Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 53.1

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Chapter 53 Part 1 Golden Tower’s plan

Golden Tower’s dean Qi Sai walked into Huo’s residence living room and got slightly taken aback when he saw the 3 outsiders (Xiào Mu, Leo, & Lyle) aside from Huo’s family members. After another look, he found that everyone’s complexion is not very good, and even carried a vague look of alertness. Qi Sai shook his head and sighed.

Huo Tian forced himself to greet politely, “I didn’t expect Dean Qi Sai to come here in person, please sit down.”

Qi Sai sat down and is about to speak, but Huo Tian already spoke out strongly.

“Hawke’s sudden awakening (into a guide) is really surprising. He is used to living the life as an ordinary person. I am afraid that he is not used to living in Golden Tower. The Huo family does not lack the money to raise this son, so we won’t bother Golden Tower.”

Qi Sai became speechless. No matter how serious Huo Tian’s expression is, he won’t believe that Hawke had suddenly awakened into a guide. In order to avoid misunderstanding, he hurriedly said, “I didn’t come to take Hawke to the Golden Tower.”

Hearing that, everyone present is surprised. Xiào Mu is more surprised than the rest, he sat straighter and his body leaned forward slightly to listen to what Qi Sai going to say next.

Qi Sai arranged his expression and glanced over at the people in the room. Then he sighed lightly, “The identities of everyone here are not simple, presumably you have all heard of the recent problem that happened in Golden Tower.” He sighed, “I’m really ashamed. The purpose of Golden Tower is to let the guides be well taken care of and prevent any harm unto them. But unexpectedly, bad intentions appeared in some people and they seized the loopholes in the Golden Tower’s rules to use the guides to make money for themselves.” Having said that, Qi Sai looked at Leo and said, “Thank you also to Major General Leo, or I’m afraid I will still be in the dark.”

Indeed, they all know about the recent events of the Golden Tower, and Xiào Mu and Leo are considered the initiators. When Kain is tried in the military court, all major media went frenzy over the news. However, Golden Tower was worried that it would cause panic among the guides, so few people knew the exact details. Hence, everyone here except Hawke knew about it. Kain got seriously injured on the battlefield, especially in his spiritual state. His first guide, Xiào Min, had weak spiritual power and was unable to help. In order to keep Kain alive, the Greene family conspired with the Director Nila of Golden Tower to forcibly cut off the union between Kain and Xiào Min. Then they arranged for Kain to tie the know with another guide, his current wife. Kain’s wife’s spiritual power is Level B. He was fooled by Director Nila and didn’t know about the scam. He even thought that meeting Kain is a match made in Heaven for him. It is said that this incident has dealt a great blow to Kain’s wife. For Golden Tower, this incident is just the beginning. The management of Golden Tower ushered in great turmoil. When Qi Sai thoroughly investigated the matter, he found out that Director Nila is problematic. Upon detailed investigation, Qi Sai discovered a series of shady scenes regarding guides’ union. Qi Sai disposes of a group of people without hesitation.

Golden Tower has done a good job in keeping the matter under wraps. Some guides have some guesses, and most of the guides don’t know anything. This matter is not considered a secret in the upper echelons of military families. Hence, the family of these guides immediately brought the guides back to their homes under various reasons.

Qi Sai looked ashamed as he said, “I can hardly blame my management for such negligence, and even thought about resigning to make amends. But I can’t rest assured with the current management, and I don’t want to be a coward who resigned to escape the burden/trouble. When Golden Tower truly achieves the true purpose of the tower, I will immediately resign.”

Qi Sai looked at Huo Tian, “Actually, I’m very surprised when I learned that Hawke is the guide. I have been thinking about the correct way to protect the guide recently and realized that the real protection is to make them stronger and have their own will.” He sighed lightly, “If they could do this before, the guides would not grow up to be too naive and follow the arrangements by Nila blindly. However, I have studied the records of the Golden Tower guides regarding their physical strength and spiritual power for a long time, and found it difficult to make any improvements.”

Qi Sai looked complicated for a moment but finally said, “Golden Tower made the guides too comfortable in their comfort zone. Their abilities have been on a downward trend for many years. Before this, they only thought about their safety and didn’t think too much about it. Now that bad incidents occur, they discovered a big mistake.”

