Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 53.2

Here’s the chapter, might be a small cliff at the end.

Chapter 53 Part 2 Golden Tower’s plan

After Qi Sai left, Zhao Meng breathed a sigh of relief and pulled Huo Tian to their room, saying, “Since the issue with Golden Tower is resolved, there’s nothing to stop Hawke’s marriage. To prevent Planet Yan from doing any tricks, it is better to set the dowry as quickly as possible.”

On the other hand, Hawke is full of excitement and stared at Xiào Mu with red eyes and admiration, “Xiào Mu, you are so amazing. You actually convinced the principal of Golden Tower to accept your suggestions!”

Lyle looked at Hawke’s cute appearance and couldn’t help reaching out to rub his hair. Hawke saw that and his eyes curved with smiles. Just as Lyle’s hand is about to touch him, he leaned forward, looking eager to be touched. Lyle chuckled, satisfying his request.

Xiào Mu felt that he can’t stay in this place any longer.

“I’m not that amazing. It’s mainly because Dean Qi Sai wanted to change so things are going smoothly than I expected. Of course, Golden Tower’s changes will harm the interests of some people. When the 1st batch of guides pass the assessment1, someone will definitely voice their strong objection. But don’t worry about that, that’s for the future anyway.” Xiào Mu got up and waved his hand, “I’m leaving first, remember to notify me when the wedding date is set.”

Hawke’s eyes glowed and he made no secret of his good mood, “Okay, I want you to be my best man!”

Xiào Mu laughed, “No problem.” Hawke is his first good friend here, and Xiào Mu also wants to personally see him gain happiness.

Leo went out with Xiào Mu, and when they walked to the door, Leo glanced back at the 2 people hugging each other in the living room, with a puzzled expression on his face. Lyle has low EQ but he easily managed to get a partner he likes, not to mention his partner delivered himself to the door! Leo thought for a while, and recalled an old saying ‘Fortune favors fools’. Lyle has a high IQ, but a low EQ, hence in terms of feelings, he can be called a fool.

Seeing Leo’s serious expression, Xiào Mu couldn’t help asking, “What’s wrong? Or is there something wrong with what I just said to Qi Sai?”

Leo looked at Xiào Mu deeply and shook his head, “It’s nothing,” Leo paused before adding, “You said it well. Don’t worry about your plan getting disrupted in the future. The 1st Army will definitely support you.”

Xiào Mu touched his ears, it really started to get hot again. Leo’s gaze is too deep so Xiào Mu felt like Leo can see straight into his heart, without any means of hiding it.

“En, I’m not worried.” Xiào Mu whispered. He had already made arrangements. By then, those who voiced their objection would become their strong supporters instead.

After returning to Louis’s apartment, Xiào Mu received a call from Zhao Sheng, “Xiào Mu, the measurement device for medicine has been made, but we need the data to adjust the value precisely.”

Xiào Mu thought about it and said, “We will need different pills with various efficiency for the adjustment. I will try to make some as soon as possible and mail them to your company.”

“Okay,” Zhao Sheng replied and asked again, “Have you met Qi Sai? He just bought 50 spiritual power measurement devices and custom-made physical fitness devices. He said you are the one who suggested it to him.”

“Yes,” Xiào Mu said, “When you go to Huo’s residence, you can ask Hawke about the specifics. Also, he will give you a big surprise.”

Zhao Sheng wondered, “Surprise?”


After hanging up the call, Xiào Mu couldn’t help but smiled. The news of marriage is a surprise.

Xiào Mu went back to the room and made a pill each with various recovery values. Louis’s apartment did not have any medicine-making equipment and the medicine Xiào Mu made through the system had a fixed value, which is not enough data. He thought about contacting Gu Miao to ask him to use different materials and control his spiritual power to make more medicine. Then Gu Miao can send them to him to check the value, and he could mail everything together to the Zhao company.

Gu Miao heard that it is to help Zhao Sheng, and immediately agreed happily, “That’s great, thank you, Xiào Mu. If it weren’t for you, I don’t know what I can do for Ah Sheng. I can finally help with his career. I am so happy! I will make the pills as soon as possible.”

“En, just make 1 of each kind and don’t consume too much spiritual power.” Xiào Mu worried that Gu Miao would be too excited and didn’t pay attention to his usage of spiritual power.

“I will pay attention.” Gu Miao answered obediently.

