Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 Misunderstanding

John’s aircraft is smaller than the aircraft Xiào Mu saw in the uninhabited zone before. It is also oval in shape, military green in appearance, and has a spacious rear seat. Xiào Mu sat by the window and looked out the window in amazement. There are colorful virtual tracks everywhere in the sky, interlacing each other in space. Right now, John is driving the aircraft on the green track, and the layer below them is the cyan track. Xiào Mu turned his head to look at the sky above, and there were some crisscrossed black tracks above. This is amazing. Xiào Mu sighed in amazement that the air traffic here is so developed that there will be no traffic jams at all.

Suddenly, a flash of gold caught his eyes, and he looked over. It was a very tall building with a golden castle-like roof. He couldn’t see more clearly, the speed of the aircraft was too fast, and the building is quickly left behind. Then what appeared in his field of vision was a white building the same height as the golden building, but with a Gothic-styled roof.

John has been paying attention to Xiào Mu’s actions, and said, “That is the Golden Tower and the White Tower. Those are places that Master Xiào Mu doesn’t belong to.”

Though John’s tone was weak, but Xiào Mu still heard contempt inside. Xiào Mu remembers what Doctor Xi Mu said when he introduced sentinel and guide to him. Guides stayed in the Golden Tower and sentinels stayed in the White Tower. That means Xiào Mu Greene is neither a sentinel nor a guide.

The aircraft quickly stopped in front of an apartment, which was a small two-story building with approximately 80 square meters on each floor. Instead of getting off the aircraft, John said to Xiào Mu from the driver’s seat, “Master Xiào Mu, you will be recovering from your injuries in the apartment. Don’t forget the opening ceremony 14 days later.”


Xiào Mu stretched out his hand and wanted to ask how to open the door, but the aircraft quickly disappeared from his vision. Feeling helpless, he walked to the door and studied the door, but did not find a keyhole, only a rectangle box similar to a display screen on the left. He bent down and looked at it. It was dark inside, like an electronic screen. Xiào Mu studied it for a while, but the door didn’t react at all. He stood up straight in depression, then his body froze. A familiar feeling hit him, causing his heartbeat to run wildly, and his spiritual filaments struggled to come out. He tried to control them, turned around, and saw a black aircraft landing not far away. Then, a familiar man jumped off the aircraft and strode towards him.

Leo simply couldn’t believe his eyes. Someone actually dared to steal from an apartment in the military administration zone! The moment he saw a sneaky person from the aircraft, he told the adjutant to stop the aircraft right away without even thinking about it.

Lyle, who was sitting next to him, took a look outside, “Leo, you should be going to the apartment further back. You wouldn’t forget where your grandfather used to live, would you? Don’t let the marshal know, or you will be miserable.”

Leo said while staring down, “Just stop here.”

Lyle raised his brows and moved to the window to look down. Then he said in surprise, “That’s really brave, to attempt a thievery here.”

The door of the houses here can be easily opened by swiping one’s personal terminal. People who need to examine the terminal receivers generally wanted to destroy them to steal things.

Xiào Mu watched as Leo approached. Even the muscles of his fingertips tightened and his face flushed from struggling to restrain his spiritual filaments. As he tried his best to control the spiritual filament, the transparent film formed in his mind became thicker and thicker. Soon, the spiritual filament became a little quieter.

“Why is it you?” Leo originally stretched out his hand to subdue the person, only to find that he had seen this person before, the weak chicken. He folded his hands on his chest and looked at the person condescendingly, “You don’t have the ability, but still dare to steal things here. You are overestimating yourself.”

The oppression Leo gave Xiào Mu was too strong. His physical strength and spiritual power were much higher than him, especially his physical strength, which was ninety times his. Xiào Mu realized the meaning of Leo’s words after a while, and quickly explained, “I didn’t steal anything.”

“It’s no good to lie. If you are not stealing things, then why are you examining the door?” Leo looked at the display. “Stay here obediently, the neighborhood police will come soon.” He snorted and raised his left hand.

Xiào Mu followed Leo’s gaze and looked at the display screen. Thinking about his previous actions (examining how to open the door), his face flushed. Then when he heard the next sentence (calling for police), Xiào Mu quickly grabbed Leo’s hand. At that moment, Xiào Mu felt like his mind has exploded in an instant. The filaments that had settled down suddenly thrashed wildly. He hurriedly retracted his hand and took a step back.

“Don’t call the police, I am a good citizen.”

Leo stared at the place the person had just touched and frowned in confusion. At that moment, he had a strong desire for this person, wanting to touch him and possess him.

Xiào Mu took a deep breath and calmed his heartbeat, “This is my house, I, I was just studying how to open the door.”

Hearing the explanation, the fascination in Leo’s heart disappeared instantly. How could he feel something towards a weak chicken? It would be the end of the world ba! He stared at Xiào Mu, “Are you a paramecium?” He glanced at Xiào Mu disgustingly, unceremoniously grabbed his left hand, and pointed his wrist to the display screen. The next moment, the door slid open from left to right, and the door panel retracted into the wall.

Xiào Mu didn’t feel happy at all1, because his scalp was about to explode with the sensation, and all his strength was used to control the spiritual filaments. The film formed in his mind began to disintegrate the moment Leo grasped his hand, and now only a thin layer is left. He gritted his teeth and said, “Let go of me.”

