Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 75

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Chapter 75 Argument

Xiào Mu fell into a coma due to the huge impact at the moment the enemy’s fighter aircraft exploded. When he regained consciousness, he could not help frowning even before he could open his eyes.

“Ah Mu.” Leo’s low and slightly hoarse voice sounded beside Xiào Mu’s ear.

Xiào Mu’s eyelids moved and he opened his eyes. Feeling nauseous and dizzy, he closed his eyes. He waited until the feelings settled down before opening them again.

Leo sat on the edge of the bed and his reddened eyes are locked tightly on Xiào Mu. His military uniform is not as neat as usual and looked a little messy.

“Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?” Seeing Xiào Mu open his eyes, Leo leaned close to his head and asked in a low voice. Leo’s voice is very soft as if he is worried about scaring him.

Xiào Mu: “Feels dizzy, it should be a concussion. How about you? Are you injured?”

Leo: “I’m fine.”

As they are talking, someone knocked on the door. Leo’s adjutant Wood came in with the treatment device. Seeing that Xiào Mu has woken up, surprise appeared on Wood’s face. He then looked at Leo, “Major General, the wounded soldiers have been treated. Master Xiào Mu is also awake, so can I treat your injuries now?”

Hearing that, Leo’s expression froze, and he glared at the innocent-looking Wood.

Xiào Mu frowned and asked, “Where did he get hurt?” As he said that, Xiào Mu put his elbows on the bed, wanting to get up. Just as he propped himself up, Xiào Mu feel dizzy and his brows furrowed tighter.

Leo quickly supported Xiào Mu, “Don’t move, it’s just a small injury.” He let Xiào Mu lean on him and sat on the bed. Taking off his jacket and shirt, Leo urged Wood, “Hurry up.”

Xiào Mu saw Leo throw the clothes he took off to the foot of the bed, which happened to be a blind spot in his sight and frowned, “Turn around.”

Seeing Leo hesitated, Xiào Mu moved his hand, as if to reach out. Leo saw that and worried that Xiào Mu would be uncomfortable when he moved, “Don’t move, I’ll turn around.”

Leo’s back was scalded extensively. At this time, the flesh looked messy and bloody, and the edges of the wound are black, which looked particularly horrible. Xiào Mu took a deep breath. For a moment before he became unconscious, he vaguely felt Leo hugging him. At that moment, Xiào Mu thought he was hallucinating. After all, the incident happened suddenly and it is difficult to react in such a short time. But seeing the injury on Leo’s back, Xiào Mu is sure that it is not an illusion. Leo received most of the damage because of the hug. Xiào Mu himself didn’t feel any pain in his body except for dizziness. Obviously, Leo protected him very well.

Leo quickly turned to face Xiào Mu again. Seeing that Xiào Mu turned his head and looked to the other side, Leo thought Xiào Mu is angry. He leaned closer and said, “It’s a minor injury, it’s okay.”

Xiào Mu turned his head and glared at Leo, “Still not hurry up and get your treatment? If I don’t wake up just now, you won’t get any treatment?”

Seeing Xiào Mu’s red eyes, Leo stretched out his hand and stroked the corner of his eye, “I’m fine,” Then, Leo turned to Wood and said, “Hurry and treat my wounds.”

Receiving the order, Wood pointed the treatment device forward. Xiào Mu slapped Leo’s hand away and motioned to the seat not far away, “Sit down properly.”

Xiào Mu kept staring at Wood’s action during Leo’s treatment. After Leo’s back recovered, looking as if he hadn’t been injured before, Xiào Mu breathed a sigh of relief. Wood got a set of clean clothes for Leo and took the treatment device out of the room. Just as Leo is about to get dressed, Xiào Mu waved to him, “Come here.” Leo didn’t know why but still, he went over and stood by the bed. Then, Xiào Mu asked him to turn around again.

Xiào Mu stared at Leo’s back and stretched out his hand to caress Leo’s previously wounded area. Next, he touched the uninjured area at the edge; clearly feeling 2 different sensations. “I knew it. The wound couldn’t get healed that fast, it just looked okay on the surface. But it’s okay, at least it won’t be infected. Is it still painful?”

