Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 60

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Chapter 60 Persuade

Sitting in the corner of the sofa, Greene is taken aback by Mitte’s violent movements. Looking at Mitte with the corner of his eyes, Greene saw that his expression is cold and angry. He asked in a low voice, “What’s wrong with you?”

Mitte turned to look at Greene and expressionlessly said, “It’s nothing. Go to your room and sleep.”

Greene frowned, “Where are you going? What are you going to do?”

“You don’t need to know,” Mitte said, then a message prompt popped up on the screen. His expression instantly changed. Mitte turned off the screen and pulled at Greene’s arm, “Go back to your room.”

Greene struggled. “I’ll go by myself.”

Mitte stared at Greene for 2 seconds. He released his hand, and turned to go upstairs, “Keep up.”

Furrowing his eyebrows, Greene followed behind Mitte. When they reached the door of his room, Mitte pushed him into the room. He stood at the door and warned, “Behave and don’t try to leave the apartment.”

Seeing that Mitte is about to close the door, Greene quickly said, “I want to go to school tomorrow. I’m already a lot behind in class.”

“School?” Mitte snorted coldly, “Did you forget what I said? You and Xiào Mu look alike. Do you know what repercussions you will cause when you appear in front of the public?”

“What’s more, there are a lot of envoys from other planets in your Planet Yao right now and they coveted for Xiào Mu. If they know that there is someone who looked like him, you will inevitably get taken away. Those people will use some dirty tricks to cause trouble, then take the opportunity to swap you two and take Xiào Mu away.”

Greene’s eyes flashed in panic, and he bit his lip, “You are just scaring me.”

“You think I’m just scaring you? Could it be you think the situation I just said will never happen?” Mitte couldn’t help mocking.

Greene whispered, “You said you want to deal with sentinels and guides, and you have been paying attention to matters related to Xiào Mu. Since you have thought of that way, and I am standing in front of you, why didn’t you do like what you said?”

Mitte narrowed his eyes and lowered his head. He looked at Greene deeply and asked softly, “You want to know why?”

Greene’s expression became tense but nodded, “Yes.”

Mitte stared at Greene for a long time. But he stood up straight and pulled the distance between the two, lightly mocking, “No matter how much similar, you are still not him. Also…”

For this kind of plan to succeed, he needs to make some external changes on Greene. Moreover, to prevent being exposed, it is best to let Greene fall into a coma or fake death. Mitte is unwilling to do this, and he is unwilling to say it out at this moment. Not continuing to say the reason, Mitte only warned Greene once more, “You are not allowed to go out. I have surveillance around the apartment. Any small movements you make, I will find out,” he said with a cold tone, “Don’t make me angry.”

Greene plucked up the courage and said, “I don’t want to stay locked in the apartment for a lifetime. If you are worried about the envoys, I will start school when they leave!” He added firmly, “You are not allowed to keep me locked up. ”

Although Greene’s tone is firm, his gaze looking at Mitte isn’t, showing his inner anxiety. If Mitte doesn’t agree, Greene knew that he has no way to resist him(M). Thinking of this, Greene looked dejected. Is he too useless? Although he has planned about how to live in the future, his plan is easily disrupted by other people.

Mitte expressionlessly looked at Greene’s gloomy expression, and said coldly, “I can promise you, but you have to be obedient and don’t expose me.”

Hearing that, Greene hesitated, and Mitte’s expression turned ugly. He pinched Greene’s chin and raised his head to look at him, “You wanted me to die that much?”


Greene retorted subconsciously, but he thought of what Mitte had done, and how the imperial military is looking for Mitte everywhere. If he exposes Mitte’s whereabouts, Mitte will definitely not end well.

“What you did last time did not result in deaths. Promise me that you won’t hurt people anymore and I’ll help you to hide your track.” Greene looked at Mitte expectantly. Internally struggling for a while, he then said, “And I will help you to cover, cover for you.” Greene sounded a little upset, he knew it is wrong for him to do this, but Mitte is the first person to express kindness to him, and Greene hoped Mitte would live well.

