Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 74

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Chapter 74 Fight

Starship no.2 swiftly headed north. Not long after, Starship no.1 appeared on the screen in the command room, and Leo ordered to land.

“After that stone mound in front, you will enter the range of the illusion made by my fellow people,” Yin said.

Xiào Mu saw that the location where starship no.1 landed is just over the stone mound, and is worried. There are more than 100 people on the starship. Could it be that they are all affected? The team led by Leo earlier didn’t stay in the illusion for a long time, and yet their spiritual power is consumed more than half. Starship no.1 landed directly in the illusion range, and it had been staying there a long time. Xiào Mu couldn’t help but ask, “Can you contact ‘him’1 and ask him to cancel the illusion?”

Yin: “He doesn’t necessarily listen to me but I will try.”

The method of communication between Yin’s race is obviously different from how human beings communicate. Xiào Mu only felt the spiritual power fluctuations and did not hear any sound. After a while, Yin passed them the reply.

“He refused. He said he will be able to leave the garbage area soon so he needs those spiritual power.”

Xiào Mu thought for a while and said, “We can input our spiritual power to him just like how we transferred to you earlier. Can he let our people go?”

Yin is silent for a while, then nods, “He agreed, but he wants to try your spiritual power.”

As soon as Yin said that, Xiào Mu and Leo simultaneously heard another electrical voice in their mind, “You can give me spiritual power?”

Xiào Mu replied in his head, “Yes, please ensure the safety of the others.”

“Come here.”

Leo walked out of the command room with a serious face, and Xiào Mu followed him. The native being in the rock planet does not have a physical body but exists as a spiritual body. Each individual can create illusions that can affect many people. Obviously, their spiritual power is very high. Xiào Mu dares not to be careless and is always on guard. The two got off the starship. After leaving the rest of the teams to stay some distance away from the rock mound, they continued to move forward. As they approached the range, Xiào Mu contacted Yin’s fellow people. Upon determining that their spiritual power is sufficient, that spiritual body agreed to their request.

Leo transferred his spiritual power while Xiào Mu helped to replenish them. Soon, a ball of light similar to Yin floated from the pile of rocks. Without saying anything, the ball quickly flies to the living area. Leo carried Xiào Mu and ran to the starship no.1. Not far from the entrance of the starship, the two saw Louis in a coma on the ground. Leo ran over, put Xiào Mu down, and helped Louis up, “Grandpa.”

Xiào Mu checked Louis’s status. To his surprise, the value of both Louis’s red and blue bar is still very high, but there is a gray debuff underneath. Xiào Mu used the skill Breeze Dew to remove the debuff from Louis. After that, he asked Yin in his mind, “In addition to using spiritual power to create illusions, your people can also use poison?”

“Poison?” Yin puzzledly, “What is that?”

Xiào Mu is taken aback for a moment. Then he realized that they have no physical body, so poison seems to be of little use to them.

“Grandpa,” Leo called out suddenly.

Xiào Mu heard Leo’s voice and saw Louis open his eyes. Louis frowned and looked around, his expression ugly, “Mitte is taken away.” Mitte was guarded by Louis on the starship no.1.

Leo asked, “Did you meet the enemy?”

Louis’s frown became tighter, “After the starship landed, most of the soldiers were in a bad condition, and I was also affected. At that time, a few people suddenly appeared and injected me with something. Then I fell unconscious.”

Leo relayed the information from Yin to Louis, and Xiào Mu said, “I will go and see the situation of the other soldiers.”

When Xiào Mu walked into the starship, someone had gradually awakened from the illusion, but his expression is not very good. The situation of the soldiers of starship no.1 is not as bad as Xiào Mu had imagined, probably because of the large number of soldiers. Before departure, each soldier is given a guide-made medicine. Xiào Mu reminded them to take a pill each to recover their spiritual power and personally treated those who are in poor condition.

Starship no.1 quickly resumed normal operations. After hearing what Leo had conveyed, Louis immediately decided that all three of them would stay together on starship no.1 and they will head directly to the transition point that Yin said after they found the other starship. Starship no.3 is the luckiest one. It was not attacked by any spiritual being and only got lost in the stone formation. The three starships quickly get together, and the flight went smoothly with Yin leading the way. Yin helped to deal with the rock mounds they come across so there is no danger. Only, after reaching the location, the starship scanner did not find the jump points.

Yin bounced up and down, “How could it be? This, this is where Xin Xin and the rest left!”

Xiào Mu looked at the map in his system. They are about a quarter of a circle from the initial landing site and there are no jump points nearby. He originally thought his map is incomplete! Xiào Mu looked at the jump point at a quarter of a circle apart and asked, “Could it be you remember the position wrongly?”

“I’m absolutely not mistaken, it’s here,” Yin said.

Louis and Leo stared at the result displayed by the scanner, and Louis said, “There are no jump points near here.”

Yin emphasized, “I will never remember it wrongly. Us spiritual being’s memory is very good. No, I’m going to ask around.” As Yin said that, it flew outside the starship, “I will come to you later.”

Yin is so fast that he is nowhere to be seen.

Xiào Mu pondered for a moment before saying, “We had been under attack in the middle area before, and didn’t stop until we reached the edge. Why don’t we let the starship fly around the outer circle and scan for jump points while flying?”

Leo nodded, “I agree.”

