Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 59

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Chapter 59 Spiritual Residue

Hearing Xiào Mu’s question, Novi stretched out his right hand, and 3 pills appeared on his palm, “I made this. I heard that the pills in the empire’s shop are sold according to different efficiency. I want to ask, how to distinguish the effects of medicines?”

Xiào Mu did not answer directly, but asked, “Is there no guide pheromone agent in Planet Yan? It can’t be your guide pheromone agent is not graded?”

“Of course they are graded,” Novi looked at Xiào Mu and added, “but as far as I know, the medicine made by guides is better than the guide pheromone agent. Also, it can lead to spiritual power breakthrough. I heard the pills in the empire are sold strictly in accordance with the sentinel’s test result.”

“So I think you must have a way to distinguish the effects of medicines.”

Xiào Mu smiled and said, “It seems that you have checked a lot of information about the guide medicine.”

“Of course,” Novi did not deny, “As Planet Yan’s only guide to learn about medicine-making, I need to pass on the skills after I go back. Hence, I must figure out everything.”

Xiào Mu: “In this case, I think you should have heard of the spiritual power measurement device?”

“Yes, I’ve heard,” Novi nodded. “It is said that the numerical adjustment of the device was completed with your help. I am puzzled. How do you judge the specific spiritual power value? I can only judge the level.”

Xiào Mu replied with the same old answer, “What I saw is different from what you saw, perhaps because I have higher spiritual power.”

Novi frowned, obviously dissatisfied with the answer, but he has no way to rebut. Even if Xiào Mu is lying, Novi could not refute it. He is not a god-level guide, and he has no idea what the scene Xiào Mu can see is like.

“So back to my original question, how to determine the efficacy of the pill?” Novi asked.

Xiào Mu thought for a while before answering, “The largest company specialized in machinery and equipment is the Zhao company. The spiritual power measurement device is developed by them. Also, the medicine measurement device is about to be successfully developed. At this point, I think it’s better for you to contact the Zhao company instead.”

Novi stared at Xiào Mu, “You provided the data adjustment support?”

Xiào Mu did not refute, “If you want to ask me how to distinguish the effects of the medicine, I may not be able to help you.”

Xiào Mu took the medicine from Novi’s hand and surprise shown on his face. As expected from a Level A guide. This is the first time Novi made the medicine but the effect is already very good, “When I touch the medicine, I will feel the spiritual power in it. Your medicine could recover 1,000 spiritual power.” He explained, “It could help sentinels or guides who have just reached Level D (2,000) to recover half of their spiritual power.”

Novi’s eyes lit up slightly, “So powerful?”

Xiào Mu nodded. Then, suddenly thought of something, he looked annoyed with himself, “I’m sorry. I forgot to remind everyone that the guide’s medicine can only be used 2 hours apart, otherwise it is a waste to eat more.”

Xiào Mu has done experiments before. Except for the medicine he made, the medicine made by the other guides will not cause a level breakthrough. The interval is the same. If one consumes more than a pill within 2 hours, it will have no effect and the medicine will be wasted. Xiào Mu turned his head to look at Leo, and whispered, “Can you contact the other envoys? Please tell them the interval of taking the medicine.”

Leo nodded, “Alright.”

At this time, the housekeeper robot brought up the brewed tea, and each of them took a cup. Novi held the tea and sniffed the tea fragrance. Then he took a sip with a relaxed expression. Xiào Mu watched Novi as he drunk the tea, but his red and blue bars did not change at all. Xiào Mu felt even more puzzled. He picked up the teacup, and the moment he touched the teacup, he could sense a very weak spiritual power. Staring at the teacup, Xiào Mu thought, is this residue of some spiritual power?

“The taste is not bad and it smells good. It has a light taste, you can try.” Seeing Xiào Mu staring at the tea, Leo thought he was hesitating because of drinking a new drink for the first time. So he took the tea and took a sip, then commented.

Xiào Mu instantly looked at Leo, “You drank it?”

Leo chuckled, “Yes, it’s not monstrous or fishy, what are you afraid of?”

Novi voiced his dissatisfaction, “The taste is definitely not worse than your empire’s tea. Why do you look disgusted?”

