Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 76

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Chapter 76 Information

Xiào Mu couldn’t help but laugh. He finally understood something. Whoever praised Yin, Yin will like that person back.

When the people in the command room heard Xiào Mu chuckle, they all turned their gazes to him. The look in their eyes is extremely complicated. This situation is already strange but Xiào Mu could still laugh out like this.

Leo is the first to understand, “Yin?”

Xiào Mu nodded, “Let’s go out and pick him up, he seems to be very tired.”

Louis also understood what happened now. He knew about Yin’s existence, unlike the people in the command room who all looked confused. When Louis saw the pieces of equipment, surprise flashed on his face, and then his expression became cautious. He brought his people out to move the equipment to the starship while the officers in the command room discussed in a low voice, not understanding what is going on. Xiào Mu listened as their guesses become more and more unreliable and finally told them that the natives of the rock planet are spiritual bodies. After they understood what happened, the men showed a surprised look. This is a new species. Their gaze at Xiào Mu became even more admiring. At this moment, they had only one thought in their mind. As expected of the god-level guide, Xiào Mu could actually communicate with other non-human races.

After Xiào Mu explained, he left the command room with Leo to see the equipment brought back by Yin. As soon as he entered the room where the equipment is placed, Xiào Mu saw Yin floating on the equipment. Then, Yin quickly flew and stopped in front of him.

“Mu Mu, a lot of the information in it has been destroyed by someone. You should get someone to try to restore it.”

Xiào Mu conveyed Yin’s words to Louis, and then asked Yin, “Did you encounter any danger at the base?”

“No, there is no living creature inside. I saw this computer in a large room after I entered. On the screen, Xin Xin’s name is written there and I have read it. It contains the research records of Xin Xin after he was kidnapped. But it didn’t tell where Xin Xin went after he escaped.”

“There are traces of destruction in the data. This is your human technology so I thought to bring it back to see if you guys can restore it.”

“By the way,” Yin’s ball-like body rested on the left shoulder of Xiào Mu. “Don’t go in. When I was looking for information in the room, I found that there is a gravity sensor on the floor in front of the computer. If it’s you humans who got in, it should be very dangerous.”

“Phew,” after Yin finished saying that, he made a humane sigh, “I’m tired, send me some spiritual power.”

Xiào Mu thought for a while and took out a guide pheromone agent with an efficiency of 9,000 points, “Can you absorb it by yourself?” He opened the lid as he said that, and saw Yin stick out a filament into the bottle. The next moment, there’s no liquid left in the bottle.

Yin’s voice rose suddenly, “That’s amazing, what kind of medicine is this? Do you have more? I want to stock up a mountain!”

Xiào Mu twitched the corner of his mouth, “It is the medicine that restores spiritual power. This is the best one so it is not available in large quantities. Another medicine can also restore spiritual power. Just that it is in pill form so I don’t know if you can absorb it.”

Xiào Mu raised his hand, and a pill appeared on the palm of his hand. After a while, the pill disappeared out of thin air, and only powdery residue is left on his palm.

Yin: “This is also good. Although the effect is not as good as the one earlier, it is much faster than me absorbing spiritual power with the illusion.”

Xiào Mu looked at Yin in surprise. Yin is not restricted by the interval of the medicine’s usage. No matter how he looked at Yin, he is just a small ball of spiritual power, Xiào Mu doesn’t understand how he can ‘eat’ the pill. He asked his doubts and Yin said, “There is spiritual power in it, and things with spiritual power can be easily controlled by me. Then, their spiritual power will be swallowed by me.”

Xiào Mu thought of Planet Yan’s tea, and his heart tightened, “We human beings have spiritual power, can you swallow them too?”

“It’s only the spiritual power that I swallow,” Yin said, “That’s why I set up the illusion before this to swallow your spiritual power and turn it into my own.”

“Our food is spiritual power, but we rarely get hungry if we don’t use our power.”

Speaking of this, Yin humphed softly, “I have read the information that I brought back. That group of bad guys secretly studied us, and they also cleverly learned to use spiritual power to control people.”

Xiào Mu looked at the computer. Louis and Leo had copied the available data to their personal terminal and are looking down to read, while the technicians are studying how to recover the damaged data.

Since Yin has restored his spiritual power, he is full of energy now. No need for Xiào Mu to ask, he said, “Those people are really bad. After Xin Xin got kidnapped, they keep stimulating Xin Xin’s spiritual power. Although his spiritual power did increase later on, I can imagine how painful it was for him at the time.”

Xiào Mu frowned. Although he knew that the experimental base is likely to be doing experiments upon knowing that they are kidnapping guides, he still feel uncomfortable when he heard about it. Especially when the experimental subjects are the relatives of the person he likes.

“But Xin Xin is really amazing,” Yin said after a pause. “Well, that bastard Reacher is not bad too. They managed to escape from the base to the rock planet even under close guard. They are very strong.”

