Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 65

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Chapter 65 Lesson

Standing on the podium, Xiào Mu watched as almost all of the 30 guides in the classroom stared at Leo with glowing eyes and blushing face, completely unaware of his existence, and felt helpless.

“Wow, it’s really Major General Leo!”

“So handsome, he is even more handsome than the picture. His manly hormones are overflowing, and my heart beats so fast!”

“Major General Leo, look at me! Sigh, how come I can’t feel Major General Leo’s spiritual power? Maybe we have a high match rate!”

The discussion kept increasing, and the tone sounded agitated. Many people took a peek at Leo as they said their thoughts. They would peek then look away after that; revealing a shy expression. Xiào Mu’s mouth twitched. Most of the guides in the classroom are boys so he is really unaccustomed to seeing this expression. The world suddenly felt like in a fantasy genre to Xiào Mu.

Qi Sai coughed heavily, and the discussion stopped suddenly. Qi Sai introduced Xiào Mu to them, “This is the god-level guide Xiào Mu, and also your spiritual attack teacher.”

Xiào Mu smiled at the right time, “Hello everyone.”

The eyes of the guides finally fell on him, accompanied by various exclamations.

“God-level guide whoa~ He’s real, I wonder how powerful he is.”

“I can’t feel his spiritual power, is it hidden like Major General Leo?”

“Sigh, there seemed to be no hope for me. Major General Leo confessed to him before, and now he even comes to class with him. Major General Leo absolutely can’t see me anymore.”

“It’s not necessarily. Maybe he just came as a guard. Anyway, as long as they are not married, I won’t give up!”

“So what if you don’t give up, I heard that their match rate is 100%!”

As soon as this is said, the person who was still holding hope instantly went speechless. Then, Xiào Mu felt a lot of envious and jealous gaze on him. His expression remained unchanged, however, and he gestured to Leo. Leo walked to the end of the classroom. He did not sit down, but stood against the wall with his arms around him, staring at Xiào Mu. A guide couldn’t help but turned around to look at Leo, only to find that Xiào Mu is the only one in his eyes, and he turned his head sadly. In an instant, the guides in the classroom lost their love at the same time.

Xiào Mu smiled and said, “I don’t have much time left for this lesson. In fact, there’s very little that I can teach you and you need to practice by yourself. Before this class ends, I will choose 5 outstanding students, and you will be responsible to teach the rest of the guides in class.”

When the guides heard the words, their expression turned serious. Xiào Mu continued, “I will also leave my contact information to the best student. If you have any questions in the future, you can tell that student and he/she will compile the questions to ask me.”

Xiào Mu’s gaze swept across in the classroom, “Now, let’s start the class. The principle of the spiritual attack is very simple. Just twist the spiritual filaments into a thick strand and attack other people’s spiritual state.”

“Of course, as guides, you should all understand that our nature is to heal and help. So, to be the one who attacks, you will need to fight against your instinct.”

“The spiritual attack is to strengthen our self-protection ability, not to do bad things. You must remember this clearly. When facing danger, life preservation is the most important thing.”

“Now, I’ll show the way to you.” As Xiào Mu said that, a bundle of filaments appeared and he slowly twisted them into a thick strand. The soft filaments swung in the air like a sharp sword under his control.

“You can try to do it now. As long as you can control your spiritual power properly, it is easy to do. The most difficult part is to overcome your instincts when using them to attack. This requires your own practice.”

Xiào Mu watched the guides try to control their filaments, and he has to say, as expected of the 30 highest-ranking guides in Golden Tower. The guides quickly succeeded in executing his instructions.

“Teacher,” a guide asked, “Such a bundle of strands only needed a small part of our total spiritual power. Does this mean that if all of our filaments are controlled in this way, multiple targets can be attacked at the same time?”

Xiào Mu nodded, “Yes, but this requires higher spiritual power control, and it will make the guide very uncomfortable.”