Xiào Mu ignored Novi and kept staring at Leo’s red and blue bars. When he saw a light gray debuff icon appearing under bars, his hand shook. The hot tea spilled on the back of his hand, causing Xiào Mu to let go, and the teacup fell to the ground with a clang.

Leo swiftly grabbed Xiào Mu’s hand and licked on the red spot, “Does it hurt?”

Xiào Mu did not answer, but grabbed Leo’s arm, “You, do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

As Xiào Mu asked the question, he suddenly remembered something. He quickly opened the system backpack, took out a dispel pill, and put it directly into Leo’s mouth.

Though Leo is a little puzzled by Xiào Mu’s nervous look, he opened his mouth and ate the medicine, “I’m fine. You are the one who got scalded, not me.”

When Novi saw Xiào Mu’s actions, he was puzzled at first. Then he turned stunned and glared at Xiào Mu, “Don’t tell me that you think the tea is poisoned? I drank it myself, didn’t you see it? Also, don’t tell me that your housekeeper robot doesn’t have the function to test for poison?”

Xiào Mu saw that Novi is acting righteous and firm as if he didn’t know about the unusual effect of the tea. He frowned and asked, “Where did your tea come from?”

Novi said, “My subordinates prepared it for me, of course. This is harvested from Planet Yan’s best tea farm. All the tea for the royal family is top-grade tea.” As he said that, his eyebrows raised up, “What do you mean by your question? Are you saying that my subordinates did some tricks to the tea?” Novi then took a big gulp of the tea, “Look at me, do I look like something is wrong with me?”

Then Novi pointed to Leo, “Do you think Major General Leo looks like something is wrong with him? Don’t try to stir trouble!”

Xiào Mu didn’t have the time to pay attention to Novi. His mood is extremely bad because he found that after taking dispel pill, the debuff under Leo’s red and blue bars still did not disappear.

Leo noticed Xiào Mu’s worried eyes and rubbed the top of his hair, “I feel alright, don’t worry.”

Xiào Mu frowned. He looked at the 2 people who are clearly not okay but keep saying they are fine and felt tired in his heart. But he couldn’t say anything about the system and Leo’s spiritual power is also Level S, so Xiào Mu couldn’t use high spiritual power as the excuse. Since the debuff is a problem found by the system, Xiào Mu simply opened the system panel and browsed the sub-panels one by one, hoping to find a solution.

“Does he have a mental problem?” Novi could not help but guess when seeing Xiào Mu with a cold face and not moving in his seat.

Leo glared at Novi coldly, “You can leave now.”

Novi curled his mouth, “That won’t work,” he looked at Xiào Mu, “Xiào Mu, you have to make it clear on the spot that there is nothing wrong with my gift. I don’t want you guys to wait until I left for Planet Yan and then charge me with some unreasonable charges. I won’t admit it.”

Xiào Mu glanced at Novi, then turned his attention to the system panel again. Finally, he stared at the newly activated skill at the bottom of the skill panel, and his eyes lit up. ‘Breeze Dew’’s ability is to dispel debuffs1, he hasn’t used it since it is activated, and almost forgot about it.

Looking at Leo, Xiào Mu used ‘Breeze Dew’ on him. The next moment, the debuff icon under Leo’s red and blue bars disappeared, and Leo’s expression remained unchanged like nothing happened.

Xiào Mu’s eyes curved with joy, the skill is useful! He then looked at Novi and decided to help Novi detoxify the debuff after a moment of thought. He could sense spiritual power in the tea so this poison is probably related to spiritual power. There will be a party tomorrow night. If Novi became an unstable factor, it can be very dangerous for the party. Xiào Mu used Breeze Dew to Novi, and a notification popped up in his mind.

[Non-friendly target, skill release failed]

Xiào Mu was taken aback, and suddenly there was a wave of dizziness in his head.

[Congratulations, host. You have activated the function to differentiate between enemy, friend, or neutral party. Note: Blue is the friendly party, Red is the enemy, and Yellow is the neutral party]

The dizziness and mechanical sound disappeared at the same time. Xiào Mu blinked, he looked at Novi and then at Leo. He quickly understood what the prompts of the system meant. Leo’s red and blue bars are now lined with an extremely thin blue border, while Novi’s bars have yellow borders. This means that Leo is friendly and Novi is neutral. The setting also shows that Novi is not a bad-hearted person. However, if malicious intent is used to distinguish between the enemy and the other two parties, how does one distinguish between the neutral party and the friendly party? Xiào Mu thought for a moment, and suddenly recalled the time when the homeland function was activated. At that time, his friends had just reached 10, and it corresponded to the number of friends in his address book.