Mitte went silent for a moment before chuckling, “You are really naive. Do you know that your offer is negating my condition? You could give me a fake promise, then you will find a chance to inform Xiào Mu after you left the apartment. And I won’t doubt you, directly agreeing with your request to go to school.”

Greene pursed his lips. “I don’t want to lie to you.” He stretched out his hand and held on Mitte’s sleeve. “Will you promise me? Sentinels and guides are very good, don’t hurt them.”

“Good?” Mitte’s voice is cold.

Greene looked at Mitte in the eyes and said, “Don’t be prejudiced. I told you before that most sentinels will be on the front lines on the battlefield. Their abilities alone are worth several ordinary people. If there are no sentinels around when the wave of beast stampede arrives every year’s spring, many ordinary people will die. Their preferential treatment is proportional to their responsibilities.”

“Except for a very small number of guides, most guides have lived in the Golden Tower since their awakening. They have no chance to hurt people. On the contrary, many guides will give spiritual treatment to the sentinels who have mental confusion. They are all kind.”

“All?” Mitte couldn’t help mocking. “You forgot how we caught you in the first place?”

Greene’s eyelashes trembled quickly: “Roa and Eileen are from the same mother so they are closer. It is a normal reaction for Roa to save Eileen.”

Mitte stared at Greene coldly, “Do you really think so?”

Greene gripped his fist, “Yes, I think so now. Back then I was sad and uncomfortable, and I also complained a little but I think so after thinking it through. Many things will have a different answer from different angles.” He bit his lower lip and added, “Keeping resentment in the heart will make one see everything resentfully.”

Mitte laughed angrily. “Are you talking about me?”

“I just hope you can look at things impartially. There are so many beautiful things that you haven’t done yet. Why do you want to focus on these hurtful things?”

Mitte’s terminal shook slightly, and he glanced at Greene, “You are too naive. It’s late, go and rest early.”

Greene looked helplessly at the closed door. He still failed to persuade Mitte.

Mitte went back to the living room and turned on his terminal. He split the virtual screen into two. On the left is the floor plan of the apartment and there is a green dot in the next room, which represents the location of Greene. On the right is his communication screen. Confirming that Greene is staying obediently in his room, Mitte opened the two previous messages.

“What’s the matter? How did the second prince of Planet Yan, Novi, break the connection?”

“What happened? Could it be you got captured? Reply as soon as you read this!”

Just by looking at the messages, Mitte knew that the sender is very nervous. He replied the message with, “I’m fine. I found a place to hide. The situation with Planet Yan’s prince is not clear. He took the catalyst to find the god-level guide. Not sure what happened, his connection suddenly gets cut off.”

“It must be related to the god-level guide. I originally wanted you to bring him back so I could study his spiritual power, but now it seems that the possibility of you completing the task is almost zero.”

Mitte frowned, “There are many guards around him throughout the day, as well as Level S sentinels. I originally planned to let Novi give the catalyst to the god-level guide, and then make a big commotion at tomorrow night’s party. During that time, I can take the advantage to take him away. It’s just that there is a problem with Novi now so this plan can’t be realized. You are right. I can’t complete the task we originally planned.”

The person from the other side of the message doesn’t seem to be angry as he wrote, “It’s okay. Unexpected situations are hard to predict, but the god-level guide has too much influence on our plan. He is actually able to cut the connection. I have a hunch that with him around, our plan for years is likely to fail.”

“Mitte, your mission is changed now. Don’t bring the target back, make him disappear.”

Disappear means death. Mitte replied with the word, “Noted.” He pressed the send button, and Greene’s face suddenly flashed in his mind. After hesitating for a moment, Mitte continued to type, “Brother, we denied sentinels and guides their existence based on our own unfortunate experience, don’t you think our decision is too one-sided?”

“Mitte!” Even if it is just a message, Mitte could imagine the stern face of the person on the other side, “Your belief is shaken. Have you forgotten how you were stepped on and spurned by the guide? Have you forgotten how everything that should belong to you gets easily taken away by someone with a sentinel’s identity?”

