Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 56

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Chapter 56 Figured out

The first day of the celebration ended soon, and the empire looked peaceful. But everyone knows that this is just the surface. The fact that sentinels suddenly fell into mania at the luncheon cast a shadow on many people’s hearts. Moreover, the Empire State Security Office also sent additional staff to patrol everywhere in the capital.

Ren and the rest returned to the apartment and they sat on the sofa to chat. Ren has been receiving foreign guests and going through the formal process, so Leo handles the matter regarding investigation and security.

Leo said with a serious face, “Mitte has extremely high knowledge in terms of spiritual power usage. The driver who transported garbage was hypnotized by him, so no trace of him was found.”

“That 4 sentinels also underwent a full-body examination and we found no problems with them. After some inquiries, we did not find anything wrong.”

“Mitte,” Ren thought out loud, “If I remember correctly, his original identity is a guide-kidnapper. Combining that with his ability, I suspect that he might not be as simple as just a guide-kidnapper.”

Louis asked, “Do you suspect that they are using guides to do experiments on spiritual power?”

Ren nodded, “Yes, in fact, each planet also has a certain number of guides kidnapped every year. The Alliance strongly cracked down on the buying and selling guides transactions, which is quite effective in this matter. However, we only managed to recover a few guides. Most of them seem to have disappeared.” He asked, “Where did the other guides go? What are people doing with them?”

Xiào Mu’s heart felt tight when he heard this. Ren’s previous words have answered his own question. He inferred that those guides had been kidnapped to do spiritual power-related experiments, and he had to say that Ren’s speculation is very reasonable. However, the word experiment sounded chilling.

The air felt still at the moment, and Leo spoke with a slightly hoarse voice, “If this is the case, then it is very likely that coming out of the transition point in Zone F will be the planet where they did the experiment. Or at the very least, it would be a transfer station. Dad and the others disappeared there. They…”

Ren interrupted Leo, “It’s not necessarily the worst scenario. Your father and dad’s abilities are not bad. I believe they won’t get into any trouble.”

It’s just that if they are still safe, why haven’t they sent the slightest news back for so many years? Everyone in the room had such doubts, but no one said it out. It’s like after saying it, bad guesses would happen for real.

Louis patted Ren on the shoulder, “Before I fell unconscious, I caught a glimpse of light at the jump point so there should be an exit nearby. The jump point is very different from the rest of the place. It should have been specially built and the jump took more than half an hour. This is also the reason for our negligence as we have been assuming that it is just a static zone.” Louis added, “There is a strong wave of spiritual power attacks there. I’m not sure of the specific situation.”

“I have arranged for someone to start researching the instrument to resist the spiritual power attack. There has been progress in these 2 days. You two have to be patient.” Ren looked at Louis and Leo seriously. He knows his partner and grandson very well and is worried that they charge to Zone F on impulse.

Louis put his hand on the back of Ren’s hand, “I won’t mess around.”

Leo stayed silent for a moment and nodded, “Neither will I.”

Ren breathed a sigh of relief. He wiped his face and stood up, “Go to rest now, there are still things to be busy with tomorrow. Next year, when the congress starts, I must propose to change the celebration day to once every 5 years instead, so we won’t have to trouble ourselves like this every year.”

Ren and Louis went to the bedroom to rest. Only Xiào Mu and Leo are still in the living room.

Xiào Mu handed Leo 100 intermediate low-grade healing pills he made before dinner, “Take it, it’s for emergencies.”

Leo did not refuse, but opened his terminal to prepare the transfer of funds, “I remember this type of pill is 50,000 each. How many pills are there in total?”

“No need,” Xiào Mu said, “It’s fine as long as I can help. You guys gave me so many guards and I haven’t paid a penny!”

Ren’s speculation made Xiào Mu realize that his situation is not safe. If it weren’t for the military providing constant protection, he would not be able to live his daily life so smoothly. Although Xiào Mu is not free to go wherever, he did everything he wanted to do just fine.

Leo didn’t insist, and stored the medicine, “If you are short of money, remember to tell me.”

Xiào Mu didn’t think he would be short of money soon. He had already made a lot of money from making medicine every day. But he didn’t refuse the offer in case Leo insist on paying for the pills, Xiào Mu nodded and stood up, “I will go to rest first, good night.”

