Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 70

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Chapter 70 Level S guide pheromone agent

Xiào Mu smiled and told Jones his request, “I need to do an experiment with a complete set of guide pheromone agents with various efficiency.”

Jones is stunned, “That’s it?”

Xiào Mu nodded. He thought about it and added, “I also need a room equipped with a spiritual power isolation system. I need to do an experiment with it.”

Jones stood up and said, “No problem. Come with me,” he took 2 steps, and then asked, “There are pheromone agents that have different flavors but the same efficiency, do you need to take all of them?”

“No need.”

Jones nodded and sent a message to his assistant. He took Xiào Mu to a room, “This is my medicine-making room, all equipment is fully equipped.”

“I will use spiritual power later so please turn on the isolation system.” Xiào Mu said.

After his union with Leo, Xiào Mu’s spiritual power will no longer cause sentinels to react, but it will still be noticed by them, and he doesn’t want to cause a sensation. In the current social situation, seeing a guide outside the Golden Tower is like seeing a panda on the road back on Earth.

Jones turned on the system, and his assistant sent the guide pheromone agents. When he handed them over, the assistant hesitated and asked, “Director, the advanced ones are also brought over. You really wanted them?”

Jones nodded, “En, put them all on the table.”

Xiào Mu stayed in the medicine-making room, and the others stayed outside the door. Earlier, Ah Da and 2 guards checked the room first and went out after making sure that there is no danger. Xiào Mu’s eyes fell on a row of guide pheromone agents. The guide pheromone agents are all in liquid form and used together with syringes. If a sentinel falls into a coma, liquids are more convenient to be used than pills. He stretched out his hand and touched the guide pheromone agent one by one. Every time he touched one, the corresponding medicine effect and use interval would appear in his mind.

There are a total of 10 guide pheromone agents, the efficacy increases every 500 points from left to right. The amount will rise from 500 points to 5,000 points. The interval of use increases as the efficacy increases. Xiào Mu opened the bottle cap of the guide pheromone agents. He divided his spiritual filaments into 10 parts and inserted them into the guide pheromone agents. After that, he inputted spiritual power into it.

2 seconds later, the leftmost filament felt resistance, and Xiào Mu’s spiritual power could not continue to be inputted. Soon, the rest of the filaments felt the same. It took about a minute for the last 2 pheromone agents to start to feel the resistance. Both agents almost consumed 1,000 points of Xiào Mu’s spiritual power. He took the rest of the filament back but left the filament on the far left to continue to forcibly inject spiritual power into it.

Suddenly, with a ‘BANG’, the glass bottle containing the guide pheromone agent burst. Some of the glass is scattered on the tabletop, and the guide pheromone agent spilled some around. At the same moment, the door of the room is pushed open abruptly. Xiào Mu turned his head to see Ah Da looking around the surrounding with a guarded expression.

Xiào Mu quickly retracted his filament and said, “I’m fine.”

Jones looked at the scene on the desk and wondered, “Why did it explode? What experiment did you do?”

Xiào Mu did not answer right away. Instead, he reached out and touched the guide pheromone agent from left to right. The medicine’s information that appeared in his mind made him smile. For all the medicines, their efficacy has doubled, and the interval time has become 2 hours instead, which is the same as the pills made by guides. Xiào Mu was a little surprised to find out the result. He didn’t expect that the effect will be so good, especially the advanced guide pheromone agent, which is actually doubled, and could instantly recover 10,000 points. It is even more powerful than the formula that he had just activated in the system.

Xiào Mu had this idea of injecting spiritual power into the guide pheromone agent that is made by ordinary people 2 days ago. That time, he was reading the summary of questions the guides wanted to ask, which is forwarded to him by Zhao Meng. Many guides wanted to make medicine, but most of them have never studied medicine before. They didn’t even know anything about medicinal materials, so they feel like they don’t know how to start. Xiào Mu also learned at that time that the reason why Xie Bei is able to contact Delish so quickly and courier a sample medicine to Delish is because Xie Bei is a student in the pharmacy course jointly organized by the Pharmaceutical Association and Golden Tower. Xie Bei already has experience before he came to watch the video on Delish’s website. Moreover, due to his brother’s poor health, he has been studying medicine-related courses by himself.

Xiào Mu deliberately checked and found that the guides who signed the contract with Delish these days are all students in the pharmacy class. The question that the guides left are mostly related to medicine-making. At that time, Xiào Mu started to think about whether he could use spiritual power on the guide pheromone agent that is currently sold on the market. That way, guides only need to use their spiritual power, and it can greatly speed up the preparation of the medicine. It’s just that he is too busy these few days and hasn’t had time to experiment. Hearing what Jones said, he decided to give it a try right away.

Xiào Mu has carefully thought about the process of guide-made medicine. The biggest difference between normal medicine is that spiritual power is injected at the same time as the medicine being made. He guessed that it is possible to prepare the medicine first and then inject the spiritual power. Facts have proven that this idea really works. After Xiào Mu confirmed the result, he smiled at Jones and asked, “I wonder if the institute is using the medicine measurement device from the Zhao company?”

“We have placed an order for it,” Jones nodded. “The Institute has some instruments for testing the efficacy of medicines, but it is not as specific as the one from the Zhao company.”

Xiào Mu pointed to the guide pheromone agents, “It just so happens that you can test these agents again.”

Jones puzzled asked, “Is there any problem with them?” As he said that, Jones walked to the table and picked up a guide pheromone agent. Then he brought it to the instrument in the corner.

He put the guide pheromone agent with 1,000 points efficiency into the instrument. When he saw the result, his eyes widened. Jones quickly took back his hand and looked at the label at the bottom of the bottle, making sure that he had taken it correctly, and turned his head to look at Xiào Mu in disbelief. Xiào Mu smiled at him. Jones knew that Xiào Mu already knew that the value is changed when he saw his expression. He finally understood why Xiào Mu asked him to retest the agents.

