Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 55

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Chapter 55 Search

When Xiào Mu heard Greene mention Mitte, his face became serious. He asked, “Which envoy? Can you describe his appearance?”

Greene said, “Not in the envoys, it’s a waiter. He has white skin and a thin body…” Greene recalled Mitte’s appearance, racking his brains to think of adjectives. He wanted to say that Mitte looked gloomy, but he only opened his mouth and didn’t say it. Greene knew that Mitte is a bad guy, but Mitte treated him well.

Xiào Mu heard this and thought about the many waiters at the banquet. The description is too crude and difficult to find, so he said, “I will try to get a recording of the CCTV later, can you help to circle his picture?”

Greene stayed silent for a moment before saying, “Okay.”

Xiào Mu hung up the call and turned to Ah Da, “Can I get the monitoring video of the banquet as soon as possible? I need the video before and after the sentinels turned manic.”

Ah Da nodded, “Yes.”

Ah Da didn’t ask more. He heard what Xiào Mu said during his call, and he could probably guess it’s some useful information from the person who contacted Xiào Mu. The video is soon transmitted to the Xiào Mu’s terminal, and Xiào Mu forwarded the video to Greene.

Soon after, Greene sent a picture to Xiào Mu. It is a screenshot from the video. In the picture, a man in a burgundy waiter suit is circled by a red circle. The man wore a ceremony staff hat and raised his head slightly behind the chaotic crowd, revealing a too pale face. His expression is cold, but there is a faint smile on the corner of his mouth. It looked chilly to see.

Xiào Mu sent a message to thank Greene and then contacted Leo. He repeated what Greene told him, and at the same time transferred the picture with Mitte in the circle.

After a while, Leo replied, “I saw him on Planet Jiu, it should be correct.”

After Leo sent the message, he told Ren about it while Ren has some free time in hand. Then, he left the banquet hall. He ordered his men to start investigating the waiters and went to the person in charge of the banquet to get the list of waiters. Leo frowned and stood in the office while watching the person in charge confirm whether everyone is present according to the name list.

“What?” 5 minutes later, the person in charge contacted more than 20 people, and his voice suddenly rose sharply, “When was it? Look for him and stop him.” The man hung up the call and said to Leo, “5 minutes ago, a waiter named Temi suddenly had diarrhea and went to the bathroom.”

“Temi?” Leo snorted coldly. Such a lazy fake name.

The person in charge said, “I have asked the team leader to search for him. We will definitely find him.” However, the next moment the person in charge got ‘a slap on the face’. After hearing the reply from the group leader, his face turned pale, “Temi is gone.”

Leo’s expression darkened, “Check the surveillance camera, and…” he looked at the person in charge sharply, “prepare to explain why an unidentified outsider can serve as a waiter on an important occasion like the state banquet.”

The person in charge became more nervous, “It was my negligence. I will review myself carefully.” After saying that, the man didn’t dare to be sloppy and immediately pulled out the monitoring of the first 10 minutes, and then called the team leader to ask where he last saw Temi. Then, he cut the monitoring about Temi separately.

Temi, that is, Mitte in the banquet hall, clutching his stomach and speaking with the group leader with an uncomfortable face, left the banquet hall. However, instead of going to the bathroom, he went to the kitchen garbage cleaning area. He stood under the monitor at the last corner of the path. Suddenly, he raised his head to look at the monitor with cold eyes, then raised his hand. A sound of electric current came and the view disappeared. The view disappeared for about 10 seconds, then returned to normal. Mitte is no longer visible. In other monitoring videos, 10 seconds is easy to attract attention. But this is the garbage cleaning area, so these 10 seconds of blank screen are ignored.

Leo frowned and sent Mitte’s photo to the 1st Army headquarter. He issued a strict order to catch Mitte as soon as possible, not forgetting to remind his men not to take him lightly. Mitte had many attacking instruments on his body. After giving the order, Leo contacted Kai Men again and instructed the apartment security to stay alert at all times. They also have to report to him every half an hour and no one is allowed to visit. Leo is really worried, Mitte looked weak, but he had advanced equipment in his hands. That is too dangerous.

Mitte, who had left the banquet hall, is standing in front of an apartment at this moment. He is wearing a blue sweater and slacks of the same color. His posture relaxed, without any panic. After Mitte knocked on the door, and the door is quickly opened. A delicate face is revealed and the occupant can be heard asking, “Who is it?”

When Mitte’s expressionless face saw Greene’s widened and shocked eyes, his anger instantly disappeared. Before Greene could react, Mitte reached out to put his hand on Greene’s shoulder and pushed him into the room. Then he closed the door with his other hand.

After moments of shock, Greene returned to his senses, and couldn’t help trembling, “You, why are you here?” Even if Green doesn’t know the specific situation, he can guess that the military must be looking for Mitte everywhere now.

Mitte’s expression turned sullen. He squeezed Greene’s chin, and looked down at him, “Why can’t I be here? My little Greene, do you know that I’ve made a decision long ago? As long as you don’t think of me, I will never come to see you. But… you happen to remember me.”

“I didn’t…” Flustered by Mitte’s gloomy eyes, Greene subconsciously wanted to refute.