Leo subconsciously grasped Xiào Mu even tighter, and his spiritual filament stretched out uncontrollably. His black panther circled around Xiào Mu madly, its nose twitching constantly as if it is looking for something. The panther was so big that it almost reached Xiào Mu’s chest. Xiào Mu softened his feet in fright and fell back. Leo looked at the person collapsing like a soft-footed shrimp and regained his senses. Then he let go of Xiào Mu’s hand in disgust.

“You…” Leo looked at Xiào Mu thoughtfully, then at the panther, “can you see it?”

Leo started thinking, this person looked weak, but the two times he fell were after his spirit animal appeared. However, this person did not have a guide’s aura, and the terminal quantum sensor did not respond.

“What?” Xiào Mu stood up, took two steps back to distance from them, pretending not to understand.

Leo looked at the person strictly and leaned against the door. The next moment, the panther jumped from the ground and rushed straight towards Xiào Mu.

Xiào Mu’s breathing was stagnant, and his heartbeat stopped almost instantaneously. When the panther disappeared, he realized that both his feet were stiff. He actually didn’t dodge! Xiào Mu wanted to give himself a thumbs up and silently added this person to the blacklist. In the future, he will stay away from this person and never have any physical contact with this person!

“You don’t even know how to open the door. You should go to the child care department for a few days.” Leo left these words and returned to the aircraft.

Lyle was replying to a message when Leo came back. He raised his eyebrows and asked, “Why are you so late? That person’s skill is that good?”

“No one can be weaker than him,” Leo folded his feet and put his hands on the back of the seat. “That’s his house.”

Seeing the black flying vehicle leave, Xiào Mu sighed long and closed the door. He sat softly on the sofa in the living room. It took him a while to relax and he started to study the personal terminal. After half an hour, he leaned on the sofa and read the information about sentinel and guide carefully.

The basic information of the sentinel and guide has been told by Xi Mu and it is simple and clear, but he did not talk about match rate. After a guide is awakened, he/she2 will be sent to Golden Tower as soon as possible, and then he/she will continue to study in Golden Tower until graduation. The Golden Tower holds a graduation ball every year, inviting adult sentinels with military merits or good backgrounds to participate. This is equivalent to a blind date, a sentinel and a guide with a match rate of more than 50 will register for marriage the next day. After the sentinel guide pair are fully ‘combined’, a link will form between the two and they will recognize each other as their only one. If one party dies, the other party will suffer a great blow even if they didn’t die.

Before getting married, the guide must always study in Golden Tower. Only on vacation can one go out occasionally, under strict protection. The school system here is twenty years of education. The first seventeen years are compulsory education. At the age of eighteen, one can go to university and choose a major. The guide will finish their studies at the age of seventeen. The choice of university major depends on their sentinel’s major. The guide is the best assistant of sentinel.

Seeing this, Xiào Mu secretly rejoiced that no one knew that he was a guide. The conditions of Golden Tower are very good, and the welfare of the guide is also very good. However, Golden Tower clearly regards the guide as an accessory of the sentinel, and there is no freedom at all. Must never let people discover that he is a guide! Xiào Mu thought while inquiring about spiritual power.

It is a pity that there is very little relevant information on the Internet, as many web prompts are only open to sentinels and guides. So Xiào Mu stopped checking, and instead checked this Xiào Mu Greene’s school. Imperial Grass Academy is an agricultural school. The students in the school are going to study plant-related majors, such as the Department of Horticulture. He used to be a pediatrician, so he was not very interested in the plant profession. He then proceeded to investigate matters related to the transfer. The transfer is actually an easy process. The education here advocates freedom and you can choose a school at will, as long as you apply before the enrollment of the school is full. Except for universities, applicants for all schools don’t have to take exams and only need to use their speedy hands to quickly grab a spot.

He is now 17 years old and needs to register for the second grade of the higher education department. There is no major in the higher education department. Students are free to take the courses they want to learn, find the majors they are good at and like, and prepare for the choice of university majors. Xiào Mu immediately opened the map of Area A he currently belongs to, marked the location of the Imperial First Hospital, and looked for the school with it as the center of the circle. Soon he found it one – the Imperial Military Academy, it is only 20 minutes away on foot to the hospital, and he doesn’t need to take a public aircraft.

Since Xiào Mu didn’t need to choose a major in the higher education department, he didn’t need to think too much. He quickly checked the school’s updates and glanced at the countdown to enrollment: 13 days. He looked away from the virtual screen, only to realize that the sky was getting dark and his stomach was hungry.

Getting up, Xiào Mu thought to go to the kitchen to see if there was anything to eat. Just as he is turning a corner at the sofa, he was taken aback. There is a robot half a human’s height behind the sofa. Suddenly encountering such a thing under dim lighting is really scary. He took a closer look and found that the robot’s eyes part actually is not eyes, but a rectangular black screen, which was similar to the one on the door, but slightly larger. He placed his left wrist on the display, and the blue light flashed in the display, and then a mechanical sound came.

“Robot One is here for you, what do you need, Owner?”

Xiào Mu looked at it in shock for a while before speaking, “Can you cook food?”

A flickering blue line appeared on the display screen, and it quickly became a straight line, “The keyword ‘food’ is detected, do Owner need me to start preparing for dinner now?”


The author has something to say:
Leo∑: You are the weakest
Xiào Mu: Yes, yes, yes. You, big master is the best, I dare you not to look for me if you have the ability ╭(╯^╰)╮

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