“Everyone is born equal, and what we have to do is great. We will end these unequal relationships with our own hands. The world will be more loving and harmonious in the future, and everyone will praise us.”

“Mitte, my good younger brother, we are about to succeed. Do you want to deny us so many years of hard work? Or do you want to deny yourself?”

Mitte hasn’t answered yet, and the other side sent another sentence, “Mitte, have you made friends?”

Mitte’s expression stiffened and he replied, “No, I haven’t wavered. I promise to complete the task with all my strength.”

“Good boy, I am waiting for your good news.”

Staring at the last message on the screen, Mitte waited until the screen gradually turned black before his body relaxed.

As for the target, Xiào Mu didn’t know that someone wanted his life. He is looking at Novi anxiously at this moment. After tidying Novi’s spiritual state, he thought that Novi would wake up, but Novi is still unconscious.

Leo once again proposed to contact Planet Yan’s envoys. Xiào Mu is worried that it would cause an interstellar conflict, so he proposed to let Qiao come to see Novi first. Leo had no objection to his suggestion and Qiao quickly arrived at the apartment. Qiao asked anxiously as soon as he walked in, “Has something happened to Lieutenant General Louis?”

Xiào Mu comforted Qiao, “No, he’s fine. But can you help and see how he is?” He pointed to Novi who is lying on the sofa.

Qiao breathed a sigh of relief. When he saw Novi, he is taken aback: “The second prince of Planet Yan?” As he said, Qiao stepped forward and checked Novi. After the examination, he looked at Xiào Mu questioningly, “Did you compete spiritual power with him? He is fine, just mentally fatigued. Simply put, the prince is too tired so he is sleeping. Just let him rest for a few hours.”

Xiào Mu’s mouth twitched. He got worried for a long time and didn’t think fatigue would be the reason. He shook his head, “I didn’t compete with him,” Xiào Mu threw a guess, “Perhaps he was too diligent in making medicine in private.”

Qiao pondered: “It doesn’t make sense. His spiritual power is very sufficient. If he is too into making medicine, his spiritual power should be consumed a lot, and not left with this much spiritual power.”

Xiào Mu couldn’t think of the reason, and smiled, “It’s fine if he is alright. So, how long will he be able to wake up?”

“With his physical fitness plus the level of fatigue, at least 2 hours.”

Hearing that, Xiào Mu felt like he has a headache. Novi has a special status so Planet Yan’s envoys will definitely try to contact Novi in less than 2 hours.

Leo held Xiào Mu’s hand and said, “Don’t worry, let him sleeps as long as he likes. If someone is looking for him, we’ll just let them take him away. Now, let’s go to the training ground.”

After eating dinner and waiting some time for digestion is finished, it is time for Xiào Mu’s evening exercise.

Qiao stared at the two holding hands and snickered twice. He patted Leo on the shoulder and said, “Not bad.”

Leo: “Should I get someone to take you back?”

Qiao shook his head and sat on the sofa, “I’m very curious about why Novi is in this situation. You guys go and do your thing, and I will wait for him to wake up.” He pointed to the guards around him, “There are so many people here, so you don’t have to worry about anything.”

Xiào Mu: “I am also very curious about his situation. Once he woke up, please get the housekeeper robot to notify me.”

Leo and Xiào Mu went to the training ground. Xiào Mu’s exercise ended earlier than Leo so instead of leaving early as before, Xiào Mu leaned on the bars in the corner to watch Leo exercise. When Leo saw Xiào Mu waiting for him, his expression always turned softer, and the boring training became more interesting.

Qiao’s estimated time is accurate. 2 hours later, when Leo just finished his training, they received a message from Qiao that Novi has woken up. At the same time, Qiao specifically reminded Leo that the Major General from Planet Yan who is also a Level SS sentinel, Thornton has personally come to pick up Novi an hour ago. He is currently waiting in the living room for Novi to wake up because he said he is worried about any situation happening when transferring the unconscious Novi.

Leo responded with a cold snort.

When Qiao saw the two again, he saw Leo hugging Xiào Mu’s waist, a very intimate action.

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