Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 62

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Chapter 62 Attack

In a blink of an eye, it is the last day of the celebration. Xiào Mu stayed alone in his apartment all day eating snacks and watching the live broadcast. After an afternoon nap, he make more medicine and continued watching the broadcast. He only turns off the terminal at dinner time.

Since it’s the 3rd and the last day of the celebration, a banquet is organized for the guests. Other than the envoys, there are also top people from all walks of life in the Empire, including scholars, experts, businessmen, and entrepreneurs. The whole process is forbidden to be broadcast live, so the empire’s tv channel broadcasts an entertainment evening show. Xiào Mu is not interested in this. Also, as a precaution, he did not go to the dinner banquet too.

After eating dinner, Xiào Mu went to work out as usual. Then he washed up and dried his hair with a dryer. Sitting on the bed, he browsed the news in his terminal. Then, Xiào Mu saw a news flash.

“Citizens traveling in aircraft, please take note. An aircraft has exploded at the entrance of the green military route. The authorities are investigating the matter so please drive around it.”

Below the report is a picture of a burning aircraft. Xiào Mu frowned, green military route is not far from Louis’s apartment. It’s the route connecting the public area and the military administration area. He scrolled down to read the detailed report. Seeing that there’s no casualties, Xiào Mu heaved a sigh of relief and switched to the front page of the news channel.

“A sudden explosion has occurred on the road closest to the state banquet building. According to the eyewitness at the scene, it is most likely caused by someone. If anyone sees suspicious people, please report it in time.”

The news at the top had changed to another one, and Xiào Mu’s heart tightened after reading it. The banquet tonight is arranged in the state banquet building.

At the same time, Greene also saw the news. He jumped up from the sofa and his face looked slightly pale. Thinking of Mitte’s words before he left, Greene’s heart felt even more uneasy.

“I’m leaving and I probably won’t see you again. You’re fine like this now, but don’t be too naive in the future and don’t get bullied. This is a gift for you. If you encounter a dangerous situation, turn on the switch. It can save your life.”

“I have set a 12-hour restricted access in your room’s door control so you can not go out for the time being. But after that, you can go anywhere you want. Remember to pay attention to safety.”

“Oh yes,” Mitte smiled lightly that time, “there won’t be anyone who looks like you in the future. Even if someone compares you to him, it will only be for a while. This kind of comparison will soon be over.”

Greene thought about it and touched his lips. Mitte kissed him before he left. Why did he kiss him, and what did he mean by his last words? Greene suspected that Mitte is going to do something to Xiào Mu. He wanted to contact Xiào Mu, but all the contacts in his address book have been deleted by Mitte. Even if he wanted to ask Doctor Xi Mu who knew Xiào Mu once again, he couldn’t.

Greene watched the news with anxiety, knowing that if Mitte did something, there would be news reports. Watching 2 news items mentioning explosion one after another, Greene’s uneasiness increased. He had lived in the apartment complex where Louis was for some time and is familiar with the street names in the neighborhood. Also, everyone in the Empire knew that the celebration banquet is held in the state banquet building.

Greene looked at his terminal, his expression torn with indecision. There is another way he might be able to reach Xiào Mu, and even if he couldn’t, he could give Xiào Mu a heads up – contact the police. The other side may or may not believe his words, but since Xiào Mu’s identity is special, so even if it’s just in case, the other side will probably give a reminder to Xiào Mu. It is just that if the police asked further, they would know that Mitte had been staying in his place for the past few days and would easily become suspicious of him. Greene’s mind is at war for half a second before he bit his lip and finally contacted the police.

The state banquet building is very busy at this moment. The dinner starts at 7.00 pm and ends at 8.00 pm, which then the ending party will start. The venue of the party is huge, with a buffet of desserts and drinks all around and brightly lit. People from all walks of life who knew each other well are chatting together. The party has a very important function as everyone can make a lot of top-tier friends. For businessmen, the party is a treasure trove, and they often can strike big business in the party. However, compared to the successful people happily moving around in the middle of the hall, the surrounding guards and the military personnel responsible for security work in all areas are not relaxed at all. Every guest in the hall is a big deal, and with so many bigwigs gathered here, the burden on security work is extraordinarily heavy.

Leo sat in the guard room, his eyes sharply staring at the monitor which is split into 16 screens in front of him. He pointed to a sofa corner in the upper right corner, “Have someone pay attention here, don’t miss out on any blind spots.” After Leo finished saying that, the corner of his eyes caught his deputy, Wood looking like he has something to say. Loe frowned and said, “Say what you want quickly.”

Wood read out the breaking news and reported, “For the explosion outside the building, Major General Lyle has gone to deal with it. As for the explosion at the green military route, it is also being dealt with, no news from the security in the apartment.”

These 2 incidents didn’t seem to have anything to do with the safety of the apartment, but the location is so special that Wood hesitated for a moment and decided to report it anyway. He is all too aware of the importance of the person inside the apartment to his Major General.

Leo’s eyebrows knitted, “Contact Kai Men and tell him to keep an eye on it. These incidents sounded unusual and something likely…”

Before Leo could finish saying his words, his terminal suddenly vibrated. Wood’s terminal vibrated almost at the same time as his. The two moved quickly to connect the call, but they did not hear anything from the other side, just the sound of static.

Leo jumped to his feet. He immediately thought of the situation that happened in Planet Jiu before where the captain of Team 1 and 2 passed out in the call.

“Kai Men.”

“Ah Da.”

They said the names of their caller at the same time. Upon hearing them, Leo’s face went cold. He kicked the stool away and strode out of the guard room. Wood also felt anxious in his heart, but he still remember their main responsibility and hastily reminded Leo, “Major General, you are solely responsible for the security of the party tonight.”

