Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 Poisonous tongue

Xiào Mu was taken aback by the ‘accusation’. His first thought was, is it possible that Greene liked this person before this? He quickly explained, “You misunderstood, I am not Greene, I don’t like you.”

“Coward, why do I care who you are,” Leo looked at Xiào Mu contemptuously and continued, “You don’t even dare to admit that you like me, do you think I’m blind? Your face is so red. If you don’t like me, then why is your face red? There are so many people who like Laozi1, why don’t you dare to admit it?”

Xiào Mu looked dumbfounded. The reason why he blushed was because he wanted to control the spiritual filaments! He felt that his spiritual filaments like this man more than him. Every time they met, the filaments crazily wanted to get closer to him. Of course, this reason cannot be said so he reluctantly blurted out, “You really misunderstood. My face is red because I was running before.” In order to convince the man, he added, “My face tends to turn red after exercise.”

Leo didn’t think he is being narcissistic2, but since the other party didn’t admit it, he couldn’t force him to admit it. He snorted softly and said, “You ran off as soon as you saw me, so why are you looking for me now?”

Xiào Mu looked at the man expectantly and asked, “I want to go to the Imperial First Hospital, are you going in the same direction? Even if it’s not the same direction, can you take me to the public flight station?”

“This is the reason you use to approach me?” Leo disdained and said, “Do you think I would believe that the people living in this apartment don’t have a flying car?”

Xiào Mu’s mouth twitched, and he felt that the other party hadn’t listened at all when he said, “I don’t like you”.

“I don’t know how to fly an aircraft.”

Xiào Mu received the look ‘are you an idiot?’ again. He looked back awkwardly, with an innocent look on his face. He can drive a car alright?!

“Let me think,” Leo thought for a second, and then said, “You are the so-called ‘adult baby’ that person said on the internet? Then it’s the correct decision to go to the hospital. Go and check your brain properly.”

Xiào Mu gritted his teeth and asked, “Has anyone ever said that you have a poisonous tongue?”

Leo glanced at Xiào Mu lightly, “Weak stamina, cowardly, and unable to accept criticism. I just said a few words of truth and that already makes you uncomfortable?” He turned around and walked into the aircraft, “Come up.”

Xiào Mu glared at the man’s back and said, “Thank you, but no need.” He turned around and trot towards the public flight station accordingly to the route he checked on the map before.

As a pediatrician, he has never had a bad temper. But the man’s repeated mockery and contempt really made him angry. What worries him is that whenever his emotions fluctuated, the control of his spiritual filaments will weaken. He is afraid that he will reveal his identity if he stays next to this man again. This man’s ability is very strong, he knows by looking at the red and blue bars above his head. Both of his physical and spiritual power exceeds 9000, which means Level SS. Even if he doesn’t know much about the strength of this level now, he also knows that this man is very strong. Among the people he has met, this man has the highest number for both bars. Xiào Mu is almost certain that as long as this man’s spiritual filament probed him slightly, he would certainly recognize his identity as a guide.

Leo tsk-ed and jumped down from the aircraft quickly. A few seconds later, he hooked the back of Xiào Mu’s collar and dragged him backward.

Xiào Mu was wearing Greene’s shirt3. The moment Leo pulled at his collar, the top button snapped open and fell to the ground. He hurriedly grabbed his neckline but was forced backward, “Let go! Hey, I said let go, don’t you hear me?!”

Leo dragged Xiào Mu to the door of the aircraft before letting go. Xiào Mu rubbed his neck and gasped for breath. Leo leaned against the aircraft door with his hands crossed, and looked down at Xiào Mu, “You ask me for help. If I agree, I will definitely do it.” He pointed his chin towards the aircraft, “Go in.”

Xiào Mu’s chest fluctuated violently as he glared at the man. A few seconds later, he chickened out and enter the aircraft to sit in the corner seat of the back row. He straightened his shirt and comforted himself, ‘a wise man submits to circumstances’. He can’t escape and overrun this person. If he got caught once again, all of the buttons on his clothes may get destroyed.

Leo saw that Xiào Mu is being obedient and feel satisfied. He sat down in his usual seat, just beside Xiào Mu. Crossing his legs, Leo leaned on the back of the chair and looked down at his right hand as he rubbed his fingers together.

Tsk, this person is a weak chicken indeed. His skin is so smooth and slippery.

Xiào Mu stared at Leo to prevent him from making any sudden movements while controlling his spiritual filaments. The transparent film in his mind gradually thickened, and his body soon relaxed. He found that as long as there is a film protecting his mind, even if he is close to the man, his reaction will not be too big. But without the film, his heartbeat will speed up and his whole body will be hot. However, when he comes in contact with the man, the protective film will gradually become thinner, which makes him feel uneasy. Fortunately, the several physical contacts previously happened for a short time only.

“Excuse me, what’s your name?”

After thinking about it, Xiào Mu decided to note down this person’s name. He will try to avoid any situations where he might encounter him again in the future.

Leo glanced at Xiào Mu and said unceremoniously, “Your pickup line is too low.”

Is there a problem with this person’s brain circuit?

“I’m not trying to pick you up. Since you helped me today, I want to know your name. I hope I can return the favor when I have a chance in the future.”

“Return the favor?” Leo sneered, “The moment I need you to repay the kindness, I might as well just wait for death. Also, if you want to talk to me more, you’d better say something interesting, don’t ask such stupid things like my name.”

Xiào Mu couldn’t help but murmur, “Are you a superstar? You said it like everyone should know your name.”

