Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 61

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Chapter 61 Sorting out

Xiào Mu is amused at Leo’s childish behavior, but he didn’t stop it, letting Leo cling to him. If this action can stop other people from coveting him, he is very happy to do so.

In the hall, Novi is already awake, but his expression looked ugly. Thornton and Qiao sat on either side of him. Thornton didn’t speak and Qiao is asking Novi about what happened before he fell into a coma. When Novi saw Xiào Mu, he spoke for the first time after waking up, “About the Yan tea I gave you, please throw it away. Don’t drink it.”

Xiào Mu sat across from Novi, “What did you remember?”

Novi’s complexion changed slightly and his hands resting on his knees tightened. Instead of answering, he asked, “How did you find the problem? I don’t feel it at all.”

Xiào Mu touched the back of his hand that was scalded before, “I sensed a hint of spiritual power in the tea.”

Novi bit his lip, “I didn’t feel it.” After he said that, his expression sank, and he turned to Thornton. “Call Ah Le from the diplomatic team. He is the one who gave me the tea caddy as a gift for visiting.”

Thornton originally didn’t know what is going on. From the conversation, he somewhat understood that the tea that Novi gave to Xiào Mu was tampered with. The main task of his trip is to be responsible for the safety of the entire mission. Hearing Novi’s words, his eyes flashed coldly and he asked his men to bring Ah Le over.

Novi assured Xiào Mu and Leo, “I will definitely give you an explanation. Planet Yan and Planet Yao are members of the alliance. We are friendly and will not do anything harmful.”

Xiào Mu smiled and said, “I believe you but what I care more about is, why did you suddenly fall into a coma earlier?”

Novi gripped his fingers tighter, and he said with difficulty, “I remembered something,” he looked down, “It’s a bad thing.” Having said that, Novi stared at Xiào Mu intently, “Did you offend anyone? Why else would someone use my hand to deal with you?”

Xiào Mu helplessly stretched his hands, “I didn’t have any grudges with anyone. This kind of thing happening also makes me feel helpless.”

Novi turned his head to think for a moment, and suddenly thought, “No, maybe it’s not that they want to deal with you. They just want to make you the same as me like before.”

“Do you know what you were like before?” Xiào Mu asked immediately.

Novi nodded lightly, with a look of frustration, regret, and guilt in his expression, “I have always been proud of being a Level A guide. Later on, I am even more proud of becoming a Level A+ guide.”

“The reason why I was in a coma is actually very simple, though I don’t know why. It’s just that I suddenly remembered a lot of things that I had somehow forgotten.” Novi glanced at Xiào Mu and gave a wry smile, “I think it has something to do with you. However, I am right in front of you now, but I can’t feel what you have done to me.”

Xiào Mu smiled and didn’t admit it. He simply asked, “Did you suddenly become a Level A+ guide?”

Novi’s face turned pale, “I also thought I was. I even felt complacent and thought I was talented.”

Thornton raised his eyebrows and said, “Prince Novi is the fastest guide to level up in Planet Yan. He just went out for a trip and became a Level A+ guide when he came back, causing a sensation throughout Planet Yan. Even now, there are still people asking where Prince Novi has gone for the trip!”

Novi glared at Thornton but recalling something, his momentum weakened again and he looked away a little flustered. Thornton narrowed his eyes. He sensed something is wrong, but thinking that there are other people here, he didn’t ask further.

Xiào Mu detected the key point and asked, “What happened during your trip?”

Novi’s jaw tightened, “I was kidnapped.”

Thornton looked at Novi swiftly, his eyes sharp, “You got caught?”

Novi ignored Thornton, but blurted everything in a breath, “I don’t remember these memories. They all came back to me before I fell into a coma. I remember that I was captured into an underground laboratory.”

“I was very scared at the time and kept yelling that if they hurt me, Planet Yan’s military would definitely raze it to the ground. Perhaps, for this reason, they were very polite to me.”

“I don’t know exactly what they did. My spiritual power rose to Level A+ within 2 days, and then I was sent away. I was in a semi-coma during the whole process, confused and dazed.”

Novi took a deep breath and continued, “I went back to my guards, no longer have any relevant memories. Instead, the memories planted in my mind is that I hated my guard for following me around so I sneaked out to play for 2 days. After that, my spiritual power broke through suddenly.”

