Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 66

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Chapter 66 New medicine

There were more than 2,000 pills up for sale in Delish’s shop in the morning. Xiào Mu checked again afterward and saw that all the pills’ quantity displaying 0 stock left, and once again amazed the powerful purchasing power of the sentinels. He opened the sale record sent to him by Zhao Meng and calculated the income of each of the guides. Then, he transferred the money to them. Even after he transferred a large sum of money out, the total amount of his account still increased a lot. Xiào Mu couldn’t help but sigh. Before this, he always found it difficult to make money, but now he finds it too simple. Sure enough, excellent technical ability is the most important thing.

Xiào Mu looked through the store reviews, almost all wrote about their excitement because of the increase in the number of pills in the store, and the excitement expressed by those who have the spiritual treatment today.

“Ahhhhh, can you help me see which suit to wear? The blue one makes me more handsome or the black one makes me calmer? The thought of meeting my male god makes me so excited.”

“Wake up, no matter how good you look, can you compare to Major General Leo?”

“Agree with upstairs +1.”

“Y’all bastards, don’t pour me cold water. Can’t you just make me happy for a while?!”

Xiào Mu laughed and turned off the comment page after making sure that there are no bad reviews. After thinking for a moment, he sent a message to Zhao Sheng and asked about the progress of the medicine measurement device. After the message is sent, Xiào Mu received a reminder from Xiaojin that the sentinel who made an appointment for treatment has arrived. Xiào Mu got up and went to the living room, and began the treatment. Since Xiào Mu activated the Pin Lift skill, his healing speed is faster than before, and he could heal a person in less than a minute.

The treated sentinel is shocked, “How, how did you do it? I didn’t even feel your spiritual power!”

Xiào Mu smiled and said nonchalantly, “I built a barrier around the spiritual filaments to prevent contact so that the matching rate would not affect the treatment.”

Although it is an excuse that he said casually, Xiào Mu had seriously considered it and thought it was feasible. It’s just that he is relatively busy recently and had not had time to experiment.

Sentinel exclaimed, “I’ve never heard such a method before. You are so powerful, you really deserve to be a god-level guide.”

Xiào Mu replied with a friendly smile and silently corrected in his heart that it should be ‘as expected from the system’.

As his speed increased, Xiào Mu asked Xiaojin to notify those in the appointment list to arrive early if they are free. In a short while, many people arrived at the company. Xiào Mu found out from hearing their conversation that they actually stayed in a quiet place in the mall at noon while waiting for their turn. Xiào Mu realized that mental confusion is really common, and he also knew more about the sentinel’s obsession with guides. When guide-made medicine became common, this phenomenon could be changed.

Before 4.00 pm, Xiào Mu finished all the treatments for today. He returned to the Louis apartment and started making medicine after a short rest. In the middle of the medicine-making, he received a notification from the system that his level has broken through Level 60 and has unlocked the high-grade healing pill and high-grade boost pill in the intermediate category, which restores 5,000 spiritual power and stamina respectively.

Xiào Mu looked at the high-grade healing pill formula and saw the raw material stated, 2 grams of Jinchuang grass. He recalled for a moment that this name didn’t seem to appear in the medicinal plant’s encyclopedia. Xiào Mu clicked on the picture of the medicinal plant in the system, then he opened the terminal and clicked on the encyclopedia to compare them side by side. Xiào Mu guessed that that the name of the medicinal plant might have changed in this world. Sure enough, when halfway through the encyclopedia, Xiào Mu found the plant and it is called Golden grass here. The place of origin: Bran Forest.

Xiào Mu is silent, why is it this place again?

The last time Suixin mercenary group went there, Kai Men almost died inside. Xiào Mu is very clear about Kai Men’s strength and had a deep understanding of the danger of Bran Forest. He looked at the material of the high-grade boost pill, it says Wolfberry/Goji and Magnolia berry. The Magnolia berry has been brought back by Suixin last time. As for goji berries, Xiào Mu lamented that there is finally a kind of herbal medicine he knew without needing to refer to the encyclopedia. He remembered clearly that the place of origin for goji berries is also in Bran Forest.

Xiào Mu looked at the gray unactivated formula of higher level medicine under the system panel and deeply doubted that the materials required for the advanced medicine formula at the next level might all originate from Bran Forest. He checked online to see if the mercenary group will be going to Bran Forest soon but found no news. It’s only the comments under Suixin’s post on their own page that someone talked about Bran Forest.