Jones took a deep breath, and excitedly put the remaining guide pheromone agents into the instrument one by one. Except for shock, he couldn’t make any other expressions at all. When he put the second-to-last guide pheromone agent, which its efficiency is only at 4,500 points into the instrument, the green dot on the top of the instrument suddenly lit up. At the same time, an alarm sounded continuously.

Ah Da and another guard swiftly rushed to Xiào Mu’s side to protect him and looked at Jones warily.

Jones is stunned for a while, and suddenly shouted, “Oh, my God! Level S guide pheromone agent! I actually saw a Level S guide pheromone agent!”

Jones’s eyes are red with excitement. He carefully picked up the guide pheromone agent, and the instrument quieted down instantly. He then turned to look at the last guide pheromone agent, as if he is looking at a stunning treasure. As Jones stretched his hand to the agent, he stopped halfway and looked at Xiào Mu. He swallowed and asked, “This one, its effect will be better than the previous one?”

Xiào Mu nodded, “Yes, I am also surprised by that. Your advanced guide pheromone agent is very powerful.”

Jones sighed, “There is not much production in a year though. Before today, I was still proud of it. But now, these medicines doubled their efficiency in your hands in just a few minutes. I just feel ashamed.”

“You are too humble,” Xiào Mu looked serious as he added, “The quality of your medicines is very high, otherwise there would not be such improvement.” From looking at the guide pheromone agent that burst, it can be seen that different agents can withstand different amounts of spiritual power. The better the quality, the higher the endurance.

Jones smiled. He took a deep breath and picked up the last potion, jokingly saying, “I think I need an ambulance any time soon.”

Xiào Mu laughed and curiously asked, “This quality is better than the previous one. But the highest level for the agent is Level S so would the result be any different?”

Jones shook his head, “Although the level display is the same, the induction intensity is different.” He is about to put the agent into the instrument when there is a sudden noise at the door.

“Who are you people?! You dared to stop me? Do you know that this is my territory? Get out of my way!”

Hearing that, Jones’s complexion changed. He quickly said to Xiào Mu, “It’s Dean He. He must have known that the Level S guide pheromone agent had appeared, so he came here to take a look.”

Xiào Mu motioned to Ah Da, and Ah Da asked the guard to let the person in.

Dean He is a shabby middle-aged man with messy hair and a dark beard. He is wearing a long white coat and his face is unhealthy pale as if he has not seen the sunlight in a long time. As soon as he came in, he rushed towards Jones. His eyes are glowing and he caught Jones’ arm, “You made a Level S agent? What are the formula and procedures? Which one? Show me, quickly!”

Jones helplessly tidy the collar that Dean He pulled to his shoulder, and motioned to the guide pheromone agent that caused the instrument to react, “That one.”

Dean He immediately let go of Jones and started to inspect the guide pheromone agent from all angles. Not surprisingly, Jones put the last agent on the instrument, and the instrument rang again with a green light. At the same time, a red light beside the green light began to flicker. Next, a harsh shrill scream could be heard.

Xiào Mu couldn’t help frowning. Ah Da and the other sentinels’ faces became dark at the same time. This kind of voice is too difficult for sentinels to hear.

Dean He and Jones on the other hand are both shocked and delighted. Dean He quickly grabbed the guide pheromone agents and put them behind his back.

“Jones, I want all the recipes. Otherwise, I won’t return the agents to you.” Dean He confidently threatened Jones.

Jones helplessly replied, “You are the one who made the 2 advanced agents, and you are asking me?”

“Impossible!” Dean He rebutted and added, “I know the effects of the medicine I made the best.”

Jones turned to look at Xiào Mu, “This is what you said before that could solve the problem? How did you do it?”

Xiào Mu: “It’s very simple. I just injected spiritual power into your medicine. You should have understood the process of guide-made pills. What I did just now is just moving the step of injecting spiritual power to the end process instead of in the middle.”

Jones immediately understood, “You mean, let the institute and guides cooperate?”

“Yes,” Xiào Mu nodded, “I think this is a win-win situation. Most guides don’t know how to make medicine, but they know to use spiritual power.”

“Can every guide double the effect of the medicine?” Jones asked.

Xiào Mu shrugged, “I don’t know about this because I haven’t tested it before. This is my first experiment. There are members of the Pharmacy Association in the Institute, right? Isn’t the Pharmacy Association and Golden Tower cooperating to make medicine? Let the guides try then. The Golden Tower has a measurement device so the value can be judged more accurately.”

Jones nodded. Dean He understood what happened from hearing the conversation. He rushed to Xiào Mu but got blocked by Ah Da’s wooden face, “Step back.”

Dean He glared at Ah Da and stretched his head to look at Xiào Mu, “I still have some medicine here. You can try to inject spiritual power again. I want to see it live.”

Xiào Mu has an inexplicable feeling of deja vu. This Dean He and Qiao are really alike. He wondered if all researchers acted the same like this. However, hearing Dean He’s request, Xiào Mu’s mind flashed and he asked, “Are these 2 agents the most advanced medicine you have?”

“Yes,” Dean He’s eyes glowed. The medicine in his hand disappeared from his hand, and 2 other medicines suddenly appeared. Dean He stretched out his hand to Xiào Mu and said, “Do it now.”

Xiào Mu smiled and said, “No problem, but I have a request. Sell me 10 each of these medicines.”

Dean He narrowed his eyes slightly, “We don’t have that many. At most, I can sell you 3 each.”

Xiào Mu remembered that Jones said earlier that there are not many high-grade medicines produced in a year, so he nodded, “Okay.”

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