Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 81

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Chapter 81 Release from control

Xiào Mu looked around the banquet hall as he walked. It makes his emotion a little heavy that he found 2 controlled guides as soon he arrived. Fortunately, after he checked the whole banquet, there are only those 2 guides who had problems.

Xiào Mu did not relax his guard though. The entire banquet hall is full of high-ranking officials, almost all of them are sentinels and guides. If the controlled guides suddenly attacked, the consequences would be serious. Xiào Mu has always been on guard against the 2 while Leo also arranged for someone to monitor them; always paying attention to their actions.

Ren’s face tightened after receiving Leo’s message. Taking a drink in his hand, Ren stood up and started speaking. First, he talked about the unexpected events happening in the past few days, and then mentioned Planet Yao’s equipment and medicine to soothe people’s emotions. After he said this, his voice lowered slightly, “Everything is moving in a good direction, but the culprit behind the scenes has not been caught so we can’t take it lightly. There is another thing, everyone should have heard of the chaos that occurs on the other planets. I heard that the guides who launched the attacks are actually under spiritual mind control.”

“In our Planet Yao, there are also guides who have been controlled. The most important purpose of today’s banquet is to check whether there are controlled guides among the high-level officials’ guide partners so as to avoid tragedy.”

“How to check it?”

“Are you doubting us?”

The banquet hall suddenly became noisy, especially the guides, who nervously stood close to their sentinel while looking at the others with suspicion. Do they really have controlled guides here?

Ren raised his hand, and the noise immediately disappeared, “Don’t worry, the control can be lifted. After checking, 2 of the guides present are found being controlled. I hope that these 2 guides can work together with us.”

As Ren said that, he looked over at Lieutenant General Bach and Lieutenant General Cooper’s guide partner. Both of them looked panicked, confused, and at a loss.

“I’m fine, I’m not being controlled!” Lieutenant General Bach’s guide grabbed his sentinel’s arm and said loudly.

“I’m not sick.” Lieutenant General Cooper’s partner said with red eyes.

Cooper kissed his partner’s face to comfort him, and then looked at Ren with a cold face, “Marshal, my partner is normal. There’s nothing unusual about him.”

“My partner too!” Bach said angrily.

Ren looked at Xiào Mu. Xiào Mu stood up, and instantly all eyes fell on Xiào Mu. Xiào Mu explained, “The person who is being controlled will not realize that there is something wrong with him, and his usual behavior will not be affected.” He smiled and soothed, “I will release the mind control for you. Don’t be nervous. Also, we have developed an examination device for this and it can be used for on-site examination.”

Qiao jumped up immediately, “We can start the examination now.”

Cooper looked at his partner. Although his partner is scared, he still nodded, “I absolutely can’t tolerate that I might hurt you. I’m going to take the examination. If there is really something wrong with me, he(XM) said he will help me lift the control.”

Cooper kissed his guide’s face, “You will be fine.” He took his partner and walked to Qiao.

Qiao neatly proceeds with the examination. After that, he saved the spiritual state diagram of Cooper’s partner and sent a copy to Xiào Mu. Then, he looked at Bach.

Bach had anger on his face. Although he didn’t want to let his partner take the examination, he knew in his heart that if he refused, everyone would have doubts about his partner. It is better to check on the spot to find out the truth.

After Qiao finished the examination for Bach’s partner, he saved the result and sent a copy to Xiào Mu just like before. Then, he put the device back into the space storage. Next, he lowered his head to compare the latest result with his initial sample. The contrast is obvious. There is a black filament lying at the bottom of the guide’s spiritual state, which is particularly conspicuous in the bundle of white.

Qiao looked excited and sent a message to Xiào Mu, “We can tell from the result!”

Xiào Mu replied, “I suggest working with Zhao’s company to produce large quantities of the device as quickly as possible. The demand will be great, not only from Planet Yao but also other planets.”

Qiao: “Okay, I’ll contact Mr. Zhao. I’ll go first, if you have anything to say, contact me.”

Xiào Mu displayed the spiritual state diagrams of the 2 guides on a virtual screen. The screens are set up so large that everyone in the banquet hall could see them clearly. He pointed to the two black lines, “Both of their spiritual states are in good condition, except that this black line is proof of them under mind control.”

Cooper’s partner panicked, “Quick, please help me lift the control.”

Xiào Mu has always been worried that the guides will suddenly launch an attack so it is best to release their mind control as early as possible. In fact, he can use his skill on them at the moment they met, but Xiào Mu needed the data of their spiritual state while under mind control for comparison. Furthermore, both guides have distinguished status and cannot be forced into an examination.

Xiào Mu didn’t waste time talking. The moment he approached the guide, he directly used the Breeze Dew skill on Cooper’s partner. When the gray icon under the guide’s red and blue bars disappeared, the guide fell into a coma.

“What’s the matter?” Cooper asked anxiously, hugging his partner.

Xiào Mu comforted, “It’s okay, he will wake up soon.”

As Xiào Mu said, he proficiently probed his spiritual filaments into the spiritual state of Cooper’s partner. Finding the black filament, Xiào Mu injected his spiritual power until the filament emitted white light before stopping.

“I’m scared.” Looking at Cooper’s partner in a coma, Bach’s partner said, “Little Bach’s level1 downgraded because of his(XM) spiritual power. Will he also downgrade my spiritual power?”

Hearing that, Bach’s expression changed a few times. His gaze shifted from Cooper’s face to Ren’s face, “Marshal, did your 1st Army act deliberately like this? Do you want to take the opportunity to claim more power?”