The uncomfortable feeling of self-blame just by attacking one person is already very strong. If he attacks multiple people at the same time, Xiào Mu is not sure whether he can handle that himself. With a serious expression, he added, “You can practice that if you want, but I don’t recommend you to do so. When you actually use your spiritual power to attack, you will understand that overcoming your instinct is not that simple. ”

Having said that, Xiào Mu took a step forward and divided the 30 students into 2 groups, “Now, 2 people with similar spiritual power can practice with each other. One person builds a barrier and the other attacks.”

Hearing that, the guides looked at each other. Qi Sai also felt a little worried and asked, “Xiào Mu, will this be a problem?”

Xiào Mu: “It’s fine.”

Xiào Mu looked at the guides who didn’t dare to do it, and smiled, “Then let’s make the spiritual barrier first. Do what I said.” After building a barrier, he said again, “Now, condense your spiritual power and build another barrier outside the original barrier.”

This process took a while. After everyone had mastered the establishment of a double barrier, Xiào Mu said, “Now, you can start the practice. The group on my left will attack the group on my right.”

Some people are quite hesitant to take action. Some people twisted their spiritual filaments into a thick strand according to the earlier lesson, but only halfway through the attack, their faces began to turn pale. Only 3 people successfully launched the attack and got blocked by the barrier. Without exception, all 3 of them looked terrible and they apologized to their teammates with guilt.

Xiào Mu: “I think you should understand where the most difficult part of a spiritual attack is. You’d better follow my instruction to practice in a group. You are not allowed to practice this attack privately. Also, you must be accompanied by a school teacher when you practice. I don’t want anyone to use this maliciously to hurt other people.”

Seeing the guides listening seriously with a pale face, Xiào Mu smiled, “Don’t be too nervous. This class is not meant for you to fight, but to master a self-protection ability.”

“It is difficult for us guides to attack multiple targets at the same time, but it is not impossible to treat them at the same time. The principles are similar, but the spiritual power requirements are very high. You can also practice more for this.”

“Now, you continue to practice attacking each other.”

The guides practiced with their partner earnestly. The previously hesitant guides saw that their attack would not really hurt their teammates, so they mustered some courage to attack. But after trying again and again, the guides’ expressions became uglier. When the time is almost up, Xiào Mu called for the lesson to stop and pointed out 5 guides who had the best control over the spiritual power in his observations. Among the 5, Xiào Mu saw someone he met before. It’s Weyner1 with the highest spiritual power in Golden Tower.

“The principal will arrange for you to teach the rest of the guides. When you practice in groups, remember to use the spiritual power measurement device to measure your exact numbers. Then, divide the class into groups of 2 where both parties have the nearest spiritual power. This can ensure safety, understand?”

The 5 guides nodded, and 1 of them asked with a nervous tone, “Teacher, we are also beginners. Can we really teach other guides?”

Xiào Mu comforted the guide, “You have good control over your spiritual power, and the principle is very simple. You are fully qualified for this job.” Then, he looked at one of the guides, a thin and tall boy with a soft complexion, “What’s your name?”

“Xie Bei.” His voice is also very soft, but it didn’t sound feminine. And the boy didn’t say a word extra.

Hearing the name caused Xiào Mu’s eyes to change a bit. The word ‘Bei’ reminded him of someone. Besides Gu Miao, the first guide who worked with Delish was called Ah Bei. Xiào Mu and Xie Bei exchanged contact numbers and he said, “Contact me if you have any doubts. Also, I would have to trouble you to organize your classmates’ questions.”

“Alright.” Xie Bei nodded.

Xiào Mu is about to end the class when Weyner glared at Xie Bei and asked in an unhappy expression, “Teacher, my spiritual power is the highest, why did you choose Xie Bei?”

Xiào Mu: “He has better control of spiritual power than you, and his spiritual power is not much lower than you.”

“He only has Level B, I am Level A!”

Xiào Mu glanced at Xie Bei, “Well, he has reached Level A now. Spiritual power can be upgraded through practice and training. You are lucky and have a good foundation. If you practice hard, you will be better than Xie Bei.”