Leo perceives a soft touch from his back, and his body turned uncontrollably tight. The pain from the wound seems to be lessened under the slightly cool fingertips. Leo turned around and grabbed Xiào Mu’s hand. Passionate fire filled his eyes, and he warned in a low voice, “You haven’t recovered yet, don’t mess around.”

Xiào Mu saw Leo’s ‘reaction’ as soon as he glanced across his body. He doesn’t know if he should laugh or cry, “Can you stop thinking about unnecessary stuff if you are injured?”

Leo lowered his head and lightly nipped at Xiào Mu’s hand, “It’s just a small injury. If it’s not for your bad condition, I will tell you ‘personally’ that this injury is nothing.”

Xiào Mu’s face turned red, and he decisively changed the subject, “How is the situation now?”

Leo let go of Xiào Mu’s hand and put his shirt on. He looked a little serious while sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Most of the mecha fighters are seriously injured. Fortunately, we have the medicines you prepared earlier for them so no fatalities. However, the situation is not very good. Many people need amputation (接肢)1. Starship no.2 has sent them back to Planet Yao.”

“You have been unconscious for about 6 hours. Our people are searching everywhere. So far, they have not found anything and also have not been attacked again.”

Xiào Mu puzzledly asked, “The opponent obviously was waiting for us at that moment, but then their fighter aircraft suddenly retreated and self-detonated. I felt like something is a little strange.”

Leo nodded, and explained with a cold expression, “The technical staff has analyzed the wreckage of the fighter aircraft. The aircraft didn’t self-detonate, but blew up by a remotely controlled bomb.”

Xiào Mu is stunned and said, “Such lunatic.”

Leo said, “The other party is very dangerous, I don’t know what else they will do. Grandpa meant for us to stay here first, and at the same time he sent someone out to inquire about the situation.”

Xiào Mu opened the map in his system and found that they are still on the edge, far from the experimental base in the middle. What makes him feel strange is that there are no red dots on the map, which means that there are no malicious people to him around. But the other party tries to harm them by sacrificing his own people, so that doesn’t look like the enemy is not malicious.

Could it be? Xiào Mu stared at the experimental base, there is no one in there? If there is no one in the base, Xiào Mu is even more puzzled. The opponent is obviously not a simple person. He even chooses to directly fight with them, and the means are cruel. That person doesn’t look like someone who would immediately retreat when seeing the military coming.

“What’s the matter?” Seeing Xiào Mu’s thoughtful expression, Leo asked.

Xiào Mu returned to his senses, “I wonder why they didn’t attack again. Are they that confident that the explosion will finish us all?”

Leo said, “According to the results of the investigation, we suspect that they have left this planet.” Leo touched Xiào Mu’s pale face and said, “Don’t think about this anymore, you need to rest.”

Xiào Mu thought for a while. As long as the other party has a plan, they will definitely take action. The most important thing now is to recover as soon as possible. It took Xiào Mu 2 days to recover to normal. Compared with the recovery speed back on Earth, it is already very fast, but Leo has a worried look on his face as he hugged Xiào Mu, “Your physical fitness is too poor.”

Xiào Mu curled his mouth. Compared to Level S sentinel, his physical strength is indeed very poor, but compared to the time when he first arrived, he is much better now. He looked at the lush forest not far from the window. For the past 2 days, the starship will approach towards the middle area to a certain distance every day. They will carefully survey the surrounding areas, and then continue to move forward.

Xiào Mu: “Still hasn’t found it yet?”

Leo nodded, and Xiào Mu added, “The experimental base is very likely to be on this planet. The base must be built in the safest place, perhaps in the middle.”

Leo agreed, “It’s possible. This planet is not big so at the current rate, we can get to the middle in 3 days.”