“Kneeling and begging big bosses to go to Bran Forest again, I need materials urgently!”

“Kneeling and begging too here. Since the last time big bosses went to Bran Forest, it is rumored that your leader is going to die. Then, no mercenary group dares to take over. I beg you to go there again!”

“Yeah, I saw Old Fifth posted ‘hahaha’ on his page yesterday. Your leader must be fine. Since you have the means to deal with the danger and have experience, wouldn’t it be a piece of cake to go again?”

“Suixin is the best, please go once more! The price is negotiable!”

[Xing Chen]: o(n_n)o Boss is free recently, we are in the midst of making plans. Anyone who has requests, please PM!

“Wow! I spot Old Fifth!”

“You won’t come out if I don’t praise you guys? Now I know how to summon Old Fifth in the future.”

[Xing Chen]: “It’s just a coincidence. We are excellent and don’t need to be praised. This is a fact!”

Xiào Mu smiled at Yan Chen bantering with the commenters in the forum and sent him a private message: “I have 2 medicinal plants that I want and both of them are in Bran Forest. Will you take the order?”

Yan Chen replied almost in seconds: “For sure!!! We could reject anyone’s request, but yours must be accepted! We will accept it even if we have to go through fire and water!”

Xiào Mu’s mouth twitched: “Speak normally. I have another request. In addition to the 2 plants this time, can you pick up a stalk of all the herbs you see?”

“No problem, it’s just along the way.”

Satisfied with the answer, Xiào Mu sent the picture of Golden grass and wolfberry to Yan Chen: “What’s the price?”

Yan Chen: “It’s too tacky to discuss about prices, can you… provide some medicine instead? Like the most advanced spiritual power recovery medicine in the Delish store. Also the antidote and another pill you gave to the boss last time.”

Xiào Mu is preparing to reply, and another message came from Yan Chen again: “Just give us enough medicine for 200,000 star coin, and we will make up the difference.”

Xiào Mu thought for a while before replying: “How many people will be going this time?”

“5, our logistics member is back.”

Xiào Mu: “I will mail the medicine to you. There is no need to make up for the price difference. I hope it goes well. Just bring me more herbs.”

These 200,000 star coins are probably the discounted price for his request for 2 medicinal plants. As for the other request of him, Xiào Mu don’t know how many medicines they will bring back. This transaction is very cost-effective. He just needs them to come back safely, otherwise, everything is in vain. This is as if he stated his request after providing medical support.

Yan Chen happily replied: “Thank you!”

Xiào Mu replied back with some polite words before ending the conversation. When Xiào Mu is about to close his terminal, he received a reply from Zhao Sheng: “The final testing has just been completed and the device will be mass-produced as soon as possible. There are a lot of reservations from Golden Tower, Planet Yan, and other planets.”

After this message, Zhao Seng added another: “You have brought such a large amount of business to the Zhao family. I must thank you seriously. Miao Miao also wants to see you. Do you mind coming to my house for a meal?”

Xiào Mu thought for a while and replied: “Then I’ll accept your invitation. I will be there at about 10.00 am tomorrow, is that alright?”

“No problem, see you tomorrow.”

Xiào Mu smiled. After closing his terminal, he prepared 2 sets1 of all the medicine and went downstairs. He handed it to the housekeeper robot to help him with the delivery. When things are done, Xiào Mu is about to go back upstairs and he saw Leo striding into the living room. The serious expression on Leo’s face eased a lot when he saw him.

“What are you delivering?”

Xiào Mu talked about his request to Suixin mercenary, and then asked, “Did you get any useful information from Mitte?”

“He didn’t say a word, obviously not cooperating. The technical department is cracking his space storage. When inspecting the place he passed by, the team found fragments of special materials at the door, which is currently being studied.” Leo said.

Xiào Mu patted his own head, “I almost forgot if you didn’t mention it. Those fragments should be a protector from spiritual attack. It is very likely that I broke it when I attacked him with my spiritual power.”

Leo ran his fingers across Xiào Mu’s forehead, and his eyes showed self-blame, “If I hurry a bit more, you won’t have to make a move.” Leo remembered very clearly that Xiào Mu said in the class that when the guide attacked other people, they would feel uncomfortable.

