Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 Not Too Stupid

Rubbing his forehead, Xiào Mu walked out of the ward and asked in his mind, “What happens if the spiritual power is lower than a certain value?”

[Less than 20% = low-grade fever symptoms. Less than 10% = high-grade fever and vomiting symptoms. Less than 2% = automatically enter a protective coma, and will wake up naturally within 24 hours.]

Xiào Mu wrote down these values. At this time, a room number was reported in the walkie-talkie. He stopped thinking about the problem and walked to the elevator. When he got off work at 6.00 pm, Xiào Mu swiped the temporary work card on the punch card. The next moment after swiping, his personal terminal vibrated and there was a notification. He looked at the newly added 250 star coins in his account and smiled happily. The 50 coins were the remuneration of the previous day, after deducting 50 coins for the bed fee. When Xiào Mu went back, he spent 5 star coins on the public aircraft. That makes him felt a little distressed, but compared with the 50 coins bed fee, he felt that it was a bargain.

After getting off the aircraft, Xiào Mu set the destination on the terminal and then began to trot. After running for a kilometer, he stopped and panted labouriously. This body was really too weak. He used to be about the same size as Brother Hua. There was no problem with running 5 laps on the college field, which was 2 kilometers. He panted while supporting himself on his knees, thinking that there were 9 kilometers left, and felt desperate. At this time, the sky was a little darker, and if it continued like this, it would be dark in less than an hour. It’s a shame to say, but Xiào Mu is afraid of the dark! In the past, whenever he is on the night shift, he will go to the hospital early and after his shift, he will wait until dawn when to return home. What made him even more desperate was that there were no nuts1 in his pocket, and he had no sense of security at all.

Xiào Mu gripped his fist and cheered himself up before continued to trot. Soon, he couldn’t stand it anymore. His heart seemed to pop out of his chest, his face was too hot, his hands and feet were cold.

[Warning, warning! Physical strength is about to drop less than 10%. After less than 10%, hands and feet will feel soft, and host will have no strength left.]

Probably because Xiào Mu asked for more explanation before this, the system said the effect in more detailed this time. Xiào Mu smiled bitterly. He still has around 12% physical strength. Even if it is not lower than 10%, he doesn’t have much strength anymore. Feeling discouraged, he sat down in the flowerbed on the roadside and then began to search for a nearby hotel. The result only has one which was a military guest house. Xiào Mu took a break for 10 minutes and walked to the guest house, secretly hoping that it would be open to the public without being too expensive. He walked very slowly. Fortunately, the guest house was not far away. 10 minutes later, Xiào Mu looked at the door of the guest house. This…is such a gorgeous and cool building. Is it alright to call it a ‘guest house’? It looked way better than any five-star hotels in his previous world Xiào Mu hesitated. In such a place, his 250 star coins were not enough. He thought for a while and decided to ask anyway. If it is too expensive, he can try to rent the staff’s dormitory. But just as he took a step forward, his body became stiff. Xiào Mu turned around and saw a familiar black aircraft landed slowly.

After a while, Leo jumped out of the aircraft, followed by two more people. One of them walked side by side with Leo, both men were wearing military uniforms. The one beside Leo is wearing an epaulet with 1 star and 1 olive branch2 on his shoulders, while the other person had 3 stars and 1 olive branch on his shoulders.

Leo led the major general of the 5th Division to the guest house and said, “You are the earliest person to come. The rest of the major generals will probably arrive tomorrow. We will discuss further tomorrow.”

“No need to be polite. I am very familiar here, you don’t need to send me over.”

“It’s just along the way,” Leo said before stopping without any explanations and looked at Xiào Mu.

The major general didn’t mind that he got ignored and followed his gaze. After that, he glanced at Leo with a grin and led his adjutant into the guest house. Leo strode towards Xiào Mu, he looked at him with an interrogative gaze, “Are you following me?”

