Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 71

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Chapter 71 Setting off

Xiào Mu returned to the apartment from the institute happily. This time, he had a good haul from the institute. Not only did he resolve the conflict with the institute, but he also managed to buy 6 super powerful guide pheromone agents. After he injected his spiritual power into them, the efficiency value is at 9,000 points (3pcs) and 10,000 points (3 pcs). These agents could instantly recover nearly full value of spiritual power for Level S sentinel and guide when they are in their worst condition.

This time Xiào Mu also put forward the proposal of getting the research institute and Golden Tower to cooperate. It also means that the threshold for guides to make medicine is lower. It can be expected that more guide-made medicine will appear on the market soon. Xiào Mu is not worried that Delish’s business will be affected. Currently, no more than 3,000 pills are on the shelves every day, which is a small quantity compared to the number of sentinels on the planet. Hence, it is impossible to not sell out every day.

Moreover, Delish’s real source of income is the sale of Xiào Mu’s own medicine and spiritual treatment. The handling fees charged to the guides can only barely subsidize the company’s daily operations, and it does not affect his income. The number of guides working with Delish will probably not be as many as in the previous few days. After all, it will be easier to cooperate with the research institute, and there is no need to study pharmacy specially. Xiào Mu didn’t care either. From the start, he opened the company for a very clear purpose, not to make money. Zhao Meng also came to the company to help and not for money. Their original purpose is to popularize the guide-made medicine and increase Delish’s influence on the sentinels. They want to let the sentinels know that they can treat their mental confusion easily and no longer need to rely on guides. This reduces the sentinel’s obsession with guides, so that in the future when they suggested plans for guides’ freedom, the sentinels won’t be too opposed to it.

The increase in the output of the guide medicine simply accelerated their plan. Xiào Mu smiled. The Golden Tower have adjusted their lesson internally, and the external voices of opposition are reduced in advance. The day when the guides’ freedom is realized is not far away. At that time, Xiào Mu will be able to go to school and go shopping freely to any public place, without being nervously protected like he is now. Even if he is a god-level guide and may attract people’s attention, but after guides become common, his appearance will definitely not cause a sensation as it is now.

When Leo returned to the apartment, he saw Xiào Mu sitting on the sofa with a smile. Half-kneeling on the sofa, Leo lifted Xiào Mu’s chin and asked with his eyebrows raised, “What happened that made you so happy?”

Xiào Mu told Leo about the research institute. Hearing that, Leo’s eyes flashed sharply, and he coldly snorted, “Medicine Supervision Office, they are sure brave!”

Seeing Leo opening his terminal to issue an order, Xiào Mu doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He held on to Leo’s wrist and said, “It’s okay now.”

Leo replied in dissatisfaction, “You have to teach them a lesson. How can I ignore them after they bullied you? You are not someone who is easy to bully.”

Seeing Leo’s insistence, Xiào Mu let go of his hand, “Alright then. We are going to Zone F the day after tomorrow. If they make any small moves, it will trouble Zhao Sheng as well. So, giving them a warning is good too.”

Leo sent a message. Then he bowed his head and kissed Xiào Mu’s lips, “No one can bully you.”

Xiào Mu curved his eyes slightly and pushed Leo away, “Let’s go to eat. As long as you don’t bully me, no one can bully me.”

“I can’t bear to do so.” Leo led Xiào Mu to the dining hall.

Xiào Mu restrained a smile, “You have graduated now (from love lesson), so you don’t need to watch the pink-colored drama anymore.”

Uncomfortable expression flashes across Leo’s face, and he shifted the subject decisively, “I discussed with Grandpa to bring Mitte with me. If I get into trouble, he might be useful.”

Xiào Mu pondered for a moment and nodded, “It’s okay to take him. At that time, after I attacked him, the spiritual attack stopped quickly right after. It should be that his protective equipment is broken and he was also attacked by the spiritual attack.”

“If we are in danger, Mitte is also in danger so he may have a way to deal with it.”

Leo smiled and looked at Xiào Mu softly, their thoughts are the same.

