Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 54.1

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Chapter 54 Part 1 Celebration

Xiào Mu looked at Louis nervously while Qiao stood beside the bed holding his breath. After Louis’s gaze changed from dazed to sober, Qiao lowered his face to face Louis.

“Do you remember who you are?” Qiao asked.

Louis’s lips moved slightly, then furrowed his sword-like eyebrows. His lips closed and opened, his voice hoarse and low, “Louis.”

“Ohh, it’s a miracle! Do you know how scared I am that you will become a fool after waking up?” Qiao exaggerated while making notes on his terminal.

Xiào Mu poured a glass of warm water and asked Qiao, “Can Lieutenant General Louis drink water now?”

Qiao glanced at Louis’s condition, “Yes, that broken voice needs to drink some water to get better.”

Holding the glass, Xiào Mu hesitated whether to support Louis to sit up but Louis acted first. He put his right hand on the bed and sat up by himself. So Xiào Mu quickly passed the glass to him. Louis took the glass and drank half a glass of water in a gulp, “Thank you.”

Xiào Mu smiled and said, “You are welcome.” He continued to use Pin Hold on Louis to recover his spiritual power.

After Louis drank some water, his throat felt more comfortable. He raised his hand and took a glance at the terminal. Immediately, Louis lifted his quilt to get out of bed.

“What are you doing?!” Qiao asked in dissatisfaction, “Lieutenant General Louis, please remember that you are a patient. Please don’t move around while your body is not fully recovered. I will now do a comprehensive inspection of your spiritual state.”

“I’m fine,” Louis pursed his thin lips. “The celebration has already begun, I have to rush over.”

While operating the medical instrument, Qiao asked, “What’s the rush? The marshal might get distracted upon seeing you instead. Many envoys from other planets came this year, so marshal can’t make any mistakes.”

Louis’s voice did not fluctuate in the slightest, “I want him to see me and know that I have recovered. I want to reassure him.”

Seeing Louis sitting on the side of the bed and started to put on his shoes, Qiao felt so anxious that he wanted to jump around, “Although we have been giving you nutrient solution during your coma, the fact is you have not eaten anything for so many days. Your physical fitness has reached the limit. You don’t want the marshall to see fainting in front of him, right?”

Louis finished putting on his shoes and stood up. Then his body shook. This strange weak state made his brows tighten. Louis stretched out his hand to Qiao, “Give me some nutrient solution.”

With a firm expression, Qiao glared at Louis for a few seconds but is helplessly defeated. He took out 2 bottles of nutrient solutions and said, “It’s useless for you to eat right now. To replenish physical strength, you need to rest. How about you lie down now and I will give you an infusion?”

Louis took the nutrient solution and drank it all, then put the empty bottle on the bedside table, “I want to see him.”

After Louis woke up, he felt a strong surrealistic sense. He thought he is bound to die, but unexpectedly, he is still alive. When he thinks of Ren, his heart hurts terribly. Ren must be very sad when he saw him unconscious. Moreover, this incident happened during the empire’s celebration. He used to accompany Ren to the celebration every year, so he knew how tiring it would be for Ren.

Qiao glared at Louis, “So everything I said just now is all in vain? Why are you so stubborn?!”

Xiào Mu watched as Louis picking formal clothes from the closet, he is obviously determined. Louis had no expression on his face, but his words are very straightforward – he wanted to see Ren. Xiào Mu had seen the sadness on Ren’s face when Louis is in a coma. After seeing how Ren and Louis interact, Xiào Mu could probably guess Louis’ thoughts in his heart. Understood that he and Qiao couldn’t persuade Louis, Xiào Mu took a look at Louis’s physical strength value that is less than 10%. Then he took out a mid-grade boost pill and handed it to Louis.

“Lieutenant General Louis, if you are determined to go, please take this medicine. It will make you feel better and the marshal won’t be so worry when he saw you.”

Louis threw the clothes he selected on the bed and asked, “You are the one who treated me?”

Xiào Mu nodded, “Yes. Fortunately, Lieutenant General Louis did not give up hope when you are in danger.” According to Qiao, Louis forced himself into a fake death state at the critical moment. If he is slow to make this decision even for a second, he might have really died.

Louis ate the boost pill and started to unbutton his clothing. Realizing something, he then said, “You two go out first, I want to change clothes.”

Hearing that, Xiào Mu is a little embarrassed because he knows too well what that means. Although Louis said ‘you two’, but in reality, he(XM) is the only one who really needs to go out. He walked out the door quickly and Qiao rolled his eyes, “So troublesome.”