“There was nothing wrong after that. No, it should be I simply couldn’t remember these things. There is nothing wrong on the surface but if I think about it carefully, I did a lot of things for them without my knowledge.”

Novi rubbed the bridge of his nose, “The latest 2 incidents I did, one is I let Jonassen get away, and the other is causing confusion at the luncheon yesterday. Those manic sentinels have had tea with me before.”

“So, Jonassen’s escape really has something to do with you.” Thornton’s expression looked ugly.

Jonassen is a prisoner under Thornton’s guard so Jonassen escaping from Planet Yan’s prison made many people question his ability. There are even opposing politicians who suggested that he conspired with the space pirates, and they are in the same group. At that time, Thornton was so annoyed that he wanted to find someone to fight with every day. He investigated the case and found that only Novi, who went to jail for exercising his spiritual power, is the most suspicious suspect. However, Novi refused to admit it and sneered at his ability.

Novi looked uncomfortable by Thornton’s question and then Ah Le, a member of Planet Yan’s diplomatic team is dragged over by Thornton’s men. Novi’s expression returned to being sullen. He sat upright, full of royal authority, and stared sharply at Ah Le, “Who are you working for? Where did the tea you gave me as a gift come from?”

Ah Le is a chubby middle-aged man with gentle facial features. He is panting because he was dragged over in a hurry. Hearing Novi’s question, he looked at a loss, “Prince Novi, I didn’t give you tea.”

“Excuses,” Novi scolded, “You mean I’m lying?”

Ah Le wiped the sweat on his forehead, “I really didn’t give you any tea. You told me that I only need to prepare gifts when you are going out to visit. But I didn’t know you are going to visit anyone tonight.”

“I always have the tea with me, ready to be given away, but I didn’t give away any today.”

As Ah Le said, he took out a tea caddy. It is a dark red cylindrical can, and the body of the can is tied with a beautiful flower in red silk, which one can tell at first glance that it is used for gifts.

Novi made a move with his right hand and Ah Le quickly offered the tea caddy with both hands. Novi opened the can and took a glance. Then he handed it to Xiào Mu, “Take a look.”

Xiào Mu couldn’t sense anything from the unmade tea so he let the housekeeper robot brew the tea, and then asked Novi, “Are you sure you remember everything correctly?”

“I was sure earlier, but,” he frowned and looked at Ah Le, “If Ah Le is telling the truth, then I don’t know. In my memory, it was Ah Le who gave me the tea and reminded me to give it away when going out to visit.”

Ah Le couldn’t help but said, “Prince Novi, I really didn’t give you tea!” He is very confused and couldn’t understand what is going on. Ah Le looked at Thornton with his eyes, wanting a hint whether Prince Novi had mental confusion or something, but Thornton ignored him.

The robot brewed the tea leaves that Ah Le took out. Xiào Mu held a cup of tea in his hand and felt for a moment. Then he said, “This is a normal tea.”

Ah Le glared indignantly, “This is the best Yan tea from Planet Yan!”

Xiào Mu smiled. He took a sip, and nodded, “It tastes really good.”

Novi looked at Ah Le seriously, “Ah Le, you really didn’t lie? Where were you at 11.30 am yesterday?” That is the time between the end of the celebration and before the luncheon.

Ah Le thought for a while before replying, “At that time, the members of our Ministry of Foreign Affairs are all together, checking the celebration gift to be given to Planet Yao at the luncheon later, the Level S mecha.”

Novi contacted the Minister of Foreign Affairs and asked him what he was doing at 11.30 am yesterday. Although the minister thought the question was strange, he answered his question, exactly the same as Ah Le’s answer. Novi gritted his teeth and asked the guards to send Ah Le back to his residence. Novi closed his eyes and knocked on his forehead, “What is going on?”

Xiào Mu turned to look at Leo and Leo said, “There is a possibility, hypnosis. The person who caused the chaos yesterday knows how to use hypnosis, and he may be the one who gave you the tea.”

Xiào Mu: “Originally, I was surprised why there are only 4 people suddenly became manic. Now I understand, it’s because they drank the problematic tea. This tea is probably used in conjunction with some kind of instrument that can cause spiritual power mania.”

Novi’s eyes widened, “According to your words, the reason why I forgot about being kidnapped before and thought that I went out to play, it’s because I was hypnotized? But why can I remember these but not the person who gave me the tea?”