Xiào Mu waved his hands repeatedly, “No, you overestimated me. Besides, I came here before you.”

“Yes,” seeing Xiào Mu with a sorry appearance, Leo felt that he did overestimate him and said, “Personally came here to bump me, you want to see me that much?”

Xiào Mu’s mouth twitched, he almost has no strength to deny, “No, I didn’t know you would be here.”

To prevent this person from overthinking him into an infatuated stalker in his mind, Xiào Mu explained, “I just returned from the hospital and got off the public aircraft… I can’t run any further so I want to find a place to rest.”

Hearing that, Leo was lazy to even show an expression of disgust. “It is forbidden to build public flight stations within 10 kilometers of the military management zone. As far as I know, there is a flight station just 10 kilometers away from your apartment, which is less than 2 kilometers away from here.”

Xiào Mu embarrassed to admit it, “You are right.”

“So, you only ran 2 kilometers and can’t stand it anymore?” Leo sneered, “You really refreshed my lower limit for weak chicken.”

Xiào Mu glared at Leo and couldn’t help saying, “I want to be as physically strong as you too, alright? I am feeling helpless too!”

Leo frowned and said sternly, “Excuses. Even if it’s me, my initial physical fitness is only A-. If you exercise hard since childhood, even if you don’t get D, you should get at least it’s E+.”

Physical strength at 1000 to 2000 points is E+, but he only has 100 points right now. Xiào Mu felt very innocent. He has just arrived in this world, how can he get the opportunity to exercise from childhood?

“The weak are never truly weak, it just that they didn’t work hard, so their ability is still extremely poor,” Leo said with a serious face, “For this kind of person to like me, I feel sick.”

Xiào Mu looked at Leo in surprise. He thought Leo disliked him, just because he was weak. It turned out to be because Leo thought he was weak and didn’t work hard. But what does his last sentence mean? Why does he(XM) care how does Leo feel about people who like him3? He is not interested, okay?!

“I will work hard in the future,” Xiào Mu looked at Leo with a sincere expression and then he asked expectantly, “Are you going back to the community? Can you give me a ride?”

Leo said, “You’d better do what you say. Keep up.”

Xiào Mu nodded quickly and got on the aircraft happily. He quietly glanced at Leo, who was sitting on the other side. He was really handsome. Although his mouth was poisonous, he actually had a good heart. At that moment, Leo opened his eyes suddenly, and Xiào M quickly tilted his head out of the window, pretending to look at the scenery.

Leo humphed. This person keeps saying that he didn’t like him, but he actually likes him so much. See, he peeped at him just now. He thought in his heart, Laozi’s charm is that great.


Xiào Mu thought for a whole night and made a decision. He asked for leave the next morning to learn to drive the aircraft through the online teaching video from his terminal. Facts have proven that things that can be driven by a 5 old child can’t give him any trouble; he finished learning in less than an hour. Driving the aircraft is particularly relaxed, he just needs to select the destination, the system will automatically select the route and drive automatically, and the driver only needs to deal with special situations. For example, to cooperate with relevant departments for inspection, or if an aircraft temporarily fails in front, the driver needs to do an emergency stop.

Xiào Mu spends most of his time learning traffic rules. Fortunately, the traffic rules are also simple. The black track is the military track, the white is the medical track, the green is the civilian track, and the cyan is the temporary aircraft track4. Each color track has a different speed limit. When the system selected a route, it will try to adjust accordingly to the routes of all citizens traveling at the same time to ensure that there will be no congestion.

Xiào Mu wrote down the main rules and went to the underground parking lot to drive Greene’s aircraft out. He checked the price of an aircraft before, and the cheapest one was 15,000 coins, which he really couldn’t afford. Thinking of Greene, Xiào Mu was very helpless. He forgot to send a location notice to Kain in the morning, and John immediately sent a message asking where he was. He immediately sent Kain a location, and at the same time emphasized again that he was not Greene, and asked him to send someone to find Greene’s whereabouts. But he only received a sentence as a reply: Stop making trouble.

