Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 73

A small cliff but a cliff all the same, jump at your own risk _(;3/

Chapter 73 Information

The static voice caused Xiào Mu to be taken aback for a moment. Then he looked at the rock mound and looked up at Leo, “Let’s go out first.”

Leo looked at Xiào Mu deeply with red eyes. He lowered his head and touched Xiào Mu with his forehead. Next, Leo reached out and carried Xiào Mu to leave the area.

Once they are out, Xiào Mu found that Leo’s spiritual power had been lost by more than half, and quickly took out a pill for him. After that, Xiào Mu turned his head and saw that the others are still inside the illusion range. He quickly patted Leo’s arm, “Let’s get them all out.”

Leo subconsciously hugged Xiào Mu tightly, unwilling to let go. Seeing that, Xiào Mu thought of the scene he saw in his illusion. He looped his hand around Leo’s neck and rubbed the side of his face against Leo, “Then, how about you carry me on your back?”

Leo’s expression loosened, and he turned his back at Xiào Mu. Xiào Mu stuck to Leo like an octopus behind him, freeing Leo’s hands. Leo swiftly moved into the rocky area again, and he is not polite at all as he threw his men out one by one.

When the soldiers who are waiting not far away saw this, they hurriedly stepped forward to help and lifted those who fell to the ground. Out of the illusion attack range, the soldiers recovered to their senses. However, the intense emotions that they experienced have not completely dissipated. In addition, since their spiritual power has been consumed more than half, their faces don’t look very good. Ah Da is the last to go in so he is the least affected one. He quickly recovered and helped others to leave the area. Xiào Mu laid on Leo’s back and used Pin Hold skill one by one at the soldiers.

After Leo threw all the people out, he moved Xiào Mu in front of him and hugged him tightly. Then he lowered his head and looked at Xiào Mu deeply, “You are mine.”

Xiào Mu asked what he guessed, “The scene you just saw is related to me?”

Leo’s hand holding Xiào Mu’s waist pressed harder. The emotions in his eyes are slightly broken, and his voice is low and painful, “There are also father and dad.”

Xiào Mu swiftly hugged Leo. Obviously, the illusion that everyone saw evokes the most fearful thing in people’s hearts. What Xiào Mu saw has made him very uncomfortable, and Leo saw people related to him. There is no need to understand more deeply about that as Xiào Mu knew that it must be exceptionally cruel to Leo.

“Forget about those, they are all fake.” Xiào Mu said softly.

Leo stubbornly repeated, “You are mine.”

Xiào Mu squinted his eyes. Since Leo kept emphasizing this sentence, it must be Leo lost him in the illusion. Is this also the scene he fears most? Thinking of how he thought of Leo in the illusion, Xiào Mu responded in a low voice, “En, I’m yours. Those others are all fake.”

Leo’s tight body slightly loosened and Xiào Mu patted his hand, “Put me down, something is wrong here.”

Leo hesitated for a moment before putting Xiào Mu down, but his hand did not leave his waist, still holding him. Xiào Mu looked at the rock mound. Just now when the sound of electric current suddenly appeared in his head, he noticed a strong spiritual power from the direction of the rock mound. Xiào Mu couldn’t be sure whether the sentence just now is real, or just something preset like a program, which will be activated under certain circumstances. Thinking for a while, Xiào Mu focused on his spiritual state, and started to meditate in his mind, “Who are you?”

There is only silence. Just when Xiào Mu is about to give up, the electric sound appeared in his mind again, “It’s you! You are back! No, no, you are not ‘him’.” The voice sounded a bit angry. After saying these words, the voice became emotionless, “Scram, don’t disturb me.”

Leo also noticed the fluctuation of spiritual power this time and looked sharply at the rock mound.

Xiào Mu stared at the pile of rocks. He could feel the spiritual power, but he didn’t see anyone. There are only stones here. He wondered in his mind, “Where are you?”

“Heh,” the voice snorted without emotion, “why do you care where I am? You can’t see me anyway. Leave here, or don’t blame me for being impolite.”

“You are the one who created the illusion just now?” Xiào Mu did not leave as requested but continued to ask questions.

“It’s just a little trick,” the voice sounded a little smug. Then, the tone soon cooled down again, “Long-winded, do you humans like to talk so much?”

Xiào Mu grasped the key point and couldn’t hide his surprise, “You are not a human being? Then what are you?”

The other party contemptuously replied, “You are not qualified to know what I am. Don’t be long-winded, and get out of here.”

Xiào Mu looked at the pile of rocks and guessed, “Are you a rock?”

“Nonsense, how could I be that kind of inanimate thing! I am a noble spiritual body!”

Xiào Mu is quite surprised, “You mean, you don’t have a physical body and you only exist in a spiritual form?”

The other party stayed silent for a while before furiously asking, “You are trying to trick me into saying more?! You humans are all the same cunning!”

Xiào Mu blinked. He really didn’t try to trick the voice, he was just guessing. After all, there is nothing but stones here. Xiào Mu asked curiously again, “From what you said just now, it seems that you have seen other people before… You mistook me as another person when I contacted you. Have you communicated with that person too?”

“Xiào Mu.” As soon as Xiào Mu finished asking, he heard Leo calling him. Xiào Mu turned to look at Leo and saw Leo looking at him worriedly.

Leo stroked the side of Xiào Mu’s face and asked, “Feeling uncomfortable?” In his eyes, Xiào Mu looked like he is just standing there in a daze. Leo is worried that the spiritual power from the piles of rocks would affect Xiào Mu.

Xiào Mu grabbed Leo’s hand and gestured to the rock mound, “Did you hear it talking?”


Xiào Mu thought for a while before saying, “Come and enter my spiritual state.”

