Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 63

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Chapter 63 Caught

Xiào Mu’s eyes widened and his jaw tightened.

The moment Mitte is about to pull the trigger, his wrist got hit by a pill thrown at a high speed. The sudden pain caused Mitte’s hand to tilt to the right. At the same time, the spiritual power protection device attached to his ear shattered, and a sharp pain suddenly overtook his mind. Mitte exhaled in pain and quickly turned off the spiritual attack device. Then he stared at Xiào Mu incredulously, how could this happen?

Xiào Mu’s face is pale, and the black hair on his forehead is wet with sweat on his forehead. That caused his jade-like face to look even paler, giving people a sense of fragile beauty. He had just twisted his filaments into thick strips and violently attacked Mitte’s spiritual state while enduring the pain of being attacked. But his attack hit a protective barrier instead. The barrier is broken by him but his spiritual power was traumatized, and he could no longer attack again so Xiào Mu could only retract his filaments.

The good news is that the spiritual attack disappeared in the next second. A thought flashed in his mind and Xiào Mu probably understood why Mitte didn’t get affected by his own indiscriminate spiritual attack. It is because Mitte was wearing something like a protective device and his attack just now has damaged that device. These thoughts only flashed momentarily in his mind and the tension in Xiào Mu’s heart loosened. Without the spiritual attack device, Mitte’s danger level is greatly reduced.

As soon as Xiào Mu relaxed, his body shook and is hugged tightly by Leo who ran into the living room like a phantom. Though Leo is hugging Xiào Mu, there is still undispersed horror in his eyes. When he got off the aircraft, he saw Mitte aiming to shoot Xiào Mu and Leo almost stopped breathing. At that moment, he was holding a pill that he is ready to take at any time to face Mitte. With no time to think, Leo threw the pill out with his greatest strength. Fortunately… Leo loosened Xiào Mu slightly and kissed his forehead. It is great that nothing bad happened.

Xiào Mu took a pill to restore his spiritual power. Since the attack has already stopped, his spiritual power recovered quickly. Xiào Mu patted Leo’s arm and said, “I’m fine, apprehend Mitte first.”

Leo released Xiào Mu. His gaze pierced at Mitte like an ice spear, “He can’t escape.”

The moment Leo said the words, he had already rushed out and arrived in front of Mitte in a short breath. Then Leo stepped on Mitte’s chest.

“Please don’t!” Suddenly, a terrified voice shouted. It is not too loud, but the two words were shouted in a broken voice, showing the mood of the speaker.

Leo turned his head and saw a face similar to Xiào Mu. Frowning, he looked at the police officer who came with Greene, “What’s the matter?”

The police officer is shocked by the scene and hurriedly saluted, “Major General Leo, I am a police officer on Min’an Street. This resident called the police and said that the God-level guide is in danger. He asked us to contact the God-level guide.”

“However, what he said was baseless and shouldn’t be accepted, according to the rules. It is just that he was locked in his own apartment and could not get out. Our captain thinks that the matter is strange, and because the matter he reported was serious, our captain asked the technician to help him open the apartment door. Then he ordered me to take this resident to check on the matter.”

The police officer showed a helpless expression after speaking, he never thought that Greene’s words are true. This matter even got Major General Leo involved.

Greene saw blood at the corner of Mitte’s mouth and fell in a panic. He couldn’t restrain himself anymore and ran towards Mitte.

The police officer got momentarily stunned by the sudden action and said, “Wait…” He stretched out his hand, but he was slow to react when it happened so he couldn’t catch Greene. The police officer turned to look at Leo to ask for his opinion, should he stop Greene or not?

Leo ignored the police officer’s gaze but watched with cold eyes as Greene approaches him. He didn’t lessen the strength of his foot at all, “You knew what he planned to do?”

With red eyes and trembling lips, Greene squatted down beside Mitte. He looked up at Leo, and summoned his courage to say, “Don’t step on him anymore, he can’t escape.”

Leo snorted, “Pleading on his behalf? Are you a part of his group?”

Mitte has been staring at Greene since he appeared. He turned his gaze to Leo when he heard this. With a hint of mockery in his tone, Mitte said, “I don’t have such a weak teammate, nor I have any accomplices who will report me behind my back.”