Xiào Mu put the pills separately and looked for paper and pen to write the numbers on each bottle. However, after searching around, he couldn’t find any paper and pen at all. After thinking about it carefully, Xiào Mu realized that people here on this planet rely on their terminals to contact other people. Classes and homework are also done via terminals, so it seems that pen and paper are not needed. Xiào Mu looked at the 5 identical porcelain bottles and secretly worried if he should visit Zhao’s company in person? Thinking of the recent incidents that happened when he went out, Xiào Mu really didn’t want to go out.

Xiào Mu put the porcelain bottles back into the space storage and walked out of the room. When he passed Leo’s room, he saw Leo sitting on the sofa not far from the door, looking at the virtual screen with a serious expression. Leo noticed someone’s presence and turned his head to look over. The next moment, he immediately closed his terminal, his face slightly uncomfortable. Xiào Mu blinked. That moment when Leo turned his head, Xiào Mu saw the screen and it has a pink header! Xiào Mu knew because he got curious about all kinds of dramas in this world before and explored it. He is very sure that Leo was watching a romance drama!

The genre of the various dramas on this planet will be indicated in different colors at the top of the screen. Romance is pink, horror is black, professional-style drama is striped, military-related is military green, and medical show is white. Not only is the color displayed when you watch it, but the cover of the show is also displayed in the same way. It is very convenient for the viewer to find the thing they want to watch in the pool of selections. Xiào Mu suddenly thought of what Leo had said before. So Leo is learning how to pursue him through watching romance dramas? Seeing Leo’s defined face showing embarrassment and a reddish face, Xiào Mu couldn’t help feeling moved. A feeling swelled in his heart, and a little bitterness inexplicably appeared. Leo’s usual temperament should be aggressive and bold instead of this.

“Feeling anywhere uncomfortable?” Finding Xiào Mu standing in a daze, Leo couldn’t help worrying.

“Oh, it’s nothing,” Xiào Mu returned to his senses and he looked up at Leo. His lips moved but he didn’t know what to say. Xiào Mu was going to ask the housekeeper, but he finally asked, “Any paper and pen?”

“Paper and pen?” Leo is surprised by the question and thought for a while. “Grandfather should have it in his study. He occasionally practices ancient calligraphy. Do you want to practice too?”

“No,” Xiào Mu took out the 2 porcelain bottles and talked about the medicine measurement device. “I want to write the value on the paper and stick it on the bottle as a mark so that I don’t have to personally go to Zhao’s company to explain.”

Leo took the porcelain bottle and looked at it. “It’s just that?”


Leo said, “You don’t need paper and pen for this,” he looked back at the room and added, “come in and sit for a while.”

Xiào Mu sat down on the sofa in Leo’s room. Leo rummaged through the bedside table and finally found a small fruit knife. He walked over to sit down next to Xiào Mu and tapped the bottle with the knife, “What do you want to carve on this?”

Xiào Mu let Leo hold the porcelain bottle while he opened the cap to look at the pills in the bottle, “1000.”

Xiào Mu’s action pulled the distance between them closer, and his long hair that fell swept Leo’s neck. Leo’s hand that is holding the knife suddenly tightened, and his eyes darkened. Xiào Mu didn’t notice and turned his head. After checking the pills in the bottle, he then sat back to watch Leo use a knife to carve numbers on the bottle. Leo has excellent control over his strength. When the number 1000 is engraved, the porcelain bottle is not damaged in the slightest.

Xiào Mu’s eyes lit up. He took the carved bottle and handed another bottle to Leo, “100.”

Seeing Xiào Mu showing a delighted look, Leo’s complexion softened, and a smile appeared in his eyes. Leo felt peaceful in his heart. He never thought that doing such a small thing will make the other party this happy. After engraving 5 porcelain bottles with numbers, Leo asked, “Are there any more?”

Xiào Mu shook his head, “Usually I will use a different color to distinguish which porcelain bottle for which pill. But I only have extra white porcelain bottles for now.” Xiào Mu paused before adding, “If I have too many types of medicine in the future and not enough porcelain bottles to distinguish, can I ask you to engrave the mark for me?”

Leo’s eyes moved slightly and locked on Xiào Mu as if trying to see what Xiào Mu is thinking in his heart by that. His voice sounded deep as he said, “Of course, as much as you want.”

Xiào Mu’s face turned red and his heart is pounding. He got up in a panic, “Thank you.”

After saying that, Xiào Mu moved to walk out but he didn’t notice his footing and stepped on Leo’s foot, causing him to stagger forward. Xiào Mu sighed in his heart that it is too embarrassing to fall face down like this. But before he fell to the ground, a pair of powerful hands caught him by the waist. The next moment, Xiào Mu felt dizzy as his body turned 180 degrees. When he opened his eyes, he saw Leo’s handsome face. Xiào Mu glanced away and realized that Leo is sitting on the sofa while he is lying in Leo’s arms. Xiào Mu’s face flushed and he struggled to get up.

