Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 67

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Chapter 67 Union

Xiào Mu is lying on the bed and staring at the light blue ceiling. Leo had a habit of not closing the bathroom door so the sound of running water in the bathroom is transmitted to his ears, making his ears turned red. His thoughts drifted away, and he didn’t know how long it had passed. It seemed that only a moment, and then a tall figure pounced on him, and the bed shook.

Xiào Mu raised his head and looked at Leo. Leo’s eyes are dark and his hair has been dried with a hairdryer. Though, there are still water droplets on his face, which fell on Xiào Mu’s face along his chin. Feeling a little itchy, Xiào Mu tilted his head slightly and raised his hand to wipe off the water droplets. Before his hand touched his face, Leo grabbed the hand and pulled to his mouth to kiss. Xiào Mu’s hand suddenly felt numb, and his fingers moved. When he touched Leo’s lips, a smile flashed in Leo’s eyes.

Leo bit on Xiào Mu’s index finger, then licked it. After that, Leo dropped kisses along the finger to the back of Xiào Mu’s hand, wrist, and arm, and kissed all the way, without letting go of any piece of skin. Xiào Mu felt an itchy sensation trailing from his hands to his heart. His white jade-like skin gradually dyed pink, his body temperature rose, and his breathing became a little faster. Finally, Leo went up from Xiào Mu’s neck to kiss his lips. Xiào Mu raised his head and embraced Leo’s neck before returning the kiss heavily. The slow gentleness before this is too much for him to endure.

Leo’s gaze became deeper, like the blue sea that is bottomless, brewing monstrous waves and is always ready to roll the person in front of him to the bottom of the sea. Leo kissed his little guide deeper and heavier, and Xiào Mu gradually lost the power to resist. His cheeks felt slightly sour, and the root of his tongue has turned numb. Xiào Mu sighed in his heart. Compared with Leo’s physical fitness, he is really bad. Squinting his eyes slightly, Xiào Mu let Leo continue to kiss him while he moved his hand along the back of Leo’s neck. Xiào Mu unbuttoned Leo’s clothes but stopped halfway through his unbuttoning. His hand reached in, feeling the solid abs inside inch by inch. Compared with his soft abdomen, Xiào Mu’s eyes couldn’t help showing envy.

The touch caused Leo’s body to stiffen suddenly. He kissed Xiào Mu fiercely and moved away slightly for a while. Looking at the ambiguous silver line between their mouth, Xiào Mu flushed. Leo pressed his forehead against Xiào Mu and panted heavily. He held his hand tightly to prevent him from moving randomly, his voice sounded hoarse as he said, “Let me do it. Don’t move, otherwise,” a fierce color flashed in Leo’s eyes, “I can’t control myself.”

Xiào Mu thought to himself that he doesn’t need Leo to control himself. He is ready for everything and he is not afraid at all. He opened his mouth and is about to speak when Leo lowered his head and kissed him again, blocking all the words Xiào Mu wanted to say. Xiào Mu weakly glared look and closed his eyes to respond to the kiss. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t say it, they’ll just do it and it’s done.

The atmosphere is just right. Xiào Mu devoted himself to it and gave his cooperation. The temperature in the room gradually warmed up. Xiào Mu felt like a big white steamed bun. His body is getting hotter and hotter, even his head felt like it’s warming up. There is a faint fresh fragrance in the air. But after a while, it suddenly seemed to thicken, becoming more and more intense.

All of a sudden, Leo’s movements stopped and he called out, “Xiào Mu.”

Xiào Mu opened his eyes, he is greatly attracted to Leo so he approached him subconsciously, “En?”

Hearing that soft and sweet voice from his mouth, Xiào Mu froze for a moment, and suddenly returned to his senses. He didn’t know when his spiritual barrier disappeared, and his spiritual filaments came out, trying to reach Leo. He wanted to withdraw the hand that is holding Leo’s waist, but every cell in his whole body are resisting, unwilling to leave, unwilling to let go. Xiào Mu understood the current situation, “Are we going to enter the union heat?”

Leo nodded. With furrowed eyebrows, Leo painfully loosened himself from Xiào Mu’s hold. Then he stepped back to his right side, keeping a palm’s distance from Xiào Mu, “We can’t continue, otherwise I can’t help it.”

Leo’s departure made Xiào Mu miserable. Xiào Mu used almost all his restraint to resist chasing after Leo. But he glared at him, “Who ask you to hold back? I feel very uncomfortable here.”

Leo clenched his fist and looked at Xiào Mu fiercely like a beast, “Do you know what you are talking about?”

“Bullshiet.” The uncomfortable feeling from deep in his heart made Xiào Mu irritable. He turned over and took all the items out of the bedside table. Then he threw it on Leo.

Leo is indeed inexperienced, but after knowing what Xiào Mu wanted, he immediately research a lot to prepare for when it’s needed. Looking at the things Xiào Mu threw over, his eyes turned red. With blue veins popping on his arms and fiery red eyes, Leo said, “We are not married yet. I originally wanted to do the union with you on the wedding day, but now…” He lifted his hand from the bed and is about to move. Then the expression on Leo’s face suddenly changed, and he looked out the door sharply.

Xiào Mu’s eyes instantly shrank. He can sense 5 other sentinels besides Leo, and those sentinels are trying to attract him and obtain his response. Xiào Mu frantically wanted to get close to Leo but at the same time, his filaments are affected by the sentinels. He is in a chaotic state and Xiào Mu felt like his thoughts are going to explode as if he is about to fall apart. Gro.a.ning in pain, Xiào Mu curled up his body, and rolled towards Leo, pulling his arm, “Leo, I’m so uncomfortable.”