The next day, Xiào Mu is still eating breakfast alone and the security of the apartment is the same as the previous day, with exceptionally strict security. Xiào Mu sat on the sofa and watched the live broadcast of the celebration. Today is the exhibition of the top products of various industries this year, mainly to demonstrate the imperial strength and inspire the citizens.

The morning arrangement is a military parade, displaying different types of weapons and equipment. Watching the teams passing by the marshal’s podium on the screen, Xiào Mu has a familiar feeling. Looking at the barrage of passionate patriotic declarations, he couldn’t help but smile. This kind of scene can really inspire a sense of national honor1.

The last team is the mecha team. As soon as the announcement came out, the barrage of comments instantly burst into an uproar. Xiào Mu looked over and saw only shadows of words zooming quickly, and he couldn’t see the content of the comments at all. When the mecha team came out, Xiào Mu subconsciously held his breath looking at the familiar Panther mecha.

There are 2 mechas in the lead, the Panther Mecha and the White Fox Mecha. Behind them is a whole team of animal-shaped mechas. Each mecha is large in size, but their movements are very light. They walked step by step with the accompaniment music, and the pace is good. When they walked to the marshal’s podium, all the mechas scattered and they knelt on one of their front legs, giving a military salute unique to mechas. Ren returned the salute to the mecha team. The mechas stood up neatly, then turned to the side to perform fighting scenes with each other. The Panther and the White Fox mecha, along with their men behind fought in one line, displaying all melee styles of play. The actions are so fast that people can barely see the mechas, and only see the shadow. During the whole process, the soundtrack is extremely passionate, bringing the atmosphere to a climax.

“Too handsome!”

“Ahhhh, male god! *licks the screen*”

Xiào Mu is equally excited. Although he could not drive a mecha, any man would have emotional ups and downs in such a scene. Suddenly, his terminal vibrated so Xiào Mu casually connected it. Hawke’s excited shout could be heard, and even the sound of loud footsteps on the floor. It’s obvious that Hawke is walking up and down excitedly while talking.

“Xiào Mu, are you watching the celebration? Lyle is so handsome! Did you see it or not? Very handsome! I’m so excited, he’s so handsome!”

Xiào Mu rubbed his ears. He actually wanted to ask which is Lyle, but he felt that asking it directly is equivalent to pouring cold water on Hawke, so he didn’t ask. Looking at the screen, Xiào Mu thought of Lyle’s identity, and his gaze finally fell on the white fox mecha. He said, “It’s handsome. Lyle can control so many tails, he’s very strong.”

“You think so too!” Hawke is even more excited and started speaking incoherently. After a little while, he calmed down and said, “Major General Leo is also very handsome. If you want to praise him, you can say it out like me. I will listen to you.”

Xiào Mu: “…He is very powerful.”

“That’s it?” Hawke is stunned. “Aren’t you a bit too calm? Could it be that…” His voice rose suddenly, incredulously, “Don’t tell me you don’t like Major General Leo?”

Xiào Mu opened his mouth to answer ‘yes’, but when he is about to say it, he swallowed the word. Thinking about his unnatural behavior when facing Leo, Xiào Mu couldn’t help but hesitate. And this slight hesitation made his face heat up.

“I’m not sure.” Xiào Mu touched his hot face and said helplessly.

“If you like him, then you like him. If you don’t like him, then you don’t like him. What’s there to be not sure?” Hawke wondered. “Just like how I like Lyle and my cousin’s wife likes my cousin, I can’t be more certain.” Hawke paused before saying, “Major General Leo must be very sad.”

“Huh?” Xiào Mu had no idea how Hawke came to the conclusion.

Hawke righteously said, “I have liked Lyle for so long. The moment I think that he doesn’t like me, I would feel extremely uncomfortable. Major General Leo confessed to you in front of the whole world. If he knows that you don’t like him, or you are not sure if you like him, how uncomfortable would it be for him?!”

“Moreover,” Hawke muttered, “You are so smart, how come you don’t even know if you like him or not?”