Greene bit his lip, tears falling drop by drop. He was at a loss at that time. He didn’t want Mitte to get into any trouble, but he couldn’t approve of what Mitte did. He couldn’t just ignore what is going to happen, so Greene called the police. But what should he do now? He can’t stop Mitte, and he doesn’t want Mitte to be hurt, but he can’t do anything. Greene looked at Mitte with tears in his eyes. The moment he think that Mitte would die, Greene felt terribly uncomfortable in his heart. Even though the person he admired the most, Major General Leo, is standing beside him, Greene’s thoughts are all on Mitte.

When warm tears dripped on the side of his face, Mitte’s expression instantly changed and he turned his gaze to Greene again. Then he tilted his head to the side and coughed. Because there is blood in his throat, Mitte sounded hoarse, “Why are you crying? Isn’t it your wish for me to be arrested? Or you are disappointed that I didn’t get caught by the people you brought over?”

The heavy ridicule in Mitte’s words made Greene’s heart felt complicated in an instant, even his breathing seemed to hurt. His tears flowed faster, and he unconsciously shook his head, “It’s not…”

Mitte is about to say more when Leo twisted the back of Mitte’s collar and lifted him up. Then he neatly handcuffed his hands and feet. The unconscious Kai Men and Ah Da had woken up after Xiào Mu treated them. Kai Men’s expression looked colder than usual, and he saluted Leo.

Leo handed Mitte to Kai Men and said, “Search his body, he must have a lot of useful information. Don’t let him run away and also don’t let him die.”

Kai Men nodded, “Noted.”

Greene followed Mitte with red and swollen eyes. Seeing Mitte staggered due to being dragged by Kai Men, Greene subconsciously reached out to help him. Mitte stepped aside and avoided Greene’s hand, his face looked cold as he said, “I am a felon wanted by the empire now, do you really want to get involved with me?”

The tears that have stopped before started to flow down again.

Kai Men frowned and saw Greene stretching out his hand. So he grabbed Greene’s wrist and said, “Don’t interfere with official business.”

Greene hissed in pain, and Mitte glared at Kai Men darkly, “Let him go!”

Kai Men only lightly glanced at Mitte and he released Greene. After that, he threw a warning glance at Greene before pulling Mitte into the military aircraft.

Greene rubbed his wrist. He unconsciously chased after the aircraft for a few steps and then stopped. Greene lowered his head dejectedly. He can’t catch up at all, even if he catches up, he couldn’t do anything to help Mitte.

Xiào Mu treated all the guards in the living room. When they wake up, Leo and Ah Da escorted him to several surrounding apartments. As soon as he got out of the apartment, Xiào Mu saw Greene standing blankly not far from the door. Earlier when Xiào Mu was treating Kai Men and Ah Da, he heard the commotion outside. Although he didn’t see what happened with his own eyes, Xiào Mu knew about the situation.

“Thank you for coming over.” Xiào Mu walked to Greene and thanked him sincerely. “Also, thanks for the clues you provided last time.”

Greene’s expression looked sad. These two things just reminded him how he went against Mitte. Thinking of Mitte, Greene felt very uncomfortable and he bit his lip, “No need to thank me. I, I just don’t want him to do bad things.” He looked at Xiào Mu with red and swollen eyes, “He is actually not a bad person, really. Can he not die?”

Xiào Mu helplessly said, “I don’t know exactly what crime he will be convicted of. You think he is not a bad person, maybe just because he is good to you. But look around, do you know how many people are in danger because of him just now? ”

Hearing that, Greene looked ashamed, “Sorry, I’m sorry. It’s just that his thinking is too extreme. He hates guides and sentinel too much.”

Xiào Mu: “Do you know what his purpose is?”

Greene’s eyelashes trembled. “I don’t know.” He clenched his hands into fists because he is lying. Greene is scared of saying the truth. Mitte is in a bad situation now. If the military knew that Mitte’s goal is to eliminate all the sentinels and guides, Mitte might not have a chance to survive.

Xiào Mu didn’t ask anymore, but just comforted, “You should take a rest in the apartment, and someone will send you back later.”

Leo: “Don’t leave by yourself, I want to ask you something.”

