Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 6

Here’s Chapter 6~~

Chapter 6 Shy

After Xiào Mu finished speaking, he saw the robot turned around and then slid towards the room on the left. He looked down at the robot’s bottom half. It had two feet similar to humans, just that it is installed with wheels. He curiously followed the robot and witnessed the whole process of the robot’s cooking. When a fragrant tomato egg fried rice was placed on the dinner table, Xiào Mu is already calm.

It was getting darker at this time. He looked at the robot and tentatively said, “Turn on the lights.”

With a flash, the living room was suddenly bright as day, but the robot did not move a bit. Xiào Mu guessed that it had master control on its body. After eating, he asked the robot about the structure of the apartment and asked some questions about its owner. The only answer the latter answered was ‘Owner likes to eat tomato egg fried rice’.

The structure of the apartment is very simple. The first floor is the living room and kitchen, and the second floor is the bedroom, bathroom, and study room. Xiào Mu went upstairs and took a look at every room. They were all new to him and didn’t feel familiar at all. This makes Xiào Mu a little flabbergasted. He wasn’t sure if he suddenly came to this world1 or was reborn into Greene’s body. He needs to find a way to figure it out, otherwise, he really doesn’t know how to face Greene’s relatives.

If he is not Greene, then he doesn’t need to care about it at all. If he is, then there will be relatives who raised him. Since he has occupied other people’s body, so he can’t just enjoy without giving anything. Not sure if the military has any monitoring that could show the aircraft that captured Greene throughout the chasing process. If there is, it’s great. As long as the aircraft doesn’t stop and throw people out…

Wait, thinking of this, Xiào Mu suddenly felt enlightened. As criminals, the captor discovered that they had caught the wrong person so they decided to throw away the trouble. At that time, would they still care about the life and death of this person? Certainly not. The worst case would be trying to hurt him to vent their anger. In this case, when their aircraft passes through no-man’s land zone, even if they throw people out, they will never deliberately land the aircraft and then let the captive out properly. Xiào Mu remembered clearly that when he came into consciousness, there were no wounds on his body. If he were Greene, this would be unreasonable.

So, he is not Greene!

A smile raised up on Xiào Mu’s face. He is feeling extraordinarily relaxed as the idea of transmigrating with Brother Hua’s body is more acceptable for him. He turned on his personal terminal and requested to speak with Kain Greene, the father of Xiào Mu Greene. Soon, Kain Greene’s young face appeared on the virtual screen, completely unlike a father with a 17-year-old son.

Kain frowned. Even so, his expression still seemed gentle, “Xiào Mu, what’s the matter? You should know that I am very busy.”

Xiào Mu recalled what title John called the man with a serious expression.

“Major General Greene, I am Xiào Mu and my surname is Xiao. I am not your adopted son. You made a mistake. I suggest you send someone to find your son quickly.”

“Xiào Mu, don’t throw tantrums. You’ve always been so well behaved,” Kain looked at Xiào Mu disapprovingly, and he was silent for a moment, “Is it because your genetic matching has no results and you are upset?” Not waiting for Xiào Mu to answer, Kain continued, “I am your father, and every father loves his children, but you must understand that if someone knows that you are my biological son, it will damage the reputation of the Greene family. ”

Xiào Mu looked surprised, he didn’t call to listen to Greene’s secrets.

“Major General Greene, did you hear what I said? I said I am not your son. Can’t you see? I have black hair.”

Kain rubbed his eyebrows, his gentle expression disappeared, and sternly said, “I know you missed your mother. You like black hair. I won’t blame you for dyeing it like this, but don’t say strange things.” “Or…,” he looked at Xiào Mu coldly, “you want to sever ties with the Greene family? If you can deal with both your grandfathers (paternal and maternal) and make sure they don’t cause trouble, I can agree.”

“No, no,” Xiào Mu has a headache, why is this person so stubborn, “I am really not your son.” He quickly explained the reason for his analysis, and then looked at Kain expectantly.

Kain looked at Xiào Mu disappointedly, “Do you think I’m as naive as you? No one understood the effect of treatment devices better than our soldiers.”

Xiào Mu gave up his explanation and pointed to his left wrist, “I will figure out how to reset the terminal as soon as possible. I will borrow the apartment for one night, and I will find a way to find a new place tomorrow.”

“Don’t fool around,” Kain scolded. “Did you behave well for the last 10 years just for the rebellion today?”

He glanced at the lower-left corner. A notification will appear when there was a new message coming in. “I still have something to deal with. Don’t do things that make me angry. Send me a location notice in the apartment every day, otherwise…” He paused before added, “I don’t think you would be willing to go to the Rebellious Youth Management Center for two weeks.”

Xiào Mu watched Kain disappear on the virtual screen and wanted to curse. He absolutely didn’t hear that wrongly; the last sentence is a threat! He looked at the solo photo of Xiào Mu Greene on the bedside table and expressed deep sympathy for him. Even after he said so much, Kain didn’t realize that he was not his son, and thought it was his son throwing tantrums. He casually checked the rebellious youth management office that Kain mentioned. Seeing the huge differences between the before and after photos of the young people, his heart tightened up.

If these brawny men have been so miserable, won’t it be even worse for a weak chicken like him? Very well, Kain has successfully threatened him.