“I was at a loss, thinking about how to change the status quo. Hawke gave me hope.” Qi Sai looked solemn, “President Huo, the main purpose of my coming today is to ask you how you trained Hawke. As a guide, his physical fitness has reached level B, which is a surprise. And…” He glanced at Hawke before continuing, “And as far as I know, Hawke is a paramecium guide. Prince Noga on the other hand is a Level AA sentinel, but their match rate managed to reach 65%, which is amazing.”

The matching rate between sentinel and guide is not random. Although there are some rare surprises, the general trend is that the closer both people’s spiritual power is, the higher their matching rate. This is also in line with biological instinct. If the guide and sentinel’s spiritual power are similar, then the guide would be able to give the sentinel spiritual treatment. If the difference is too far, even if the pair got together, the guide will not be able to do anything to help with the sentinel’s mental confusion, just like Xiào Min and Kain.

Huo Tian saw that Qi Sai spoke sincerely, so his defensive attitude is slightly relaxed, “Hawke started training since he is a child, and he has been exercising without stopping after awakening. His spiritual power has also increased recently, but he hasn’t measured how much it is.”

Qi Sai can understand why Hawke didn’t measure his spiritual power. After all, the measurement data is connected to the network, which can easily reveal his identity. Qi Sai thought for a moment and paraphrased, “So, after the guide is awakened and sent to the Golden Tower, they must start training their physical strength. Or better, we should promote training for everyone to start from an early age.”

Leo sneered, “Do you think this needs to be preached? The empire respects the strong. It has long been a habit for citizens to train since childhood. Only the awakened guides are deprived of this training habit.”

Lyle raised his eyebrows and lightly tapped his chin. He said his guess, “Perhaps there are guides who tried to train upon entering the Golden Tower, but if they fall or got hurt somewhere, the Golden Tower staff will make a fuss and prohibit such activities in the future, right?”

Qi Sai’s expression looked slightly unnatural. It is obvious that Lyle’s guess hits the bullseye. Qi Sai helplessly replied, “Guides are too weak and too important, so it can’t be helped that we got too cautious.”

Xiào Mu: “Facts have proved that guides are not that weak. Although they might not be as good as sentinels, it is not a problem for them to reach the level of ordinary people.”

Qi Sai nodded, “You are right,” he looked at Xiào Mu and added, “Your physical strength has improved very quickly.”

Xiào Mu nodded and admitted, “Yes, I’m much better than before. I have been keeping up with my training.”

Qi Sai’s eyes shimmered slightly and his expression became excited, “Both of your experiences are very precious information. It convinced me that it is feasible for guides to join the gym class at Golden Tower. Without the facts before my eyes, I would not dare to make a decision lightly.” He asked Xiào Mu, “Can you tell me how is your exercise schedule? You should know, the physical fitness of guides is generally low. If the intensity is too high, it may be counterproductive.”

“I’ll transfer it to you,” Xiào Mu transferred his improved PE arrangement to Qi Sai while reminding, “Everyone’s situation is different, and people of the same level of physical strength are not the same as well.” He paused before adding, “I’ll suggest you buy a few spiritual power measurement devices from the Zhao company, as well as custom-made physical fitness measurement devices. After knowing the accurate spiritual power and physical fitness of each guide, assignment better exercise arrangement will be smoother.”

“Also, when the remaining value of their physical strength is left only 20%, they must stop exercise in time to ensure that no harm will be caused to their body.”

Qi Sai noted down the measurement device that Xiào Mu said, “I have heard of the spiritual power measurement device. In fact, I have been paying attention to Delish. I admire your actions.” He hesitated a bit before asking, “You should understand that the medicine-making technique that you have is a hugely valuable asset. In fact, I don’t understand why did you make it public?”

Xiào Mu realized that this talk is a good opportunity. When he heard of Qi Sai’s purpose of coming today, Xiào Mu couldn’t help but feel happy. He felt that it would be easier to persuade Golden Tower to change their stand than he thought before. It is fortunate that though Golden Tower has a shady operation going on, it has nothing to do with Qi Sai. With the support of the dean himself, the suggestions for changes will be easier to approve.

Smiling, Xiào Mu said, “My purpose is very simple. In fact, it is the same as yours, which is hoping that guides will be stronger. What you think to improve are their spiritual power and physical fitness. I agree, but I don’t think it is comprehensive enough.”

“I made the medicine-making skill public so that all guides can learn to make it themselves. Then they will have skills and the ability to support themselves independently, rather than relying on Golden Tower alone.”

