Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 69

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Chapter 69 Troubled

Due to the number of appointments being doubled, it is already over 5.00 pm when Xiào Mu left the company. When he used his skills, he would consume spiritual power. There are too many people to treat this time, and he used almost 4 full bars of his spiritual power. Xiào Mu looked a little tired, and after getting on the aircraft, he closed his eyes and leaned on the back of his chair to rest.

Leo held Xiào Mu in his arms, giving him more comfortable support to lean against. Xiào Mu squinted at him before turning to his side. Xiào Mu hugged his(L) waist and closed his eyes to rest. Leo smoothed Xiào Mu’s smooth long hair and showed an unhappy face, “In the future, you need to reduce your workload at least by half.”

Xiào Mu: “You are leaving soon so you can’t control me.”

Leo’s hand paused, frowning.

Xiào Mu continued, “You don’t know when you will be able to come back after you went to Zone F. Hawke and Lyle will definitely go on a honeymoon after they get married. It just happens that I only have been to very few places, so I can go to see the world with them.”

“No need to worry about me, and don’t expect the guards to block my trip either. The places where I go on their honeymoon are all with good environment and pleasant scenery. As long as there is no danger involved, I have rightful freedom to go out.”

“Oh, by the way, if I see any place I like, I can just buy an apartment there and live there.”

Leo lifted Xiào Mu’s chin and looked at him helplessly, “Do you want to go to Zone F together that badly?”

Xiào Mu opened his eyes and glanced at Leo, “No, what’s so fun in Zone F? I prefer to travel to other places.”

Leo stared at Xiào Mu for a long time, knowing that he did it on purpose. But on the other hand, Leo is particularly worried because of what Xiào Mu just said. If this person is not in a place he could see him, Leo won’t be able to know in case something happened to Xiào Mu. Thinking this way, Leo compromised, “You can go together, but you have to promise me that if there is any danger, your safety must be the priority.”

Xiào Mu curved his eyes and took a bite at Leo’s chin, “Okay.”

Leo supported the back of Xiào Mu’s head and gave him a deep kiss. He didn’t let go until Xiào Mu couldn’t breathe. Xiào Mu panted with his head buried in front of Leo’s chest, his face flushed. There are guards in front and back, he is really embarrassed, but he is very happy to achieve his goal.

The aircraft landed directly at Xiào Mu’s apartment area. Leo didn’t say anything, he is prepared to live with Xiào Mu. His change of clothes had already been delivered last time anyway. Xiào Mu returned to the room, thinking about what happened in the room earlier and his ears felt hot. He took a clean sheet from the cabinet. Leo saw that and took it, “I’ll do it.”

Xiào Mu raised his eyebrows, doubting whether Leo could make a bed. Although it is a very simple task, but with Leo’s status, it is very likely that he doesn’t know how.

Leo took the sheet and lightly humphed, “There is nothing I can’t do.”

Hearing that, the corner of Xiào Mu’s mouth twitched, “You are really amazing then.” He turned back and looked for clean clothes in the closet.

As Xiào Mu is still looking for his clothes, Leo hugged his waist from behind. Leo rested his chin on his left shoulder, and his breath blew into his ears. Leo’s voice sounded low, and he rubbed Xiào Mu’s waist, “I’m amazing, don’t you know that the best?”

A blush spread from Xiào Mu’s ears to his entire face. His breathing hitched and his feet turned soft. The feeling that make him crazy for 3 days instantly surfaced in his mind. Xiào Mu supported himself against the closet, and the soreness of his waist reminded him that although his physical strength can be replenished at any time, muscle aches are inevitable. He patted Leo’s hand, “Let go and continue to make the bed. I will take a shower.”

As soon as the words fell, Xiào Mu noticed the changes in Leo’s body. He doesn’t know if he should laugh or cry and secretly regretted mentioning the word bath.

Sure enough, Leo asked, “Are you inviting me?”