Xiào Mu drove slowly around the community. When he passed Leo’s house, an idea suddenly flashed in his mind. Leo is also a major general, a member of the military department. Knowing that someone has been taken away, Leo wouldn’t leave the matter alone, right?

“Someone requested for a call.” Suddenly, the flight deck issued a notice. Xiào Mu felt a little strange5. He pressed the accept button on the left-hand side of the panel, and the voice from the opposite side immediately came, “Please leave your current position as I will land immediately.”

Xiào Mu looked back and saw only the black tinted glass. Thinking of something, he turned his head and pressed a button, and the familiar black aircraft appeared on the display.

“Sorry, I will give up my position right away.”

He awkwardly drove the aircraft to turn left, but he dared not go too fast, and he was relieved when he landed at the entrance of the apartment.

“Knock knock…” The glass on the left was knocked.

Xiào Mu turned his head and was surprised to see Leo standing outside because he didn’t expect Leo would come out to meet him. He opened the door and jumped out of the aircraft, looking at Leo suspiciously.

Leo said, “You are not too stupid, but your speed is too slow. The freehand driving speed should not be less than 9 kilometers, otherwise, it will cause a rear-end collision.”

Xiào Mu said, “En, I know. The slowest orbital speed is 9 kilometers.” The speed here is calculated by points6.

Leo raised his eyebrows, “See, you can be better.”

“This kid, you thought you were leading soldiers?” A man walked up from behind Leo and smiled at Xiào Mu, “Ignore him. He is used to leading soldiers and only knows to use the carrot and stick approach.”

Xiào Mu stood up straight subconsciously, “Mr.Marshal.” Previously when he was checking Leo’s news, Xiào Mu saw a picture of this person. This is the Imperial Marshal Ren Arnold, Leo’s grandfather, a Level SS sentinel.

Ren smiled and said, “Don’t be nervous, what’s your name? If I remember correctly, this is the apartment of the Greene family. You belong to the Greene family?”

Xiào Mu was overjoyed and realized that this was a good opportunity. Who could find someone faster than the marshal? Just as he is about to speak, Leo said, “Grandfather, the cross-group military exercise meeting is held today, you need to come to host it.”

Ren glanced at the time, “Let’s go.” He said to Xiào Mu again, “Don’t be discouraged, this kid has a low EQ. Work harder to chase him and you will succeed, you have my support.”

Xiào Mu looked at the two who left quickly with a speechless expression. What kind of misunderstandings do you grandfather-grandson pair has for me?! He glanced at Ren’s apartment and felt incredible. He actually lived in the same community as the Marshal. But then again, he remembered that the Marshal’s mansion is actually near the White Tower. But that’s okay. Xiào Mu thought for a while and decided to visit Ren personally after work. Then he will tell him about Greene and ask him to help investigate. Worried that it would be impolite for him to arrive too late, Xiào Mu took the time to check the internal communication of Ren’s apartment and made an appointment in advance. Ren’s voice sounded very happy when he accepted his request.

Work went smoothly in the afternoon and his spiritual power recovered a lot. Xiào Mu found a chance to treat 5 people, and the progress of his Pin Hold mission increased again. However, ever since the total value of his spiritual power exceeded 4.000 points and reached Level C, the speed of his spiritual bar unlocking is only half of the previous one after each treatment. Xiào Mu thought of the game’s leveling system. It is indeed more difficult to level up later on, which was not surprising right now.

After getting off work, Xiào Mu landed the aircraft at the gate of Greene’s apartment and walked to Ren’s apartment. Before he reached the door, a very painful feeling struck Xiào Mu. The feeling was more excruciating than any patient with mental confusion he encountered in the hospital.

The author has something to say:
Leo: Not too stupid
Xiào Mu: ╭(╯^╰)╮ I am smart, okay

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