Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 57

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Chapter 57 Lesson

Leo and Xiào Mu left the apartment together. As they approached Xiào Mu’s aircraft, Leo stopped and waited for Xiào Mu to board the aircraft so he could return to his own aircraft as usual. Xiào Mu continued to take a step forward and found that Leo had stopped. He turned his head back to meet Leo’s focused gaze, and he felt moved in his heart. Leo was worried that he(XM) will feel disgusted if he is too near so Leo kept keeping the distance between them. Xiào Mu smiled, “Your mission is to protect me, right? If there is an emergency, it is too late to save me if you are not next to me, right?”

Leo’s eyes changed slightly, “What do you mean?”

Xiào Mu tilted his head towards the aircraft and signaled, “Let’s sit in the aircraft together.”

Leo took a deep look at Xiào Mu, took a big step forward, and looked down at him, “You… you don’t hate me being near you anymore?”

Xiào Mu stepped back and pulled the distance away, his ears are red from blushing, “Let’s get to business quickly, it is not good to let the envoys wait too long.” After speaking, Xiào Mu quickly walked into the aircraft.

Leo’s blue eyes seemed to be shining. He strode into the aircraft and sat next to Xiào Mu. After giving the command to start the aircraft, Leo then turned his head to look at Xiào Mu with a fiery gaze. There is an uncontrollable excitement on his face and his fists clenched tightly at the side. Leo has a guess in his heart that made him almost crazy, but he didn’t dare to think further about it. This anxiety felt like it could drive him crazy.

Xiào Mu couldn’t bear the intense eyes. He raised his right hand to cover Leo’s eyes and whispered, “Don’t look at me like that, I…”

Xiào Mu glanced around the aircraft. Even though there are only him and Leo in this row, there are guards at the front and back rows. And they are all high-level sentinels, which means they have very good hearing. Hence, the guards knew about everything happening right now. Xiào Mu paused and reminded in a low voice, “There are other people around here.” So you better keep yourself in check!

Leo grabbed the wrist of Xiào Mu’s hand that is covering his eyes. He pulled it down and held it in his hand, his face full of joy and disbelief. Leo noticed that Xiào Mu is not struggling with the hand he is holding, and his eyes turned brighter. Leo lowered his head. This action caused their head to almost touching together. He asked with a slightly hoarse voice, “Can I kiss you?”

The question made Xiào Mu feel helpless. His reminder just now didn’t seem to work at all, but seeing Leo’s cautious action and thinking of Hawke’s words, his heart ached slightly. However, if he say anything, the people on the back and front row could hear it so Xiào Mu didn’t answer at all. He took the initiative and raised his left hand to hook around Leo’s neck, then slightly raised his head to touch their lips. Just as Xiào Mu is about to withdraw, a big hand cradled the back of his head, followed by stormy kisses on his lips. Xiào Mu’s breathing hitched and his eyes widened. He could feel the intense emotions coming from his lips, and he closed his eyes1.

Xiào Mu’s docile reaction made Leo’s breathing turned harder, but Xiào Mu soon found that Leo is just nibbling slowly on his lips and no other further movement. He thought about Leo’s character and couldn’t help sighing – Leo couldn’t be… he doesn’t know how to kiss? An inexplicable emotion arose in Xiào Mu’s heart, similar to love and pity. He felt slightly awkward and felt that if Leo continued, he might not be able to see anyone later. Xiào Mu pushed at Leo’s shoulders, Leo reluctantly relaxed his strength and backed away after a while. Xiào Mu panted lightly and Leo stroked his side face with his hand, his voice hoarse, “Not enough.”

Xiào Mu touched his slightly swollen lips and glanced at Leo, raising 2 layers of spiritual barriers at the same time. He secretly rejoiced that his spiritual power is quite high now2, otherwise, he and Leo might have fallen into a bonding fever now. Predicting that they are almost at the destination, Xiào Mu moved aside and avoided contact between them. Seeing Leo frowned, Xiào Mu explained, “I will need to use spiritual power later, so I don’t want to waste them building spiritual barriers now.”

Leo is still feeling dissatisfied, but he also knows that what is the priority. He stared at Xiào Mu’s lips and said, “After we ‘combined’, your pheromones will not affect other people anymore. Also, we won’t need to build barriers whenever we touched.”

Xiào Mu’s face flushed red. From what he searched online, he had learned about the sentinel and guide’s ‘union’, including the physical union, and the spiritual union. Xiào Mu doesn’t have a deep understanding of spiritual union. He only saw someone’s comment before that it is a deeper union than a physical union. It feels very dreamy and some people even think that they have reached heaven. Moreover, after the pair combined, both of their spiritual states will be connected, and their spiritual power will increase. However, how much will it increase is not certain.

Thinking of this, Xiào Mu rubbed his forehead, what was he thinking?! He is already thinking of union kind of progress, it’s too fast!

Seeing Xiào Mu rubbing like this, Leo worriedly asked, “Did you get a headache from overusing spiritual power?”

“No,” Xiào Mu dropped his hand. He wouldn’t say what he was thinking, “I’m fine, just let myself calm down.”

Seeing Xiào Mu’s face looked normal and didn’t look uncomfortable, a smile flashed in Leo’s eyes.

The aircraft landed in front of a conference building of the Congress Hall. 2 guards jumped down first, followed by Leo. He stood at the door and waited for Xiào Mu to come down. The escort of the aircraft behind followed Xiào Mu neatly; Xiào Mu is completely surrounded by guards.

As they walked, Leo said, “You will be teaching the envoys in room 101. Relevant medicine-making equipment and quantum isolators have been shipped there.”

Xiào Mu nodded, and soon the group arrived at the door of Room 101. Both sides of the aisle at the door are full of guards. There are all kinds of races, obviously, they are guards that came with each envoy.