Xiào Mu grabbed Leo’s hand and said, “Don’t think like that. You have your things to do, and I don’t want to be your burden. I have the ability to protect myself.”

Leo felt dissatisfied and replied, “You are not a burden, no one is better than you.”

Xiào Mu smiled and pulled Leo upstairs. At the door of Leo’s room, he said, “I have cleaned up my things. Later, I will return to my apartment.”

Hearing that, Leo’s complexion changed. He flipped his hand and grabbed on Xiào Mu’s hand instead, “You want to leave?” When seeing Xiào Mu frowned, Leo immediately loosened his grip but did not let go.

Xiào Mu nodded and whispered, “It is not convenient to live here and my medicine-making equipment is also in the apartment. Right now, Lieutenant General Louis’s body has recovered and the envoys are leaving, so there is no need to worry about danger.”

This is Louis’s apartment and the area is not very large. Both Ren and Louis are currently staying in the apartment now. The two have a good relationship. So, as a junior, Xiào Mu would be embarrassed if he bumped into some intimate scenes. The most important thing is that the folks are very open-minded, and the expression of feelings does not matter whether on the occasion or the audience. Ren himself does not mind, but Xiào Mu will be embarrassed.

Leo frowned, “Why is it inconvenient? If you want to research medicine-making, I will buy a set of equipment and put it here.”

Xiào Mu helplessly explained, “It’s just inconvenient. Do you want to be the light bulb between Marshal and Lieutenant General Louis here?”

Ren has been worried about Louis for so many days. When Louis finally woke up, coincidentally it’s the busiest time of the year. But from today onward, they would be free so it is obvious what they would do.

Leo sneered, “They didn’t think of us. Even if we stand in front of them, they won’t lose their interest.”

Xiào Mu glared at Leo, shook his hand away, and turned to go to the room next door. There is a generation gap between him and Leo, and their thinking doesn’t click.

Leo curled his eyebrows and followed Xiào Mu. When Xiào Mu left the room with his bag of clothing, he still followed. Xiào Mu knew that he must be unhappy, so he let him follow and escorted him all the way back to the apartment. When they arrived at the apartment, Leo didn’t leave. He followed Xiào Mu to the room and looked around. Finally, he took off his military cap and put it on the bedside table. He sat on the sofa and looked at Xiào Mu, “I will live here too.”

Xiào Mu finally understood what Leo is planning but he didn’t mind, “Okay, don’t forget to inform the marshal. Also, you didn’t take any change of clothes, let someone send it to you.”

“No need, I’ll wear yours.”

Xiào Mu took a pillow and threw it at Leo, “Can you even wear my clothes?”

Leo swept a glance across Xiào Mu from head to toe with scorching eyes, and said in a deep voice, “Then you wear mine in the future.”

Xiào Mu’s ears turned red when he heard it. He arranged his clothing in the closet, and pointed to the hanging row of clothes, “I have my clothes, I don’t need it!” Many of these were bought by Leo before.

Leo raised his eyebrows while asking someone to send him his clothes, and said nothing.

When Xiào Mu took his bath in the evening, he finally understood Leo’s silence. He pointed to the black military shirt that Leo handed over and asked, “Where are my clothes?”

“I just accidentally touched the sink and your clothes got wet, so just wear mine.”

Xiào Mu glanced at Leo, his clothes and the washbasin are not on the same level at all. His excuse is so terrible but Xiào Mu felt that if he request Leo to go to the cabinet to get his clothes, all his clothes might just ‘get wet’. So, Xiào Mu simply put on Leo’s shirt just as Leo wanted.

Leo is a lot taller than Xiào Mu so Xiào Mu wore the shirt like a skirt. He doesn’t even need to wear underwear, and all the important parts are properly covered. Xiào Mu’s skin is fair all over, and it is even brighter against the black shirt.

Leo’s eyes turned deep, and he reached out to carry the Xiào Mu who was trying to wear his slippers. One of Xiào Mu’s slippers fell to the ground, and he patted Leo’s arm, “The slipper fell.”

“No need to wear,” Leo said. He put Xiào Mu directly on the bed, his eyes dark, “Wait for me.”

After speaking, Leo went to the bathroom to take a shower.

Xiào Mu: “…”

Xiào Mu thought for a while and got up from bed. He quickly pulled out a series of possible useable things that he had bought in the system backpack and placed them on the bedside table. Then, he closed the bedside table tightly.

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