happen?”

Greene felt pain in his heart and looked towards the stairs subconsciously. He wanted to find Mitte, but Mitte deliberately avoided him, especially in front of Yóu Mò. Greene voiced his disapproval, “There are also people who do bad things among ordinary people. You can’t convict a type of people just because of individual cases.”

Yóu Mò corrected with a smile, without the slightest temperature in his eyes, “This is not an individual case. This is a typical case. What’s more, even if there is no such thing as sentinels and guides, do you think it’s fair to treat people differently just because of their status?”

Greene furrowed his eyebrows to ponder how to answer. But Yóu Mò suddenly lifted his(G) chin and stared at him inch by inch of his face, “You like Mitte but don’t want to do things for him. Your ‘like’ is really cheap.2

A chill ran down Greene’s back by the way Yóu Mò stared at him in detail. He had a feeling that that Yóu Mò’s gaze is like a knife, cutting at his face bit by bit. He is shocked by this thought and turned his head away. Unexpectedly, he easily avoided Yóu Mò’s hand.

Yóu Mò stepped back and ordered his men to take Greene back to the room. When Greene disappeared in the lobby, he sent a message to his men. Seeing that his message is sent, Yóu Mò chuckled slightly, “After this change, their similarity is almost 100%.”

Xiào Mu has not slept well every day since he left Zone A with the team. Hence, the first night after returning, he finally slept well. When he woke up, he realized that he is being held in Leo’s embrace. Xiào Mu looked at the time and saw that there are still a few minutes before 7.00 am.

Seeing that Xiào Mu has woken up, Leo ran his fingers under Xiào Mu’s eyes, “It’s still early, the banquet arranged by grandfather will not start until 12.00 pm.”

Hearing that, Xiào Mu suddenly became energetic and sat up, “The marshal gathered the high-level officers of the military department and their guides in the name of a banquet?”

“Yes, the emotions in the army have been unstable recently. So my grandfather also wants to take the opportunity to calm people’s hearts.” Leo handed Xiào Mu his clothes as he explained.

Xiào Mu took off his pajamas and reached out to take clothes but Leo took them back last minute. Kneeling next to Xiào Mu, Leo decided to personally dress him. Just that during the process, he accidentally touched Xiào Mu’s fair and smooth skin. For a moment, Leo couldn’t help from getting ‘excited’ in his heart.

Xiào Mu’s gaze swept down. Seeing Leo’s ‘reaction’, Xiào Mu wanted to roll over and get out of bed. However, Leo swiftly held his shoulder and pressed him back to the bed. Xiào Mu kicked Leo in the calf, “Get up, I’m going to eat breakfast. We still have things to do at noon.”

Leo leaned over and kissed Xiào Mu, “Eat later, there’s still time.”

Xiào Mu panted lightly after being kissed. Leo’s voice sounded low, and he moved his hips to rub against Xiào Mu, “You want it too, don’t you?”

Xiào Mu glared at Leo. His body is young and active, and it is early in the morning right now. It would be strange that he didn’t react from this kind of teasing! But Xiào Mu felt that he couldn’t control Leo’s action, let alone stop it, so he simply raised his hand to circle around Leo’s neck. Then he bit the side of Leo’s neck and said, “Just once and make it fast.”

Obviously, Leo, who ‘get an inch, want a mile’, can’t be satisfied with only just once. But fortunately, he still remember that there is business to attend to later so they managed to eat their breakfast before 10.00 am.

Xiào Mu received a lot of messages during the meal, including those from the research institute, Golden Tower, Qiao, Gu Miao, and Hawke. The latter few are eager to find out if a guide who is being controlled has been found and whether the examination device is useful.

The message from the research institute is talking about the Level S guide pheromone agent. The message stated that at present, apart from Xiào Mu, there is no other guide who can turn the research institute’s guide pheromone agent into Level S. They hope Xiào Mu can come over to make some.

The message from Golden Tower comes from Dean Qi Sai and Xie Bei, both of which are related to improving the effectiveness of the guide pheromone agent. Dean Qi Sai hopes that Xiào Mu could go to Golden Tower to give classes so that students can master the method quickly and make better medicines. Xie Bei on the other hand is asking him how to inject spiritual power into the agents.

After Xiào Mu finished eating, he responded to messages one by one. His reply to Dean Qi Sai and Xie Bei is the same, “I’ll be going to Golden Tower in the afternoon.”

Finished replying to the message, Xiào Mu returned to the room to harvest the mature herbs from the vegetable field in the system. After he sowed new seeds, Xiào Mu looked at the 5th barren patch and decided to cultivate it when he has free time. He proceed to process the medicinal herbs and started to make medicine again. This time, Xiào Mu made pills for both spiritual power and stamina that could recover 5,000 points. Nowadays, many guides can make medicine. The output of low-level medicine in the market is large so the most lacking is high-efficiency medicine.

Before the luncheon, Leo sent a formal suit to Xiào Mu. It’s a blue suit, a color that is difficult to handle. Xiào Mu looked at himself in the mirror and saw that his legs are complemented by the clothing, making them look long and slender. Satisfied, he straightened out his bow tie and tied his hair.

Leo hugged Xiào Mu from behind, frowning in dissatisfaction, “You looked too good.”

Xiào Mu slapped away Leo’s hand to let him go, “The adjective for men is handsome!”

A smile flashed in Leo’s eyes. He lowered his head and kissed on the tips of Xiào Mu’s ears, “My little guide.”

Xiào Mu’s ears felt hot and he turned his head to avoid the heat, “Let’s go out already. The marshal will be angry if we are late.”

The two arrived at the venue 15 minutes before the luncheon. When they entered, there are already many people in the banquet hall. Xiào Mu couldn’t help but be surprised when he saw so many people. Then he remembers that the empire had 9 army divisions. Considering that if each army sent over a few generals at random and then added their guide partner, there are going to be a lot of people indeed. Thinking about it, Xiào Mu calmed down.

The moment Leo and Xiào Mu came in, all the people who were talking at the banquet turned their gazes, almost all of them fell on Xiào Mu. Leo’s expression remained unchanged, and he led Xiào Mu towards Ren who is standing at the front. Xiào Mu glanced across the venue as they walked and suddenly became stunned. He asked, “Who is that?”

“Lieutenant General Bach of the 4th Army. The person next to him is his guide. What’s wrong?”

“He has a problem.” Xiào Mu whispered.

Hearing that, Leo’s face turned solemn. Before they could take a few more steps, Xiào Mu asked again, “Who is that?”

“Lieutenant General Cooper of the 1st Army. That’s his guide next to him,” Leo looked serious. “He too?”

Xiào Mu nodded with a calm face, “Yes.”

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