Leo finally realized that this person really didn’t know his name, and he said in disbelief, “Your ignorance really makes me insightful.”

Xiào Mu was taken aback, could it be this person is really a superstar? But what he wears is obviously a military uniform. Xiào Mu opened his personal terminal. He thought for a moment, and typed in ‘popularity list’. Staring at the person who appeared on the top of the virtual screen for a while, he then turned to look at the man and asked, “Major General Leo Arnold?”

“Your brain doesn’t seem to be completely broken.”

“My brain is very good,” Xiào Mu gritted his teeth. “You are really rude to talk like this.”

“You don’t know what a five-year-old child can master. I just reasoned it out.” Leo raised his eyebrows.

Xiào Mu decided to ignore Leo. He looked at the screen, and exclaimed in surprise, “You are 38 years old?” This man only looked 20 years old to him!

Leo asked in dissatisfaction, “What with your tone? I’m 38, not 83. There are many single people at 38, alright?” He was too used to his grandfather’s nagging so when he heard of his age, he naturally thought about getting married.

Xiào Mu smiled dryly, “I was just surprised. You look very young. I thought you were about the same age as me.”

“This flattery is good.”

Xiào Mu glanced at Leo speechlessly and continued to look at his information. The more he looked at it, the more surprised he became. The identity of this person is great! No wonder he is so narcissistic. Thinking of what Leo said just now about being single, he checked the information about marriage.

The life span of the people on the planet is around 300 to 400, and they reach adulthood at the age of 20. After they reach adulthood, they can get married. But for sentinel and guide, they can get married at the age of 17. However, many people do not get married so early, and ordinary people want to enjoy being single. The reason for sentinel and guide not getting married early is because it is difficult to come across a partner with a match rate higher than 50%.

Xiào Mu looked at the notes below and saw that a sentinel spiritual state would become more chaotic over time, and the usefulness of the guide pheromone agent would gradually diminish. Unless there is a guide who conducts spiritual treatment frequently for them, it is easy for sentinels to die of a ‘zoning’ state. The average age of sentinel and guides is much less than that of ordinary people, usually less than 200 years old.

Xiào Mu unconsciously tapped his finger at the word spiritual state. Does this refer to a state where the spiritual filaments are at?

“We have reached the hospital.” The driver landed the aircraft and reminded.

Xiào Mu regained his senses and quickly thanked the driver. Then he thanked Leo and quickly got off the aircraft.

The aircraft took off again soon and Xiào Mu contacted Doctor Xi Mu. Xi Mu spoke quickly the moment he answered the call, “Very busy, quickly say your purpose.”

Xiào Mu finished his reply in one breath, “I am Xiào Mu. I want to continue to work part-time in the hospital and I will do a full day. Can I get 200 star coins a day?”

“I don’t understand what you rich kids are thinking. The summer vacation is the busiest time in the hospital. You go directly to the personnel department.”

Xiào Mu looked at the hung-up call and shrugged. He had already seen how busy is the hospital before this. The part-time formalities went through very smoothly. He received 2 sets of white coats and a temporary work permit. He went to the staff lounge to change into a white coat and went to the dispatch room to receive the treatment device and walkie-talkie. After that, he started to work. Only then did Xiào Mu understand why he had received so few patients on the first floor when he was working before — the first floor is full of sentinels. In his colleagues’ words, even if anyone goes crazy, they won’t fall to death on the first floor.

The treatment of sentinel generally does not require a part-timer’s help, but there are too many sentinels who get sick during the summer vacation. The full-time doctor is too busy, so they have to let the part-timers help deal with the physical injuries. Sentinel’s mental confusion symptoms are still handled by a full-time doctor. The spiritual power of each sentinel is different, so the concentration of the sleeping agent and the guide pheromone agent is also different. This is not a work that part-timers can do.

Xiào Mu treated patients according to the schedule while looking for opportunities to give spiritual treatment to patients who had been injected with sleeping pills. He soon made new discoveries. Every time he used his spiritual power for treatment, he would unlock 100 to 500 points from his bar. However, the red bar4 corresponding to his spiritual power above his head will decrease at the same amount as the unlocked value.

Spiritual treatment will consume his spiritual power.

In the morning, Xiào Mu treated 5 sentinels. The total value of his spiritual power has become 3400, and the level of his spiritual strength has become D+, but his current spiritual power is only left 1000. When he came to the hospital, his red bar was full, totaling 2200. He looked at the progress bar of the Pin Hold skill and began to worry. This mission to treat 100 sentinels is not simple.

In the afternoon, Xiào Mu’s spiritual power recovered 200 points and he looked at the time. It was 2 hours later, that is to say, through natural recovery, he will recover 100 points in 1 hour. Xiào Mu breathed a sigh of relief. If he leaves work at 6.00 pm and returns to work at 8.00 am the next day, he could recover 1400 points and that enables him to treat 6 or 7 patients. In this way, before going to school, he can almost activate ‘Pin Hold’ to the max.

However, he soon discovered that things are not that simple.

At that time, Xiào Mu was performing spiritual treatment on a sentinel, and a mechanical sound of the system suddenly appeared in his brain.

[Warning! Warning! Spiritual power is lower than 20%, host is in a dangerous state.]

The sound startled Xiào Mu but he concentrated on treating the patient first and exhaled lightly when it’s done. Only then he noticed that he has a slight fever, which is not uncomfortable. It’s like a cold with a low-grade fever. He glanced at his spiritual power bar. His bar limit has now unlocked to a total value of 4000, level D+, but only 700 points are left to use.

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