“What, Level A?!”

Not only the students sounded surprised, but Qi Sai is also surprised. Xiào Mu nodded, a little curious, “How often do you measure the guide’s spiritual power?”

“They will only be tested every year at the beginning of the school season. Unless they encountered any injuries, they will not be tested again in that year.”

Xiào Mu looked at Xie Bei and praised, “You are amazing.”

Xie Bei glanced at Xiào Mu, “Still far from you. This improvement is due to your guidance. The more pills are made in a batch, the higher the requirements for spiritual power control. During my medicine-making process, not only my control is strengthened, but I also broke through.”

“Xiào Mu, have you given Xie Bei lessons before?” Qi Sai asked in surprise. Not only he but the other students were also surprised.

Xiào Mu looked at Xie Bei and called out tentatively, “Ah Bei?”

Xie Bei nodded so Xiào Mu told Qi Sai about the cooperation between Xie Bei and Delish. He looked at the other guides and smiled, “Delish is willing to cooperate with any guide. If you are interested in medicine-making, please contact Delish.”

“We only charge a small fee for selling medicines. You can treat that as a part-time job.”

“No wonder Ah Bei bought so many medicinal materials before, so he is cooperating with Delish!” Someone exclaimed.

Xiào Mu smiled and said, “This is the end of today’s class, goodbye everyone.”

It is currently the time for the guide to leave school. Hence, when Xiào Mu is heading out, he heard exclamations along the way, and the number of onlookers is increasing, all directed at Leo.

Qi Sai explained in embarrassment, “Major General Leo has always been the Golden Tower’s male god. The guides are too excited to see him in real person for the first time.”

Leo’s face looked cold, with a look that prevents strangers from approaching. Only when he is looking at Xiào Mu that his gaze turned soft. Xiào Mu had some experience facing the onlookers and didn’t care too much. He refused Qi Sai’s invitation to treat him but only asked about Xie Bei’s situation.

“I have an impression of him,” Qi Sai said. “He was a guide sent from a remote planet. He only awakened at the age of 13. His family is very poor and he only has an ordinary person younger brother.”

“I’m not surprised to hear that he and Delish are working together. His younger brother is also going to school in Zone A at his insistence. The related expenses came from the large subsidy from the Empire when he came to Golden Tower, but his brother is not in good health. Xie Bei spent a lot of money on medical treatment before, and he should be short of money.”

Xiào Mu understood the situation and smiled, “He has a very good medicine-making ability. I think he should not be short of money now.”

Qi Sai also laughed, “After today, there must be more people applying to work with Delish. There are quite a lot of guides where their families are in bad conditions.”

Hearing that, Xiào Mu’s eyes curved with smiles. Coming to teach and meeting Ah Bei is great. He also managed to spread the information that making medicine can train spiritual power. This is an unexpected joy. He has the same idea as Qi Sai, that the number of people working with Delish will definitely increase rapidly.

Xiào Mu and Leo ate lunch and Leo sent him back to the company. Xiào Mu went directly to Zhao Meng’s office. Zhao Mengzheng seemed to be focusing on his virtual screen, typing quickly with his fingers. Xiào Mu didn’t want to bother him, but Zhao Meng saw him at the corner of his eyes. His eyes looked bright as he said, “Xiao Mu, all of a sudden, many people asked about cooperation with Delish today!”

Xiào Mu smiled and glanced at the screen, “Would you like to hire another staff member? You looked very busy.”

Zhao Meng shook his head and turned his gaze to the screen, “I can do it alone.”

Xiào Mu watched Zhao Meng move quickly to switch the screen, registering the contacts one by one on a form. Their personnel-related information, purpose, and contact time are all recorded in detail. Zhao Meng continued to record the statistics, focusing on his work and forgot about Xiào Mu.

Xiào Mu did not disturb Zhao Meng and returned to his own office. Then he entered Delish’s dashboard with the owner’s account.

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