On the last day before departure, Xiào Mu finished with all the appointments. He discussed with Zhao Meng about Delish’s next operation and contacted Xie Bei to answer some questions about spiritual power. After handling the matter one by one, Xiào Mu contacted Hawke and Gu Miao. Without telling them the specifics, Xiào Mu only told them that he is going out somewhere with Leo. Hawke repeatedly reminded him to come back before December and that he must attend his wedding.

After Xiào Mu hung up the call, he went back to the apartment to make more intermediate high-grade medicine. He made some spiritual power and boost medicine, just in case. He also made some escalate pills (for accelerating) and dispel pills (for detoxification). In the system’s homeland, Xiào Mu has planted various herbs at this time. There are also herbs that he has not used up yet so he is not worried about the lack of medicinal ingredients. After all, he has a system and can make up for what is lacking at any time. Putting all kinds of medicine in the system backpack and checking everything is ready, Xiào Mu entered the homepage of his virtual bakery and temporarily closed the shop.

When they set off the next day, the aircraft landed at a military base. Xiào Mu walked out of the aircraft and couldn’t help being surprised when he saw the starship outside. He turned to ask Leo, “How many people are going together?”

“500,” Leo said, “don’t worry, there are also garrisons in Zone F.”

Xiào Mu went silent. He is not thinking that there are too few people but is surprised that the operation is this big.

In less than an hour, the starship landed in Zone F. Louis stood at the front of the command room, holding a black baton in his hand. He tapped on a spot in the map above Zone F, “This is the transition point. We can reach there in 2 minutes from here.”

Louis pressed on the baton and a row of data appears next to the transition point. “This is the change of surrounding substances within a week. As you can see, the situation here is very stable so we can go anytime.”

Leo: “Let’s rest for today and we’ll leave tomorrow morning.”

Louis nodded, “We shall return for a meeting after lunch.”

Leo took Xiào Mu to his lounge and asked, “Are you tired?”

Xiào Mu looked at Leo helplessly, “I have been sitting all the while, so what’s there to be tired? You don’t need to worry about me, we can set off right now. I am not here to cause you trouble.”

“You’re not giving me trouble,” Leo frowned and brushed his fingers across the side of Xiào Mu’s face. “The specific action and arrangement will be discussed in the meeting so it’s better to set off tomorrow morning.”

Xiào Mu looked at Leo seriously, “Don’t delay the trip because of me. I promised Hawke to rush back to attend his wedding after all.”

Leo: “If you are not feeling well, remember to tell me.”

Xiào Mu nodded and smiled, “You know my situation best, don’t you?” As he said, Xiào Mu’s spiritual filaments went into Leo’s spiritual state. Leo is not guarded against him at all so Xiào Mu’s filaments reached their destination easily, making Leo’s filament instantly go crazy.

Fatty appeared at Xiào Mu’s feet. The panther lowered its head and rubbed against Fatty. Fatty stared at the panther with its round eyes and hugged the big cat’s head with both paws. Leo’s eyes deepened instantly. They are spiritually and emotionally connected so they knew each other’s situation well. Leo hugged Xiào Mu and sat on the sofa, letting Xiào Mu straddle his lap. He buried his head on the side of Xiào Mu’s neck, and his voice is hoarse, “Don’t mess around, you need to save your energy.”

Xiào Mu felt the fierce desire coming from Leo’s filament and heat swept through his whole body in an instant. Xiào Mu just wanted Leo to see his physical condition and let him rest assured. He didn’t expect to accidentally light up Leo’s desire. It’s just that Xiào Mu can’t bear to let him go now. His whole body cells are opposed to this idea, and they just want to get closer to Leo. Xiào Mu embraced Leo’s neck and bit on his earlobe. Then he moved his body impatiently, “It’s still early.” It’s less than 10.00 am now so there is still a while before lunch. There is enough time, and his body is fine for the time being so Xiào Mu doesn’t want to hold back.