After they walked out of the door, Qiao grabbed Xiào Mu and asked with fiery eyes, “What medicine did you give Lieutenant General Louis just now? What’s the effect? It will help to recover physical strength?”

Xiào Mu secretly sighed at Qiao’s keenness. However, thinking that Qiao would be able to detect it anyway when he saw Louis later, Xiào Mu nodded, “Yes.”

“Really?” Qiao looked excited. He laughed twice, like those strange uncles, and asked, “Is there any more? Give me one for research purposes!”

Xiào Mu shook his head, “I’m sorry, this medicine is not going to be released to the public for the time being so please keep it secret.”

“Why?” Qiao is reluctant to give up, and persuaded, “You should know that there is no medicine that could instantly recover physical stamina. This is a great discovery, and it will definitely cause a sensation when it is announced.”

“At present, the main medicine is to restore spiritual power.” Xiào Mu said.

Qiao puzzledly asked, “There is no conflict between the two.”

Xiào Mu helplessly explained, “Everyone’s spiritual power is limited. Right now, there is a large demand for spiritual power medicine in the market. After the guides have learned how to make that medicine, then the medicine for physical strength will be announced.”

Qiao tilted his head and thought for a while, “I still don’t understand but you have your plans.” He laughed again, “Then just give me one. I’m fine with the lowest efficiency, I just want it for research.” Qiao raised both hands, “I promise not to spread a word about this. I’ll secretly do the research alone in the laboratory without anyone seeing it.”

Xiào Mu couldn’t do anything with Qiao. When he saw Qiao starting to swear/making an oath with various styles, he took out a low-grade boost pill, “Here you are.”

Qiao immediately relaxed his eyebrows and smiled. Taking the medicine carefully, Qiao immediately stored it in his space storage. He proudly said, “Look, I will never let people discover it.”

At this moment, the bedroom door opened and the two looked back. They saw Louis wearing a neat military uniform. Louis’s face is clean, it seems that he had cleaned the stubbles that appeared when he is in a coma. The bangs on his forehead are slightly wet, and he had obviously washed his face.

Qiao circled Louis with bright eyes, “Oh God, that’s amazing. No matter who sees you, they won’t be able to tell that you only just woke up after being in a coma for so long.” He walked around to Louis, and asked with expectation and excitement, “How do you feel? How much energy did you recover?”

Louis bypassed Qiao and walked towards the living room, “Almost half.”

Hearing that, Qiao is stunned. If almost half, wouldn’t that means Louis recovered at least 4,000 points of his stamina?

When Louis saw Ah Da and Kai Men, he swept his gaze around, and immediately knew that the security of the apartment had been upgraded to a special level. Ah Da and Kai Men saluted him. Louis nodded and turned back to Xiào Mu who was following him, “I will go alone, you stay here.”

Xiào Mu is a little worried, but he also knew he had better not go out now, “How about let Kai Men lead a team to follow you?”

“No need.”

By now, Qiao had already recovered from the shock. Hearing this, he said, “I’ll follow Lieutenant General Louis. After all, he has just woken up. If the marshal knew that I let the patient leave alone, he would definitely blame me. The guards can stay here, we won’t be in any danger.”

Xiào Mu thought for a while. There are very few people who knew about Louis’s situation. Moreover, they are in the capital so they don’t need to be too careful. Too much precaution makes him look like he has a sense of persecution. Xiào Mu didn’t say anything and Louis drove the aircraft with Qiao, heading directly to the imperial hall.

Xiào Mu sat in the living room and turned on the terminal to watch the live broadcast of the celebration on the Empire Channel. He enlarged the screen to 20 inches and said to Ah Da and Kai Men, “Let’s watch together, don’t be too nervous.”

The live broadcast is showing Ren’s speech. Although he is over a hundred years old, he has a handsome face and is an extraordinary talker. There are a lot of people confessing to him in the comment barrage. While watching the broadcast, Xiào Mu took out all kinds of nuts stored in the system backpack and placed them on the table. Then he ordered the household robot to pour 3 cups of warm water. After that, he said to Ah Da and Kai Men, “No need to be polite, just eat whatever you want.”

Ah Da made himself comfortable. He stayed beside Xiào Mu for a period of time already so he is not very restrained, especially Xiào Mu always had something to do. The guards are often bored, and they would also eat and chat to pass the time.

Kai Men didn’t even move his eyebrows, as if he hadn’t seen the snacks, and stared straight at the screen. Xiào Mu didn’t force him though. With the leisurely feeling of watching TV in his previous life, he watched Ren seriously talking about the future while eating snacks.

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