The more Bach thought about it, the more he felt it is possible. “Everyone knows what the guide partner means to a sentinel. The god-level guide is from your Arnold family. You are the one who said he can help to lift the mind control. What if it’s not the case?”

“If there is a problem with my guide, I can’t be safe. Are you planning to attack the 4th Army first? What next? Which Army’s guide partner will be examined and found to be under control?”

Hearing the accusation, Ren’s expression sank, “Bach, don’t spread conspiracy theories.”

Xiào Mu is stunned by this development, he couldn’t keep up with Bach’s thoughts at all. However, the senior officials of the other Army changed their expression instantly because of Bach’s words. Thinking about it carefully, Bach’s words sounded really reasonable. The ones who found out about the problem and the solution are all from the 1st Army. Even Cooper is also a member of the 1st Army so his guide may be just acting. In today’s chaotic situation, if the 1st Army wants to take over military power, using their guide partner is indeed a good way to finish off the generals of each Army. Then, it would look natural to integrate their force into the armies.

Cooper glared at Bach, “Who did you say is acting?”

Just as Bach is about to say something, his spiritual barrier suddenly broke, and then a sharp pain came from his spiritual state. Bach’s eyes widened in surprise and he exhaled in pain.

Cries of pain sounded everywhere and Xiào Mu is stunned by it. Leo shouted, “Establish a spiritual barrier!”

Leo has been keeping a watch over Bach’s partner. After saying that, he immediately grabbed Bach’s partner. Pulling down the brooch that the guide was wearing, Leo studied it for a moment and pressed the close button. The spiritual attack disappeared immediately but many people suffered damage to their spiritual power, especially the guides. Their spiritual power is weaker than the sentinels so the barriers they built are more fragile. Several of them have fallen unconscious.

Bach and his partner’s condition is not very good either. They are too close to the source of the attack. Bach’s partner has fallen into a coma while Bach’s eyes are red. His complexion is flushed, and he is on the verge of mania. The sentinels are anxious because of the situation of their partners, and the hall is surrounded by the nervous shouts of the sentinels.

“Xiào Mu, please take a look at my partner.” Cooper hugged his partner with panic in his eyes. His partner was about to wake up but was suddenly attacked. With a short cry of pain, his partner fell unconscious again.

Xiào Mu used Pin Hold skill on Leo first and then went to check the situation of Cooper’s partner. Probably because he is defenseless at the moment he woke up, Cooper’s partner is in terrible condition. Xiào Mu used Pin Hold on the guide, which continuously recover his spiritual power, and then used Pin Lift 3 times in a row. Cooper’s partner’s spiritual state is quickly repaired.

Seeing that his partner has woken up, Cooper hugged him tightly and thanked Xiào Mu gratefully.

The others saw what happened, and they quickly came to ask Xiào Mu for help. Xiào Mu said, “It’s fine to just take the medicine if you are not unconscious.”

Xiào Mu walked around in the banquet hall and used Pin Hold on all the unconscious sentinels and guides. Those people woke up quickly and they took the healing medicine each so their situation is much better in an instant. Pin Hold has no cooling time and is released instantaneously. It didn’t take long for the situation in the banquet hall to stabilize. All the military leaders looked at Xiào Mu with a shocked expression. How strong is his spiritual power? It’s incredible that one person can treat so many people quickly and efficiently, and still maintain a normal complexion.

Bach’s partner soon woke up. Completely unable to remember what he did, he looked confused. Seeing that Bach’s expression is wrong, he nervously asked, “What’s the matter with you?”

Bach glanced at his partner and saw nothing like guilty conscience on his face. The rest of the people couldn’t help feeling a chill when they saw this. Just as Xiào Mu said, no one couldn’t see the difference, and the person himself also didn’t realize it. Bach got up and saluted Ren, “I’m very sorry. The 4th Army will absolutely support the Marshal’s decision in the future, and there will be no more doubts.”

Ren only looked at Bach lightly and returned a military salute, “Everything is for the sake of the empire.”

Hearing that, Bach felt ashamed. Ren only gathered the top leaders and their partner guides, simply because their identities will more likely cause great danger. Helping them to lift the control is to prevent the empire from being harmed.

Ren lowered his hand, “Now, we will lift the control from your guide. Do you have any comments?”

Bach nodded and looked at Xiào Mu, “Many thanks.”

Xiào Mu lightly nodded at Bach and helped to release the mind control. After the matter is settled, Ren lets the staff start serving the food. Because Xiào Mu confirmed that none of the people present is under control, the luncheon ended in a more relaxed atmosphere.

In another apartment, the smile on Yóu Mò’s face disappeared, and he darkly said, “Planet Yao’s connection is broken,” he squinted, “Xiào Mu a big trouble.”

Mitte didn’t say anything and asked: “The matter on Planet Yan is almost done. When will we go to Planet Hao?”

The corner of Yóu Mò’s mouth curved up. He lightly chuckled, “Don’t worry, my lovely brother did such a good deed at Planet Hao’s White Tower. At this moment, the whole Planet Hao should hate him to his bones. Let him enjoy it first.”

“Oh, I almost forgot, I haven’t sent him a message to congratulate him!”

Mitte watched Yóu Mò send a message and glanced around. Not seeing the person, Mitte gripped his fist. He endured for a while but still ended up asking, “Where is Greene?”

Yóu Mò raised his eyebrows, “Worrying about him? Don’t worry, he’s fine.”

Mitte lowered his eyes, “He’s just an ordinary person.”

“Mitte, this is not like you.” Yóu Mò chuckled lightly, but his voice is cold. A thoughtful gaze flashed in his eyes, and then he smiled pleasantly as if he had thought of some good idea.

Yóu Mò: “Don’t worry, I won’t touch him.”

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