Leo nodded, and the moment he entered Xiào Mu’s spiritual state, Xiào Mu’s words came into his mind, “No need to speak, just use your spiritual power to communicate with ‘him’.”

“Okay,” Leo replied.

As soon as Leo spoke, the voice with electric current sharply said, “Reacher, you bastard! How dare you come back?! You even brought someone else with you. I already knew that you are unreliable, what about Xin Xin then?” Right after the voice said that it immediately added, “Never mind, you don’t need to tell me, I don’t care about him! And you, scram! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude.”

Xiào Mu is dumbfounded by the scolding, and then he heard Leo say, “My name is Leo. Reacher is my father. Have you seen him? When?”

“Fa, father?” The electric current paused before asking, “Are you Xin Xin’s son?”

“My dad’s name is Wen Xin. They have disappeared for many years. When have you seen them?” Leo asked.

The other party answered almost immediately, “17 years ago.”

Leo said, “That is the 2nd year they disappeared from our planet.”

“How is it possible? They clearly left!” The voice with electric current suddenly increased its volume, “They betrayed me and left without even saying goodbye. They used me right from the start… And you said that they didn’t go back?”

Leo: “No, we have not heard from them at all.”

The voice with electric current murmured, “They obviously left… could it be? Impossible. They can’t be caught again, I have never heard those people mention them again.”

“Who gets caught?” Leo asked immediately.

“Xin Xin and the others escaped from an experimental base to this rock planet. This rock planet has a jump point that connects to that place. The jump point existed many years ago, but because it is located in the garbage area, our tribe people ignored it.”

“Xin Xin and Reacher left through the jump point at that time,” the voice said again, “betrayed me and left! They didn’t even say goodbye to me.”

“They are very powerful. If they are caught by people in the experimental base again, those people will definitely talk about them.”

“But for so many years, the people in the experimental base have come and gone. I have never heard anyone mention them. Only at the beginning, someone mentioned that a powerful experimental subject has escaped, and the boss was very angry. That experimental subject should be Xin Xin.”

“So, you are lying to me, right? They must have gone home and never even thought of coming back to see me!”

Leo: “I didn’t lie to you, our purpose this time is to find them.”

“How could this be?” The electric current sounded incredulous, “No, I have to figure out the truth. Those 2 bastards!”

“Your spiritual power is even stronger than Reacher and Xin Xin. With your help, I can definitely leave here.”

Xiào Mu puzzledly asked, “You can’t leave?”

“This is a garbage area, and it is also a confinement area for our race. Our spiritual body is imprisoned in the rock, and there are limited places to move around. When I break free from the rock is the day I’m released from my confinement.”

Xiào Mu is speechless. So this is a prison break?

“Transfer spiritual power to me. When I’m free, I will take you to the jump point.”

Leo: “How to transfer to you?”

After Leo asked the question, a very thin spiritual filament sprang out from the rock pile, “Connect with me.”

Not far away, the soldiers who had been guarding their surroundings suddenly looked terrified. Everyone felt a strong spiritual power at the same time.

Leo squeezed Xiào Mu’s hand, “Let me do it.”

Xiào Mu nodded. As Leo transmitted his spiritual power, Xiào Mu kept using Pin Hold and Pin Lift on him, so that Leo’s spiritual power stayed at its peak all the time. About 5 or 6 minutes later, a slight ‘ka’ sound came from the rock pile, and the electrical voice sounded surprised, “Xin Xin’s son, your spiritual power is stronger than I thought.”

Leo didn’t answer but turned to look at Xiào Mu. If it weren’t for Xiào Mu, his spiritual power would have been emptied. The spiritual power he transferred just now is 3 times more than his total value.

Xiào Mu smiled at Leo, “I’m fine.”

The voice with electric current sounded again, “Wow, Xin Xin’s son. Even up close, you still looked very similar to that bastard Reacher. Is this Xin Xin’s daughter-in-law?”

Hearing that, Leo looked around but he didn’t see anything. A thought appeared in Xiào Mu’s heart, and he raised a spiritual filament from inside the spiritual barrier. Then he saw it, a white ball is floating in front of Leo’s face and about 1 meter away. The ball-looking thing is so bright that it’s a bit dazzling to the eyes. With just a glance, Xiào Mu knew that it contained extremely strong spiritual power.

“You can see me?” The round ball felt Xiào Mu’s gaze and floated in front of Xiào Mu.

“En, very beautiful.” Xiào Mu said.

The ball immediately turned in a circle, “What is your name? You have good eyes, I like you.”

Hearing that, Leo quickly embraced Xiào Mu and Xiào Mu asked him to reach out a spiritual filament. Soon, Leo saw the ball and immediately swallowed the words of warning he thought to say to the ball. No matter how you look at it, the ball doesn’t threaten his position at all.

“Xiào Mu,” Xiào Mu replied with a smile, “what’s your name?”

“Yin (Sound),” the sphere floated up and down twice, “Xin Xin gave me this human name. Our race does not distinguish the same kind by name.”

After getting to know each other, Leo embraced Xiào Mu and they walked back to the group. Yin floated beside them and followed them along.

“Why did you create those illusions?” Xiào Mu asked.

Yin: “To absorb spiritual power. Although it doesn’t matter to me to stay in the same place, I won’t let it go if I have a chance to get spiritual power. Besides, I have to find those 2 bastards to settle accounts!”

Xiào Mu suddenly became nervous, “Are there many of your people around here?”

“Every rock mound has one. Oh yes, my 5th neighbor to the north seems very happy. He seems to have absorbed a lot of spiritual power.”

Xiào Mu and Leo looked at each other, and they sped back to the starship. Leo immediately ordered the starship to go north. Xiào Mu looked at the blue dot belonging to Louis on the north side of the system map, hoping that nothing would happen.

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