Xiào Mu shrugged, “I don’t know. Maybe there is a slight difference. I can only guess that you were under mental control before, but now you are out of their control.”

Novi gritted his teeth, “Give me information about the person who caused the mania. He borrowed my hand to do bad things, I will never let him go! And that experimental base. When I find it, I must blow it all up!”

Leo: “Let’s exchange information. I want to know all the information about the experimental base.”

Novi frowned, “I don’t know much. I already said that I was in a coma when I went in and was in a semi-coma when I came out. There’s nothing much to remember.”

Leo looked serious as he said, “Try to provide any kind of information, the vibration of the starship, and the length of time, all these are very useful.”

Novi opened his terminal, “En, I will try my best to remember and write down the details. I hope that the information you are exchanging is also comprehensive.”

When Novi finished writing his memories, Leo said, “You can pass it to Xiào Mu. I have already sent the relevant information to Xiào Mu.”

Novi curled his mouth, “Isn’t it easier for us to transfer it to each other directly?”

Leo sternly said, “You are a guide, and I am a sentinel with a boyfriend. To prevent you from ruining my relationship with my boyfriend, I will never add your number.”

Novi got choked by the rebutting and said, “The number of people who want to add my number can circle around your Planet Yao once.”

Leo simply ignored Novi and looked at Xiào Mu.

Xiào Mu thought it was funny, he is sure that Leo learned this kind of thinking from those pink romance dramas. He sent the information regarding Mitte to Novi, and Novi also sent him his memories. Xiào Mu didn’t read it and forwarded it directly to Leo.

Novi opened Mitte’s profile and made a ‘huh’ sound. Then he turned his virtual screen to Thornton and asked, “Look at this, do you find him familiar?”

Thornton’s mouth evokes a sneer, “Except for his expression, he looks about 70% like the youngest member of Planet Yan’s council.”

Novi supported his chin on his palm, “I’ve seen his resume before. His father has a brother who was originally the head of the family. He also has a cousin. However, the family of the cousin suffered a fall, and the head of the family became his father. From then, his father’s official career rose.”

Xiào Mu didn’t expect to know more about Mitte’s life experience and reminded the men, “Although he is an ordinary person, he has a weapon that could attack with spiritual power in his hand and he knows hypnosis. Maybe he has other skills that we don’t know. He is a powerful person. You must be careful if you saw him.”

Novi furrowed his eyebrows, “Weapon to attack with spiritual power? Is it specially designed to deal with sentinels and guides?”

Xiào Mu said, “Not necessarily. Ordinary people also have spiritual power, but it is generally low.” He glanced at the time and said, “It’s late now. Go back and rest. I won’t tell anyone about tonight.”

Novi: “Thank you.”

Thornton glanced at Xiào Mu before he got up to say goodbye, and escorted Novi away.

Qiao has been listening quietly beside Xiào Mu, his eyes looked fanatic as he said, “If you find the base, you must notify me. I’m sure that their research on spiritual power is much ahead of the empire!” He stared intently at Xiào Mu, “Are you willing to let me study your spiritual power?”

Leo grabbed the back of Qiao’s collar with a sullen face and lifted him from the sofa. Then he pushed him out of the apartment and said, “Stop dreaming.”

Qiao adjusted his collar, still not giving up as he looked at Xiào Mu, “When you finally want to do the study, remember to tell me!”

Xiào Mu waved his hand at Qiao, he had no interest in being an experimental subject. Leo embraced Xiào Mu and escorted him back to his bedroom. Upon reaching the door, he gave Xiào Mu a deep kiss, “Get a good rest. I have to go to the celebration site tomorrow morning. You’d better not go out. After tomorrow, I will accompany you wherever you want to go.”

Xiào Mu smiled and touched the side of Leo’s face, “I’m not a kid. Don’t coax me with general words, I know how serious things are.”

Leo grabbed Xiào Mu’s hand and his eyes looked deep, “Don’t take the initiative to touch me. I won’t be able to help it and I won’t want to leave.”

Xiào Mu flushed and poked at Leo’s shoulder, “Go back to your room.” Knowing that Leo would study Novi’s memories carefully, Xiào Mu reminded Leo, “Remember to go to bed early.”

Leo kissed Xiào Mu’s lips hard before letting go and leaving his room.

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