Leo is worried but couldn’t help being amused as well, “Don’t struggle. If you really fell, you will get hurt and I will feel it too.”

Xiào Mu felt even more embarrassed upon hearing those words. He forced himself to calm down and stood up, “Thank you,” he added, “and I’m sorry to cause you trouble.”

Leo leaned on the sofa and looked up at Xiào Mu with a chuckle, “I hope for more of this kind of ‘trouble’. The more the better.”

Xiào Mu couldn’t stand it, thinking that the romance drama in this world is too powerful. Leo’s ability to sweet talk skyrocketed like a rocket after watching those. Xiào Mu touched the side of his face, it felt hot. Even if he didn’t look in the mirror, he knew he must be blushing. As Xiào Mu walked out, he said, “I’m going back to my room.”

“En.” Leo nodded, his gaze stuck to Xiào Mu and his expression happy. His little guide felt something about him. Leo reminded himself that he must be restrained and not frighten him. He must have enough patience.

Not long after Xiào Mu returned to his room, the housekeeper robot knocked on the door. Feeling puzzled, Xiào Mu opened the door and saw the robot standing outside with a lot of bags in its hand. The robot entered the room and its blue eyes flashed, quickly scanning the room. Then it put the bags on an empty spot and walked outside.

“Wait, I didn’t buy anything!” Xiào Mu shouted, but the robot did not answer him. It went back downstairs to stand at its designated spot.

Xiào Mu stood outside the door speechlessly as he watched the robot disappear in the corner. Leo walked out from the room beside and said, “Those are the clothes I bought for you. If you don’t like it, I’ll change to another one.”

Xiào Mu: “Why did you suddenly buy clothes for me?”

Leo said, “You have too few clothes. If you are still refusing, take it as my thanks for giving treatment to my grandpa.”

Xiào Mu couldn’t say any words to refuse, “I’ll accept it this time, but don’t buy again in the future. I have enough clothes to wear.” His requirements for clothes are not high.

Seeing that Xiào Mu is willing to accept his gifts, Leo is very satisfied, “Okay, tell me if there is anything that is not enough. I will buy it for you.”

Leo’s eager expression made Xiào Mu felt helpless and he could only say, “I don’t need anything for the time being.”

Not long after, Xiào Mu received the pills from Gu Miao. After checking the value of the pills, he asked Leo to help engrave numbers on the bottles and put them separately. Then he mailed everything to Zhao’s company.

In the next few days, Xiào Mu did not go out and continued to give spiritual treatment to Louis every day. Ren and Leo got busier day by day, especially Ren, who would sometimes return to the apartment after midnight. Ren would go to check Louis’ situation as soon as he returned to the apartment before going to rest in the bedroom.

In a blink of an eye, 1st November has arrived. When Xiào Mu woke up, both Ren and Leo are nowhere to be seen. He washed out and found 2 more guards at the corner of the stairs. Reaching downstairs, Xiào Mu saw Ah Da and Kai Men in the living room. As he eats his breakfast, the housekeeper robot relayed Ren and Leo’s messages to him. They basically had the same meaning, which is not to go out and pay attention to safety.

After the meal, Qiao arrived. The moment he saw Xiào Mu while tidying up his clothes, he exaggeratedly said, “My God! I am finally allowed to enter the house. I seriously suspected that they did the inspection to take advantage of me!”

Feeling amused, Xiào Mu looked at Qiao’s hair like ruffled chicken feathers and couldn’t help asking, “Even your hair has been checked?”

“Yes,” Qiao sighed, “I only went out to check the progress of the enhanced Quantum Glass. I will never go out again, I don’t want to get frisked anymore.”

Looking at Qiao’s appearance, Xiào Mu could guess how tight is the security of the apartment even though he did not go out. He smiled, “Go and see Lieutenant General Louis, he should be able to wake up this morning.”

When all the dark red color disappeared and turned into normal red, and Louis’s spiritual state returned to glow brightly, Joe yelled, “Lieutenant General Louis’s spiritual power is recovering!”

Xiào Mu’s eyes lit up and he used the Pin Hold skill on Louis. As the buff counted down, Louis’s spiritual power gradually increased. The moment the buff disappeared, Louis’s eyelids moved and he slowly opened his eyes.

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