“Of course, I am not generous. My ultimate goal is to make Golden Tower similar to White Tower, which is not a place of imprisonment, but a place to learn. When the guide meets the conditions and level of ability, they can come out of the tower and choose freely the life they want to live. They can choose the partner they like, which is not limited to the sentinels in the graduation party.”

As Xiào Mu said that, his eyes curved slightly as if seeing all the scenes being realized. Only in this way guides can appear in the public, and let sentinels and ordinary people get accustomed to their existence. Then, guides appearing on the street will not cause a commotion, and they can live a normal life.

“This,” Qi Sai is shocked by the idea Xiào Mu said, but came back to his senses, “Guides leaving the Golden Tower will be very dangerous. You should understand that the attraction of a guide to sentinel cannot be blocked by anyone.”

Xiào Mu is still smiling as he replied, “Indeed. Hence, I also have this in consideration when letting the guide learn medicine-making. Sentinel wanted a guide as their partner. Other than following their sentinel nature, it’s also because of the guide’s ability (spiritual treatment).”

“You should already know the efficacy of the pills made by guides. When a large number of such medicine appear on the market, sentinel can buy them at any time. Mental confusion can be treated by taking the medicine, and they don’t no need to worry about the same problem with guide pheromone agent, which too much usage will lose its effectiveness.”

The corners of Xiào Mu’s mouth curved up, “The medicine is even easier to use than the sentinel going to the guide hospital for treatment. Do you think with this convenience, sentinels will still put a strong attachment to the guide?”

Xiào Mu knew that if he wanted to persuade Qi Sai, he had to go all out. Qi Sai’s current state of mind is already leaning close to his ideas, and right now is the best time. He swiftly added, “Besides, the Golden Tower will teach the guide to build a spiritual barrier. After enhancing their physical fitness and spiritual power, and even learning how to attack with spiritual power for their self-protection, guides will be allowed to leave Golden Tower after meeting the assessment conditions.”

“The current law in the country favors guides, so guides are actually very safe outside. Just in case, Golden Tower can set up a guide protection association outside the tower to give enough protection to them.”

Qi Sai caught something in Xiào Mu’s words, “Attach with spiritual power?”

“Yes,” Xiào Mu nodded. “Guides has been carrying their identity as an assistant and medical provider for too long, that people forgot about their attack power. In fact, guides’ attack ability is not weak, just that it is reflected in their spiritual power.”

Qi Sai is very interested in this, “You know how to use it?”

Seeing Xiào Mu nodded, Qi Sai’s body unconsciously leaned towards Xiào Mu, “What you said today deeply enlightens me. I have to admit that it makes me excited that I can’t wait to see the day when it comes true, but…”

“But, the Golden Tower’s teaching about spiritual power may not be perfect, especially how to attack with spiritual power. I will make a complete course plan when I go back. I sincerely invite you, Xiào Mu, to be a teacher of the spiritual power attack course.”

Thinking of Xiào Mu’s dislike of entering the Golden Tower, Qi Sai added, “The course will not be too tight and it will not tire you. Also, you can enter and exit the Golden Tower freely.”

Xiào Mu is stunned by the proposal, he didn’t expect something like this to happen. He couldn’t help thinking about the request. To be honest, Xiào Mu felt that there is nothing for him to teach. All the guide has to do is just attacking the opponent’s spiritual state with their spiritual filaments. If he really went to teach, the lesson will be over in 3 minutes.

“If you don’t want to, I’m afraid it will be difficult for us to find a teacher to teach the course.” Qi Sai looked embarrassed when he said that.

Xiào Mu thought for a while and nodded, “I agree, but I have to be honest, the principle is very simple. After the initial lesson, the guide just needs to constantly practice. So, after I taught the students about the basics, I will choose the few best students to continue the lesson. I’m won’t be a full-time teacher.”

“Of course, if the students encountered any problem, you can contact me at any time and I will try my best to find a solution.”

Xiào Mu may not have a deep understanding of spiritual power, he has a system and top-level spiritual power to back him up, which is a strong advantage over ordinary guides.

Satisfied with their discussion, Qi Sai stood up and said, “I have disturbed you enough today, let’s say goodbye first.” He wanted to go back to the office quickly and set up a new plan for the development of the Golden Tower. Qi Sai has a faint hunch in his heart that Golden Tower would undergo a historical change in his hand. He clenched a fist and vowed to devote his life to this change as the amends for his previous negligence.

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