Xiào Mu glanced at Leo but did not say anything. Not wanting to waste time, he went to the nearest apartment to treat the sentinels inside. After all sentinels are treated, Xiào Mu breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, no one died in this attack. Moreover, the scope of the spiritual attack is quite limited. Louis’s apartment is kind of far away from other places so the attack did not harm the rest of the people around.

It is 9.00 am at this moment and the neighborhood is as bright as the day. The guards have gone back to their posts. Xiào Mu, Leo, and Greene sat on the sofa.

Leo asked Greene coldly, “How do you know about Mitte’s plan? Where is he hiding these days?”

Holding the hot tea delivered by the housekeeper robot, Greene stared at the white steam and honestly told Leo about Mitte staying in his apartment.

Leo asked, “Did he reveal any information about himself?”

Greene shook his head, “No, I only know that he has been monitoring the apartment of Prince Planet Yan and Lieutenant General Louis. But last night, he suddenly became angry.” Greene recalled the scene in his memory and added, “It seemed that something went wrong with the surveillance at the time, and his expression looked ugly.”

Xiào Mu’s heart moved, thinking of Novi’s debuff lifted by him last night.

“Any other information about him?” Leo asked.

Greene shook his head, “No, he rarely speaks, always playing with things I can’t understand.”

Having said this, Greene suddenly remembered something. He stretched his hand into his pocket and touched a palm-sized cube. However, thinking that it is a gift given to him by Mitte, Greene felt a little reluctant. He hesitated for a moment, but still took it out in the end, “This was given to me before he left, saying that if I encounter a dangerous situation, it can save my life.”

Leo took a look at the cube and asked, “Do you know the specific effect?”

Greene shook his head and Leo said, “I will hand it over to the military’s technical department for research. If there is no problem with it, I will return it to you in the end.”

Hearing that, Greene’s eyes lit up, “Okay.” He didn’t care about the effect, he just wanted to keep this gift.

Other than concealing Mitte’s purpose in attacking the sentinels, Greene said everything he knew. Xiào Mu then asked Leo to arrange a guard to send Greene back to his current residence.

Xiào Mu rubbed his forehead. He felt a little tired and Leo embraced him from behind, “Go and rest.”

Xiào Mu nodded. When he reached his room, his terminal suddenly received a message.

“Xiào Mu, I am Thornton. I wanted to find a chance to be alone with you, but unfortunately, there are always people by your side. I thought about it and decided to state my purpose directly. How about we make a deal, and you can mention any conditions at will?”

Xiào Mu raised his eyebrows. Novi is the only one from Planet Yan to know about his contact number. Thornton must have asked Novi.

“Not interested.” Xiào Mu replied without hesitation.

Thornton then sent another message, “Don’t rush to refuse me. You just need to give me your [s]perm. It’s a simple request, isn’t it? I only want this one thing. If you agree, the terms are up to you. If you refuse, then I would have to consider snatching ‘someone’ from Leo.”

Xiào Mu’s mouth twitched. He is unable to keep up with Thornton’s way of thinking at all.

Seeing that Xiào Mu’s expression looked wrong, Leo lowered his head and glanced at the message. Then his expression sank, and he reached out to write the reply in Xiào Mu’s terminal, “Scram back to Planet Yan, and stop dreaming.”

Thornton: “Hi, Major General Leo!”

With a cold face, Leo held Xiào Mu’s wrist and dragged Thornton’s number into the blacklist. After doing that, Leo looked at Xiào Mu and asked, “You won’t be angry with me doing that, right?”

Xiào Mu smiled and touched the side of Leo’s face, “Of course not. If I disagree with your action, I will stop you. But it is exactly what I want to do as well.”

Leo held Xiào Mu’s hand and bowed his head to kiss him. Then he bent over to carry Xiào Mu in a princess carry and opened the door. After closing the door, Leo put the person on the bed.

Seeing Leo lowering his head and preparing to continue, Xiào Mu put his hand on Leo’s shoulder to stop him. He is somewhat concerned with Thornton’s message.

“Say, he said he wanted my sp…” Xiào Mu’s face turned red and he vaguely skipped over the word, “What, what do you think he wanted to do with it?”

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