Xiào Mu turned his head and stared at Leo, “You think too much. I’m very tired, so go and solve ‘that’ by yourself. I need to rest.”

Leo took a deep breath and looked at Xiào Mu regretfully. He reached out to touch the corner of his eyes, “When your physical strength is improved, it will be much better.”

Xiào Mu threw Leo a sideways glance, “Improving physical fitness is not for this kind of thing.”

Leo said, “What does it matter? It’s a good result anyway.” After Leo said that, he casually took a piece of clothing from the closet and stuffed it into Xiào Mu’s hand. Then he carried Xiào Mu in a princess carry and placed him in the bathroom.

Xiào Mu kicked at Leo and said, “Get out and close the door.”

Leo had no confidence in his self-control when facing Xiào Mu, so he neatly left the bathroom and closed the door according to what Xiào Mu said.

Xiào Mu felt satisfied with Leo’s obedience. He glanced at the familiar black shirt in his hand, and a smile flashed in his eyes. After he finished the shower, he found that the bed had been made. Leo is sitting on the sofa and looking at his terminal seriously. Xiào Mu didn’t say anything, but Leo had a keen hearing. When he appeared, Leo turned his head and looked over.

“I’ll get some rest. You should eat first, I’ll eat later.” Xiào Mu said and jumped directly onto the bed. He pulled the pillow over his head and closed his eyes.

Leo didn’t say a word. He didn’t bother Xiào Mu and only looked at him from head to toe carefully. Finally, his gaze stayed on the pale skin that is not covered by the shirt. Eyes darkened, Leo gripped his fist to take back his gaze and moved his attention to the virtual screen.

In the next 3 days, Leo and Xiào Mu are very busy. Xiào Mu went to the company in the morning and spent most of the time treating the sentinels with an appointment. He also took some time to make medicine during breaks and only returned to the apartment at dinner. Every day is very fulfilling. On the 4th day, Xiào Mu received a private message from Yan Chen during his lunch break.

“We have returned from Bran Forest. Thanks to your medicine, it went well this time. We brought back everything you wanted. Has the delivery address changed from last time?”

Xiào Mu immediately replied, “Yes.” He wrote down the address of the company.

In less than an hour, the package from Suixin mercenary team arrived. It is a large package. Ah Da helped him move the package to his office, and Xiào Mu carefully unpacked the package. In addition to the 2 medicinal plants he requested, there are also many other herbs he didn’t recognize. The roots of the herbs are wrapped in dirt, making the package look extraordinarily large. He transplanted all the medicinal plants to the homeland’s vegetable patch and planted the Golden grass on another field separately.

They will be going to Zone F soon. Xiào Mu had to use Golden grass to make some intermediate-level high-grade healing pills in advance. He didn’t know what the situation would be and he wanted to do his best to prepare the best medicine. After replanting the herbs, Xiào Mu calculated the time and set the timing in his terminal to ensure that when the golden grass grows enough to be harvested, he will plant its seed as soon as possible.

At 4.00 pm, Xiào Mu cleared all the appointments of the day. These days, he started to attend the appointments in the morning, so the end time is much earlier than usual. Xiào Mu is about to go to the homeland when Zhao Meng came to him.

Zhao Meng’s expression looked a little serious, “Xiao Mu, the latest batch of medicines submitted for inspection has been seized and the relevant department won’t issue the certificate to us. There are 8 pills sent to them this time, which are made by the 8 guides who have recently joined us.”

Xiào Mu frowned, “Do you have the samples of their pills?”

Zhao Meng nodded, and Xiào Mu went to his office with him. Zhao Meng took out 8 marked boxes from the cabinet against the wall, “It’s these 8.”

Xiào Mu checked one by one, and said in a puzzled way, “They are all okay, nothing wrong with it.”

Zhao Meng furrowed his eyebrows, “I’ll ask Ah Sheng to ask about the situation. If it’s not the quality of the pill, then someone must have instructed to do this.”

“You mean we are being troubled?”