Except for Leo, the rest of the guards are left at the door. Leo explained, “Almost everyone who came to study are guides. To avoid possible commotion from the sentinels, guards are not allowed to enter.”

Xiào Mu fully understood, and couldn’t help reminding, “You must establish a spiritual barrier later.” Their match rate is too high and it has too much influence on him.

Leo nodded, “Okay.”

Xiào Mu walked into the room. In the middle of the room are the medical equipment and the table with ingredients. There is a large quantum glass screen in front of the table. In front of it are 2 rows of seats. Xiào Mu glanced around and saw that there are lesser people than he expected. Moreover, a glance at the people sitting in the 2nd row, Xiào Mu knew that they are the same as Leo, not to study but to guard.

“Why are there so few people?” Xiào Mu wondered.

Leo explained, “Many envoy groups don’t have a guide,” he pointed to an instrument in front of the quantum glass screen. “They are in room 102. The medicine-making process will be broadcast to them in real-time, including the use of spiritual power.”

Xiào Mu understood and Leo walked to the 2nd row of seats. Xiào Mu looked over. There are 6 guides in the first row of seats, and exactly 6 sentinels behind. Leo is sitting on the 7th chair and his front seat is empty. Xiào Mu immediately understood that there is a guide and a sentinel from each planet.

After greeting each other, Xiào Mu walked to the table. He introduced the materials one by one and explained the medicine-making process. Finally, he looked at the sentinels in the back row, “Please establish a spiritual barrier.”

When they nodded, Xiào Mu started to make medicine. He used the equipment to make medicine many times when he was studying to improve the method of medicine-making. Therefore, Xiào Mu could perform the process proficiently and explain while doing it. Preparing the materials and placing them in the medical instrument, Xiào Mu said, “The next step is the most important step for the guide-made pills. In the process of forming the medicine, you need to insert your spiritual filament into the medicine and transmit your spiritual power.”

After Xiào Mu finished speaking, he stuck out a filament to make sure it is not affected by the sentinels. He turned on the device while his filament touched the medicine lightly. As the medicine is made, his filament shone slightly. The moment the medicine formed, the light flashed and disappeared in the medicine.

“That’s it.” Xiào Mu smiled.

When Xiào Mu was making the medicine, everyone could see the movements of his filament clearly through the quantum glass in the front. Hence, after Xiào Mu said that, his filament could be seen retreating back to his head. Suddenly, Xiào Mu felt a strong force of attraction. His filament turned to a direction and tried to extend to that place. At the same time, the rest of the filaments in his mind are also agitated. Xiào Mu quickly focused to control them and looked to the source of attraction.

Thornton in the dark purple uniform has turned red from the excitement. He already stood up when he felt Xiào Mu’s spiritual power. Thornton stared at Xiào Mu with surprise and joy in his voice, “99% match rate!” His eyes looked very aggressive as he said, “You are destined to be mine.”

As soon as Thornton’s words fell, Xiào Mu immediately sensed a pulling sensation from the other 5 sentinels. With an icy expression, Xiào Mu swept his gaze over the faces of the remaining envoy generals who are ecstatic. He tried his best to retract the filaments, panting slightly.

With an ugly face, Leo flipped himself over the table and jumped directly in front of Xiào Mu, blocking everyone’s sight of Xiào Mu. He looked sharply at Thornton, “Major Thornton, you have violated the rules.”

Thornton chuckled and said casually, “Sorry, I thought the process is done, and accidentally released my spiritual power.” He spread his hands, “Look, I didn’t do anything? But,” Thornton added, “The combination between sentinel and guide has always been based on a high match rate. My rate with him has reached 99%. Even if I am not Planet Yao, I am also qualified to be his partner, right?”

“I am also 99%!” a blue-skinned envoy next to Thornton said excitedly, “he is my destined guide!”

Several other people also stated their match rate, all of which are above 95%.

Thornton raised his eyebrows, “As expected of the god-level guide, such a high matching rate is so shocking.”

Leo said coldly, “That has nothing to do with you either.”

Thornton narrowed his eyes, “How much are you with him?”

“100%.”3 Leo looked serious. “I am his destined sentinel.”

“Impossible!” Several voices said at the same time.

Thornton’s smile turned slightly stiff, “Impossible. In the history of the interstellar, there hasn’t been any 100% matching sentinel-guide pair for thousands of years.”

Leo sneered, “Have you forgotten how long a god-level guide has not appeared?”

No one can answer. God-level guides only appear in legends, in countless sentinel’s childhood fairy tale books. In their understanding, the god-level guide is a fairytale rather than a fact.

Xiào Mu controlled his filament and added 2 barriers. He patted Leo’s arm in front of him and said, “Move a bit.”

Seeing Xiào Mu’s calmness, Leo moved slightly to the side. Xiào Mu looked at the other guides and said, “If you don’t understand the medicine-making process, you can ask questions.”

“You said it very clearly, I have learned it.”

“I have learned it too.”

Novi thought for a moment and asked, “You only used a very thin filament in the demonstration. If you release all the filaments at the same time, is it possible to make multiple pills at a time?”

Xiào Mu glanced at Novi with admiration, and secretly praised that he is worthy of being a Level A+ guide, “Yes, but the more medicine to make, the higher the requirements for spiritual power’s control. To be honest, I haven’t tried to release all the filaments before.”

Xiào Mu has tens of thousands of filaments, and there are not enough ingredients that allow him to experiment at the same time. Moreover, it consumes too much spiritual power.

Novi nodded. He stood up and said, “Thank you, I will ponder it carefully. If I have more questions, I may also ask you again.”

“You are welcome, I will try my best to answer any related questions.” Xiào Mu said. After all, this is an interstellar transaction, so he will take it seriously.

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