Leo stopped abruptly in his tracks, then said, “You stay here.” Wood is about to say something but Leo had already walked out.

Leo contacted Ren as he walked and quickly went over what had happened, “Have someone take over my duties. I have to go back to the apartment. For now, Wood is staying in the guard room and keeping an eye on the banquet hall.”

Ren whispered something to the person next to him, then said to Leo, “Louis will be taking over your task. Make sure to keep Xiào Mu safe, and be careful yourself.”


As Leo walked out of the banquet building, Lyle saw him and is about to say hello. Then Lyle saw Leo releasing his mecha, Ying from the space ring and swiftly drove Ying away. Lyle’s expression changed slightly. Leo is the head of security responsible for the party venue, but he suddenly left the hall. Something must have happened.

Something really happened and the guards at Louis’s apartment are in chaos at the moment. Xiào Mu is watching the news when someone suddenly knocked on the door. It’s not the usual knocks but a rapid slapping sound. Hearing the sound thump thump thump was disturbing. Xiào Mu opened the door and saw Da standing outside with a serious expression, “There is an attack. A wave of powerful spiritual power attack is spreading from the outer apartments towards us.”

Speaking of that, Ah Da’s expression turned ashen, “The communication signal is jammed.”

Xiào Mu immediately thought of the scene during Planet Jiu and said, “It’s most likely caused by Mitte,” Xiào Mu asked worriedly, “What about the guards in the outer apartments?”

Ah Da clenched his fist tightly, his eyes turning red, “The contact is broken after the notification of attack.”

Xiào Mu’s heart tightened and he comforted, “Maybe they just passed out. There are guards in Planet Jiu who couldn’t stand the sudden spiritual power attack before and passed out, but later they were all fine.”

Hearing that, Ah Da’s expression eased slightly, “Follow me, I will escort you out first.”

Xiào Mu followed Ah Da and walked to the staircase. All of a sudden, Xiào Mu’s expression changed badly. Just now, a wave of spiritual power attacked him and directly broke his outer barrier. Due to the increase of guards and mostly high-level sentinels, Xiào Mu habitually built 2 layers of barrier around him. Right now, the outer layer is broken, leaving the inner layer. Xiào Mu didn’t dare to be careless and hurriedly built another layer.

Seeing Ah Da and Kai Men in the living room, and the other 6 sentinels with pale faces and sweaty foreheads, Xiào Mu quickly reminded, “Build spiritual barrier and make it at least 2 layers. Else. you won’t be able to stand it.”

“2 layers?” Kai Men’s cold eyebrows moved slightly. His gray hair is wet with sweat, sticking to his forehead.

“Yes, control your spiritual power and you will be able to control the size of the barrier.” As Xiào Mu said that, he built another barrier again while using Pin Hold on himself.

Next, Xiào Mu used Pin Hold for each of the 8 guards in the living room. After doing so, while waiting for Pin Hold’s buff to count down, he used Pin Lift on the sentinel with the palest face. For each use of Pin Lift, it can restore 1,500 spiritual power. Combining with Pin Hold, they can at least recover enough spiritual power for a barrier.

The guards looked shocked when they felt the constant stream of spiritual power flowing into them and they looked at Xiào Mu with fervor, like fanatic fans who had seen their idols.

Xiào Mu took out the bottle containing intermediate mid-grade healing pills and poured some into his hand, “Take 1 for each person, and eat it when you can’t hold on.”

The guards consciously took a pill each and built a barrier while spontaneously protecting Xiào Mu in the innermost part of the room, looking at the door warily.

Kai Men’s expression looked cold as he said, “It’s too passive for us to stay inside like this. I’ll go out and take a look.”

Xiào Mu is not quite at ease and asked, “How long can you last?”

“How much spiritual power can the pill you gave recover?” Kai Men asked.

“Close to half.” Xiào Mu answered honestly.

Kai Men thought about it and said, “I’ll be back in a minute.” After saying that, he glanced at Ah Da, who said seriously, “I will protect him.”

Kai Men opened the door and is about to go out when he saw a small aircraft landing at the entrance. At the same time, the intensity of the spiritual power attack increased.

Xiào Mu’s expression tightened, and he kept releasing his skills, but there are too many people than he could heal. Hence, after a few muffled grunts, all the guards, except Ah Da and Kai Men, fell down. Xiào Mu felt worried in his heart, but he didn’t have the time to check their situation. He kept using his skills on Kai Men and Ah Da. But even so, their spiritual power is decreasing rapidly.

The door of the aircraft is pushed open, and Mitte jumped down. When he saw Kai Men at the door, and Ah Da and Xiào Mu standing inside the door, an unexpected look appeared on his face and his eyebrows are slightly raised. Before Mitte’s expression could take shape, Kai Men has already come at him like a phantom. Mitte smiled coldly and instantly increased the level of spiritual power attack to the highest strength.

Kai Men halted, and just when Mitte thought he is going to fall straight down, Kai Men took a pill and came at him again. Mitte is surprised and instantly moved away, barely avoiding a strike from Kai Men. Though Mitte’s figure is slim, he is agile and quick. After he avoided the attack, Mitte retreated directly to the aircraft. He didn’t leave but stared coldly at the 3 people who are still standing.

In less than 30 seconds, Kai Men and Ah Da fell one after another. Then, Mitte stepped down from the aircraft again. Looking at Xiào Mu’s face which is similar to Greene, Mitte said coldly, “You really surprised me, but it’s a pity.” As he said that, a miniature particle cannon suddenly appeared in his hand, and Mitte slowly raised his hand, “Goodbye…”

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