Louis ordered for the 3 starships to slow down and moved forward in a line. Xiào Mu sat in his seat and kept his attention on the system map. When approaching the jump point, he sat upright and looked at Louis and Leo who had been in front of the podium.

“Here.” After a while, Xiào Mu heard Leo say. Xiào Mu’s eyes brightened; the system’s map is really accurate.

Louis ordered all men to gather. Making sure that everything is normal, he prepared for the transition. Yin came back at this moment and he said, “I’ll go with you.” After speaking, he didn’t say a word and stayed quiet.

Louis and Leo didn’t say anything. Yin’s spiritual power is strong, and he knew Reacher and Wen Xin. It didn’t hurt for him to follow. What’s more, he is a spiritual body, so rejection seems to be useless. Louis gave the order to proceed with the jump while Leo let Xiào Mu sit back in the safety seat. He activated the safety device on the seat, and then sat next to Xiào Mu, holding Xiào Mu’s hand. Xiào Mu smiled at Leo and motioned that he is fine.

The speed of the jump this time is normal, and they reached the exit in 5 or 6 minutes. Xiào Mu looked at the system map. This planet is called the Planet Lu. The flora coverage on this planet has reached more than 80%. There is a mark in the middle of the map: Experimental Base. Xiào Mu’s eyes lit up, it’s here! Before he could speak, the starship shook and started falling abruptly, and his body shook violently. At the same time, an alarm sounded inside the starship.

“Reporting, the starship is attacked by thermal weapons, and our right wing is severely damaged.”

Louis stared intently at the display, which showed 5 green combat aircraft, firing at the starship. Obviously, these people are waiting here on purpose.

“Starship no.1 cover for the rest while starship no.2 and 3 quickly evacuated. Look for a safe point and land. Then, solve the signal interference matter as soon as possible.” Louis quickly issued a series of orders.

Starship no.1 faced the enemy head-on, and 2 mecha fighters jumped off the starship as a mobile unit, going to the side and rear to cause interference to the enemy. An alarm sounded, indicating that there is a spiritual attack. As they have spiritual protective equipment on the starship, the attack had no effect for the time being, but as time passed, the protective equipment gradually fell into a state of collapse.

Louis expressionlessly said, “Such a strong spiritual power attack. This is probably where the guide kidnapper’s base is located.”

Leo looked serious, “If this goes on, the protective device will be unable to hold on.” He stared at the combat plane in the middle of the screen, “I’ll go out.”

Xiào Mu said, “I’ll go with you.” Without waiting for Leo to refuse, he continued, “I can help you to recover spiritual power. If you are attacked with spiritual power, it will be safer with me beside.”

Louis: “Let Xiào Mu follow you. If he is not by your side, you will be easily distracted.”

Leo didn’t say anything, released mecha Ying, and let Xiào Mu sit in the co-pilot. He activated the safety settings and drove into the battlefield like a phantom. Leo attacked from the side. His purpose is very clear, which is to destroy the middle fighter aircraft, where the spiritual attack is the strongest. The attack instrument is obviously there. Ying’s speed is very fast, perfectly avoiding attacks from all directions, while constantly approaching the middle fighter.

The enemy’s combat power is completely incomparable with the imperial army. Realizing that their spiritual attack instrument did not play the expected role, they began to withdraw. Louis did not give them a chance and ordered the pursuit. Leo is the fastest to catch up. With a swipe from Ying’s tail, it hit the rear of a fighter aircraft, and the aircraft swayed aside.

In the process of running and chasing, all of the retreating enemy fighters suddenly stopped midair. Then, a loud BOOM sounded. No one could react in time, and an explosion has occurred. Standing in front of the podium, Louis put his hands on the table. His fingers are trembling, and his eyes are staring at the fire from the explosion on the screen.

In a spaceship on the edge of Planet Lu, Mitte sat on the seat, looking at the young man across from him who is wearing a long robe and looked elegant. Mitte stared at the black remote control in his hand. The young man watched the flames burning on the screen and praised, “They all sacrificed for a great cause, and their sacrifices will not be in vain.”

Mitte asked, “Do they know they will die?”

“You know, I don’t need cowards. Fear is an emotion that shouldn’t exist. They just need to know that they will succeed.”

Mitte gripped his fingers, “Yóu Mò2, they are all ordinary people. The ones we wanted to deal with are guides and sentinels!”

“Sacrifice is inevitable,” Yóu Mò’s face remained unchanged. It even carried a faint smile, as the young man looked at Mitte with his eyes narrowed, “My dear brother, you have become kinder, you haven’t called my name for a long time.” Without waiting for Mitte to say anything, he chuckled softly, “Is it because of that boy? En,” he tilted his head. “He is sure a delicate boy. With reddened eyes, he looked so cute.”

Mitte’s complexion changed, and he got up from the seat abruptly, “What did you do?”

Yóu Mò smiled and said, “Seeing that you are so nervous, I know what I did is right. You will be able to see him soon. Are you happy?”

Mitte’s fist shook slightly, and his head lowered slightly to cover the dark emotions passing by in his eyes, “He’s just an ordinary person.”

“He’s not ordinary,” Yóu Mò said softly. Then he leaned forward to stare at Mitte, “He managed to affect you into questioning our goal. Also, I found an amusing thing. He and that god-level guide really look alike!” Yóu Mò shook his head regretfully, “Such a good resource and you didn’t use it. No wonder the operation failed. You really disappointed me.”

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