As soon as Xiào Mu moved, Leo’s body reacted instantly. Leo’s eyes turned red, and he lowered his head to kiss Xiào Mu fiercely. Then, he ‘did’ Xiào Mu straight away from his sitting position. Xiào Mu raised his neck. The pale porcelain skin on his neck is all dyed pink, and his whole person looked very delicious. Leo’s stamina is very good. Xiào Mu’s legs have started to tremble before he ended. Xiào Mu’s hair had long been unraveled and currently draped on the sofa. His eyebrows and face are astonishingly beautiful like a painting. Xiào Mu rested his head on Leo’s shoulder and panted lightly while Leo peppered kisses down along his forehead. When Xiào Mu managed to catch his breath, Leo carried him and walked to the bed.

Xiào Mu’s breathing hitched. Then he tilted his head and bit on the side of Leo’s neck, “Get out.”

Leo put Xiào Mu on the bed and gave a firm thrust forward. Xiào Mu instantly opened his mouth, and a quick gro.a.n leaked out. Leo’s voice sounded extremely dark, “There is still enough time.”

Xiào Mu felt like wanting to swallow all the words he said previously back into his stomach. In the end, Leo did twice more. He didn’t have any strength left. Only then, Leo half-satisfied carried him to the bathroom. When his body is soaked entirely in the warm water, Xiào Mu’s eyebrows instantly relax. Leo rubbed his waist with one hand and put a pill on his lips with the other.

Xiào Mu opened his mouth and swallowed the pill. After a while, his body is full of strength. He glared at Leo warningly, “Don’t do it again.”

Leo chuckled softly. His magnetic voice carried a hint of hoarseness, and it is particularly attractive. His hand that fed Xiào Mu the medicine did not leave immediately, but pressed his lips, “If we don’t go out to eat soon, Grandpa will personally come to look for us.”

Xiào Mu is taken aback and he glanced at the time. It is already past 12.00 pm. He quickly stood up but forgot that although his strength has returned, his body is still sore and weak. His body shook and is caught by Leo in time.

“Don’t worry,” Leo said and meticulously bathed Xiào Mu. He dried Xiào Mu’s hair with a drier, wrapped him in a big bath towel, and put him on the bed. “You change clothes first and I’ll wash up.”

The two went out for lunch before 12:30 pm. After lunch, Leo sent Xiào Mu back to the lounge for a noon nap before he went to the meeting.

At 8.00 am the next day, their fleet is divided into 4 teams and a team will stay behind. The other 3 teams proceeded in a snake formation and went directly to the jump point. Louis is on the first starship, Leo and Xiào Mu are on the second starship, and the last one is a logistics plus escort duty. Xiào Mu saw Leo’s cold expression and frowned. He sighed lightly when he thought of the argument between him and Louis before leaving. Leo originally wanted to lead the battle, but Louis disagreed.

“All starships are equipped with spiritual power protection devices. Lieutenant General Louis will be carrying spiritual power recovery medicine and stamina medicine. It will be fine.” Xiào Mu soothed.

Leo looked at Xiào Mu. Then he raised his hand and stroked Xiào Mu’s brow, “En, I know.”

Seeing that Leo’s expression became more relaxed, Xiào Mu didn’t speak anymore. He just sat beside Leo quietly and watched the situation ahead on the screen with Leo. Soon, the screen turned completely black. Leo checked Xiào Mu’s seat and then sat back in his seat, “We are about to transition. I am here, don’t be afraid.”

“I’m not afraid.” Xiào Mu felt a little amused.

The starship shook very quickly, but compared to the tremor that Xiào Mu had experienced during the transition before, the tremor is quite slight, and it ended after 2 minutes. The screen is still pitch black. Only by staring at it carefully will you find that darker objects are retreating rapidly around the black background, which is actually floating rocks.

“I’m fine.” Xiào Mu said before Leo could ask.

Leo stared at the screen, “No wonder this place is considered a static zone and has been ignored.”

Xiào Mu felt the same way too. If he hadn’t known in advance, he would have never expected an exit here.

In a completely dark environment, time is stretched indefinitely beyond the normal transition time, and nothing is found. The normal reaction is to turn around and return. This kind of scene makes people feel that even if you go further, there will be no change. The unchanging scene lasted for more than 30 minutes. Finally, white light appeared on the screen, and the first starship emerged under the light.

“At the exit, the protective device warned that there is a spiritual attack. Please pay attention.” Louis sent a message to all starships.

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