Leo’s arm muscles are taut and his eyes are full of distress and self-blame. He resisted the urge to hug Xiào Mu tightly and do him on the spot. Taking his hand away, Leo got out of bed and used a bed sheet to wrap around Xiào Mu tightly. After that, he opened the window of the balcony and released mecha Ying. After Ying is in the sky, Leo activated the flight mode and Ying flew to a height parallel to the balcony. Leo returned to the bed and carried Xiào Mu, who is wrapped in a ball with the bedsheet, and jumped directly into Ying.

Roaring sirens from police cars and the sound of ambulances could be heard approaching nearer, Xiào Mu frowned, “Leo, something happened?”

Leo didn’t bother with those and said, “It’s nothing.” As he set a destination for Ying, Ying quickly left the apartment.

The space inside the mecha rest cabin is not big to start with, so it is filled with Xiào Mu’s guide pheromone smell in less than a while. Unlike the last time where Xiào Mu tried his best to resist the reaction, he even actively cooperated this time. As a result, his reaction to Leo became stronger. Xiào Mu twisted his body impatiently, it is very uncomfortable to be confined by the bedsheet. It makes him uncomfortable and anxious so Xiào Mu bit Leo’s shoulder and said breathlessly, “Bastard, you tried to force me when I don’t want it, but you tried to hold back when I want to give it to you! Why are you such a bastard?!”

Leo subconsciously relaxed his muscles and hugged Xiào Mu tighter when he heard the words, and muttered in Xiào Mu’s ear, “I won’t hold back.”

“Then, release me from this bedsheet, I’m very uncomfortable!” Xiào Mu glared at Leo, but his whole body is soft now. His voice sounded soft and sweet, and his glare is not strong at all.

Leo stared at Xiào Mu like he is a delicious pastry. Any of his reactions made the pastry more attractive. He lowered his head and kissed Xiào Mu on his eyes, “I will release you soon.”

Xiào Mu is forced to close his eyes, and he felt a little uneasy thinking of the feeling just now, “The guards in the apartment will be fine, right?”

They are all professional guards, and their state just now obviously indicated that they have fallen into a heat, otherwise they will not instinctively try to attract his reaction, let alone go upstairs to his room. When sentinel and guide are caught in the heat, it will be very dangerous if the matter is not dealt with in time.

“It’s okay, the ambulance has been dispatched,” Leo replied while kissing Xiào Mu’s face soothingly.

Hearing that, Xiào Mu is taken aback and he opened his eyes wide, “You mean, the ambulance and police car I just heard went to the apartment because of them?”

“Yes, all sentinels who are single will have an alarm system in their terminal. It will automatically send an alarm when the sentinel is caught in heat, and the police and relevant medical staff will arrive in time.” Leo replied.

In order to temporarily divert Xiào Mu’s attention and make him feel less uncomfortable, Leo continued to explain, “This is to ensure the safety of the sentinel, and at the same time to prevent the sentinel from forcing the guide to fall into the union heat, which can be stopped in time.”

Xiào Mu: “How about you?”

“I removed the alarm system long ago,” Leo lowered his head to look deeply at Xiào Mu. “Before I met you, I didn’t believe that there would be anyone out there who could get me into a union heat.”

Xiào Mu couldn’t help but raised his head to rub against Leo. After touching him, Xiào Mu felt a little more comfortable but still felt not enough. His thoughts returned to the matter in hand again, and he frowned, “Where are we going?”

After saying that, Xiào Mu suddenly thought of something and his body froze. His voice also stiffened as he said, “According to what you just said, does that mean that the police and the medical staff who went there know that I am in heat?”

“Yes,” Leo said.

Xiào Mu sighed, “Do they all know that you are with me?”

“Yes, it’s not a secret.”

Xiào Mu pressed his forehead against Leo’s shoulder and felt extremely embarrassed. With the speed at which the rumors spread, almost the entire empire would know by tomorrow that he had saex with Leo. Xiào Mu bumped his head on Leo’s shoulder in annoyance, “I don’t want this kind of private matter to be known publicly, and I don’t want to cause trouble every time it happens. I don’t want the guards anymore.”

Leo’s palm propped on Xiào Mu’s forehead, “Be careful not to hit the epaulets. Your room doesn’t have a pheromone and spiritual power isolation system installed. That’s why your reaction triggered them. Anyway, you won’t have to worry about that in the future.”

When Leo finished speaking, Ying stopped. Leo picked up Xiào Mu and jumped directly to the balcony opposite Ying. Xiào Mu took a look and recognized that this is the room in the marshal’s mansion. Leo gently put Xiào Mu on the bed and closed all windows. He activated all isolation systems and pressed Xiào Mu down under him.

Xiào Mu was halfway rolling away to roll off the bedsheet but got pressed by Leo. He kicked out and demanded, “Take this away, it’s uncomfortable.”

Leo rescued Xiào Mu from the bedsheet and threw it to the side of the bed. Next, he started to organize the things that Xiào Mu threw at him earlier on the nightstand one by one. Xiào Mu’s face felt hot, he didn’t realize when Leo put these things away. After placing the things, Leo looked at Xiào Mu deeply. Suddenly, he stretched out and pulled Xiào Mu’s shirt in an outward motion, snapping all the buttons instantly.

“Hey!” Xiào Mu is taken aback by Leo’s fierce movements, “You…”

Before Xiào Mu finished speaking, his mouth is blocked by Leo. The touch made Xiào Mu’s body softened, and every cell in his body felt comfortable. He hooked Leo’s feet and let his filaments reach out to Leo.

Xiào Mu originally thought this is just the most normal lovexmaking between lovers, but three days later, he leaned limply against the head of the bed, thinking that he was too naive. This is nothing close to ‘normal’ at all! Seeing Leo looking refreshed in his neat military uniform, Xiào Mu stretched out his hand angrily and shouted, “Return all the boost pills to me!”

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