Zhao Meng nodded, “Although Delish is selling well before this, our lack of stock did not affect anything. Now that our stock is increasing, it will naturally cause pressure on other people.”

Xiào Mu understood after a moment of thought. He has seen this kind of thing a lot before, back on Earth. Delish’s popularity has given pressure on some people so that they start to make small tricks at the back.

Zhao Meng contacted Zhao Sheng, and Zhao Sheng replied very quickly. The matter is a bit tricky. It is not certain pharmaceutical companies that gave the instruction but the Pharmaceutical Research Institute. After hanging up the call, Zhao Meng said, “80% of guide pheromone agent’s production comes from the Pharmaceutical Research Institute. They are the authority in this area of expertise. The best medicines used to come from them.”

Xiào Mu thought about it for a while. He had met the people from Pharmaceutical Research Institute before. At that time, he also contributed a pill for their research. Delish has been in business for so long, and none of them have come forward. They probably wanted to come secretly to buy medicine through the store and research it, but making the pill needs spiritual power, which is impossible for them to learn. Perhaps it is for this reason that they have not contacted Delish. They can’t help but take action right now, probably because the development trend of Delish caused them to have a sense of crisis.

Xiào Mu pondered for a moment. His purpose is very simple, it is so that sentinels can easily resolve their problems with mental confusion, so as to reduce the influence of guides on them. Also, it is to stop sentinels from clinging to guides. He has no interest in monopolizing an industry.

“I’ll go to the research institute.” Xiào Mu made a decision.

20 minutes later, Xiào Mu stood in an office of the research institute. The man in the office is very familiar, it is Director Jones he had met before.

Director Jones smiled politely, “Please sit down, what is the matter of your visit?”

Xiào Mu sat down and stated his purpose directly, “I have checked the pills that Delish sent over for certification and there is no problem with them. The Medicine Supervision Office received your instructions and rejected our pills. I thought about it and felt that it would be faster to solve the problem from the source.”

Jones smiled stiffly. He had never seen anyone so straightforward like this before. He said, “I think someone is deliberately discrediting the Institute.”

Xiào Mu raised his eyebrows, “You know the facts in your heart. Seriously, if I go directly to the supervision office to broadcast the public test, the citizen of the empire will know whether there are any problems with the medicines Delish sent.”

“It’s just that things shouldn’t be so stiff. In the end, if the research institute is involved, your reputation will not be good.”

Jones couldn’t keep his smile, “Are you threatening me?”

“No,” Xiào Mu smiled, “I’m just stating the facts. The research institute has authorization in medicine and has made a lot of contributions to the empire. I just think what you are doing currently is irrational.”

Jones stared at Xiào Mu for a long time, and said solemnly, “Do you know how many staff members are under the academy? But here you are urging the guides to take over their job.”

“When many citizens get unemployed at the same time, do you know what it means? The guides can be doing nothing and they will still be supported by the state. But our staff are all ordinary people, no one wants to support them.”

Xiào Mu is stunned. He did not think of this matter, but he then thought, “Why will you people get unemployed? There is always a huge gap in spiritual power-related medicine. So, increasing production will only saturate the market and nothing more.”

“When there is a better choice, will you choose the worse one?”

Jones sighed, “We have been studying for many years how to eliminate the side effects of the agent which its effectiveness will be reduced after using too much, but we are still unsuccessful. The guide medicine, on the other hand, does not have this problem.”

“To be honest, the institute’s move is not clean, and it is not good. But if we let Delish continue to develop, the situation I mentioned just now will happen.”

Xiào Mu pondered for a moment, “I have an idea, maybe it can solve your problem.”

“Really?” Jones leaned forward and asked anxiously.

Xiào Mu didn’t say too much, “It’s just a guess and I will need your help.”

Jones immediately said, “As long as our problem can be solved, I will help with everything.”

Xiào Mu has expectations in his eyes. If it succeeds, his plan will go smoother.

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