Xiào Mu became speechless. He turned to look at the black panther on the screen and couldn’t help thinking. When he first saw Leo, he was very surprised. Leo’s appearance and body are his favorite type. It’s just that their relationship afterward is not so good. To add to that, because of the need to disguise his identity, Xiào Mu always blushed when facing Leo. It made Leo misunderstood, causing Leo to repeatedly expressed his dislike for weak chicken and that he would not like him(XM). Perhaps at that time, Xiào Mu subconsciously formed a mindset that Leo could not be his cup of tea. Therefore, Xiào Mu never thought to the direction of having a lover relationship with Leo. He didn’t believe that they can be anything until Leo confessed. Later, Leo’s compromise and adjustment of behavior made Xiào Mu realize that Leo really liked him. From that time on, whenever he saw Leo, his mindset changed and he would think towards a lover relationship. Probably because of this, facing Leo, Xiào Mu will gradually become unable to calm his heart. His heartbeat easily accelerate, and he felt easily embarrassed and helpless.

Xiào Mu supported his forehead and showed helplessness on his face. If Leo had been like this in the first place, he would have fallen in love with him a long time ago. It’s just that he didn’t manage to make Leo fall in love at first sight. However, thinking about it carefully, if Leo really did fell at first sight, Xiào Mu might also worry that Leo only fell in love with his appearance. Then Xiào Mu would feel insecure.

Xiào Mu smiled bitterly. He is a coward, emotionally. He got too cautious from seeing same-gender couples who swore their love to death but ended up breaking up in the end. Even in this world where same-gender marriages are legal, Xiào Mu will subconsciously think a bit more. In fact, Leo has always been the type he likes. Disregarding Leo’s poisonous tongue, his appearance, his ability, and his boldness are all that he likes. Moreover, Leo has never been talking poisonously to him since he confessed. Thinking of this, Xiào Mu’s heart suddenly became more relaxed, “You are right, I am a fool.”

“I didn’t say it!” Hawke dissatisfiedly replied. “You might be an emotional fool at best.”

Xiào Mu smiled. Just as the mecha performance is over, Hawke’s voice briskly said, “Yay, it’s over. Lyle and I have an appointment to have lunch together. He said that at lunch, he will tell me the little secret of why he agreed to my marriage proposal! Gonna hang up first, bye bye.”

Xiào Mu’s lips curved up. There’s an inside story indeed. Lyle doesn’t look like someone who will get touched so easily that he agreed to get married to a stranger.

Xiào Mu ate lunch and took a break. Sitting on the sofa in the room, Xiào Mu thought about what to do when he sees Leo at night. He felt that since he understood what he wanted, not telling the other party about it is like deliberately making him wait, which is not good. Just as he is thinking about it, a call from Ren came. After he connected, Ren went straight to the point.

“Xiào Mu, I have something to discuss with you. After the envoys saw the display for this year’s medicines, many of them proposed to let their guide learn how to make medicines. I remember that your shop’s medicine-making method is open to the public. Do you mind letting the people from other planets learn about it?”

Xiào Mu sits upright, and thoughts are swiftly spinning in his mind, “I don’t mind,” he thought and added, “I think that it’s better for the people on the other planets to learn. Otherwise, it will be dangerous if everyone sets a target on us.”

“And if they spend some time inquiring around, it won’t be difficult to find out. Letting them learn publicly, we can take the opportunity to get some benefits from them.”

Ren’s tone became slightly relaxed, “I think so too, do you have anything you want? I can help you bring the request up.”

“No,” Xiào Mu shook his head, “just let the empire get more benefits. When the empire is strong, I will be able to live with peace of mind.”

Ren laughed and said, “Alright, the person my grandson like sure has high awareness.”

Xiào Mu blushed inexplicably, and don’t know if he should laugh or cry.

Ren is very busy. After getting his approval, he went to arrange related matters.

Xiào Mu originally thought that he just need to give his approval, but he didn’t expect he needs to give the lesson personally. When Leo came to the apartment to pick him up, Xiào Mu puzzledly asked, “Isn’t there a tutorial video on Delish’s homepage? They can just watch that video and learn by themselves.”

Leo: “Delish’s site got hacked. Due to the attack, the data self-destructed.”

“Huh?” Xiào Mu is shocked to hear that.

“Delish’s site set a prohibition preventing anyone with outsider’s identity from entering since the first day the envoys arrived. At the same time, the homepage video is forbidden to rebroadcast or screenshot. Some people wanted to steal the information, so the information self-destructed.”

Xiào Mu stayed silent, Zhao Sheng has much higher awareness than him. This anti-theft and self-destruct mode is obviously made by Zhao Sheng’s technical talents.

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