“No?” Mitte snorted coldly. “My photos are probably circulated all over the military department at the moment, right? It’s all because of you.” Mitte stroked the side of Greene’s face with his fingers, “To be honest, I am touched. There were so many people in the picture at the time. I only looked up but in a moment, but you notice me.”

Greene’s lips trembled, “You, how do you know?”

Mitte seemed to be pleased by these words. He squinted his eyes and leaned close to Greene’s ear, “Of course it’s because I can’t bear to part with Little Greene. Although I have decided not to take the initiative to find you, but I thought what if you missed me?”

“Thinking about it, if I can’t see you, I have to at least be able to hear you. Your apartment,” Mitte paused. “This is the 5th day of your stay, right?”

“Thanks to you for changing your apartment. If it was the apartment before, I’m afraid it will take me a lot of work to find you. ”

The apartments near Louis’s apartment were all bought by the military at high prices. Since Kain is exiled, no one in the Greene family is checking on Greene. So, Greene sold the apartment1 for a large price. The money he got is enough for him to live a stable life. Greene then bought a small apartment in an ordinary residential area. Compared with the previous apartment, he prefers the current one. Although the security is not as good as the previous apartment, there’s a lot of people around and it makes him feel more secure.

Greene glared at Mitte, “You put a listening device in my apartment?”


Mitte embraced Greene’s waist and threw him on the sofa, regardless of his struggle. Then he moved closer and placed his hands on each side of Greene’s body, confining him to the sofa. Mitte slid his finger down from Greene’s forehead to the side of his face and pressed down lightly. Greene’s fair skin slightly sank from the pressure. Mitte asked coldly, “Say, it’s been so long since we last met and you gave me such a big gift, how can I thank you?”

Greene kept shrinking back, wishing to shrink himself into a ball, “Don’t mess around.”

Mitte’s breath fell on Greene’s face. Greene is anxious and flustered, and his eyes turned red. “It’s all because you are not a good person. If you don’t do bad things and don’t harm people, how can I report you? It’s all because you are not a good person!”

Mitte hooked his finger under Greene’s chin to make him look at him, and sneered, “I’m not good? What’s wrong with me? Look at the sentinels and guides. What right do they have to get preferential treatment since they were young, and we ordinary people get disdained instead?”

“Think about your bullying when you were a kid. Think about the apartment you are living in now. Don’t tell me you don’t know that the reason your apartment gets bought is just to protect the god-level guide.”

“No,” Greene shook his head. “It’s not like that. Lieutenant General Louis lives there, and the Marshal often stays overnight. It has nothing to do with Xiào Mu.”

“Nothing?” Mitte snorted coldly. “Your apartment only got bought after the god-level guide moved in. Coincidence?”

Greene bit his lip and looked at Mitte with wide eyes, “That’s also okay. He helped a lot of sentinels so he deserved to be protected.” Greene looked solemn and tried to persuade Mitte, “Sentinels may be treated well since childhood, but they are sent to study at White Tower since they were young. After coming out of the tower, most of them joined the military and fought in the front line to protect our safety. For those responsibilities, they deserved better treatment.”

Mitte squinted his eyes, “Do you really think so? If you were a guide, you wouldn’t get bullied since childhood, right? You wouldn’t get ignored for so many years too, right?”

Greene pursed his lips and looked sad, “If I am a guide, I would get abandoned even earlier. After all, they just need to hand me over to the Golden Tower.”

“My misfortune is not because I am an ordinary person, don’t you know?” Greene’s eyes shone slightly, “After started living here, I see that my neighbors are ordinary people. They are very happy, even happier than sentinels and guides.”

“I used to be run from reality, but now I understand that my previous misfortunes are due to my life experience but also more to my character. I will rely on myself for everything in the future, and it has nothing to do with anyone.”

“I will be braver and stronger. I will learn to praise myself, and I will work hard to be happy.”

Staring at Greene, Mitte felt like Greene’s face seemed to glow, and he couldn’t help but lowered his head to kiss Greene. After a while, Mitte pulled back a little. Greene, who had been talking about the future, has turned red and in a daze, “You, why did you kiss me?”

A hint of uncomfortable flashed in Mitte’s expression, and he snorted softly, “I don’t want to listen to your nonsense, Little Greene. Your innocence makes me feel ridiculous.”

“When there is no more unfair treatment in this world and left with only ordinary people, you will truly feel happy.”

“Don’t forget, you looked almost exactly the same as the god-level guide. Do you dare to appear in front of the public? Facing with the words and scrutinizing eyes that will compare between you two, can you be happy?”

Mitte felt Greene’s body turned stiff, and he said softly, “Don’t be afraid, we are all the same. We are looked down and disdained at. As long as there are no more sentinels and guides, all these will change.”

“Now,” Mitte grabbed Greene’s left hand with one hand, “your terminal will be confiscated. You will solve the trouble you caused me. I will stay here and let you see with your own eyes that we are not far from our goal.”

“No,” Greene gets flustered inexplicably and shook his head. “Don’t hurt people anymore. I hope for the best for the sentinels and guides. My goal is different from yours.”

“Don’t be nervous,” Mitte said, “I won’t let you do anything. Just watch it, but don’t try to expose me again by making those small moves. If you did it again, I will never let you go so easily next time.”

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