Just as Leo said, 3 days later, the starship arrived in the middle of Planet Lu, and the metal detector kept responding. Without much effort, they found the entrance to the experimental base. Due to the self-detonation incident upon arrival, both Louis and Leo are extra cautious. Both believed that the base is unsafe, but there should be a lot of information about Reacher and Wen Xin inside so they had to go inside. The two quarreled about who will go in. Both wanted to go, and no one gave in. Leo and Louise have a cold expression on their face, and no one in the meeting room dared to persuade them. Wood took the opportunity to sneak out and went to the lounge to find Xiào Mu.

At the moment, Xiào Mu is making medicine. The previous surprise attacks from the illusion and also Planet Lu consumed a lot of medicine. He took advantage of Leo’s meeting to make some backups. After learning about the situation from Wood, Xiào Mu is also very helpless. Thinking of how the other party sacrificed his own people without care, Xiào Mu suspected that a pile of dangerous substance might be planted in the base long ago, and it would blow them into pieces when they entered the base.

From what Yin said, Xiào Mu learned that Leo’s parents have escaped from the experimental base, and then suddenly disappeared. They likely have something to do with the base and there is information about them in the base. Louise and Leo have searched for many years and they cannot give up any possible information. Thinking of this, Xiào Mu suddenly came to a realization. Ever since he woke up, he hadn’t heard anything from Yin at all. He stretched out his spiritual filaments and looked around, but didn’t see Yin. He tried to connect with Yin in his head, but there is no response.

Xiào Mu thought about it and decided to go to the meeting room to see Leo and Louis and ask about Yin at the same time. When he arrived in the meeting room, there are only 2 people left, Louis and Leo. Leo’s voice sounded tense as he said, “Grandfather is still waiting for you.”

Louis has no expression on his face as he replied, “You have a bonded guide. They are my son and daughter-in-law. If something happens, I as the elder should come forward.”

Leo: “I am their son, I should go.”

“I’ll go, there is no discussion.” Louis insisted.

“I don’t agree, I must go in,” Leo said.

Xiào Mu listened helplessly as the two refused to make concessions and quarreled like children. He coughed and looked at Louis, “Lieutenant General Louis, let me go with Leo!”

“Nonsense,” Louis said coldly, “I will never allow it.”

Xiào Mu is about to persuade him when Yin’s voice with electric current sounded in his head. The voice sounded intermittent, like a person panting when running, “Mu Mu, you called me?”

“Where are you?” Xiào Mu asked.

Yin’s voice still sounded choppy, “I saw your starship already. Come to pick me up and transfer spiritual power to me.

Xiào Mu felt puzzled by that. Then, a soldier came to report, “Reporting, an unknown object has walked out of the base and is approaching the starship. Please give instructions.”

Louis got up and asked, “Unknown object?”

“Yes, the heat sensor detected nothing from there.”

Louis walked to the command room and Leo and Xiào Mu followed him. Leo grabbed Xiào Mu’s hand and furrowed his eyebrows, “Your proposal just now, you are forbidden to say it again. I will go in alone.”

Xiào Mu threw a glance at Leo, “No way.”

Leo frowned, and they arrived at the command room. On the starship’s screen, they saw a strange object gradually approaching the starship. When it got closer, someone exclaimed, “Is it… a piece of equipment?”

“There is also an energy core.”

“How is this possible? These researchers managed to make inanimate objects come alive (become a spirit)?”

The corners of Xiào Mu’s mouth twitched. It’s already interstellar age, what are they talking about?

“Mu Mu, where are you? Come pick me up, I’m exhausted.” Yin’s choppy voice sounded again.

“Eh, it lowered itself down! Is it ready to stop?” an officer exclaimed.

“It’s moving again.”

Xiào Mu looked at the screen where various equipment and instruments are approaching them and suddenly thought of the scene where the rocks flies to hit their aircraft back in the rock planet.

“You… just came out of the base?” Xiào Mu asked Yin.

“Yeah, I also brought a lot of things! Anything that mentioned about Xin Xin, I took them out.” Yin’s voice still sounded choppy but the tone suddenly rose at the lower half, as if the speaker is very proud of himself.

Xiào Mu: “…you are awesome!”

“You have good eyes, I like you!”

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