Xiào Mu smiled at Novi and said, “Pardon my rudeness. Your worry won’t happen. Zhao company can solve all the problems you asked for today. If there are any questions in the future, I will try my best to answer you. Let’s exchange numbers for future communications?”

Since Xiào Mu offered to exchange numbers, Novi’s expression eased down, “Alright, you are more familiar with Zhao company. I may need your help as the middleman in the future.”

They exchanged numbers, and Xiào Mu nodded, “Sure,” he paused, “but the Zhao family and the Huo family are relatives. If you want to cooperate with them, you’d better ask your brother to dispel the idea of marrying Hawke.”

As Xiào Mu said that, he turned to look at Novi and saw that the borders around his red and blue bars have turned blue as expected. Having proven his guess, Xiào Mu felt happy inside, and he released Breeze Dew on Novi. The transparent lotus leaf flew from him into the area between Novi’s eyebrows; the skill is successfully released.

Novi nodded, “I will persuade him. To be honest, I don’t approve of him marrying outsiders…” His words stopped suddenly.

Novi’s expression kept changing, and his face getting redder and red. Suddenly, he hugged his head with his hands and gave a short cry of pain. Then he fell limply on the sofa. Novi’s eyes are closed, and he is in a coma state.

Xiào Mu is shocked and he got up quickly to check. Novi’s debuff has disappeared. Theoretically speaking, it should be a good thing but how could he suddenly fall into a coma? Xiào Mu squatted beside Novi and called out his name softly. At the same time, he checked Novi’s spiritual power and physical strength. Both values are high, all above the safety line.

However, Novi is not waking up. Leo said, “I am contacting the envoys of Planet Yan. Novi may have some hidden illness that we don’t know.”

Xiào Mu pursed his lips. He knew that Novi’s coma is related to his use of skills, but it is difficult to explain it. He said, “Establish a spiritual barrier first, I will enter his spiritual state to see.”

Leo: “Okay.”

Xiào Mu stretched out his filaments and plunged directly into Novi’s spiritual state. Novi’s spiritual state is very quiet, and all the bright filaments fell submissively at the bottom of the space, just like the owner of the body, who is in a coma now. Xiào Mu frowned and twisted his filaments into a few thicker bundles. Then, using them as a shovel, Xiào Mu dug at the bottom of Novi’s filaments, then lifted them up. Next, he dropped them, allowing Novi’s filaments to fall freely from a high place. A hint of black flashed in Xiào Mu’s line of sight. Xiào Mu used the rest of his filaments to single out the black filament. He continued his previous action, waiting for all the filaments to fall to the bottom again. After confirming that there is only 1 black filament, Xiào Mu transmitted his spiritual power to the black filament. He didn’t stop until the black color turned bright white.

In the other apartment, one person looked at the disappearing red dot on the screen with a gloomy expression. Then he stretched his feet to knock down the table in front of him and stood up abruptly.

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Banana: Terribly sorry for the missed out. I missed to translate the notification from the system when XM gotten his new skills. JJWXC was not working properly so I cannot login to check the official raw so I make do with coughOtherRawcough… most of the raws out there didn’t have the part regarding the system’s notification, for some reason.

Please re-read Chapter 54.2 or I can just paste the missed out part here, if you are lazy.

Here’s the missed out part:

[Congratulations, host. You have activated the skill Pin Lift]

[Congratulations, host. You have activated 2 main recovery skills so you can activate an Acupoint skill. Please choose.]

1. Shaoyang’s point (to slow down the target);
2. Breeze Dew (to dispel debuff from friendly’s party);
3. Jueyin’s point (interrupt target from chanting/gathering power)


After XM selected the skill, the system said the sentence below:

[Congratulations, host. You received a new skill – Breeze Dew: Dispel debuff from friendly’s party. Instant usage, 3 seconds CD]


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