Xiào Mu got up and went to the bathroom, took a new toothbrush to wash. He’ll just stay here, no biggie. He would definitely find a way to prove his identity and then get his own terminal. The current priority is to make money. He is not going to use Greene’s money. Of course, the balance in Greene’s account is also pitifully small.

Early the next morning, he had breakfast and was thinking of going to the Imperial First Hospital. Before leaving, he thought of Kain’s words and sent a location notice to him. Standing at the door of the apartment, he remembered that he didn’t know the way. Hence, he quickly turned on the terminal and query the map. Hmm, this is actually a military management zone. He was a little surprised, but turned to think of Kain’s identity, and felt it’s nothing abnormal.

The apartment was eighty kilometers away from the First Hospital and Xiào Mu was stunned. Recalling how he came to the apartment yesterday, it took about eight minutes. In other words, the speed of the aircraft is almost ten kilometers per minute, which is almost two-thirds of that of modern aircraft. He once again sighed in amazement towards the advancement of science and technology, and then he felt embarrassed. He wouldn’t be able to walk over to the hospital at such a long distance, and the map clearly showed that there was no public aircraft station nearby.

The nearest aircraft station is ten kilometers away from here! What made him even more despair was that there were no taxis here. Xiào Mu felt helpless, how can he travel like this? Greene has a flying car, but he is not him so he can’t drive it. Xiào Mu turned around and looked at the community where the apartment was located. Then he looked down at the schematic diagram of the terminal community, which was one of the districts.

There are only ten apartments in this community, and the number of apartments is arranged as one, two, four, two, one2, and the outermost apartments are connected in a quadrilateral shape. Except for the two middle buildings, the rest of the apartments all face the road, which is very convenient for docking aircraft. After closing the terminal, he decided to walk around the community and try his luck, thinking that if he met neighbors who went out, he would ask them to bring him. He hopes to meet good-hearted people, and it is best if they can send him back here afterward as well. Otherwise, he has to walk ten kilometers back.

The truth was cruel. Xiào Mu walked around from the right, and now he walked to the door of the neighbor on the left of Greene’s apartment, without even seeing a person. He was thinking about what to do when a black aircraft landed in his direction. He was taken aback and ran away to make way. He did not leave but looked at the aircraft hopefully. The more he looked, the more familiar the aircraft became.

Isn’t this exactly the same as that man’s aircraft yesterday?

Xiào Mu subconsciously checked his spiritual filaments and they are all peaceful and unmoving. He breathed a sigh of relief, the aircraft should be just the same model only. However, the next moment, his breathing was stagnant, and the familiar feeling came again. He turned around, and soon he saw the man coming out of the second apartment at the inner row (3rd row). Xiào Mu instantly went on guard. He controlled his spiritual filament, turned, and ran away.

The middle-aged man who went out with Leo saw that, and slapped Leo’s shoulder with a palm, “As expected of my grandson, you are very charming. Look at that kid, he must like you. That’s why he ran away shyly when he saw you.”

Leo turned his head, “Paternal grandfather, how do you see that he likes me? He is so weak. Isn’t he just got scared off by my strong aura?”

“Humph, it’s no wonder you haven’t get into a relationship even after you reached 38. Are you blind? Didn’t you see him blushing with shyness?” Ren Arnold glanced contemptuously at his grandson.

“It’s just that it’s troublesome that he’s not a guide…” Ren said to himself.

Leo placed the military cap on his head, “Grandfather, do you think I would like a weak chicken?” He said that he strode towards the aircraft, and Ren yelled at him angrily, “You think everyone is as violent as you? You should just be a bachelor for a lifetime!”

Leo turned his head, “Grandfather, you shouldn’t be emotional now. Or maybe you want to enter the nursing home?”

“Bastard, I am the marshal, your boss, and your grandfather. What is your attitude?”

“Dear Marshal, since you are so energetic, it seems that you don’t need to recuperate. So, the group army’s cross-regiment military exercise can be put on the agenda?” Leo raised his eyebrows.

Ren held his forehead, “I’m not feeling well. Let me take a break. You guys can discuss the specific planning process of the exercise. I will double-check for errors for you. By the way, don’t forget the thing that Grandpa An Rui asked you to help with.” After speaking, Ren quickly returned to the apartment and closed the door.

Leo’s expression did not change, and he turned and continued to walk towards the aircraft.

“Uhm, please wait.” Leo was about to enter the aircraft, and a slightly embarrassed voice came from behind him.

Xiào Mu’s face turned red because he was restraining his spiritual filaments, and at the same time he felt embarrassed when thinking about his running away earlier.

Leo turned around, looked at Xiào Mu thoughtfully. He saw that Xiào Mu’s face was flushed, his gaze dodging his eyes, and didn’t dare to look at him. Leo must admit that his grandfather was indeed an experienced man. This boy really fell in love with him. There are a lot of people who like him, so Leo doesn’t feel much in his heart anymore. It’s just that he was unexpectedly not disgusted. One needs to know, he has always been disgusted and hated it when he saw weak people expressed their liking.

“Don’t like me, I won’t like a weak person like you.” Leo has always been straightforward. He doesn’t drag matters and spoke out bluntly.

The author has something to say:
Leo: Wife, huggles
Xiào Mu╭(╯^╰)╮: Someone said that he would not like me, I wonder if his face hurts or not ∑

Raw word count: 3053



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