“Humph, there’s nothing in the record after that. Maybe they caught Xin Xin and did things that are too terrible, so they didn’t dare to record it.”

Xiào Mu thought of Yin’s attitude when they first met, and couldn’t help asking, “You seemed to hate humans before, and you kept saying that they betrayed you.”

Hearing that, Yin’s voice became excited, “They were injured when they first arrived at the rock planet and met me. Do you know how excited I am to meet someone who can communicate with me? I made friends with Xin Xin. He told me a lot about humans.”

[Banana: Sorry to break immersion for a moment. I want to explain a bit about the rock planet in case you guys get confused by the following conversation. Apparently, the whole rock planet is inhabited by spiritual beings like Yin. The red dots that XM saw in the living area when they first landed on the planet are spiritual beings instead of human enemies.]

“Later, the people from the base came to chase after them. I took Xin Xin and Reacher to the living area to protect them, but… I didn’t expect that the bad people to use spiritual power to attack us. At that time, my comrades were caught off guard and many of them were injured.”

Yin paused for a moment before continuing, “After that, my people gathered together and used their spiritual power to turn on the protection mode. Then, they used the spiritual power to attack back and drove all those bad people away.”

“The struggle of mankind has brought unnecessarily disasters to my people so my people have become hostile to humans. Anyone who enters the living area will be attacked indiscriminately.”

“I secretly told Xin Xin about the hidden passage in our land so that they can leave from there to the jump point. But in the end, they are still discovered and Xin Xin… he told everyone that we are not friends and that he is just using me.”

“I got imprisoned in the garbage area, which is an area where humans can go, but until the moment they left the planet, Xin Xin still did not visit me or contact me.”

Xiào Mu found that Yin’s ball-like body has turned dark, and said, “You have always emphasized that they betray you, but in fact, you still have expectations of them in your heart. You don’t believe what they say, right?”

“That, that’s not it! I just want to figure out the truth, and then ask them to settle the matter.”

Xiào Mu is amused and said, “If you really hated them, you won’t care about their news so much. You even got nervous when you heard that they might be in trouble.”

“Who said I’m nervous?” Yin asked with a raised voice.

Xiào Mu soothed, “En, you are not nervous at all.”

At this time, the technician finally raised his head and looked at Louis. He hadn’t spoken yet, and Yin rushed to him like a beam of white light, wishing to stick to his face. Xiào Mu’s mouth twitched. Didn’t you say you are not nervous? Fortunately, the technicians couldn’t see Yin, otherwise, they would definitely be taken aback.

The technician looked embarrassed as he said, “The damage to the data is very serious, and we may only recover some fragments.”

“As much as you can recover, do your best,” Louis said.

After Louis finished speaking, he signaled to Leo and Xiào Mu, and the three of them went to the living room of the Louis lounge together. Louis sat down, his expression doesn’t look very good. He looked at Leo, “Have you read all the information?”

Leo nodded, his face tense as he said, “Father and Dad are amazing.” A flash of relief flashed across Louis’s face, followed by worry, and then quickly concealed.

“Yes, they are all excellent. According to the data, Ah Xin’s spiritual power has broken through to Level S. Your father’s abilities were about the same as yours before your union with Xiào Mu. They will be fine.”

Leo nodded, and Louis said again, “There is some information in the data that makes me feel very uncomfortable. In addition to Ah Xin, there are also 7 subjects being monitored at the same time. When Ah Xin escaped from the base, only 4 were recorded.”

Leo gripped his fist, “Their way of research can cause casualties.”

“This is one point, even if it does not cause casualties, their research that disregards other people’s right is strictly forbidden by the alliance.”

“As for another point,” Louis said with a deep voice, “Your grandfather has always kept you in the front line. He wants you to accumulate practical experience while you are young. You may not be familiar with the higher-ups of other planets, but these 4 guides…” He paused before continuing with a serious expression, “They are from different planets, all of them are partners of higher-ups in the planets, and one of them is even the marshal’s wife.”

Leo frowned, and Xiào Mu asked in surprise, “Are they all controlled like Novi?”

Louis: “This is what I am worried about. If this is the case, the purpose of the person behind this is terrible. He is most likely not here now and I am worried about what else he is doing.”

Xiào Mu couldn’t help but worry, “Their spiritual attack weapons are clearly aimed at sentinel and guides… oh right,” His face changed slightly as he added, “Not long before Mitte tried to shoot me, I happened to eliminate Novi’s mind control. They are probably there to prevent me from affecting their plans.”

Hearing that, Leo immediately turned to look at Xiào Mu, “You eliminated their mind control over Novi?”

Xiào Mu pursed his lips. At this moment, he couldn’t care about anything else and nodded, “Yes, I noticed that something is wrong with him earlier.”

Leo’s face became darker as he recalled the situation that day.

They have lost contact with the outside world and don’t know the situation at the moment. They don’t know that what they are worrying about has happened. At this moment, the entire Interstellar Alliance is very chaotic.

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